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  1. I know the blue bloods downtown pretty much hate having an ugly Carnival ship being so close to the historic area, so they've finally gotten their way and Carnival is leaving. I was thinking......Carnival is a pretty dirty ship, emissions-wise, and that is a big reason why they're hated here. HOWEVER - Royal is a much cleaner running vessel and wouldn't "soot up" their homes as badly. I know it's a pipe dream, but how freaking awesome would it be to have a real cruise line home porting 15 minutes from my house? OHPLEASE OHPLEASE OHPLEASE
  2. Sure, I'd watch. Since our last two cruises have been on Harmony, maybe I'll see some of my favorite bartenders! Make sure you get them to show off for ya!
  3. I thought this was going to be about ghosts....
  4. Harmony 3/27-4/03 4100 passengers. Sorry, I don't have the C&A breakdown.
  5. Hmmmm, now that's an excellent question. I've seen topless (wow!) on the "clothing" side so it's very possible that they may be exposed. Perhaps somewhere on the Dutch side may be better for kiddos.
  6. Grab a taxi (you should be able to find one before your cruise) and head to Orient Beach or some other awesome spot. It's not expensive, and there are bars/restaurants right there at the beach.
  7. It may be a bit of a risk, but you might get better pricing if you wait until you board. We did that a few years ago on Oasis and got a good price (sorry, can't remember the cost).
  8. Loved his Florida vacation vlog. Very happy for him and his girlfriend!!
  9. There is a super peaceful spot on Deck 5 at the stern, where the jogging track goes where you can just watch and get lost in the wake view (I'm pretty sure Matt mentions this spot in his article above). On Lady O, there were chairs so you could just sit and relax. When we sailed Harmony after Thanksgiving, there were no chairs. It sure does make a big difference. Agree with all of the above rec's as well.
  10. I uploaded one of my '81 Glamour Shots!
  11. We sailed Harmony the week after Thanksgiving, after over 3 years' waiting..... Can I suggest one thing - if you haven't sailed since before the 'demic, I totally recommend that you don't try to do and see everything on board. She's a big'un, and there is so much to explore. I lessened my experience because I was in "gotta do it all" mode, and didn't take the time to relax and relax. For this cruise, my intention is to try and slow down, find one or two bars I am happy with (along with nice tips), and chill. I didn't spend nearly enough time in Central Park, just soaking it all in. I hope we all get on, and have a fabulous week!!!!
  12. Absolutely. Phillipsburg is wonderful for this. You just grab the water taxi and it takes you straight to town. There are beaches to the left and right. Plenty of restaurants and bars. Beach chairs and umbrellas. Downtown P'burg is fantastic - not huge, lots of cool shops, etc. No need for an RC excursion. Remember - if you buy liquor - they will keep it, package it, and send to the ship for you. You'll get it on the last night of the cruise to pack.
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