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  1. I booked with a TA and they received a group rate. Its past final payment and I see where the price has dropped on my sailing. Am I correct that since my cabin was booked by TA under group rate that I would not be eligible for rate adjustments or OBC now?
  2. Just curious if the salsa bar at El Loco Fresh is open and if it’s self serve or does an attendant have to serve to you same with the dog house on boardwalk… how do they handle condiments? Individual packets or from dispenser
  3. I have been looking at shore excursions and going off on my own for St Thomas. I see there are fixed rates per person for taxis. I also see that they offer a $25 per person taxi tour. Does anyone know where that would take you? We have decided we would like to go to mountain top… beach time at magens bay and then to Charlotte Amalie for shopping before headed back to ship. would taxi tour take us to mountain top and then drop off at magens bay and then be on our own to get taxi to Charlotte Amalie? lastly, anyone have any experience with snorkeling at magens bay? thanks!
  4. Watching planes flying into the airport at Maho beach in St Martin is a unique experience. as mentioned… really nice beaches all over island. Also a couple of great overlooks you can go to as for St Thomas I never have been there. But I do plan on taking gondola to top of overlook and go to Magens. Beach I am also on the oasis of the sea thanksgiving week. Along with my wife, adult daughter and 13 year old step daughter
  5. Now that the government is saying that you need a covid booster shot after 8 months of your 2nd dose, how will that affect vaccinated status on cruise lines? Any guesses? Will current fully vaccinated people with cruises planned in the end of the year need to get a booster if its been 8 months since last dose before they will be considered fully vaccinated by the cruise lines?
  6. Is this really your final answer you want to stick with? People not getting vaccinated are inept? You need to check vaccination stats of all people groups in this country and then realize how you sound. I would go so far to say that masks can be counter productive because they have given people a false sense of security and they dont practice social distancing or think they can be in a crowded indoor space and be protected when in reality that cloth mask allows in aerosolized particles or they are too "inept" to properly wear a mask over their eyes AND nose (we wont mention how you can get Covid through your eyes as well) especially now with the more transmissible Delta variant. Cloth Masks are theater. Social Distancing is not when one is unvaccinated. I would agree with your stance but then we would both be wrong. back to cruising. I understand why the Cruise Lines are requiring indoor masking right now even with the vaccinated. Optics and the CDC. But what is the logic in wearing a mask to the main dining room and then removing it for 2 hours with 100s of people in the dining room. Why even wear a mask to your table?
  7. Cause they said so! Thats why! They dont need no stinkin data or valid studies. They are the all powerful CDC! If you question them you are a science denier! Heretic!
  8. I would be more concerned about capacity than the buffet. Covid isn’t spread at self service buffets. Now, people are gross at buffets so there’s that reason… lol
  9. I respect peoples choices. If you feel that you need to wear a mask for any reason, no disrespect from me and it wouldnt warrant a second look from me. But if you cut in line in front of me at the Windjammer, its on!!!!....lol
  10. Yes, I understand the overblown fear climate we are in now. As stated, I am just hoping the cruise lines will drop mask use for vaccinated after the Delta variant wanes and definitely after the end of the current CSO on October 31st.
  11. If I am personally responsible and have been vaccinated, why should I have to wear a mask? Why are masks required on fully vaccinated cruise ships now? All people are vaccinated on a ship but we cant say good riddance to masks? All because of an inept CDC
  12. It IS about personal responsibility though. I am confused when you say that people should get vaccinated and mask up and then you say when governors tout "personal responsibility" it makes no sense. You are advocating for personal responsibility by saying people should mask up and then its not OK when governors say it? And yet, there are people everyday that dont use seatbelts regardless of the law. The cruise lines making people wear masks is pure theater unless they moved to enforcing passengers to wear N95 masks. Especially requiring vaccinated guests wear masks. Guess what? people are still getting Covid on cruise ships even wearing masks. I hope, once the delta variant wanes, the Cruise Lines will drop the masking requirement. I would hate to see masking become a permanent thing on cruises. I am all for EFFECTIVE and SANE mitigation methods for ALL kind of illnesses on cruise ships (guess what?? Covid isnt the only contagious illness you can catch on a cruise ship!) but I am not for security/medical theater just to please the panic/fear stricken, unscientific CDC.
  13. Amazing to see how many people are in favor of discrimination. Someone has a 5 year old child and wants to fly to see a dying grandmother is out of luck. this would also eliminate 60% of a minority to fly in this country. Such a terrible idea and what DeSantis was attempting to stop in FL
  14. When we get in a car, we don’t have control over others? Should we all stop driving cause others speed and are reckless and kill others even though we have done everything in our control to stay safe when driving? by the same token, I don’t have control over drunk drivers when I drive. Should we ban alcohol? should we suspend school during flu season? We could go on and on about things in our society that pose a risk to us that are beyond our control. We don’t live in a zero risk society and we shouldn’t set policy on a single issue esp with a virus with an over 99% survival rate. Everyone who is 12 and older has access to the vaccine now. People can do their own risk mitigation and that comes to cruising as well. I’m vaccinated and have cruises planned for Nov and Dec. I understand the risk of cruising during these times. I don’t agree with every step Royal has taken or policies they have but I think they have done a great job with their protocols when a case of Covid is identified. I just hope some passengers don’t become victims of false positives. I think Carnival has fallen behind Royal in regards to his cases have been handled. People tend to forget there are other contagious illnesses that people board cruise ships with now and in the past. Some more harmful to children than Covid.
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