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  1. @ellcee Cool tip, thanks. This will be my first vacation alone so imma need the internet package for sure to keep in contact with my parents even though I'm 30 plus years old...plus I love to post on Instagram. i just came back from an ncl cruise with my parents (my parents like princess cruises and ncl) so I tagged along, was alone for most the cruise but dinner every night we meet for dinner and it was nice to know they were there if I needed them. Traveling alone for the first time is going to be a big deal for me. Any way my Instagram is vincenza.divincenzo There are some posts of the ncl cruise I was just on. But honestly since my cruise last year with my then boyfriend on adventure of the seas I decided loyal to royal
  2. Thanks for all your input! I guess solo cruising is more common then I thought.
  3. Going on my first solo cruise next year and was wondering if there's anything specific I need to know about solo cruising? so excited but nervous. Will be on Anthem of the Seas November 29, 2020 to December 7, 2020. Going to the Bahamas. Leaving from New Jersey, I live in New York so I won't have to fly to port, I'll be taking a cab to and from port. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. Hi my name is Vincenza and my boyfriend's name is Joseph. We are both from Queens, NY. Last year went on my first vacation with my boyfriend, a RC Cruise. Loved it so much we are going on another RC Cruise in Dec 2019. Will be blogging about our cruise in the live cruise blog section of message board on this website. Can't get enough cruising info. Love RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com
  5. So cool @TheHobbys definitely following this blog! Can't cruise Star Class, me and my boyfriend get interior stateroom when we cruise but Loving ur blogging on ur experience...ahh only if only lmao lucky you, ur fam, and any other star class guest. Ok ok I can't lie. Even in interior stateroom on RC Cruise me and my boyfriend loved the cruise experience. Happy Cruising.
  6. Has this ever happen to any RC cruiser? I go on cruise planner and look at past purchases and see one of 4 Shore excursion canceled. No notice by email or phone call. No refund to debit card where excursion was purchased. What's going on???
  7. Any info on Rhapsody of the seas especially casino onboard info would be appreciated. Thanks! Happy Cruising
  8. Update from my helpful travel agent at mei travel. Purchase onboard credit instead
  9. Yea looks like double work with these certificates if I have to pay fee anyway
  10. Turns out I am choice level not Prime. I guess there's no way to avoid fee. Bringing a lot of cash is not what I want to do. Maybe half cash and half debit card will do.
  11. hello, Would love ur opinion. So, the thing is is that we want to play at casino on cruise. But. Since port is not driving distance I would prefer not to bring lot of cash on me. And would prefer not to pay fee on taking out cash on debit card. So my question is about a royal Caribbean gift card. Do u know anything about the gift cards and if they are available for purchase now before cruise and then be available for use in casino on cruise. How would all that work. Please advise thanks.
  12. I drank Disarono and ginger ale on Adventure ots last year recommended by casino bartender
  13. Pics look amazing! Park looks like a good time. Very insightful info in ur blog! Love love love. Thanks
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