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  1. Casinos in Connecticut and new Jersey are smoke free. My guess is same for cruising if masks are required
  2. Thanks @twangster. Good read @Matt
  3. I’m going on a cruise! Three to be exact. anyone going on a 4 night out of Miami in August?? I’m wondering how back to normal cruising will be by august??? Any thoughts? Be safe all
  4. Hey I can see spa treatments on the cruise planner but. Won’t let me add to cart. Says no offering found. I forgot what the gratuity percent is? 20%? Please let me know. Thanks. Be safe all.
  5. No for the ultimate dining package
  6. Ohhhhh! That makes sense now. Oh ok for December 2021 for 12 night cruise it’s 239 pp
  7. Wow. Oh my goodness that’s high
  8. For a 12 night December 2021 cruise the Ultimate drink package is 68$ per day or ultimate drink package plus VOOM is 85$ per day not including gratuities
  9. Wow. Casino looks ridiculously spacious. Can’t wait to play play play!
  10. What’s thee limit? Is there a maximum play? Like a ridiculous low amount of 100$ or something?
  11. Crown and Anchor Society. please correct me if I’m wrong, but. Will I get 2x the points because I booked an inside cabin with virtual balcony on Anthem of the Seas for my solo cruise? So for this 12 night cruise I’ll get 24 points??! So excited. Be safe all.
  12. Next cruise is December 12, 2021 to December 24, 2021. 12 night southern Caribbean cruise out of New Jersey on Anthem of the Seas. 586 days away. Solo cruiser.
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