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  1. With ICON of the SEAS coming out in Fall 2023, When do you think the schedule will be out?
  2. Why in the world would RC pay for an airline mistake?
  3. After reading the redemption rules, they will working for my plans. I am currently trying to get a group family Cruise for late 2023. So giving my Family Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate for 2021 Christmas, will work perfectly for my needs. The long lead time works in my favor. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. Has anyone given a Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate? I am looking to give them to my family for Christmas. https://www.royalcaribbeancertificates.com/
  5. This is Cruise talk Please remove any talk about politics.
  6. Does anyone know if you can asks them to put your Sport on the TVs in Playmakers? I am a NASCAR fan and would love to hang out there with a beer (or 12 lol) and watch it
  7. I just ordered mine from the RC website... This should be easy.
  8. GUEST TICKET BOOKLET Just got e-mailed ..... Now I know that the Cruise is not far off
  9. Just make use u check the below link, RC has details of what u need for each ship. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  10. Per the RC web site on sept 8, I will be ordering the C-19 test from them. Plus the CVS PCR test. This way I will be ensured to get my testing done. COMING SOON: Starting September 8, fully vaccinated guests can visit Royal Caribbean’s online storefront to order at-home test kits that include eMed Telehealth Service. Complete your pre-cruise test at home, with live video supervision by a Certified Guide, and get your results in 15 minutes. Test kits ship to all 50 states, and arrive at your door in two business days or less. Learn more.
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