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  1. Dude, you're awesome. I love your videos - both the production and the content. Your enthusiasm is fantastic (I think I see a bit of a "Matt, Jr" vibe)!
  2. Sorry it's over for you, brother. I really enjoyed your blog.
  3. So all the Captain has to do is press this:
  4. I'd feel like a jerk if I walked up in front of all those folks.
  5. So far, so good. I'm hearing that the seas have been rough for other ships; I hope you're not getting them.
  6. This makes me sad. I was assigned to the 86TFW in Germany and the F-4 was a wonderful platform! The AF just wasn't quite the same after they were retired.
  7. I hope you're having a great time! Still 223 days for me; might as well be forever 😞
  8. Thank you for your service. I was AF, but my wife had it a lot harder than I ever did. People always forget to thank the spouses.
  9. Outstanding blog - thank you for taking the time! I really enjoyed your views and thoughts on everything.
  10. Canadian teachers, on the other hand, may not be quite so sweet if you push them!
  11. That was fun! Nothing better than that RC smell as you first walk onboard. Well, the chocolate martini is a close second! Looking forward to the remainder of your trip!
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