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  1. I really needed this fun post. We haven't cruised since 11/18 and were supposed to be leaving in less than a month on Harmony, so I'm still in a major league, Oriole-esque funk. I'm looking forward to the rest of your cruise and your "live" blogs! It appears that you only have 1 post, so I'm not sure where to find your review of Freedom; please tell. And I see y'all (younse/youse) are artificial Christmas tree folks - we'll allow it this time...
  2. Oh gosh, bud, certainly no need to apologize! I'm super happy for you! I'd love to cruise in the fall, but with us living on the coast, I worry about hurricanes coming here. I'm distraught, but will get over it. I sure hate to lose that glitch package, though. Annnnnd, right on time, some Bob Marley come on and my cares just drift away....
  3. Damn. I needed this cruise so bad. Looks like the light at the end of the tunnel is a fast-movin' train.
  4. They can have my April 26th Set-Sail pass when they pry it from my cold, dead hand!!!!! To paraphrase the great Max Klinger - If I don't get to go on this cruise, I'm gonna stick my nose in a chopper blade!
  5. Godspeed and safe travels to home, Chris. Thanks for letting us enjoy your vlogs!
  6. Oh yeah - I remember being simply mesmerized at how beautiful the ocean water was. It is such a special cobalt blue. Here in Charleston, everything is murky green, so to find out that the sea is really such a gorgeous hue was a treat. I just kept watching it for hours.
  7. I was 53 when I took my first cruise on the beautiful Freedom of the Seas. Our fifth will be on April 26 ( #stillgoing! ) on Harmony, but nothing can replace the phenomenal memories of that first cruise. Mind you, I was so naive that I thought we had to wait on the dock with our luggage, etc, so when we got to the terminal and the porters took our bags, I was too happy. I'm tellin' ya - when I first walked onto that ship into the Promenade, I know my mouth was agape for 10 minutes. It was so much more than I ever had imagined. The entire cruise was phenomenal, including the wonderful dinners in the MDR, the Solarium, the ports of call (especially when we went to Orient Beach; my gosh how spectacular that was), even the drive home was easy and uneventful. I wish I had more money and more time to cruise a lot. It is so fantastic, and the Royal crewmembers make it so much more enjoyable. 37 days!
  8. It's pretty impressive, the insight that Chris gives us all during this mess. I'm very happy that RC seems to be treating the crewmembers well. Bravo, Chris!
  9. There is absolutely nothing good that will come from this tragedy, but I just saw this on FB, and it just enhances what we all already know - that man was fully aware that the window was open. https://bcaeagles.com/2020/02/04/new-video-shows-moments-before-toddler-fell-to-her-death-on-royal-caribbean/?fbclid=IwAR0ldijxsRj_wts6BbYim8RIyhr7xlVBBY8oSmT0VelZe5v2CFEmwdV8JnQ
  10. Thank you for all of your hard work, Stephanie @ MEI
  11. We sail on April 26, so I'm watching this very closely. I'm sorry to all of you who've lost your sailings and are having to endure all of this mess.
  12. Thanks, y'all I had no idea about the whole "14 days" thing.
  13. 45 days out and I'm still wondering which destination will have better deals on rum or tequila - Costa Maya, Roatan, or Coz. Thanks in advance!
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