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  1. Can anyone provide feedback on this? What is open on embarkation day? Can I get sushi to go from Izumi?
  2. I previously sailed on the Harmony of the Seas and absolute loved it. We are planning to sail Odyssey of the Seas in January. Will the ship seem too small?
  3. We are set to sail on Odyssey in January. We have never done the UDP but it sounds interesting. Does it include lunch on embarkation day? Are we able to order food to go? Tell me all I need to know!
  4. First time cruising out of Port Everglades in January. Just wanted to know about parking. Do I prepay? Parking was a breeze on my last cruise on HOTS out of Orlando.
  5. I just switched from HOTS to Odyssey for my Jan Cruise. Anyone have suggestions on best/easiest places to stay the night before? Never left out if Ft Lauderdale befote
  6. Can anyone let me know how much time could actually be gained by purchasing the Key? I believe you board after the suites. We are gold members otherwise.
  7. Anyone have the most recent menu of the key lunch? I am finding different menus and I am trying to determine if the Key is worth it on Harmony of the seas
  8. Can someone please explain how this works? Can I schedule lunches on sea days? Dinners get scheduled ahead of time? Can I eat at multiple locations in a night? Johnny Rockets included?
  9. is the hibachi at Izumi worth the money? How is the food/experience?
  10. Cruising there first time in January. What cool things are there to see and do within walking distance of the ports?
  11. Planning on cruising January 2021. Anyone know if discounts are available for drink packages and stuff yet?
  12. I checked through mine and didn't see it listed. Any recent cruisers remember?
  13. Is there a set drink of the day menu on Harmony? I am trying to remember a drink from our cruise in December
  14. Is there somewhere that has menus for mini bites, cafe promenade, sorrentos and park cafe?
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