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  1. I just dont see how social distancing would even be possible on a ship. People are literally everywhere, touching everything and not to mention you are breathing recirculated air on the ship. My wife and I have decided that we are going to wait until all of this blows over and things get back to a normal state. After dealing with all of this on land I can't imagine paying to deal with it on vacation. Just my opinion.
  2. Liberty still has the Cigar Lounge but it is suppose to be removed when the Amp is done. Guess its here to stay for now since that has been postponed.
  3. You know, with everything going on and all the uncertainty in the air...I think we are just going to cancel our upcoming cruise and stay at home. Maybe one day they will get all this sorted but I really don't feel like giving my hard earned money to someone to be restricted and have them make changes to our vacation because its better for the cruise line.
  4. I never named called anyone or even mentioned you specifically! Sheep is a term that describes people that follow the masses and DO NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES...I happen to disagree with your "Im ready for a new normal" statements but never called you out for it. Im just simply stating my opinion and YOU are the one getting offended by it.
  5. This was our August 2019 sailing to Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Falmouth on Liberty. We enjoyed the Key and thought it was a great benefit for us but the reserved hours were not that great. As you can see here.
  6. IF you would have read my post then its not hard to understand or comprehend. Do we wear masks for flu season? NO! Do we wear masks or gloves in public for any other infectious disease before COVID??? NO!!! Herd immunity is a very real thing and it works plain and simple. Buying into the fear mongering brought to us by the Mainstream media is not something Im willing to do. I notice how you completely skipped over the part that the government workers are not required to wear masks at our DMV and went straight into attacking my way of thinking. That in itself proves my point that most people are sheep and don't think for themselves.
  7. Our DMV is requiring the public to wear a mask when entering the building but the employees at the DMV are NOT required to wear one. So that entire argument of "its not to protect you, its to protect others" is thrown completely out the window when the government that is forcing citizens into this "New Normal" BS doesn't have to follow their own guidelines. I have not worn a mask since this started and I will not wear one. If a business requires it then they don't need my money. I actually think for myself instead of blindly following the masses that listen to people with an agenda.
  8. Here is my deal breaker. If the onboard experience is changed then there is no point in going. We go on vacation to have fun and get away. If all of the ridiculous restrictions on land are on the ship as well.....I can stay home and save money. If people would use some common sense then we wouldn't be going through all this crap right now. Washing your hands should have always been in practice. Locking down and suppressing everyone's immune systems was a mistake and we haven't even begun to see the economic effects of the response to this virus. Just wait and see, when this election is over in the US...COVID-19 will be a thing of the past. Stop listening to Mainstream media and start thinking for yourselves.
  9. Honestly, I think doing away with the buffet and completely changing our way of life is ridiculous. If you don't like the buffet then dont go. There are plenty of other options available. Covid-19 isn't the end of the world and some of the responses and policy changes over the last couple of months is going to set a dangerous precedent moving forward. I can't wait for our next cruise but if the onboard experience is going to change drastically then I can't see spending money on a trip I will not enjoy. Time will tell I guess.
  10. A hard seltzer would be a good one. Not sure about their availability though.
  11. They are talking about IF they open our schools this year for 20-21 school year, it might be virtual school. Im in Oklahoma.
  12. When you ask for a lava flow make sure to tell them you want it with Kraken. You can ask for any liquor you want. If they can make it, you can get it.
  13. I just love not having to worry about a bill at the end. We can run around and have fun and do whatever we want and its already paid for.
  14. 7 nights in the Caribbean April 2021
  15. Keep checking the prices on the cruise planner. You can catch some good deals every now and then. I dont drink at home at all and I got my moneys worth with the DBP. Lava flows and margaritas go down real smooth in the middle of the ocean.
  16. We have the Villa suite booked on Liberty and for 7 people it came out to 1,741 per person. Thats with insurance and gratuities included.
  17. I just got off the phone checking on our April 2021 sailing on Liberty. Price would drop 400 but we would lose our onboard credit so its basically a wash. Guess Ill keep checking.
  18. We had the Key on our first cruise last year on Liberty. We thought it was well worth the value and would purchase again no doubt. The only thing we didn't take advantage of was the drop off carry on luggage and most of the reserved time slots for activities. Our carry on had all of our documents, medication ect and I wasn't comfortable handing that over to someone. The reserved times sound great but its kind of a joke. They are only for an hour on maybe 1 or 2 days of the cruise depending on the activity. I did the flow rider 1 day for 1 hour and that was it. Other than that it was great. Priority embarkation and disembarkation is amazing!
  19. If I remember correctly, on Liberty last year it covered up to 12 dollars per drink. Anytime we ordered some wine or something that was over it was on the receipt we signed. 98% percent of everything was covered and there were no surprises is what Im trying to say right after waking up and no coffee yet..LOL
  20. They are saying in Oklahoma the kids may not go back after spring break. All stores are sold out of TP, Paper towels, water ect ect. Its getting out of control.
  21. How early do addons show up in the cruise planner. We are still 420 days out from our next cruise. Also, we have a suite booked...will we still need to purchase internet? Sailing on the Liberty.
  22. I bring a certain amount of 1s, 5s, 10s and 20s. We tipped 5 at breakfast, 10 at lunch and 20 at dinner service. Kept some cash for emergency, shopping at port and then tipped our room attendant on the last morning. Also carried some for shore excursions to tip ect... I also used the 1s for tipping at the bar. Works well for us.
  23. My wife and I purchased the Key on Liberty and we really enjoyed it. We utilized every benefit of the Key and for us it was worth it. Not having to wait in line at all was worth every penny by itself and then you throw the internet in with it....
  24. I believe you have 48 hours from the time of booking to change sail dates ect.... Now if you booked at NextCruise on the ship then you have 60 days to make changes. The penalty is 100 per person to change ship or sail date. Thats with a Non Refundable Deposit. When we moved ours they took 200 from 500 we put down on deposit and transferred the other 300 to the new sailing.
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