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  1. Sounds good. Lets just hope the weather doesn't hurt things too much.
  2. Thanks for the info. I usually play card games but I guess I can try something different.
  3. So would you say the higher slots or doesn't it really matter? I've never played slots before. There's too many to decide on which ones to play and they seem complicated.
  4. So what games in the casino will earn you the most points? Slots, card games, etc?
  5. You could always just have a few drinks everyday. That way you would already be swaying and wouldn't know the difference, or maybe the one would just cancel the other one out.
  6. The staff brought us green apples and they seemed to help. Just get a couple from the buffet and keep them in your fridge.
  7. So is all you have to do is present your seapass at the table and your automatically signed up?
  8. But I wonder if I ask for an upgrade at the check in counter if they would give it to me?
  9. Has anybody ever asked to see if there were any upgrades the day of check in? Like if maybe there was a suite nobody ever upgraded to, and if you did, what were the results?
  10. I remember going to Coco Cay when it was just one or two little snack shacks, and just beaches. This should definitely be a big difference.
  11. Good to know. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the info. Sounds like the place I want to be. An uncrowded beach.
  13. So I know that you connect your seapass to a credit card, to use for spending on the ship, but has anyone ever tried to use a prepaid card to use with the seapass? I don't want my kids to go crazy or if they would happen to lose it, someone couldn't drain their account.
  14. So did Royal actually say your getting cash back or cruise credit?
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