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  1. My family and I are sailing on a 7 day cruise out of Miami in next month (finally less than 30 days away!) and we booked 2 large balcony rooms. In one, my mom and dad are staying in that room and in the other I am staying by myself. Since Im staying in a room by myself won't I get 3x the points /night? (usually double but since the promo it would be 3x I think)
  2. I wanted to know if it's possible to do a one-way cruise. I wanted to do a cruise up to Juneau Alaska and then stay a couple of days and then maybe fly back. Is it possible to do this and get a cruise at a discounted rate?
  3. We are going on a cruise in December and my dad's passport expires in May 2022. 5 months after we go on our cruise. Generally there's a 6 month rule for passports. When we go on the website to renew his passport, it says there's a 16 months wait, after our cruise. So does St Martin enforce the 6 month rule?
  4. With the key, it says that you will have private hours at various activities around the ship. Does that include escape rooms?
  5. Does booking on your cruise with next cruise worth it? How much savings do you get?
  6. Wow that looks so beautiful! Can't wait for our cruise!
  7. According to this article, https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2017/03/06/barefoot-beach-cabanas-royal-caribbeans-labadee, over the water cabanas are $395. Is it still that much? Looking at the CoCoCay cabanas this seems like a bargain. Also, how do I reserve one? Through the concierge? Is it worth the price? This is our first time having a suite. Thanks!
  8. Does this also apply to the concierge club and private departure lounge for suite guests too like in port Miami?
  9. So, my December cruise was canceled and I had no sailings that I could move it to (there were no itineraries for December of next year) so, the agent moved me to a Symphony of the Seas sailing on 12/11/21. It wasn't going to the same places but it was still out of Miami. Just to let yall know that it doesn't have to be the same itinerary or same ship. Length has to be the same as well as no holiday sailings are permitted.
  10. Okay so as I understand it, in order to use life and shift it must be same itinerary, length, stateroom. So can the ship be different? Also, when I look at end of November/ December 2021 (my sailing was in December 2020 ? ), there are no sailings that go to the same exact places that I could find. So can I not do lift and shift?
  11. I know lift and shift says it'll move your existing booking one year + or - 4 months, but has anyone managed to get their sailing moved not that far in advance? My December sailing just got canceled but we don't want to wait another year for it. May possibly.
  12. I'm in a suite for my sailing and I saw that we get unlimited drinks from the suite lounge. My family were thinking of not buying any of us a drink package to save us some money since we get free drinks. Should we still get a drinks package or not. This is our first time sailing in a suite.
  13. I'm booked in a grand suite on Allure of the Seas. Do we get complimentary room service? Some places I've seen that we get complimentary room service, others I've seen it's a $7.95 service charge.
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