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  1. Feb 2020, beautiful day at 1:40pm, by 4:40pm the fog rolled in. I was worried we weren’t going to get out of port. Next morning at sea it was still foggy. They blasted the fog horn every 5 mins or so. It cleared up after a few hours and then it was sunny for the rest of the cruise! Fog is hit or miss in Feb and March. We live North of IAH and it is exactly a 1 hour and 15 min drive for us. We will miss Liberty, but are super excited for the arrival of Allure!!!
  2. Booked a GS with the kids in the connecting balcony next door on Allure 2/5/23... Pumped!!!
  3. Thanks so much! I appreciate your insight! I will give them a call tomorrow.
  4. Background: We have a family of 4 booked in a grande suite on Adventure OTS on 6/3/21. My 2 kids are booked via kids sail free. Final payment is due on 3/4. If I make final payment and Royal cancels the cruise (I don’t see how it could sail at this point), then I would have the option to L&S to June +\- 4 weeks in 2022. Dilemma: Granduer is going to be the only option during that time frame for a 5 nt cruise out of Galveston in 2022. (It’s also priced at $2800 more than what we paid.) We live 1 hour from Galveston and the only other option would be to fly to TPA for Radiance. I don’t want to do that. What are your opinions on Lady G? Kids will be 4 and 8 at the time of sailing in 2022. We have been on Enchantment OTS 6X and we all love it. So we are well aware of it being an older smaller ship. Appears to be a bit smaller than Ench. but has Giovanni’s and Izumi as a bonus compared to just Chops on Enchantment. I appreciate any input...
  5. Eat dinner in the Main Dining Room... After experiencing the specialty restaurants, we are unlimited dining package type of people for life. The service and quality of food is what the MDR used to be. Well worth the money in my opinion. (Especially when you catch it on a 50% off cruise planner sale)
  6. Wait a minute!!!! Lol With the UDP we get a Chop’s lunch on embarkation day??? We typically buy both the UDP and key. We are in a Grande Suite on our next cruise (June 2021) so we won’t need the key, but I was bummed we were going to miss out on the lunch. We ALWAYS buy the UDP, I wish I knew this 4 cruises ago lol.
  7. They loaded the BF discounts on cruise planner stuff last night. Got a good deal on DX/voom, unlimited dining, and key. June 2021 (I pray it actually sails) was cheaper for items than our Dec 2021 cruise, but both significantly discounted.
  8. Thanks for letting me know about that. I have to plan vacations around my kids school and my work. Maybe I can get one of those to work out for me someday. Enjoy your time with your family!
  9. We lifted and shifted from a 5nt on 11/20/2020 (got back before Thanksgiving) to 11/22/2021. Got the Thanksgiving Cruise no problem. Not sure why they told you that you couldn’t do that. It’s not listed as one of their holidays that aren’t L&S eligible. Then last week that 5 night was converted into a 4 night, so we were able to move it again to 12/29/2021 (which is the NYE Cruise). Apparently issues with the Galveston cruise terminal building/renovation, we are on Adventure of the Seas. I hope we are actually cruising by then... @Tomm I would call again until you get a rep that gives you what you want. The L&S should always work in your favor.
  10. PS, one last thing. My kids and wife do not have celiac disease. I insist that they have the full experience and eat everything they can with gluten in it. Although I find it admirable that you won’t eat gf desserts in front of your daughter you gotta live your life too! Just the card we were dealt and GF foods have come a very long way in the last 10 years. The days of chewing on a cardboard box are over hahaha. I hope you have a great time!
