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  1. I have had to move a couple of cruises and cancel one this year because of the Vax crap. Never even looked at another cruise line. Now that the Vax requirement has been lifted for Galveston we might actually get to go on our Feb 2023 Cruise. Really hope it happens because it will be our first Star class cruise. Point is I've waited and rolled with the changes, whenever we return it will be on a Royal Caribbean ship.
  2. I believe on our last cruise I did the following... We did my time dining and also specialty dining so never had the same wait staff. 5 dollars at every breakfast 10 dollars at every lunch 20 dollars at every dinner. Dollar a drink or more at once if we were at the bar for awhile. 100 dollars to the room attendant. Seemed to work out well for us.
  3. LOL we had to cancel our anniversary cruise out of Galveston for the end of August. Missed it by a week looks like. But we do have another one scheduled for February. We might actually make that one looks like!
  4. Don't try and do everything. You will need a vacation from your vacation if you plan too much. Just go with the flow and be flexible.
  5. Can't wait for that to happen. Had to cancel our cruise for our anniversary and looks like another one next year will be canceled as well.
  6. Land vacations are looking better and better until all of this madness is over, sadly I'm starting to think this will never end.
  7. This has nothing to do with cruising. If you want to give your freedoms up then by all means move to Europe.
  8. Glad to see Florida doing the right thing and standing up for peoples rights.
  9. Its possible that because your room category is sold out that it will drive the price up on that specific category. Supply and demand. I got the same answer last night when I called to reprice and the price of the room was a little cheaper but we had 3 or 4 smaller discounts stacked so we actually had a cheaper rate in the end. Sometimes the way they list pricing and word everything can be confusing.
  10. I don't see it ending anytime soon unfortunately. I am just waiting it out to see what happens, I probably should stop paying on my cruises I have booked in case I need to cancel them. I just can't justify a vaccination to board a ship.
  11. The Royal Chocolate cake is amazing! I think I had a piece every night and even took one back to the room for later.
  12. Our Liberty sailing the DBP dropped to 50 and DBP + Voom is 61. I don't see it getting any better than that.
  13. By day 5 of a 7 night cruise I'm usually tired of eating ? We usually do My Time Dining as it works way better for us. Ill always snack during the day. If I pass the pizza place, I grab a slice. Pass the ice cream machine, Ill grab a cone ect... We eat whenever we feel like it. Might cruise through the buffet and check it out, might order room service or see if there is room at a specialty restaurant if we feel like it. We just go with the flow and it usually works out great. You will not go hungry I can assure you!
  14. We had the Key on our last sailing and the private hours were a joke to be honest. I did hit the flowrider on the last day for Key members. You want to talk about a lot of pissed off people not understanding why they couldn't get in line for an hour. ?
  15. Not a cruising situation but last month at a huge casino I attempted to pay for 2 rooms for myself and some friends that flew in from out of town. I was straight up told that they had rooms but I couldn't have one. Another one of my friends that has gambled ALOT of money there was comped 2 suites.......He with the checkbook usually gets their way, my checkbook wasn't big enough. ? Point is its common for rooms or spots to be held back for people that spend more money. Wouldn't surprise me at all if RCCL did the exact same thing.
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