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  1. Thanks @Matt We would definitely go expecting the smaller ship experience. Went on Vision with the same thoughts and had an awesome short cruise. Is Empress similar in layout and offerings to a vision-class, just smaller? Between Havana, and going to El Cozumeleno, it is a really enticing trip. Scott
  2. Need some quick advice. Looking at booking a late May 5night on Empress (Key West, Havana, Cozumel). This would be no kids, 2 couples. What are the general thoughts on Empress? We were on Symphony last month, obviously no comparison, but were on Vision last year and really enjoyed her. The itinerary is really interesting on this, and the rate for an inside cabin is very attractive. Just wanted to make sure this older ship is half way decent still, can't imagine it would be. This would be to celebrate 2 40th birthdays between the 2 couples. Any thoughts on the ship or Havana would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  3. @AnnetteJackson- Thank you! I didn't know you were assisting also, I appreciate the hard work! The latest today- all my and my son's entertainment, dining, shore excursions, and my drink package were canceled. I know John worked on it today, I just worry it will still be a mess when we get on board, but at least we will be on vacation. Thanks again!
  4. Well, after 3 cabin moves and who knows how many phone calls by our TA, we are back in the original cabin we booked a year and a half ago! @Matt is 100% correct when he says use a travel agent, John Ames at MEI really came through on this! Scott
  5. Saga continues.... Just went to print a new set of passes and tags, and our cabin was moved again. This time to 10th deck, but opposite corner from our friends on 9. Wish they would have just left us in previous cabin, it was a deck below the pool. What is more frustrating is this newest cabin if classified for 3+ people, which is the whole reason they moved us from our original cabin! In the grand scheme of life, this doesn't matter one bit, but it has been a frustrating situation. Scott
  6. @twangster- you are right, lesson learned. I had seriously thought about just showing up and saying she wasn't coming, but thought the right thing to do was handle it ahead of time. This has been such a frustrating lead up to a cruise that I have been crazy excited for over the last year and a half.
  7. It is fixed, sort of. We are in a balcony again, but 4 decks above our traveling party, which since it is just me and my 7 year old, being in neighboring cabins was crucial to a great cruise. The short version of a complicated story- We booked a balcony for 3 people on symphony a year and a half ago, as did another party of 2 that we were with, so we booked cabins right next to each other. My wife was a nurse in a clinic at that time and December was best for taking time off. Fast forward a year and a half and she is now a school nurse so early December just doesn't work for taking a week off. We held off canceling her until last minute just incase something happened. My son (7) and I are still going. Had we dropped her a few months ago we would have only received about $150 back, so waiting wasn't a big gamble, I understood I wouldn't receive anything back for her not going. Our TA made the arrangements to have her removed, after she was I verified that everything else was correct through the site and did online check-in and printed passes and tags for the 2 of us, all was good last week. Come Friday I found a Hibachi reservation for 6 (there are 3 parties of 2 together on different reservations) so I went to book it only to find out I had no cabin on the sailing. I got ahold of our TA right away who went to work on it. Royal in fact did cancel us completely. They said we had to be moved to a different category of balcony since there were only 2 of us going (despite the fact we paid for 3) and in the process they admitted to messing up a refund/new charges and showed we hadn't paid for our cruise, so it got canceled without me or TA being made aware. The ONLY way we figured this out was that I tried to make that dining reservation. I already had sea pass printed, what if I would have shown up at Miami and then found out the issue? We have received no compensation of any kind for this mess. I still feel we should have been able to stay in original room, as we paid for the entire room! It also makes me furious to know we could have show up next Saturday in Miami and had no booking. I was really counting on friends being next door with an adjoining balcony to help out with my 7 year old so I could go for an early morning run and maybe some other brief times out. I just feel there should be some sort of compensation for such a mess a week before cruise when this had been booked for a year and a half. Scott
  8. In July of 2017 we were on Oasis with some friends and decided to book Symphony for December 8 (just over a week away). We did at Next Cruise, both parties booked a balcony, rooms next to each other but different reservation. In the last few months we have done the typical reservations for entertainment etc., all was good. A few days ago we had to drop my wife from reservation due to a new job, but my self, and son(7) were still going as well as 2 other cabins of friends on different reservations. After they dropped my wife, I verified all our reservations, excursions, and all was good. I did online checkin with me and my son, and printed tags and passes. This morning I log on to reserve hibachi for the 6 of us, but my cruise doesn't show up. I wasn't worried, figured it was a glitch, but shot my TA an email anyway. He responds that Royal canceled our entire reservation some time late yesterday or early this morning! Thankfully John at MEI travel has been working on it hard today, but the original room is gone. They had us on deck 3 from a while, and now deck 14, but the rest of our group is on 9. It is so frustrating because with my wife not joining us, I was counting on our friends helping with our son a little bit so I could go on a morning run etc. Plus just the logistics of us being spread across the ship and keeping in touch. Is much easier when you are next door and a couple doors down. I just don't see how this can happen, especially since I was checked in, and everything was set to go. I received notification when my wife was dropped from reservation, but not that it was later canceled. Anyone have any connections with management that I can complain to? I am just thankful we have a TA to deal with this, but doubt anyone at RC really cares how this changes the logistics for our party on this cruise. Thanks guys, just needed to vent to people who will understand my frustration. Scott
  9. Have a group of 7, with ages ranging from 7 to 60 that want to do an excursion that includes snorkeling, boat, and some beach time. Several listed on RC site, which one is best bang for the buck? Thanks! Scott
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