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  1. It shot up after the announcement of securing $2.2 billion in credit, meaning their liquid assets are in the billions and they will be able to keep operating for quite a while even with low income.
  2. I was under the impression that even when you tip someone cash, that money is documented and then put in to the same pot as prepaid gratuities and divided among everyone, I know for sure I heard that about dinning room staff, is it not the same for cabin stewards or does it change when a guest has already prepaid and then tips cash during the cruise?
  3. Thank you for your advise. I decided on Harmony, the only thing i will miss is iFly, but it is a good trade off. Also @JLMoran mentioned, there are more dining options on Harmony, so i think i will get the UDP and utilize it to its fullest.
  4. So I am considering taking a transatlantic Cruise next year. I have narrowed it down to two ships (i have not decided which direction i will be going yet, but that does not matter for this question as both ships i have picked are going and coming). The two ships are Harmony and the Odyssey. So my question is, given that cost is almost identical, and that i like both destination options, which should i choose? Which would you go on? I want to consider the fact that over half of the trip will be sea days, so which ship has more activities and entertainment, or are both equal? Thank you for any advise.
  5. Hi everyone. I am looking for an excursion in Roatan that does both the zip-lining and goes to see the monkeys/sloths (with a group of 4). It does not look like any of the RCL excursions offer both of these, has anyone seen one? Or had anyone done a good third party tour that offered both of these, private tours are an option also if the price isn't too outrageous? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. Same here for a May cruise on Symphony. It also specifically says the lunch will be in the MDR with the Chops menu.
  7. Fantastic, thank you everyone. I will try do do some diving in Cozumel and ruins in Costa Maya.
  8. I am taking my first western caribbean cruise on Symphony next year, so this will be the first time i am hitting Costa Maya and Cozumel. I was hoping to do 2 major things in Mexico, go diving, and see ancient ruins. So my question is, which of these two ports is best for these two activities? And in general how do the ruins and the diving from each location compare to each other? Thank you
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply. I am also leaving terminal A on Symphoney for my next cruise, and hoping to buy the Key, were there lots of opportunities to use it on board with the shows and activities?
  10. I was just listening to Matt's podcast on terminal A of portMiami, in the podcast he talked about how suite guests go to a different area than normal stateroom guests for check-in, does anybody know where 'The Key' guests go in Terminal A? Additionally how has your experience with Embarkation with "The Key" gone? Is it really that much faster, is there still wait times etc.? Thank you
  11. I have a cruise booked on Symphoney in 330 days, Jamie's is the only dining to have been available for reservation this far out, and it appear only a few days after this was announced. I was wondering if there was some relationship, maybe them trying to bring in extra money in their current situation.
  12. I am looking at the deck plans for Harmony of the Seas right now on CruiseMapper (https://www.cruisemapper.com/deckplans/Symphony-Of-The-Seas-1730/deck18-5113) and on deck 18 it states this: “Blown Away” (zone 6-B, starboard aft) is a stairway passage leading to the unofficial (secret) deck 19. This is the highest passenger-accessible vantage point of the Symphony cruise ship. There is a small seating area (few wicker tables/chairs) and can be seen the ship’s funnels (with the RCI’s anchor logo) and radio-antennas. Other than this statement i have found no other evidence of this deck existing to the public, but will not be back on an oasis class ship myself for about a year to find out for myself. I have found no videos or pictures anywhere else, and the only video I found showing this area is from the ship in dry dock with the building crew up there, not very good proof of it being for passengers. This same statement is made on the deck plans of all oasis class ships on their website. So, does anyone have any information about this?
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