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  1. What RC could do is just take over the route of the old Pullmantur Cruises. The cruise line made money in 2019 and they have a market for it. RC could just start a new cruise line for Spain owning it 100% with the 3 ships and the one that they were going to tranfer in 2021
  2. I would love to go on the smaller ship. Like how RC fleet is getting bigger when others are getting smaller
  3. I agree but unlike FL. The Governor in NY has no problem enforcing this. the Port auth. controls the Major Airports and they will ensure people follow the Quarantine
  4. Grandeur of the Seas ] On October 16, 2019, it was announced Grandeur of the Seas would be transferred to Pullmantur Cruises in the Spring of 2021. Wonder what is going to happen to Grandeur of the Seas now.
  5. The only thing I can say about this is.... I hope due to the age of the ship is the reason the getting rid of them.... Maybe RC will give them newer ships so they can be a stronger company after this is all over.
  6. I just wish all the post got together to make one plan
  7. Fuel cost is the Number one cost behind building the Ship. When they keep that cost down they are more able to keep the trips cheaper
  8. Can't wait to see it when it is all finished
  9. Can't wait to see this ship. 🙂 It is going to Nice
  10. If u use a travel agent, They will help u with hotel section
  11. As long as these go to the CREW.... I don't care what the price is.... They work their butts off and I am willing to pay
  12. Let's make sure we are talking about Facts here: This was post on May 18. 2020 According to numbers reported by The Miami Herald, the proportion of crews actually repatriated varies by cruise line, ranging from an estimated 23% of Royal Caribbean and 37% of Carnival crew members to 76% of MSC shipboard personnel.
  13. I bet the is Muster Dill on your room TV due to the Covid 19
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