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  1. Just started look at 2022 and I am not a fan of the new look. The website was better before.
  2. if they stay shut down... I bet this number of ship that they are removing will go up again
  3. Yes this is where I look it up. Here is an updated Veiw
  4. This look like what happened when my parents came home early and I had a house party going on...... Everyone is running away lol....
  5. Does anyone know the story Empress of the Seas? I see rumors online that it is going to be scrapped At last word from Royal Caribbean Group Chairman and CEO Richard Fain, only the pullmantur cruises will be scrapped. I tend to believe that. Plus this would be used if Cuba is opened back up A Royal Caribbean spokesperson gave Cruise Critic the following statement: "Empress is not headed to the scrap yard, she’s still a part of the Royal Caribbean Fleet." -- There is no date of this comment
  6. I agree. RC will hold off getting rid of the smaller ships until at least after the election. Who wins the US election will determined what they will do
  7. At last word from Royal Caribbean Group Chairman and CEO Richard Fain, only the pullmantur cruises will be scrapped. I tend to believe that as i read many financial reports and look like RC is the strongest Cruise line out there. As stated before by Richard Fain RC can make a profit with only 40% cap on many of its Ships This is due to how new RC fleet compare to the other companies.
  8. They may just be returning crew members. This may not be the end to Monarch.
  9. I just check out the website and it looks like u can still book cruise for nov
  10. Keep in mind, the company has more flexibility now that they own 100% of Silversea Cruises. By using the stock to buy the rest of the company, RC now has more assets on the books if they need to get more debt. ..... In the end by buying this company, RC become stronger financially and more able to weather the out come of coronavirus
  11. Friday, June 10, 2020 MIAMI – July 10, 2020 – Royal Caribbean Group (NYSE: RCL) has purchased the remaining shares of Silversea Cruises, a pioneer and leader in ultra-luxury and expedition cruising. The move to full ownership comes two years after Royal Caribbean Group acquired a two-thirds share of the cruise line in July 2018. “Silversea has been a great fit for our company from the very first day,” said Richard D. Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Group. “The cultures of the two organizations have proven to be harmonious, and guests have responded favorably to
  12. What RC could do is just take over the route of the old Pullmantur Cruises. The cruise line made money in 2019 and they have a market for it. RC could just start a new cruise line for Spain owning it 100% with the 3 ships and the one that they were going to tranfer in 2021
  13. I would love to go on the smaller ship. Like how RC fleet is getting bigger when others are getting smaller
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