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  1. If wearing a mask is mandatory Ill wait to get back on a ship. I refuse to pay to be restricted when I can stay home for free. If vaccinations become mandatory then we will be done cruising until that is lifted. Vacation is suppose to be fun and dealing with all of the madness of Covid isn't fun.
  2. Do cruise ships require you to have all your vaccinations before boarding??? This entire situation is out of hand.
  3. I believe there is only one of these suites per ship correct?
  4. We used these exact numbers last year and it worked great. Brought some cash just for tipping and used the rest for our room attendant when we checked out. We also tip a little extra at the bar even having the drink package.
  5. Ill leave it until this ridiculousness is over
  6. I personally wouldn't want to cruise less than 7 nights. When looking at all the activities the ships have to offer just remember that you will not be able to do everything on the ship. Our first cruise I planned and planned to squeeze as much in as possible. By day 3 we were exhausted and just started going with the flow. We did my time dining and just decided where we wanted to eat and when on the fly. If you try to do too much you'll need a vacation from your vacation.
  7. I will drive 100% of the time. I booked a refundable first class airline ticket this year that I was suppose to be able to cancel or change for any reason... My wife lost her job because of this Covid crap and she decided to travel with me. So I canceled the ticket for a refund because we decided to drive and make a vacation out of the trip. BAM, airline won't refund my money. They gave me a credit to rebook a flight between now and December 2021 but it has to be in my name! Screw the airlines, Ill never give them another penny of my money. I also like having the freedom to d
  8. We decided to L&S our April 21 cruise to April 22 because of all the uncertainty floating around. We actually saved some money and I would hope by 2022 everything is back to normal. I would highly recommend looking into L&S, some people have gotten ridiculously awesome deals switching ships and upgrading rooms and paying the same rate. Can't hurt to try it! Good Luck!
  9. I find it interesting that I have had atleast 3 comments deleted when responding to someone with a more liberal viewpoint concerning Covid-19. So its basically ok to post your viewpoint if it aligns with mainstream media but not the other way around. And please dont start with it violates our terms because half of the posts attacking other members that share a different viewpoint regarding Corona violate it as well. Should either be all about cruising or let the other side comment as well. Pretty sad.
  10. You dont have to keep the same ship. We did because we wanted to sail out of Galveston. I would be interested to see how they treat the kids rate since they would be considered adults in 2022. We arent sure what our 2 highschool kids will be doing in school in April, Ill just keep them out a week for the cruise and not worry about it. As far as forgetting 2021, only you can make that call. We just felt more comfortable letting this stuff pass on down the road before even trying to cruise. I would definitely contact them and see what available options you have for L&S. You
  11. We decided to move our 2021 cruise to 2022. With all of the uncertainty in the air, I would hope by 2022 all of this is behind us. I hate having to wait that long to get back onboard but I would rather wait than have to change plans again. I would be very surprised if a cruise ship leaves out of the US this year.
  12. We L&S our April 2021 cruise to April 2022. We stayed with the same ship and itinerary, our rate actually went down significantly.
  13. I would be very surprised if we see any cruises out of the US this year. At this rate I would be surprised if we see any in the next 6-9 months.
  14. Leave the French Onion Soup alone!!!
  15. I just hope they keep the French Onion soup. I ate that everyday on our last cruise. Loved that stuff!
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