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  1. Crap - that means you have 8 (EIGHT!) pending!
  2. Congratulations, pal! I'm super excited for you and your lovely. Y'all (youse? Youns?) are gonna have a great time! And if you need another family member, I can get there in 6 hours, cuz. Have fun!
  3. I'm looking at my itinerary and we aren't hitting Coz on a Sunday, but a Friday - yay. Then I realize something that might be muy importante - we will be there on May 1. How big of a holiday is May Day in Mexico? I'm planning on hitting Nachi and then downtown to shop a bit.
  4. So I'm a bit confused....You're on Oasis now, yes? Did I miss something?
  5. Headed on Harmony in April to the western Caribbean and want to get some good deals on rum and tequila that either A) I can't get in South Carolina or 2) are a great deal versus the states. I know the ship has some good pricing on a few things, but don't really know where the best deal is. Any suggestions? I'll hang up and listen.
  6. Headed to Coz in April and can't wait to see your video!
  7. YESSSS!! Just booked Harmony for 2/28/21 My first time ever having two pending cruises
  8. You have to ask for it. It's available in the MDR for breakfast, for sure. Depending where you eat breakfast, the staff may go and get it for you. It's worth seeking out!!
  9. Thank you for a great write-up/review! We are sailing HotS for the first time in 111 days and I'm always anxious to read reviews. I booked her before I knew the Solarium was pool-less; not sure if that would have been enough to sway me, especially since Canaveral is my departure port of preference.
  10. Tomorrow's the big day!!! I've never sailed Celebrity, but just yesterday my cruising friend told me that it was an awesome experience. He says "I know you're loyal to Royal, but..." Yes, I am. But it's still family, so who knows? Looking forward to reading your blog!
  11. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to watch that video. You guys have done a great job of describing it so I don't have to, and I'm thankful. Damn money-hungry lawyers.
  12. tiny, I believe I can speak for all of us who have been reading this sad thread - your posts and insight are invaluable for those who have not had to live through such a devastating tragedy. We all have comparable views and opinions on this, and I find most posts to be interesting. You said "I'm through", but I hope that wasn't so. Please continue to post and offer your thoughts. Although I (and others, obviously) have lost many precious people in my life, I cannot comprehend what you've been through - you have my utmost sympathy for your loss and respect for the strength you show by pushing through this journey of life. ❤️
  13. I can't imagine how helpless (and thankful) those folks who did manage to get away felt, watching all of those others trying so desperately to escape. Praying for the survivors and all involved.
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