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  1. We shifted 4 cabins from July 2020 Freedom to July 2021 Symphony without a problem using our TA. No July options out of PR 2021, so had to shift us somewhere.
  2. Recently? If so you should have received a FCC for the amount you paid. If you are talking a while ago, and your insurance didn't cover it, that was a risk you took. Had to cancel my wife from a cruise a year ago, my son and I still went, and we lost what we paid for her fare. So it goes
  3. Yes, she sails tomorrow. Cruise life Rick is sailing on her, you can probably see some great pics here https://www.facebook.com/CruiseLifeRick/
  4. Times are highly dependent on type of ship and time of day. Getting off with the first rush can take a bit, likewise getting on at the end of the day can make for long lines. I would say during most of the day you can walk on/off without any wait.
  5. I really enjoy reading all the Genie related live blogs in hopes to some day be in that category. I must admit though, you all have me a bit concerned that the service isn't what it used to be! We are a very low maintenance family, so our first experience would probably knock our socks off no matter how good or bad it is.
  6. Seems like there have been several the last few weeks, must be seasonal weather. Obviously much fewer cancellations than back in the tender days. It's an awesome place, and I'd be bummed if our cruise couldn't stop, but in the end it is the ocean, and weather which nobody can control.
  7. I have yet to find a list that is correct for our April 6 Navigator sailing. We are doing 2 stops at Coco Cay, the 7th and 9th, but the stop on the 9th doesn't show on the list. Perhaps that is the only error.
  8. I would park at the port. Many concerns over security at off-site locations. Why take a risk just to save a few dollars, and you can't beat the convenience.
  9. Oasis and Symphony both at Coco Cay today, it would be interesting to hear how crowded it is with both of those ships in Port. I understand it is a charter for both, but that’s still a ton of people potentially
  10. Thanks @Matt We would definitely go expecting the smaller ship experience. Went on Vision with the same thoughts and had an awesome short cruise. Is Empress similar in layout and offerings to a vision-class, just smaller? Between Havana, and going to El Cozumeleno, it is a really enticing trip. Scott
  11. Need some quick advice. Looking at booking a late May 5night on Empress (Key West, Havana, Cozumel). This would be no kids, 2 couples. What are the general thoughts on Empress? We were on Symphony last month, obviously no comparison, but were on Vision last year and really enjoyed her. The itinerary is really interesting on this, and the rate for an inside cabin is very attractive. Just wanted to make sure this older ship is half way decent still, can't imagine it would be. This would be to celebrate 2 40th birthdays between the 2 couples. Any thoughts on the ship or Hav
  12. @AnnetteJackson- Thank you! I didn't know you were assisting also, I appreciate the hard work! The latest today- all my and my son's entertainment, dining, shore excursions, and my drink package were canceled. I know John worked on it today, I just worry it will still be a mess when we get on board, but at least we will be on vacation. Thanks again!
  13. Well, after 3 cabin moves and who knows how many phone calls by our TA, we are back in the original cabin we booked a year and a half ago! @Matt is 100% correct when he says use a travel agent, John Ames at MEI really came through on this! Scott
  14. Saga continues.... Just went to print a new set of passes and tags, and our cabin was moved again. This time to 10th deck, but opposite corner from our friends on 9. Wish they would have just left us in previous cabin, it was a deck below the pool. What is more frustrating is this newest cabin if classified for 3+ people, which is the whole reason they moved us from our original cabin! In the grand scheme of life, this doesn't matter one bit, but it has been a frustrating situation. Scott
  15. @twangster- you are right, lesson learned. I had seriously thought about just showing up and saying she wasn't coming, but thought the right thing to do was handle it ahead of time. This has been such a frustrating lead up to a cruise that I have been crazy excited for over the last year and a half.
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