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  1. Thank you. I noticed they cancelled the port stop into Maui in 2023, but the fire was only a few months past. I’ll keep my fingers crossed they can re-build quicker than what the media is thinking.
  2. Ahhh, I just realized it says Lahaina. I thought we were docking in Kahului. RCCL will probably cancel the Maui stop then. I seriously doubt they will re-build within a year. Well, that’s a bummer!
  3. Good evening, I booked the cruise of our lifetime and we are super excited about it. We are going to take the 1 way from YVR to HNL in Oct of 2024. I have been to Hawaii many times for work and once for vacation during college. I’m excited to show my wife and kids Maui and we plan on staying a few extra days in Honolulu when we get there. They have never been. My question is what would you recommend for a RCCL excursion in Maui? My original idea was to rent a car and show them some beaches and then drive up to the top of Haleakala on day 1. I then was thinking about booking the Hike and Waterfall excursion through RCCL on day 2 in Maui. Has anyone done that excursion? Would you recommend something different for a 10 and 7 year old? Any input would be greatly appreciated. @twangster has given me solid advice in the past and I would appreciate if you could chime in on your experience there too please. Thank you!
  4. The RC person who told you about an adult required to be with a child is wrong. You will need to call back and get someone else. We do this very kind of booking very often. In Feb we sailed in a Grande suite on Allure with our 2 kids in the interconnected balcony next door. The suite concierge said since we are interconnected they get suite benefits such as access to the lounge and CK. She even changed their key cards out to suite cards. Nice little perk we were unaware of. Even if we aren’t booked in a suite we always book the kids in the interconnected room next to us. The benefit of the second bathroom is amazing! Also a little privacy for us.
  5. Yes, when you walk in the building take the escalators on the right upstairs. Then on the far right is the suites check in. They have a Master List and they highlighted our names off of it. Check in was 2-3 mins tops only because we needed new photos taken. There is a nice waiting area for suite guests once you get past the metal detectors if they aren’t boarding yet with some snacks and drinks. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. Thank you all for the information! @Sunny_D Nadia just responded to me and confirmed she made all the reservations except for Hibachi as they have to wait until 1 day prior to see what’s available due to online sale reservations, makes perfect sense to me and we are very flexible on the time slots they have left. She also mentioned the show schedule would be finalized 2 to 3 days prior, but the Aqua show is the only one we really care to see. I booked it in advance online, but maybe the time slot will change. @MattJump I am a list person too! She got each restaurant and time slot I requested. (Waiting on Hibachi) @WAAAYTOOO thanks again for all your help! You have giving me answers to many questions on many posts over the years! I owe you some drinks if we ever happen to be on the same sailing! I hope y’all have a great day! Now, time to pack hahaha
  7. I am on this sailing too. I got the same email. I replied requesting they book our specialty dining reservations if they could. We have the UDP. I haven’t heard back from them either. That being said, the email came on turn around day and I assume they are very busy. If I don’t hear back by tomorrow I will probably email them again. I hope I’m not stepping on any toes by asking about the dinner reservations. See ya on board!
  8. Good morning, We sail out in 8 days and are booked in a Grande Suite on Allure. I still haven’t received an email from the suite concierge. Does anyone know when that typically happens if at all anymore? Thank you!
  9. Absolutely. Sometimes we may only have 3-4 drinks a day. Most days it’s in the 15-20 range. Just depends on the mood I’m in and if I’m on a heater in the casino lol. Truth is we like the convenience of the water bottles, boujee coffee drinks etc. We aren’t big drinkers at home, but when on vacation I like to enjoy myself without worrying about a bill at the end. Even though we need to drink 10 drinks a day to break even (due to 4 free Diamond drinks), I don’t ever have keep track of my drinks or tab with the DBP. Pay it up front and don’t think about it again. We usually choose our cruises based on which of our favorite crew members are on board and we enjoy talking with them more than some passengers. Of course we could go on extra cruises if we limited the amount of extra things we buy like DBP and unlimited dining package, but we prefer to enjoy ourselves to the max on fewer cruises by paying for those extra things. It’s possible we may cruise differently after retirement, but for now this is how we like it.
  10. To each their own. I appreciate above and beyond service. Never had a watered down drink when a cash tip is involved.
  11. Perfect, thanks Patty! My wife and I were both in the restaurant industry for many years and never order a drink without a cash tip. I appreciate you replying!
