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  1. Oh I was in a food coma way before day 7. I never in my life thought I would say I was tired of eating Filet Mignon. By the last day I was wore out.
  2. We saw several people getting the lobster tails in CK on formal night. Our waiter even told us we had 2 options for lobster that night, the one on the menu or the tails. By night 7 I was tired of eating .
  3. It was night 6 formal night and we went to Coastal Kitchen. We asked our Genie about MDR and he said it would be no problem getting it in CK. Side note, We ate at Izumi 3 times for Hibachi and ordered extra lobster there along with sushi rolls with dinner and there was no charge either.
  4. Allure is a wonderful ship, we really enjoyed it. I'm not sure when Jay is going home, I'll have to ask my wife if she remembers. When we jumped into the elevator this morning for debarkation a couple squeezed through the door after us. I was smashed into the luggage cart and Jay told the man this was a priority elevator and they couldn't care less. I just use people's attitudes as fuel to work harder and put in more effort so I can book another cruise.
  5. We use TSA Cable locks on our bags.
  6. So I decided not to do a live blog during our cruise so I could just relax and enjoy my vacation but I would love to tell you all about our first SC experience. We learned a ton during this cruise and had some wonderful experiences and some not so great moments. The not so great moments were from other guests that were "upset" because we skipped lines or had seats reserved for shows ect... Star Class is something everyone should do at some point. I can tell you everything we were able to do and things we requested but its more than that. Our Genie Jay was the kindest and most outgoing person we could have ever hoped to meet and we consider him a member of our family now. Its such a personal experience and I am sure its different for everyone. The thing I enjoyed most was not having to worry about scheduling anything or waiting in line at all. If we had any issues our Genie took care of them and he made arrangements on the fly for us. He texted and asked if our daughters would like to go ice skating and he would meet us at Studio B. When we arrived the line was probably 200+ people deep and he walked us right in and they were on the ice in probably 5 minutes. After the 20 minute session they were told they could go back out if they wanted. That is just one of the many things he did for us and it really made our cruise that much more special. I'll try to separate everything out day by day and if anyone has a question about Star Class I would be more than happy to share what I know.
  7. I can confirm that additional lobster tails are complimentary for Star Class. We ordered several and our waiter was kind enough to bring more after that.
  8. The only thing they ask at the port is if anything has changed since filling out the questionnaire the day before. No other questions, no hassles.
  9. Just the 4 questions the day before and at the port they ask if anything has changed.
  10. We personally love the Freedom class ships. I really wanted one more sailing on Liberty before she left Galveston but Allure will be a new adventure. The view from the back of the WJ is absolutely amazing and I could sit there all day and take it in.
  11. Just received an email stating that some passengers were sick and they are taking extra time to sanitize the ship and terminal. Says to arrive 30 minutes after scheduled time and early check ins no earlier than 1130am. Check in is now between 1130am and 3pm.
  12. The only communication I've had with our Genie on our 2/19 sailing is that he is reserving all the specialty dining for us and would have seats for us for the shows...Being our first SC sailing maybe I'm doing something wrong or is that pretty normal?
  13. I feel your pain, I have 3 more nights to work before I'm on vacation. 3 very, very, very long nights. LOL
  14. Stupid question....My color printer took a so I only have my black and white I use for work. Can I print the luggage tags in B&W or do they need to be in color?
  15. I will always arrive the day before at least. I hate rushing around and being tired not to mention the possibility of a delay. Arrive a day early, have a nice relaxing dinner and a great night sleep.
  16. I take my passport card with me and leave the passport in the safe. I also have a waterproof pouch that I wear around my inner waistband so if someone were to steal my belongings, they are going to have to get into my pants to do so. I can even swim and snorkel with everything on me and it stays dry.
  17. We will be on Allure so definitely a CK. Ill report back when I have results
  18. Ill gladly push that button in the name of research on our upcoming SC sailing. Are we talking going to the MDR and ordering additional tails?
  19. UGH, going back to work the day after is no fun. This year I took off 3 extra days after the cruise.
  20. Received an Email from our Genie and we have Jay for this sailing!!! So freaking excited, 28 days to go!!!
  21. Enjoyed your blog! We are 28 days out for our cruise on Allure. It will be our first cruise since 2019. So thankful to be able to go back!
  22. We actually booked an excursion with Daniel Johnson's on our cruise to Roatan. We are suppose to have a private driver pick us up and take us where we want to go for the day including snorkeling.
  23. Has anyone booked an excursion directly with Daniel Johnson's? Seem to have excellent reviews but was wondering if anyone here has actually used them before.
  24. We will be on Allure in 33 days for our first SC cruise. It will be our first time on Allure as well. Your live blog is getting us even more excited!
  25. We really enjoy Chops, have had some wonderful steaks there. Can't wait to go back!
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