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  1. tiny, I believe I can speak for all of us who have been reading this sad thread - your posts and insight are invaluable for those who have not had to live through such a devastating tragedy. We all have comparable views and opinions on this, and I find most posts to be interesting. You said "I'm through", but I hope that wasn't so. Please continue to post and offer your thoughts. Although I (and others, obviously) have lost many precious people in my life, I cannot comprehend what you've been through - you have my utmost sympathy for your loss and respect for the strength you show by pushing through this journey of life. ❤️
  2. I can't imagine how helpless (and thankful) those folks who did manage to get away felt, watching all of those others trying so desperately to escape. Praying for the survivors and all involved.
  3. Great video^ Your casts are always enjoyable!
  4. So, after 3 years, is this still a thing? I can't find any itinerary with T&C as a destination.
  5. I am so loving this blog. Coupla thoughts: How do they get their bacon so thin you can practically read a newspaper through it? THANK YOU for the heads up on the little overlook for central park. I love that area. I'm curious as to what the deal is with SJ and Royal. Are they cancelling the ports or not? RC says they haven't heard anything, but the locals are saying RC is pulling out almost completely. eta: You are subtly hilarious!
  6. I had to re-read that for a sec, as I thought you wanted to visit the local senior citizen center.... 😄
  7. So, I've only sailed out of Port Canaveral, hence I've only driven down. How do you all get flight costs for itineraries that are over a year in the future? Best I can find is a couple of months out.
  8. Okay, I've had dozens of things I've wanted to comment on but was waiting until I caught up, then I see this. At first I thought it was goinna be the usual blahblah craftnotreallycraft beer, but hey, there are a couple of excellent choices! Funky Buddha is a great brewery (they made a beer solely for Coco Cay!), and the Sculpin, Terrapin, and Brooklyns are all solid options. Too bad I only drink liquor when I'm cruising.
  9. On our first cruise, I actually lost 3 pounds. As a man of girth, I'm ashamed.
  10. Holy smokes Thanks, @KathyC for a wonderful review. It was so much better than watching another v-blog. Now you have me considering Celebrity for 2021. Thank you.
  11. Hey Chris - I sure am excited for you! There is (or was last November) a lovely young bartender from Trinidad named Trisha. If you happen to meet her and remember, please tell her "Hi" for me! We first met in Jan '18 and then finally found her again in November. A truly wonderful person. Best to you as you start this new chapter in your book!!!
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