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  1. I agree with Matt assessment of the explanation
  2. I also never had a problem with anyone on my cruise
  3. This may be answered somewhere i could not find it but here is my question. I know u earn one point for everyday on the trip. My question is that I am looking at booking 3 rooms. Do I get 3 points or one per day?
  4. As of right now, US Government has no plans of opening up Cuba to the US pubic.
  5. With all due respect....coffee is hot. FACT. This is common sense. Therefore sueing a company (i.e. McDonald's) for selling hot coffee is the definition of a frivolous lawsuit. RC need to stand its ground and not pay a dime for this clear act of neglect by the grandfather. (Plus he should go to jail for negligence homicide)
  6. It the Jones Act. That stops ships from only having salings in US ports
  7. I be gladly pay this very this small fee for a new state of the art terminal. Remember on a $2,000 cruise this is only a 0.3% increase.
  8. Nice. I love to take a RC ship out of New Orleans
  9. Lawyers like him are why things cost so much.... the lawyer should know better not blame RC for what his client did.
  10. They are the best part of going back to the room
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