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  1. A good time was had by all.. except the Pub Singer. Detox mode has been initiated. Oh.. and the infamous Windjammer bartender from the Freedom group cruise has been redeemed. (he's in the Casino Bar.. and as @AshleyDillo said.. bad decisions were made)
  2. Adult themed Scavenger Hunt - Usually in Studio B (Voyager/Freedom/Oasis class), 270 (Quantum class) or the aft lounge on Radiance class (not sure where it's held on Vision class/Enchantment). Audience is divided into equal-ish number of teams, and they compete for glory and bragging rights. The competition starts off tame but can get pretty racy towards the end. Definitely not recommended for those under 18 or are sensitive.
  3. It's a texting app/website that allows for private chats. If you've booked into the group with MEI travel, you'll receive instructions on how to join it.
  4. Depends, I had refunds from the pandemic I never received and had to dispute several hundred dollars of charges with my CC company (eventually resolved) but with the most recent sale, I received refunds within 3 days. Items purchased 11/18 & 11/19, cancelled items on 11/19, refund posted to my CC on 11/21. As with all things Royal.. YMMV.
  5. No there isn't. Aqua 80s, CATS and Frozen in Time are all there is. As far as I know, there are no known plans to add an original production show. (a shame, CATS is blech)
  6. Typically, I'll go to Guest Services on Night 4 or 5 (of a 7-night sailing) and see what the prices for transfers are. They may advertise it in the Compass, but I know they'll offer it regardless so that's when I go. I paid $27.95 for my transfer from Bayonne to EWR in October when I was on Oasis. I would expect any transfers to JFK to cost more.
  7. Pricing is different from every ship and sailing.. depends on supply and demand mostly (plus some random Royal IT things I'm sure). That's a pretty decent price for the 3 night package. If it goes down more, you can cancel and rebook.
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