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  1. Even if it become 3pm when our room is ready is fine with me. That is really not a big impact.
  2. Agreed but Currently they have 15 room 2 times = 30 cleaning .... They are moving to 25 rooms one cleaning per day = 25 cleaning. So it is about the same work load or a bit less.
  3. I believe all Oasis class ships has to due to the bridge in Demark
  4. Honestly I don't need the room done 2 times per day. This is one cut that may benefit the cabin attendant (with increase tips payout) and the Company (saving money on less cabin attendant) without harming us.... I am all for it.
  5. Looking on Google Map it shows Berth 1 - Port of Roatan.
  6. I was just there myself. lol I was there on Tuesday and I did not see progress. I was just wondering if anyone heard anything.
  7. I am thinking they will gives a little info every few months until it comes out.
  8. Does anyone know the details of the upgrades at the Perfect Day at CocoCay?
  9. Just got off of Anthem of the Seas and they told us that Starlink is scheduled for mid-December for install. I will be back on Jan 2nd so I will let you know if it is completed
  10. I 100% love it.... RC will have a Ship that fit everyone..... can't wait to book
  11. All i can say to that "I know right" Soo looking forward to it
  12. honestly It makes me wants to know MORE.... It look Great... AND i think It is a GAME changer... It will be a ICON for sure
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