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  1. Bloody Mary for 1st breakfast Irish Coffee for 2nd breakfast VRB (vodka redbull) for the lull Long island iced tea for 1st lunch pina colada for 2nd lunch (water... lots of water) Coconut mojito lava flow for the down time Wine with first dinner beer with 2nd dinner ask bartender to surprise me before entertainment (water.... lots of water.... and more water) old fashioned gatorade sleep.... shower... repeat. CHEERS!
  2. I can pack my bags and be at Port Canaveral in about 5 hours... lets do this!
  3. Pro Tip: if you are on an Oasis class ship that also has a Wonderland restaurant (i.e. Harmony OTS) .... they have a Bar above the dining area that you can get drinks from without actually having to go and dine at wonderland. Our bartender knew what he was doing!!!! We had the UDP and made it a point to go see him almost every night! Made us some of the best drinks on and off menu!! A definite hidden gem of a place to get drinks. Also.... Wonderland was a very neat experience too! (if you are into new and different things) But if you are the kind of person that gets Chicken tenders and f
  4. Just FYI, while cruise planner sales are usually region and sail date specific... just wanted to let people know who are booked for Alaska in 2021, you should check your cruise planner for discounts. Just looked myself... and the DBP went from 57 down to $43, Voom for 2 devices went from $27 ( I think) down to $18. So these are real discounts on the prices and not that fake banner sale price with funny %off math they show all the time. Went ahead and scooped up some items with the Bonus OBC we had from our cancelled cruises earlier this year.
  5. Forgot the deck we were on... but it was about halfway up in Central Park. No issues at all. Been on 3 of the oasis class ships, and can only remember one time feeling the boat move.
  6. Completely understand that thought process.. and I think each person has to weigh that in their decision to cruise or not.... personally.... sign me up! lol But I think we all hope things get back to some form of normality soon.
  7. I was spying the MSC site, and had a similar thing happen... could not get the Nov. seaside cruises to pull up from them. But other travel sites still showed it. So it made me wonder.
  8. Wanted to bring this back up and get peoples thoughts now with more information available such as rapid covid testing, some cruise lines starting to sail in Europe, CDC travel updates, etc. Currently with most RCL cruises cancelled until Nov. 1, when would you think we will hear about the next round of cancellations... or even better, a statement about confirming some cruises will actually happen as part of a phased in approach? As of today... that would put us about 60 days out for sailings. I am starting to think that we might have a chance for a small number of sailings to happe
  9. Good morning Joe. Regarding about being safer in Europe vs. US... Not sure I completely agree... but I can only speak from what I see and read/hear in the US. I would say honestly its all optics motivated by the hyper elevated political environment we all live in, advanced by a media that will do all it can to get clicks, views, and likes.... along with an upcoming election here in the states. Basically.... the news will hype anything to get attention. I say all this, along with the anecdotal stuff I have heard... Personally, yes I have heard of people dying in my neighborhood from covid, but
  10. Been reading your review you linked... so far I'm about half way through. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for everyone's input so far.
  11. As I am sure most everyone on here is the same as me... wondering when we can get back on a cruise???? (Particularly a RCL ship) While we wait with bated breath, cruising came up in a conversation with some friends the other day about possibly booking a short trip as soon as things get going again. This group of friends have been together on 2 cruises before... one on CCL and one on RCL. (And I have been on 3 other RCL cruises with an Alaska one booked for 2021). But for this trip in question, one of our friends has FCC with C**nival cruise lines (C**nival is a bad word in my house) :-) But fo
  12. Not a stupid question at all.... If I remember the points tiers correctly... the Sapphire only gives 1 point for anything outside of its bonus/restaurants/travel categories of purchases. The Chase freedom card gives a flat 1.5 points on everything. So, the freedom card is kind of my default card if a purchase does not fall into a special category for more points on the sapphire or discover IT cards. That... plus it had a decent sign up bonus at the time.... so I figured why not. :-) Example for this month.... Discover has 5% back on restaurants... so 99.9% of my discover charg
  13. I rotate between the Chase Sapphire preferred, Chase Freedom Unlimited, and Discover It cards. As mentioned above about the Sapphire reserve, it has a large annual fee, while the preferred has a more reasonable annual fee. It includes a decent points structure for purchases and redemption, and also provides travel insurance. So it is my go to for booking travel. Plus they have a dedicated travel site that you can book thru, and sometimes find deals... but not always. I stack that with the freedom unlimited card for other purchases to gain points that can be transferred to the sapphire ca
  14. Flying with Delta airline one way, and Alaska Air coming back. If the cruise is canceled we can change our flights and rebook them for another date is how the agent explained.
  15. I just pulled the trigger on flights to and from Sea-Tac for our July 2nd cruise on Ovation. We had credits with the airline(s) from our cancelled cruise/flights from earlier this year. The rates were so low right now that we actually will have some decent credit left over with one airline. Plus they are still offering no change fees for flights booked thru the end of the month. So, while I would typically wait to book, I think more and more carriers are going to start winding down there grace and generosity, so wanted to take advantage of a benefit that I hope we dont need! With all that
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