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  1. Research and planning ahead will pay off huge! Great source of info is also past Cruise Compasses. Matt has a link to a bunch on this site. While it may seem very overwhelming due to the size of the ship, once you learn to navigate to and from the different areas, you'll realize that the bulk of the ship is cabin space, and there are only a handful of areas that you really utilize. And each person's utilization rate of those areas will vary greatly. i.e. some people may never leave the solarium when on the upper decks, while others may never step foot in there more than once. PS... one trick of the trade... if you need to go from one end of the ship to the other quickly.... the jogging track is GREAT for that. (Just mind the correct direction) Enjoy!
  2. Yep... really. Lol This was for a forced cancelation so we opted for the 125% Fcc. We recieved our taxes and fees refund a couple weeks ago, and got caught up in the wave of Fcc the other week that almost all of them were wrong. We are expecting a Fcc of $2560 total. The first round we only got about $1000 total. (500 each). Fast forward to today, the email explained is the same certificate from before, just reflecting the accurate and updated total. (Not additional). Total today, $2008 ($1004 each). (Sigh) Luckily it's no rush for us.... just frustration. Also waiting on a missing $125-ish credit card refund for another cabin, that somehow was not included in last week's credit card refund from royal. (Double frustration)
  3. Update.... Updated email for corrected FCC came thru today...... Still completely wrong after a 2nd try. (Face palm)
  4. Exactly my thought. Just like you can e-sign waivers from your cabin TV... have a way to sign that you have watched the video... then you have to go check in at your muster station and scan in individually/in-person. Perhaps in a certain time frame from watching the video? But I agree with a lot of the comments above... you usually cant hear or understand due to the crowds during muster. If the main point is to know WHERE to go... just prove you know where to go. Done and done. But alas... its never that simple. lol
  5. We were supposed to be going on Ovation OTS today.... it was cancelled so we moved it to July 31 of this year with our fingers crossed.... But, prior to it being cancelled... we did the L&S to July of next year. (We opted for the July 2nd departure) Hopefully we can enjoy some 4th of July celebrations in Alaska next year. We also will have a good chunk of FCC left over to supplement another cruise eventually.
  6. We are in the same boat as you.. pun intended. 🙂 Been to the Caribbean multiple times, and wanted a change. We are supposed to be on the Ovation of the Seas tomorrow 5/22 for our Alaska cruise... but alas; THE RONA's!!! This site was invaluable to our research over the past year leading up to what should of been our cruise. Personally, we like the newer more modern ships, hence our choice of the Ovation. With lots of help from this site and also youtube, we were going to rent a car at both ports of call, Juneau and Skagway. This would allow us see and do a couple of the main attractions (Glacier, salmon bake, Klondike Hwy, breweries, etc.) on our own time and allow us to explore some more on our own. From everything I have heard and read... asking when is the best time and what is the best ship is like asking, would you like a free $100 bill, or 2 x $50 bills? There is no wrong answer and you will have a great time either way. But I completely understand where you are coming from.... I obsessed over finding the best way to maximize our first time there. We ended up shifting our cruise to next year... so now I have a whole new year to review and obsess again. If I remember correctly... I think @twangster has done some fairly recent trip reports on here. (great reads, highly recommend) Good luck on your research
  7. I've read elsewhere that a good travel agent can handle this for you. If its all the same names on the cruise and FCC... they should just be able to apply all the FCC's to the same booking. May take a few phone calls to get worked out though. Good luck and hope it gets worked out for you. Welcome to the board.
  8. We had two GTY cabins (one an inside, one a balcony) for Ovation to Alaska this year.... did a L&S to next year no problems.
  9. Same. Our TA looked into it that same week, and they told her they hoped to have it completed by this past week.... which as you know did not happen. But, like you... did get the CPC and it was correct. Not holding my breath for this week... but it would be nice. We moved our cruise out a year with L&S, so not too worried about it right now... but will still be looking out for it.
  10. Like @AshleyDillo said above.... normally a noon flight would not be too much of an issue. But given the unknowns going forward... if you can find something later in the day, I would do that just to be on the safe side.
  11. Update: Our 125% OBC offer certificate arrived... and was correct! Still no corrected FCC cert as promised. Refund for our other cabin.... posted to my CC... BUT... it was short 180-ish bucks. So... another email sent to our TA.
  12. I gotcha Guess I'll just have to plan another cruise with the extra FCC left over! Oh.... darn! Lol 😆
  13. I know the answer is buried deep in the forum here somewhere... but just wanted to check in a topic getting some views right now. We had to put down a $500 deposit on a cruise prior to getting our full FCC. Once we finally get the rest of our FCC, can we apply it all to the cruise and get our deposit back? (Granted it may take a while) Thanks in advance for the info.
  14. Same. Got the cruise planner credit.... but not the corrected Fcc from last week.
  15. Just following up.... our July 2020 Ovation/Alaska cruise is now officially lifted and shifted to July of 2021. (and got a slightly lower rate in the process) The only down side is that this years rez was on a zero deposit hold b/c of a cancellation, and pending our FCC certs. So to move it, we had to have a full $500 deposit on file. So had to put that down to make it official.... But will apply our FCC once we get it. So... the new countdown begins! Going to be tough... b/c we already waited over a year and a couple months to go to Alaska for the first time... but now we have to wait another year and a few months!
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