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  1. About the only place you can enjoy one on the ship is the designated smoking area on the pool deck. Don't expect any high-end cigars in any of the shops near the docks in Nassau. But you can make your way up to Graycliff and tour their facility and purchase some from there.
  2. I searched the roll call forum and did not find this cruise, so wanted to start a thread for those of us that will be on this sailing. It will be my wife and I, along with my mother and her friend. We'll be traveling from South Carolina and cant wait to see the beauty that Alaska has to offer. Been on a few cruises, but never to Alaska....and anytime its brought up, everyone raves about the stunning scenery. Feel free to introduce yourselves and lets keep our fingers crossed that this sailing will go without any issues. Also, if you have been before please feel free to give any thoughts or suggestions about lodging/transportation in Seattle, along with any recommendations for things to do or see in the ports. Would love to hear some first hand info from RCB forum members. Thanks, Gene-o-vanelli
  3. It looks like my wife and I might be on this sailing too... waiting on our confirmation about using our FCC's on this sailing, and cabin selection.
  4. Not trying to start a vax / anti-vax debate.... but in all my reading I still have not found a coherent response to the question: If you are vaccinated, why do you feel 'at risk' around un-vaccinated? I completely understand the argument that an un-vaxxed person can spread it to another un-vaxxed person, etc... but given the guidance RCL just issued about segregating the groups for certain events and dining, that just seems a little bit overboard. (look... I made a pun!) ?
  5. GMA says 'chaos'... everyone remotely interested in the cruising world looking for said chaos...
  6. ^^^^THIS^^^^^ If you are fully vaccinated on a cruise, why would you worry about the people around you and if they have or have not vaccinated? I totally understand the optics of how the media is going to spin it as soon as one person tests positive on a cruise. I am just wondering how it will look if they report an outbreak on a fully vaccinated cruise.... vs. an outbreak on a mixed cruise with both vax and unvaxxed. I know either way the media will spin it to make it sound bad... but I think that the public would start to question things a lot more if there were positive cases reported on a vaxxed only cruise.
  7. I use the walmart vs. target analogy all the time to describe the difference between the two cruise lines. i.e... you can get the same goods and or services from either... but the service, facilities, and the customer base is slightly different... along with the price to reflect that. I've done 3 Carnival cruises and 4 RCL cruises.... and given the choice I would pick RCL every time. But also... would I not go on a carnival cruise with friends and family just because it was 'Carnival'?? not at all... I'd pack my bag just the same, no matter what cruise line... its still a cruise and you will still have fun. But, overall.... on RCL it seems everything is just a little bit better.... the food, the service, your ship mates, etc.... but just like everything else... your mileage may vary from ship to ship and company to company. I'd be willing to bet, once the Carnival Mardi Gras starts sailing.... there will be quite a few RCL members giving her a test drive. (I know I want to check her out.)
  8. We were supposed to be on this one.... but opted to lift and shift to 2022. Fingers crossed for you and hope that she is able to sail.
  9. You might have a slightly better chance in August.... ours was early July. Either way... fingers crossed for all cruising to start up sooner rather then later.
  10. Well.... Alaska is off the table for us... we thought about holding out to the bitter end and hope that there was still a chance for AK to be a go.... but there was just too many signs saying it most likely wont happen... even with all the pressure on the CDC. Also... what kind of cruise would it really be with all the potential restrictions and rules etc. So we bit the bullet and have lifted ours to 2022. The countdown is on again.... for the 3rd time.
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