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  1. On Odyssey last month, I had to show my documents 4 times.. once to enter the terminal building, once to get my vaccinated bracelet, once at actual check in with the port agent and finally at security before entering the ship.
  2. As an FYI, I just noticed the Royal App is now requiring pictures of the front and back of your vaccination card (for those eligible) as part of the check in process. It'll ask you for the manufacturer of the shot, and the last shot date (to make you fully vaccinated) (Side note, this is not a surprise to me, I've had to do this for other cruises as well)
  3. As of now, correct - but they haven’t released the November protocols, so things may change.
  4. I believe it's to each their own. The only benefit the Key really had was the internet surf and stream 1 package. To me, if that's not a consideration (status, dx/voom, etc) - The Key really doesn't make sense. Especially in 2021. If you're cruising in 2022, I would keep the key for now (you can cancel it in the cruise planner up to 3 days prior to sailing) as the benefits may change back or change again as protocols change.
  5. The 2021 temporary relief bill was passed by what's called Unanimous Consent. The representative or senator can ask for unanimous consent for a bill to be passed. It's usually (but not always) pre-arranged. As long as there is no objection, the bill is passed from that chamber. BUT, Any single representative or senator can object, and it stops. Remember, the temporary relief bill passed on it's 2nd attempt. There was an objection in the Senate the 1st time around (I don't remember from who or why) but it was passed the 2nd time. Our government acts in crazy ways.
  6. @Matt In reference to a question from the YouTube Live
  7. Wait.. this thread has been up for a month, and NO ONE Has tagged @Big Dawg Ron???
  8. I’m on the 5th and the 8th - quite a few insiders are on the 5th as well
  9. Well.. after you professed your innocence.. it could only be Matt.. right?
  10. Look, just because @Matt hid it on me doesn’t make me the next @Big Dawg Ron;)
  11. Well.. I’m sailing on Odyssey today (9/5) and my royal up for a JS (in a o/v balcony currently) is still pending.. I actually was able to modify it as well.. so I bumped up my offer on a JS to 75pp from 60.. if it’s still pending when I board.. I’ll ask guest services to see if they know and/or can do anything..
  12. @Matt will be gazing lovingly at her.. from Odyssey
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