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  1. Not contradicting. The political winds have changed this week. Bad job numbers, inflation, gas shortage, Middle East crisis. The terrible showing of CDC and Walensky in the Congressional Hearings this week. The administration ordered the CDC to do this today. Its all political and has nothing to do with science
  2. Yes, which is strange because people staying at casinos for a weeks vacation experience very similar conditions to cruise ships. Eat at hotel buffets, gamble on crowded casino floor, see shows all without leaving hotel. And they arent outside as much as people on a cruise typically
  3. i am fine with that as long as I can remove mask during dining completely.
  4. Doesnt surprise me after the week the CDC has had and losing advocates on both sides of the political aisle. They have been taking a beating and people are starting to wake up to the fact that the CDC is adding to vaccine hesitancy. I just dont know when CDC guidance somehow turned out to be law in some peoples minds? I mean to these same people never eat their red meat at medium temp, eat raw cookie dough, etc? Do they follow all CDC guidance with their diet? Smoking? Amazing how some people ignore all CDC guidance in their lives except when it comes to Covid. then the CDC gu
  5. I see. Better yet..they need to have someone on PA system coordinating when all the diners can take a bite. "Prepare for bite one Remove masks 4 chews and thats it Countdown for placing masks back on...5..4..3..2..1"
  6. I will say that the hearing came at a favorable time when the CDC has shown their true incompetent nature in all things Covid not just cruises. Public support and opinion is turning against the CDC as well as the political winds. Politicians are finding it harder to support the CDC every day now. I wouldnt be surprised if we see a clearing of the house at the CDC and they should start with Walensky
  7. and how is that even enforceable? is there going to be an attendant standing at each table to be the mask police while people eat? There is ZERO science to support this kind of nonsense and it does not match what is happening at indoor dining now in the US.
  8. Exactly!!! And if nothing changes then it creates vaccine hesitancy!!!
  9. How else am I supposed to get the banana pudding off the serving spoon after I put some in my bowl?
  10. The Rum Punch I had on St Lucia was 95% rum and 5% punch it seemed. But it was mighty tasty!
  11. Yes, they are losing the public with slow, outdated guidelines. The guidelines for children summer camps are also a tipping point of public opinion. Walensky didnt fare well yesterday in Congressional hearing. And for all the talk of vaccine hesitancy, the CDC is contributing to it by their outdated guidelines for vaccinated people.
  12. I dont know enough about it to make a reasoned discussion on it. I am with you though on sovereignty of other nations but wonder why the CDC put requirements in there in first place for port excursions if they felt they didnt have jurisdiction. Either way, I am glad the new guidelines erase the need for that masked madness.
  13. I live in SC and when buffets opened back up here...specifically BBQ buffets, a few had staff serve you down the line but the majority i have been to require you put on gloves to server yourself
  14. A youtuber i watched made the case that since the ship ports in the US, it has authority to set terms in exchange for letting a ship port in the US. I would have to watch again to look at law he referenced and it falls in line with the shore excursion requirements with the cruise provider only.
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