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  1. Deck 14 on Harmony, on the port side. Solarium is my favourite spot on the ship, so I was 3 cabins away from the door that leads outside to King of the World, which is the beginning of the Solarium.
  2. Thanks, y'all! Man, I had the best cabin for next week's sailing - 3 rooms from the door to King of the world, and this stinking virus made me lose it.
  3. Yeah, I went there.....Matt's a little cryptic on that one. I thought someone had told me there was one on starboard, but I can't verify it. I guess in the long run, it's no big deal. Thanks for the help, SSS!
  4. Please, for all things that are good in this world, someone answer this easy question: Is there a door on Deck 14 starboard that leads to the Solarium? I know there is one on port side that leads to KofW. I need a quick answer before I book this cabin!! Thanks
  5. I'm not busy that week. My feet don't stink and I swear I don't snore.
  6. Looks like she is in Port Canaveral until spring, and then Allure takes over until November. Since we've been cancelled twice so far, and our 2/28 sailing is looking iffy, I was hoping that she might stay put and RC would add some sailings during the summer. If not, is Allure as good as Harmony? I wish she could have gotten the full refurb. Any chance, or am I an idiot (don't answer that).
  7. Full disclosure: I'm 58 and have never had a Bloody Mary. Do I still get to keep my card?
  8. Oh, how I miss the Solarium Bar. And yeah, what are those. I think I could kill 'em all
  9. Oh, how I miss the Solarium Bar. And yeah, what are those. I think I could kill 'em all
  10. You just gained a new fan. I'm so tired of ignorant people touting that worn-out catch phrase "floating petri dish" and not having a clue about what the CLIA, and Royal and Norwegian especially, have done to mitigate any risk to passenger or crewmember. Good for you to stick up for yourself (and us, too) by standing up to ignorance. Come January, no matter how you voted, we are going to have to really prepare for a possible death of cruising. The current administration seems to want businesses and corporations (i.e. cruise lines) to open asap, whilst
  11. I'm late to cruising (first one in '15, and I'm 58). I feel like I'm missing a large chunk of time that could have been used for cruising. I've seen the RC crewmembers at work when there was no thing as a Covid virus pandemic, so I have every confidence in their ability to keep me safe. The company officers have spent a LOT of money to ensure adhesion to the CDC protocols and I am sure they know what they're doing; after all, this is their livelihood. I work from home now (thanks, covid), so quarantining won't be a problem if necessary. All I know
  12. "no sail order" and "socially distance" Two out of a gazillion
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