  11. Ok, sorry about that I was exhausted last night. So, I have never been on Symphony which I know has all the specialty restaurants. I have been on Oasis, but it was in 2016. We only ate at Giovanni’s on that trip and I didn’t know I had celiac at the time. We are going on Adventure Dec 2021 (due to a lift and shift), I am very much looking forward to Izumi. They might have GF soy sauce at that restaurant, but Chops on Enchantment definitely did not. Glad we brought our packets. I got them on Amazon, made life so much easier than carrying on a bottle and worrying about them losing it in one of the many kitchens each night. Giovanni’s and I’m sure Jamie’s has GF pasta and it was delicious. We had multiple choices in that restaurant. They even made me a custom dish one night. A GF version of Chicken Parm. I grew up in New Jersey and I am kind of an Italian food snob. The food was good enough. Plenty of fish choices in both Chops and Giovanni’s. The appetizer beef carpaccio is to die for! As far as salad dressing, I know the Italian and Caesar dressings are GF (those are my staples) I am pretty sure the ranch is not. I did not bring any from home, but that’s not a bad idea if she is worried. Amazon sells 1.5 oz packets of Kraft dressings (which are all GF). As far as Pizza, we ate at Sorrentos for the late night post drinking snack. They have a GF pizza, but I would def let the person taking the orders know you have celiac. They will use a clean tray to put your pizza on in the oven. I didn’t have an issue, but this is def a cross contaminated kitchen, so just for the heads up she might have an issue. I guess I got lucky. We eat Breakfast everyday and most lunches in the Windjammer Buffet. Most of the ships have a GF section, but you obviously need to use common sense as some people don’t even realize what that is. For breakfast I would always order an omelette and get the roasted potatoes. (The bfast sausage is NOT Gf). Bacon, fruit etc is all ok. I usually double check with one of the head chef’s if I am ever concerned and they always go out of their way to point out what I should eat and what to avoid. They will also go out of their way to make Gf pancakes, French toast, and regular toast. I never had an issue. For lunch their is plenty to eat that is Gf. I usually make a cold cut sandwich and a salad. Certain days their are Gf soups. Some of them are Amazing. Almost everything that is Gf has a label, but again if you are ever questioning anything check with the head chef’s. Trust me they don’t want you getting sick. In the windjammer there are some Gf desserts that are labeled, mainly puddings etc, but here is a secret. If you go to the dessert table and ask one of the assistant chef’s they usually have Udi’s Gf cookies below the counter. (Hidden). They are delicious!!!! ESP the snickerdoodle ones. Sometimes I’ll put soft vanilla ice cream on top of it if I’m really looking for a cheat meal. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it. As far as drinks, avoid the Bloody Mary’s as they use Zing Zang as their pre-mix and it has gluten in it. (Sucks, because I love bloody Mary’s). My drink of choice is Crown Royal with a splash of ginger ale. I’ll also drink Tito’s vodka (gf) with soda water and a lemon. Very refreshing when out in the sun. Pina Coladas at the pool have always been safe, but make sure you ask for Bacardi rum or Meyer’s. Not sure what well rum they use, but with the drink package I’d prefer the better stuff that I know is Gf. Most venues have ciders (not a fan), and I did find one Gf beer in Hoof and Claw, but they are so filling I usually only have one. When you go to the specialty restaurants just make sure to tell the Matre d (Head waiter) that your daughter has celiac. They will make sure your waiter and chef’s take extra special care of you. We love cruising and after 2 in a row with amazing food experiences in the specialty restaurants, it’s well worth the extra cost to us and especially me for the unlimited dining experience. Like I said earlier, our days in the MDR are over. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Can’t wait to get back out to sea!
  12. I just got in from work and my brain is fried. I will answer everything I can tomorrow. Have a good night!
  13. Hi Wethen, I am a 37 year old Father of 2. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in early 2017 and had my world flipped upside down. Huge fan of bread, pasta and beer! Haha. Even though the MDR does a decent job of finding GF options for me, I find the unlimited dining package to be the perfect option for me. First off the food is 10X better in the specialty restaurants. They have many more GF options including the ability to make most dishes GF upon request. Second, the waiters and waitresses are typically more experienced and work far fewer tables than you will find in the MDR. My experience with them has been amazing! For instance on our last cruise on Enchantment they only have CHOPS as their specialty restaurant. Our waitress (Amelia) was the best we have ever had. She knew how to turn any dish into a GF version and made sure the chef’s knew I was a celiac and took special care for my plates. (I never once had an issue). Each night she would have her chef’s prepare me a GF dessert that you might not find on any menu’s of the ship including the MDR. (Cheesecake that was diff than the GF cheesecake in the MDR, a chocolate lava flow type cake, you name it and it could be done.). I knew in the past that RCCL doesn’t have a GF soy sauce. I brought packets of my own from home and she had the chef’s use it to prepare sushi and other appetizers that required soy sauce. Again, never had a single (celiac) issue the whole time. Same experience on the Liberty this past Feb in both Giovanni’s and Chops. My wife and I not only find the food to be so much tastier, with better options, but the service to be 10 Star in the specialty restaurants. We will never dine in the MDR again. Let me know if you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them for you and make your daughters experience that much better.
  14. Both our kids were under 6 the last time we purchased the key. They are allowed to dine with you on the first day lunch and last day bfast. They also get the priority boarding line and debarkation privileges. I had to ask our room attendant for a few extra key bag tags for them on the second to last day. They won’t get the free WiFi though. (Not that they need it.) I went to guest services to get their sea pass cards the key sticker on the first day, but they told me it wasn’t necessary. Gave them to us anyway. Totally worth it with young ones as it helps get on and off the ship. The first day lunch and last day bfast were awesome as we didn’t have to fight crowds in the windjammer! My son is now 6 and I’ll still purchase it for him on the next cruise (whenever that is) unless we are in a junior suite or higher.
  15. I cancelled my cruise planner items for a better sale price on 5/5... refunded on 7/1... 58 days
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