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  1. Wait a minute!!!! Lol With the UDP we get a Chop’s lunch on embarkation day??? We typically buy both the UDP and key. We are in a Grande Suite on our next cruise (June 2021) so we won’t need the key, but I was bummed we were going to miss out on the lunch. We ALWAYS buy the UDP, I wish I knew this 4 cruises ago lol.
  2. They loaded the BF discounts on cruise planner stuff last night. Got a good deal on DX/voom, unlimited dining, and key. June 2021 (I pray it actually sails) was cheaper for items than our Dec 2021 cruise, but both significantly discounted.
  3. Thanks for letting me know about that. I have to plan vacations around my kids school and my work. Maybe I can get one of those to work out for me someday. Enjoy your time with your family!
  4. We lifted and shifted from a 5nt on 11/20/2020 (got back before Thanksgiving) to 11/22/2021. Got the Thanksgiving Cruise no problem. Not sure why they told you that you couldn’t do that. It’s not listed as one of their holidays that aren’t L&S eligible. Then last week that 5 night was converted into a 4 night, so we were able to move it again to 12/29/2021 (which is the NYE Cruise). Apparently issues with the Galveston cruise terminal building/renovation, we are on Adventure of the Seas. I hope we are actually cruising by then... @Tomm I would
  5. PS, one last thing. My kids and wife do not have celiac disease. I insist that they have the full experience and eat everything they can with gluten in it. Although I find it admirable that you won’t eat gf desserts in front of your daughter you gotta live your life too! Just the card we were dealt and GF foods have come a very long way in the last 10 years. The days of chewing on a cardboard box are over hahaha. I hope you have a great time!
  6. Ok, sorry about that I was exhausted last night. So, I have never been on Symphony which I know has all the specialty restaurants. I have been on Oasis, but it was in 2016. We only ate at Giovanni’s on that trip and I didn’t know I had celiac at the time. We are going on Adventure Dec 2021 (due to a lift and shift), I am very much looking forward to Izumi. They might have GF soy sauce at that restaurant, but Chops on Enchantment definitely did not. Glad we brought our packets. I got them on Amazon, made life so much easier than carrying on a bottle and worrying about
  7. I just got in from work and my brain is fried. I will answer everything I can tomorrow. Have a good night!
  8. Hi Wethen, I am a 37 year old Father of 2. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2017 and had my world flipped upside down. Huge fan of bread, pasta and beer! Haha. Even though the MDR does a decent job of finding GF options for me, I find the unlimited dining package to be the perfect option for me. First off the food is 10X better in the specialty restaurants. They have many more GF options including the ability to make most dishes GF upon request. Second, the waiters and waitresses are typically more experienced and work far fewer tables than you will find in
  9. Both our kids were under 6 the last time we purchased the key. They are allowed to dine with you on the first day lunch and last day bfast. They also get the priority boarding line and debarkation privileges. I had to ask our room attendant for a few extra key bag tags for them on the second to last day. They won’t get the free WiFi though. (Not that they need it.) I went to guest services to get their sea pass cards the key sticker on the first day, but they told me it wasn’t necessary. Gave them to us anyway. Totally worth it with young ones as it helps get on and off the
  10. I cancelled my cruise planner items for a better sale price on 5/5... refunded on 7/1... 58 days
  11. Cancelled 5/5, refunded 7/1... 58 days
  12. How can they pick and choose? My 5/5 cancellation for the cruise planner stuff still hasn’t been refunded.... My 6/1 cruise planner cancellation was refunded in 21 days.... Very strange. The FB messenger chat was a very generic we are sorry, we are still working on it reply.
  13. Depends if you want a refund or want to get the 125% CP credit. Even if you cancel it today for a refund to your CC you will be waiting 45+ days...
  14. I am at the 47 day mark. I called 2 days ago at the 45 day mark and they said, “sorry just a few more days.” I will let you know if the money ever shows up on my CC. Dispute is next.
  15. We still haven’t received our’s either. I asked cust service about it over a month ago and they said since it’s a third party vendor it will take longer to get the refund. Still nothing... Guess I better get back on hold with them to inquire about it again.
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