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  1. You all should go down to your local archery shop and do some shooting. I shoot in my backyard all the time and my daughter competed in school. Its a great sport to get into!
  2. I hear ya, when I say short lived I'm hoping we are back to some sort of normalcy by next year.
  3. Absolutely kills it for people that will not be vaccinated. Hopefully that requirement is short lived.
  4. I'm in the states but we have decided to take these lemons and make lemonade. We moved our cruise to 2023 and have decided to take our vacation time and money and remodel the house. Might as well do something we can control.
  5. With all the added options I couldn't pass it up not to mention the lower cost. Under 12k final price.
  6. We are now in star class on Allure for Feb 2023
  7. I should have worded this better. The Allure sailing is a year further out from our Liberty sailing. It's the A2 room and it's 100pp cheaper than our current booking without any addons. 7 people, wife and I plus our 5 kids.
  8. When I say same money thats before adding these addons to the Liberty sailing as in VOOM, UDP and UBP. Should we just wait a year and switch? I would hope by 2023 all of this will be behind us.
  9. We have the Villa suite booked on Liberty and after looking at this Aquatheater suite on Allure for the same money, it seems like you get WAY more for your money in the Star class suite.
  10. Is there any difference between the A1 and A2 category rooms except for the size? We are looking at an A2 on deck 10. My understanding is this is a star class room correct?
  11. So is Liberty being moved out of Galveston then?
  12. ^^^^^ What does this have to do with cruising???? Maybe troll somewhere else.
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