  12. My wife and I are Diamond. Going on a quick 4 nt with another couple. Even though we are Diamond, we always buy the Deluxe Beverage Package. The couple traveling with us may have 1 or 2 drinks a day total. I know I have seen this topic discussed on here before, but can’t remember the answer, as again, we always buy DBP. We have never had to cash in a Diamond drink and I’m not exactly sure how it works. Can my wife and I use our 4 free Diamond drinks for our friends even though we have already purchased the DBP? I appreciate your help and again apologize if this has been discussed before.
  13. I forgot about the concierge email! The last 2 suites we sailed in were royal ups so we never got the email. Well, “suite life” sucked us in and we bought this one outright in advance. I appreciate you responding!
  14. 1 hour, thanks, for some reason 30 mins was stuck in my head. I appreciate you responding!
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies. I completely forgot about the concierge email! I can always rely on my fellow cruisers on this forum! Y’all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  16. I didn’t even consider that. We had a 10:30am check in for Liberty in October before she left us for good and assumed it was the same for Allure. As far as wanting to board early, it is 100% based on wanting to secure our specialty dining reservations.
  17. We are going on Allure in Feb. Our first available check in date was today. I set my alarm for midnight last night and couldn’t get the check in que to open both on the app and main website. After 10 minutes of frustration I went to bed. Woke up this morning and was able to get the 11am check in time. I was really hoping for 10:30am but obviously that slot was gone by me waiting until the morning. We are booked in a Grande Suite. I remember reading we can show up 30 mins early to our check in time as a suite perk. I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find that perk online anymore. Does that still exist? Thanks in advance!
  18. We’ve been on Enchantment 6 times. Never noticed the rooms smelling like smoke, but it’s definitely an older ship and the rooms have wear and tear accordingly. If you are close to the casino you might catch some smoke smell, but we don’t recall the rooms smelling like it.
  19. Are you asking at the original port of departure? Or are you wondering at each port the cruise visits? You don’t need a photo ID at the ports you are visiting, just your Sea Pass Card.
  20. In Galveston… The priority lane is on the far right of the main doors up against the building. It’s not marked with any signs so I can totally see how it was missed. Only reason we stumbled upon it was one of the port workers showed us when I asked. We had a 10:30am check in and were the second lane to enter the building behind suites and pinnacles. Once thru security we were sat in the waiting area with other key guests. They allowed all key people to board before the suites and Pinnacles. Funny how they did that backwards. Our non-key friends were in the 10:30am regular lane and ended up about 10-15 people behind us at security. Not sure it was worth it. When disembarking they allowed us to cut the huge snake line that went through the MDR, however all it did was put us out on the main lane to get to the boat bridges. Maybe saved us 10-15 minutes total getting to our car.
  21. Got off Liberty of the Seas in Galveston on this past Sunday. My family of 4 is vaccinated, the family of 4 traveling with us had 2 unvaccinated children. Not a single one of us was asked to show our vaccine cards or the pictures of the negative tests for our friend’s kids. When we were checking in I even asked the gentleman taking our pictures about the vaccine cards. He said, “nope we don’t need to see them anymore, in fact we don’t even ask”. I was shocked, but hey it got us on board 20 seconds quicker. Maybe it’s a Galveston thing? It felt like pre-Covid days. On the second day of our cruise they dropped the crew mask mandate. A few were still wearing them, but as the week went on I’d say the majority of them threw them away for good.
  22. I tried this a couple of weeks ago. They basically told me I had to cancel the kids reservation with cruise with confidence. Then I would receive a FCC for their deposit. I would then change our room and add the kids. We were in a Grande Suite connected to the kids in a balcony room. We were going to put all 4 of us in Star Loft Suite since there was a kids sail free sale. After pricing it all out it was a couple of hundred dollars more. My wife talked me out of it last minute as she prefers the ability to shut the connecting door for a little extra break from the kids sometimes haha. So, it can be done as long as you are willing to accept the Future cruise credit.
  23. Lol your comment about no going back is spot on. We used to book junior suites and then one day got a Royal up to an Owner’s Suite. HUGE mistake hahaha. Our next cruise is in a regular balcony room as our kids are connected next to us. We are going to try to make the best of it hahaha.
  24. Thank you everyone for the replies! I am going to stick with the UDP as we have become snobs when it comes to quality of food and service we receive in the specialty restaurants. I will definitely try out CK for breakfast and maybe a few light lunches. Allure is 2 cruises from now, but again, I wasn’t sure what to expect from CK. I always see everyone ranting and raving about it and was just curious if we would be making a mistake by booking the UDP and not end up needing it.
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