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  1. They are saying in Oklahoma the kids may not go back after spring break. All stores are sold out of TP, Paper towels, water ect ect. Its getting out of control.
  2. How early do addons show up in the cruise planner. We are still 420 days out from our next cruise. Also, we have a suite booked...will we still need to purchase internet? Sailing on the Liberty.
  3. I bring a certain amount of 1s, 5s, 10s and 20s. We tipped 5 at breakfast, 10 at lunch and 20 at dinner service. Kept some cash for emergency, shopping at port and then tipped our room attendant on the last morning. Also carried some for shore excursions to tip ect... I also used the 1s for tipping at the bar. Works well for us.
  4. My wife and I purchased the Key on Liberty and we really enjoyed it. We utilized every benefit of the Key and for us it was worth it. Not having to wait in line at all was worth every penny by itself and then you throw the internet in with it....
  5. I believe you have 48 hours from the time of booking to change sail dates ect.... Now if you booked at NextCruise on the ship then you have 60 days to make changes. The penalty is 100 per person to change ship or sail date. Thats with a Non Refundable Deposit. When we moved ours they took 200 from 500 we put down on deposit and transferred the other 300 to the new sailing.
  6. They are essentially charging your card temporarily to make sure you can cover it. That affects your available credit available and if it takes 2 weeks to fall off you are holding onto charges you have already paid for on your final bill. No different than buying something and returning it to the store. They take your money right there and it takes them 3-5 days to return your money back to your account. Thats why I like using my AMEX because the holds fall off very quickly.
  7. On our cruise last month I had daily holds for our purchases that fell off quickly. On disembarkation day I had 2 holds still present and the final charge. The holds fell off the next day no problem. This was an American Express card and I went with AMEX after reading some people having issues with holds (probably Debit cards) but AMEX was quick to release these holds.
  8. I assume you're talking about the specialty dining? I ordered 2 or 3 entrees in the MDR with no problem but never tried it in Chops.
  9. You can also have things from the MDR brought to Chops. I order the French Onion soup and have it brought to Chops. Saw another lady order multiple orders of escargot at chops, no problem.
  10. After 3 or 4 of them it could have went either way!
  11. I stand corrected. We bought our dining package on board but at a discounted rate. Now that I think about it adding the 18% to ours on board makes it about the same price that I saw on the cruise planner. Thank you for the correct info.
  12. I had plenty of Kraken in my lava flows last month. ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Its per person but keep in mind that anything you buy will have an 18% gratuity charge added to it. So its really 116.82 per person.
  14. They sell a ton of stuff thats pure profit on the ship......I thought the Key was one of the best purchases we made. I boarded right after suite guests and pinnacles, sat down to a quite Chops lunch, never had to stand in line for a show or try to find a seat, got to ride the flowrider for an hour while everyone else had to wait, priority at ports of call (again no waiting in line), internet included which we were going to buy anyway and on disembarkation I had a great breakfast and was then escorted off the ship in front of everyone waiting at the gangway straight to immigration and customs. I didn't have to wait at all during my cruise and for that I would have paid even more!!! Not to mention the look on my wifes face every time we went straight to the front of the line or to our reserved seats.
  15. We chose MTD on our last cruise and we just went with the flow. Sometimes we ate lunch at windjammer, sometimes we just grabbed pizza. We went a couple of times to the MDR early before the rush and then grabbed something later in the evening and a couple of times we went late. Specialty dining I just went up and asked what time they had available for tonight and we took that time. I went in trying to plan out our meals and in the end it was way easier to just take it a day at a time. There is so much food on the ship that you will always find something to eat. My advise is do MTD and just play it by ear. Also, if you can hit up Chops Grille I highly recommend it. We went twice back to back nights it was so so good. One of the best steaks Ive ever had and the service was out of this world.
  16. Wifi and wifi calling are different. We enabled WiFi and just used the apps. No danger of the phone coming out of airplane mode or any hidden charges. I dont believe regular texting works over WiFi.
  17. We left our phones in airplane mode and never enabled WiFi calling. Instead we called through Snapchat and messaged through FB messenger.
  18. I was just wondering, we had an issue with a lifeguard on our cruise and I mentioned it in the survey but didn't know if we would hear back or not.
  19. Does Royal actually pay attention to comments left on the survey after your cruise? Has anyone gotten a response from a comment left on the survey?
  20. Lava flow with Kraken, the Kraken colada, Long Pirate iced tea, Mudslide, chocolate martini, and you can request any brand alcohol you want. Just tell the bartender which brand you want in your drink and its all covered. I don't even drink at home but I broke even and got ahead some nights on the ship!
  21. Liberty of the Seas April 4, 2021
  22. I prefer being in the aft myself. We hung out in the forward section for a few hours with some friends this last cruise and must have hit some rougher seas. By the time we left to go back to our room I felt drunk. I even had a hard time walking at first. I felt way better when I got back to the cabin which was all the way aft. Ill take some vibration over that motion any day.
  23. A couple of weeks ago on Liberty Quest was nuts! If there are open minded people there that are willing to participate its even better. Fun time for sure!
  24. Imagine how many gamblers they will lose when they ban it though....I dont smoke myself but alot of people are drawn into the casino because thats one of the only places in the world you can smoke indoors anymore.
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