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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!
  2. Hi! The system enhances our efforts to price protect our clients bookings by sweeping for new prices usually once per day. However Michelles reply was accurate that most MEI team members work in tandem with clients, and its NEVER a bother if you spot an offer before the system does. This is part of the services we provide and we are so proud to save you money!!!
  3. And thats perfect! For those who want to be a part of the process. booking then transferring is the best of both worlds. We are happy to have your back and advocate for you... while checking for the best deals! Thanks for your business!
  4. Thanks John. I am so glad you spoke with David and we will get you with the right advisor that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. I will follow up with the agent and ensure they receive refreshed training on our rate notifications in case there is some confusion. Please always feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or need help. We want to earn your confidence!
  5. Hi again! The Royal Caribbean Blog community is very important to us! I do tend to spend more time on the live streams myself, and we have several advisors here watching the boards, however please feel free to reach out to me anytime! As far as the sweeps go, its an automated process that comares the cruise lines rate to the rate entered in our system for your category - that unfortunately we don't control the timing. It really does help us ensure we catching as many of the changes as possible, however some offer codes may not be picked up right away. That results in the client sometimes seeing before the advisor is aware due to after hours timing, weekends, etc. Our policy is if we receive a reduction notice its applied at the earliest possible timeframe. Its been a time saver, but your advisor still works hard behind the scenes to watch all the moving part Any other questions? Let me know!
  6. Hi @Pattycruise, I am so sorry to read about your experience you noted in this thread. You are very correct that you should never have to ask, let alone beg an advisor to provide the services they should provide as a norm. As a matter of fact regarding price adjustments, we have a proprietary technology that automatically sweeps the cruise lines system and compares to the rate we have for you and if the price is lower, we get a notification so we can proactively adjust. This is a benefit we have added in the last year, so if your advisor didnt provide this, I need to address it with them to improve their services. If you are willing, would you mind PMing me the advisors name so I can address it? Thank you so much for helping us make the company even better!
  7. Good morning from onboard the Celebrity Apex! I am so sorry you have had a disappointing experience with one of our advisors. The situation you detail is certainly not the service standard we are known for and I want to follow up with the advisor to address this issue. May I ask you to email me directly at [email protected] or send me a PM here, and we will follow up with you asap. We know an experience like this will impact your confidence in that advisor, so we will be very happy to help facilitate a move to another advisor. Please know we work very hard to ensure your trust and confidence in us, and we appreciate you letting us know so we can address it and provide additional training to help make the advisors the best they can be. If anyone else reading this thread has any feedback on our services or our advisors- positive, constructive, or just need help - I invite you to always feel free to email me directly or PM me here or on Facebook.
  8. Thats amazing Paul! Thanks for the @Sharla and MEI shoutout! We LOVE helping you save money!
  9. If I had more room on my credit card the answer would be c) --- as many as I can fit on the calendar! (Dean is lonely)
  10. Bob, I just saw this thread and wanted to say thanks for the amazing message and for supporting Michelle and MEI-Travel! We truly appreciate it!
  11. Half vaccinated and booked June 12, 2021! I'm so excited to book a ship that I actually get to sail!
  12. I REALLY love Bermuda and this is a great itinerary. I just wish it was a different ship and I'd book it.
  13. Im hoping this puts a little added pressure on the CDC.
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