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  1. We are 4 days away from our first cruise!!! Gotta make it through 3 more nights of work...
  2. So if you eat at Johnny Rockets and have the drink package the Milkshake is covered by the package?
  3. We bought the Key for our Cruise on Liberty this month. I hate lines and waiting on people so to me its worth every penny if it saves me some time not having to stand in line. Embarkation, reserved seats, special times for activities like flowrider or rock wall, priority at ports of call, not having to check towels, disembarkation, internet package included....Its worth it for us!
  4. Im bringing my GoPro Hero7 Black, shoots 4k video, takes pictures, waterproof......Does everything I need it to do.
  5. Nobody saved any sea turtles??? 😁
  6. Our Liberty sailing has been on sale for 46 per day for end of August. How weird.
  7. Has anyone been on this excursion? We booked it but have read a lot of reviews about stopping at a few tourist traps along the way and they dont even release the turtles until evening time. Excursion is from 9:30 to 1:30 so Im wondering if its more tourist traps then actually working with sea turtles..... Any advise?
  8. I have heard 100 to 200 people depending on the sailing but nothing concrete.
  9. Thank you! I didn't know they delivered tickets to your room. Makes more sense now.
  10. Hey everyone, when you book an excursion through Royal do you need to print a receipt to prove you're paid up or how does that work when going on your excursion?
  11. My wife will be happy to hear this, bacon is like her drug of choice...lol
  12. Yes the food...I was looking over some of the menus and Im not a huge wine drinker. I think the wife would get far more out of it than I would.
  13. Ive been considering booking it but Im kinda picky and afraid I wouldn't enjoy some of the items. Could be completely wrong though.
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