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  1. All it takes is to be on a RC ship near a window to know that it has a green tint and wind comes thru open windows..... But with is Video it is clear as day that RC did nothing wrong.
  2. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is apart of the US and therefore the US Supreme Court ruling are the final say. The Ship surveillance cameras are legal and can be used in Court
  3. The Grandfather is not taking responsibility for his action and is tell everyone in the world it is someone else who is to blame.....People need to ensure safety of kids and punish people who endanger them.
  4. Love the vlog. when is the next one coming out?
  5. @CHRIS WONG So it looks like Oasis dry dock is done. Will u be able to get on the ship before the 24th? We are all want to see the changes and updates,
  6. 10 to 10:30 am check in time (I was able to get on the ship at 10:30 when i went on Anthem.) Rooms are ready at 1pm
  7. What coverage would u recommendations (and amounts) that are good for weather? (I know RC is great with paying you back for the cost of the cruise) I don't want to over pay. Just need basic med coverage. Has anyone had a good policy that they use all the time?
  8. @CHRIS WONG when is the OASIS OF THE SEAS out of dock?
  9. @CHRIS WONG looks like u have a lot of freedom on the ships.... I can't wait until u move to the oasis of the seas
  10. LOL... I had to watch the video 2 more times to find out what you were talking about..... It was sooooo funny when I did.
  11. I am sad for the Family but this grandfather is at fault. I am happy that he was charged because he need to take responsibility.
  12. Can't wait to see your Vlogs of Oasis Of The Seas and her new upgrades.
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