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  1. We stayed at the PanPacific in Vancouver the night before our Alaska cruise. There is definitely something to be said for a pre-cruise splurge for a hotel. Your vacation starts when you leave your house, why not enjoy the time before you board?
  2. Is this roll call for the April 22 - April 29, 2023 sailing? If so, count us in!
  3. Just two more days! I hope everyone has tested negative and is ready to go!
  4. But resharing with other people is what keeps the culture of this blog/message board going!
  5. I'd say that's a healthy way to make sure you haven't missed a step!
  6. Could it really be this easy? Since it's in the NYC Distortion Zone I sort of assumed it would be a far greater hassle!
  7. Having extra Future Cruise Credits on hand, my wife and I just "YOLO" booked the Thanksgiving cruise aboard Anthem. So, let's talk Turkey!
  8. That's awesome! Though it's sad news that your train trip got cancelled, I'm glad to meet a veteran of a Radiance Alaska cruise!! There's a small-ish group on FB for the cruise, just search for Radiance of the Seas, June 17th. I hope switching cruises hasn't messed up your airline reservations too much!
  9. My wife and I are sailing on Radiance on the northbound route on the 17th.... please don't mess the ship up too much.... I hope you have an awesome time on your pre-tour and the cruise! Are you planning on doing anything in Vancouver after the cruise?
  10. This is the cruise my wife and I booked for ... 2020, then 2021, and now (knock on wood) 2022. Who's with us??
  11. I do have on board credit.... It's almost worth while booking a cruise without on board credit to see if it acts better....
  12. I have been getting this as well. I have tried different browsers, disabled extensions, etc. The stupid thing is it gets the language in step 1. Why does Royal Caribbean test changes to their website... in production??
  13. You summed it up better than I could. If the things that make cruising such an attractive vacation option are removed or reduced, is it worth it?
  14. I'd say there's no wrong answer here. For some (like me) the compromises will likely outweigh the fun and joy of cruising for a "normal"-ish cruise with ports of call. But if it's an "out and back" to Coco Key or Labadee, I'd be far more likely go because I don't think I'd have the feeling of "missing out".
  15. I really hope your cruise on Radiance happens. A Panama Canal cruise is definitely on my bucket list. I got the opportunity to see the Mira Flores locks from the land side many years ago. It's impressive what the engineers were able to accomplish so long ago.
  16. One of my colleagues had COVID-19 in the spring of 2020. He still suffers from insomnia and 'brain fog'.
  17. I'm not sure if fairness is on the agenda where the pandemic is concerned.
  18. New CDC ruling makes wearing a mask during the entire cruise mandatory.... Even if you're on deck with no one near you, it would appear. At what point do the restrictions and limitations outweigh the fun and relaxation of cruising? I'm starting to think that even if the major lines get cruises going in July, the cruises will probably be fairly dystopian. Maybe short runs to Coco Key or Labadee? What do you think? How drastic do the limitations have to be for you to decide to wait 6 - 12 more months?
  19. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.... ?
  20. I think it's likely I'm using the wrong terminology, and I apologize for adding confusion. We're working with @michelle who has been wonderful since we started looking into an Alaska cruise 2 years ago. I guess instead of an actual L&S it was more like moving a reservation. Sadly, I reset my count down timer to the 2022 date... 515 days. Ugg.
  21. We were booked for a May cruise, but we just did the lift and shift to June of 2022, and we'll be using the FCC from our cancelled June 2020 cruise.
  22. Selfish feelings aside, I really worry about the towns that get a good injection of cash from the cruise industry, and the excursion operators. How are they going to make it after 2 empty years?
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