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  1. At this point, I haven't seen any posts anywhere on the forum about Quantum having an engine issue. If they're sending out emails to passengers, it would seem to be a legit issue. and having an engine issue would more than likely impact their itinerary as they may not be able to make the speed they need to go to all the ports initially listed. That being said, there is an existing issue with the pier at Skagway, which may have altered plans and despite Royal's best attempts, they aren't able to dock/tender there. Life happens. Edit - I see the link from Suite Snob Moby Dick - I forgot about the engine fire in early June - so answer to your question is Engine issue.
  2. For the underlined part, if you miss your cruise, your cruise planner items are cancelled and refunded (at least that's my understanding of it). It won't be instant, but usually within 7-10 days you'll see the credit on your CC.
  3. Here's the link for Royal Amplified ships which is where the "Amplified" verbiage comes from - Cruise Ship Renovations & Refurbishment | Royal Caribbean Cruises Having done a little research (google is your friend) - Explorer was supposed to be Amplified in 2020.. and obviously that didn't happen due to the pandemic. The did go into dry dock prior to restarting service for maintenance but no upgrades. Being "Amplified" doesn't mean it's any more or less accessible. Adventure OTS (same class of ship) hasn't been amplified, but it's plenty accessible for all.
  4. I don't think anyone isn't living their life, heck we're all going on cruises. I think the comment was to just be smart and respectful of others in crowded spaces. On my recent Oasis sailing over Memorial Day, it seemed like about 25% of the group's Facebook page (over 700 ppl) reported getting sick/testing positive within a week of getting home. I tested twice post cruise (Tuesday after, and Friday After) and both were negative. I did not have symptoms, but I tested myself because I knew It was running around the ship but wanted to (try and) make sure I wasn't giving COVID to my family, who are high risk but vaxxed and boosted.
  5. IMO, this is also why having at least a good travel agent is essential. Not only can they recommend a good policy to have, but if something were to happen, all you would have to do is send them the info (receipts, notices, etc.) and they take care of it for you. That being said, ALWAYS do your own research and if you're confused/don't understand, ASK.
  6. I know a lot of people don't like using credit cards - so if this is you, scroll on. But, if you get an airline's credit card, DEPENDING ON THE CARD, you usually get 1 free checked bag per account plus decent boarding (check the fine print, but I think even the basic economy version too) position. This says nothing about Southwest who, while an airborne bus, does the job and you can check 2 free bags. I am an over packer, plus I hate buying travel sized anything so checked luggage is how I roll. I've yet to have one misplaced (knocking on wood) and I use air tags as well. To me, especially since it's not costing me a penny, playing jenga with my luggage just isn't worth the time. As always, YMMV.
  7. Won't you have a day in Miami on the 8th? You could bring the tests with you and do the proctored tests while in Miami btwn Freedom and Explorer. As for the costs, the convenience is worth it - no dealing with making appointments or waiting in a line.
  8. I stay near the Airport - Usually the Hampton Inn. The uber ride is 15 minutes and I save a ton of money.
  9. Side note for what it's worth - During the President's Cruise Q&A w/Michael Bailey - Michael Bailey was asked about both the pre-cruise testing and vaccine requirements. He stated he was hopeful the pre-cruise testing requirement would be removed "in a couple of months" as conversations with the CDC were moving in a positive direction. However, he did not exude any confidence that the vaccine mandates would be removed anytime soon due to the requirements of other countries. So we'll see what happens.
  10. Most, if not all, US Cruise terminals use facial recognition now, including Canaveral. The one exception to this is if you only use a DL/State ID and Birth Certificate, then you have to queue to be seen by an ICE rep. That line can move at a decent speed but you're still waiting. This is another value of having a passport, among the many many others previously discussed.
  11. Do you have travel insurance with trip interruption coverage? If so, you cold file a claim for the losses (couldn't make the cruise due to a strike). If you booked it through a TA, they could try to rebook you on another airline (or you could try, but that might be a nightmare). As for moving the trip, you can't lift and shift, but you could (as mentioned above) use Cruise with Confidence and cancel the booking and get FCC. You MIGHT be able to get the credit applied to another cruise really quick, but they've been averaging 45 days on FCC issuance so no guarantees. I would definitely check your insurance policy (if you have one) and/or consult with your travel agent (again, if you have one).
  12. I remember when they did, but I haven't had a receipt to sign when I've had the UDP (DX) post restart
  13. Welcome to the Boards! I believe you're required to stay on - I've never seen a security station set up for disembarkation on boarding day - and even if you weren't required to, I wouldn't recommend leaving the ship on embarkation day. For 1, there may not be things within a short distance of the ship depending on the port. Also, the 1st day of the cruise has a lot going on once you get on board, and depending on if you've booked or pre-purchased anything, you may have things you need to (should) do 1st (dining reservations, connecting to wifi, muster and most importantly, exploring the ship to get your bearings and begin to know what is where (because it CAN be confusing)). This says nothing about exploring your cabin, unpacking and getting settled, watching sail away, and then dinner. .
  14. I believe they check the lot numbers on the vax cards to see if it matches up with where the lots were assigned to - there IS a database for that.
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