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  1. I wish RC could have left Oasis in PC. I booked Harmony for April with the assumption (I know, I know...) that it would have a pool in the Solarium (where I spend most of my time). It never crossed my mind that there wouldn't be one. Don't get me wrong - I don't care if it's the SS Minnow - as long as I'm cruising, I'm happy, but I LOVE Oasis, and love the Solarium pool. As to other RC ships - I've only been on Lady O and Freedom. Freedom is a fantastic ship, but the Solarium is nothing like Oasis class.
  2. I have no insider info, but my gut is telling me that although there will be holiday discounts on drink packages, we probably won't see the good ones for a while so that RC can recoup their losses from "the debacle".
  3. Well, that is surprising and damning simultaneously.
  4. Welcome, Scott! Thank you both for your service, as it's as much our spouses as us when we're in the military! I haven't ever received the military discount, but I have a thought - if you don't ordinarily carry your DD-214 with you, why not just take a picture of it with your phone? Surely that will be enough proof? Regardless - I hope you guys have a wonderful cruise!
  5. Oh, how I love Freedom; she is my cherry buster! Wonderful ship, and my favorite vacation of my life was my first on her. I actually thought we had to stand on the pier with our luggage to get onboard...🤔 And the itinerary is great! I've only been to St. Thomas, and would love to see those other ports! Breaking even on your DBP is like falling off a log. Make sure you get some fresh-squeezed OJ. I'll be following your what I'm sure will be fabulous blog!
  6. This is awesome. I would LOVE for Royal to let us talk to them; not that we are at all unhappy but I think it's great that you could actually talk to an RC representative. That would mean so much more to me than completing a meaningless survey that doesn't allow for good, constructive comments. I would absolutely do that, and they wouldn't even have to give me a gift card (although I love the refreshments part 😉 ) Maybe I should invite Mr. Bayley over to the house for dinner and we could have a nice chat.
  7. Me, too. I'm a natural worrier, and missing the ship is a big one for me. So, although I've been to St. Thomas 3 times, I have yet to garner the courage to venture over to St. John. 😞 Stupid phobias.
  8. Just be wary when they have the promenade full of "75% OFF SALE" on anything - jewelry, watches, handbags... It's easy to get caught up in all of the hubbub and before you know it, you just bought a beautiful name-brand watch that was a great sale, only to find the you could buy it practically anywhere for less money (errr, that's what a friend told me).
  9. It only took one cruise to realize that my pathetic back wasn't made for carrying/hauling heavy luggage all around, not to mention standing in lines. by my second cruise, I learned that the porters are one of the best things ever. As @Matt said, they have their own line to go through customs and it is waaaaytooo 😎 easy and quick!! Now, some guy took my hanging bag on our last cruise, but RC found them and we eventually got it all fixed.
  10. Commodore, Commander, Lt. Colonel, whatever!!
  11. As a former USAF member, trust me when I say that nothing about navy insignia makes any sense! So I assume the same for all nautical uniforms!
  12. Oasis is just a wonderful ship. Don't be concerned about the amount of passengers like so many people, cause there are a lot of areas that don't seem crowded. You'll figure it out as the week progresses. One word of caution - around late afternoon and through the evening, the aft elevators are always backed up, but the forward elevators are much less so. For our November cruise, I booked up front and it was a great move as far as being crowded. Great crew!
  13. Wait - Pippa only has 34 posts? What manner of sorcery is this?
  14. LetsTryThisPlace should be able to shed some light on this, she/he lives there.
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