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  1. I cruised before the requirements changed back in late August. The check in process was extremely smooth and easy. Reminded me of pre COVID days.
  2. So I am sure someone on here has received a free cruise offers because from Casino Royale. How often do you need to play in the casino and how much money before you typically start receiving such offers? I have been told by someone they only spend like 20 dollars a cruise, but spend hours in the casino. I am just curious if anyone has any knowledge with this.
  3. So I am about to go on my first cruise since January 2020. I selected out arrival time and never realized till now that there is Wellness check time frame to select. Is this accurate I assumed everything is done at your check in time. What is a wellness check?
  4. Thank you for clarifying.
  5. Hey so a question that I'm not sure on regarding the stocks, a friend of mine had asked me if they had 50 shares of stock in Royal Caribbean would they get the $50 on board credit kind of like how I do since I have at least 100 shares I get a onboard credit because of that reason. If anybody could clarify that, I'd greatly appreciate it?
  6. I'm shocked no port in Florida is listed. Just drop all the requirements and be done with it already. NCL President said it the rest of the leisure society is learning to deal with covid.
  7. So I am little confused can an un- vaccinated person take a rapid antigen test the day before they board and does that count as your test if it is negative? Any explanation would be awesome.
  8. I agree very disappointing. I booked a weekend cruise hoping to fall within the 20% unvaxxed. Hopefully they update this soon.
  9. Sorry for the confusion. I was referring to has Royal Caribbean started giving it's shareholders more shares in it's stock? Since their stock is a divended stock and the onboard credit is an added benefit of owning stock in their company.
  10. I was curious has anyone heard when Royal will start back up with the dividend stock program? Maybe this question has been answered somewhere else if so please point me in that direction.
  11. So here's a question to everyone. What are your feelings going to be when they drop the vaccination requirements? Because let's be real no cruise line will always require vaccination for a flu type virus. I personally could care less if someone is vaccinated because it is their choice and must do what is best in their eyes.
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