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  1. I have Kaiser insurance. I submitted last week, and its pending for review. It said it might take 90 days. Finger crossed.
  2. I have read that you need to get your towels in the beginning of the cruise, hold on to it, and return at the end of cruise or you will be charged. Is it how it works?
  3. Did you just connect to the free ship wifi to use imessage, or you have paid for VOOM?
  4. Going on Harmony in one and a half week. It really concerns me with all these positive cases. I wonder if people will start wearing masks on board again.
  5. Will be on Harmony in 2 weeks, where is the escape room in the ship? There is really not much info about the escape room. Also, where do you find it in the app after you board? Is it under onboard activity? Does Harmony has laser tag?
  6. Has anyone ordered the 6 pack from Emed lately? Are they always charging $22 for overnight shipping? I cannot uncheck the overnight option. I believe I saw free standard shipping before.
  7. After boarding and connecting to ship wifi, can you book specialty restaurant with the app or you need to go to the restaurant to book? Thanks
  8. Is the cruise compass available to view digitally when you get on board? Thx.
  9. I am curious to know too. I am planning to use them for my June sailing.
  10. I sail in June. I upoloaded the VC 2 weeks ago. As of this morning, it still shows "validation in progress".
  11. Is there an minimum age requirement for the room? My youngest daughter is 14.
  12. Are they open now? They have been closed during pandemic.
  13. Tthat's good to know and they charge only $20 pp. Cheaper than iHealth. Have you used the service before? Any issue? Do you recommend?
  14. Has anyone used the government issued iHealth test kit for boarding. Now the service is $25 pp. How was the experience? How easy or difficult to make appointment? I am flying 2 days before boarding from CA to Orlando. My plan is to schedule a PCR test (they no longer offer rapid test) at CVS in the morning the day I fly and bring the test kits with me just in case the test results do not come back in time.
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