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  1. Better be careful - Matt is always one blog post or pod cast away from making the FOM a surcharge...
  2. We were supposed to do an Alaska cruise in June of 2020. We've booked for May of 2021, but I'm tempted to book an additional cruise for November, an 8 night on Anthem over Thanksgiving.... Not sure if I can put up with the aggravation roller coaster of looking forward to a cruise and then having another one cancelled.
  3. We've got a 7 day cruise from Vancouver in June. ... Or had. I don't know if Royal will be able to salvage anything unless the US waives the Jones act.
  4. My wife and I are sailing on Radiance in June of 2020. So far we haven't been informed of any changes and our TA has confirmed the itinerary still shows Skagway., and the cruise planner still wants to sell me excursions in Skagway. I am curious as to why RC has made this change. I'd be open to the swap, but I certainly understand why other cruisers would want to keep Skagway.
  5. That's awesome! I think we'll be over packing, that's for sure. I'd rather have too many suitcases than not enough options....
  6. I find them helpful for a few of reasons: 1) They do help me organize stuff and keep them organized on board or in a hotel 2) They force me to think a little more about what I pack. Like a lot of people I think I'm a good packer and make good choices, but.... 3) I find the packing cubes for shoes help keep the shoes from getting messed up in the luggage - or messing up other things in the suitcase. 4) When I'm not travelling I try to use them to organize my stuff at home.... when I remember to do it. I bought some at ebags.com and like them. I've since seen them at Ama
  7. @KJ1231 We're doing the same cruise in June of 2020, and we're on the east coast of US as well. Not to hi jack the thread, but what are your plans for getting to Vancouver? I'm considering Cathay Pacific from JFK. We're planning on getting to Vancouver with a couple of days of pre-cruise activity. I want to see that steam powered clock. We haven't even thought about post-cruise activity yet...
  8. Anybody have wisdom to share on packing for an Alaska cruise? We're just under a year away, and I'm already dreading packing for 2 climates...
  9. Good lord, I really hope this works out for you!
  10. The peace of mind of having the passport is worth far more than the effort to getting it.
  11. Embrace the power of "AND".... join my wife and me on Radiance for a northbound cruise - June 12, 2020 - we'd love the company!
  12. We're cruising on Radiance in 2020... I love the churrascaria experience and will definitely try it, assuming it's still an option in 486 days, 23 hours, and 44 minutes
  13. Thanks for the pics! I recently booked an Alaska cruise, but I'm ready to think about sailing from FLL again - especially with a snow storm tomorrow....
  14. Bingo. I believe it's that perceived need to get as low as possible for that "Starting at price". I wonder if MSC has partially figured this out with their "Experience" pricing?
  15. @michelle, I can see this post saving a lot of first time /occasional travelers a LOT of heart ache and frustration. Thank you for taking the time to post it! @Matt this might be good grist for a full blog post or the podcast...
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