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  1. Sailing on Liberty in 13 days . Just wondering... the app says that the Pool Bar closes at 7pm every night. If we’re hanging out in the whirlpool at night, where do we get our drinks? (I know... super important question We have the drink package so can't get more than 1 drink at a time. Thanks
  2. Are there Coca-Cola Freestyle machines on Liberty of the seas?
  3. Hi, We are sailing on Liberty in September. We have never cruised with Royal Caribbean before. We have made custom lanyards for our party of 11. What type of id holder do you use for your sea pass and why? Or is there a hole in the Sea Pass to attach to the lanyard? And then do you take the card out or remove your lanyard every time you get a drink, etc.? I know these are silly questions, but my OCD is acting up as the date approaches... Photos of your Sea Pass holder would be helpful :) (especially if on Liberty as I'm sure it's not the same on the newer ships) Thank you!
  4. I have purchased Voom Surf and Stream for our cruise in September on LOTS. I am not planning on bringing a laptop. Will the internet be fast/good enough for my photos and videos to upload to the cloud so that I can make space on my phone for more photos and videos? Please let me know if you've uploaded photos and large video files to the cloud using Voom Surf and Stream. I use Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. Thank you :)
  5. Thanks. That must be it. Not available on my ship/sailing.
  6. Thanks. I see the page, but it only lists wine. I've seen others post picks of their gift page and they have bottles of vodka, rum, etc.
  7. Strange, but for me there is no alcohol available on the Royal Gifts page. I wonder if more stuff will get added as we get closer to our sailing date.
  8. Hi, I've seen in some posts that you can order a bottle of alcohol (prior to departure) and have it delivered to your room once in international water if leaving from Texas. I've looked in the cruise planner and I don't see it under any category. I see bottles of wine and champagne only. Will it appear closer to sailing? Departing on Sep 29 on Liberty. We've purchased the deluxe drink package for our room, but my in-laws will not drink very much, but would appreciate having a few drinks in their room without having to go to a bar to pick it up. Thanks for any info/advice you can
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