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  1. I know Jamie's isn't on the Oasis, but their lemon meriengue cheesecake with blueberries is a MUST HAVE. I second the lobster thermidor at 150 CP. Might have been my favorite main on my entire Symphony of the Seas cruise.
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are booked for next week's Symphony of the seas, and we have the UDP. Super excited. Last time we were on an Oasis-class ship, we loved 150 Central Park, but that was with the celebrity chef (Michael Schwartz, I think). The new menu and concept feels less exciting, but I wanted to ask what you all think of it? Is it worth to book this more than other restaurants like Chops and Wonderland? Also, can you order multiple entrees at 150 if you have the UDP? (I'm intrigued by the lobster thermidor, but I'm also nervous I won't like it, and would love the steak) Thanks!
  3. Where do you get these tests, and how do you get them proctored so that they can be accepted by Royal?
  4. Hey all, I'm embarking on Symphony in Miami, and was curious whether it's worth it at all to arrive earlier than your check-in time to see if you can board early (We have a 1 PM check in time, but would love to get on board earlier for lunch)? Thanks!
  5. Do you guys have any idea if Royal would have a game that's on Fox (Ohio State/Michigan) on their TV's either at Playmakers or another venue?
  6. We are getting off in Miami, our flight is at Fort Lauderdale.
  7. Hi there, I realized that de-embarkation might be slowed down, and I'm concerned that we might miss our noon flight. How much different is the Disembarking process now compared to two years ago? Thanks!
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