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  1. How much trouble would it be to take a ferry over to Manhattan? I know there is a ferry stop in Weehauken that drops you off near the Intrepid. Would that be do-able?
  2. Pretty much no matter what happens during your cruise, remember that you're on a wonderful ship with amenities out the yang. Like MW said, have fun and relax. I've only had four, so I'm still super enthusiastic about cruising!
  3. I loved your write-up and your honest opinions. I haven't sailed Harmony (next April), but have cruised Lady O twice and am absolutely in love with her. I'm new to cruising (57 and my first was only 4 years ago), but have loved all four we've been on. I guess with us, we don't have super lofty expectations and just want to spend time together and away from all of the issues at home. There are enough bars onboard that you should always be able to find one that you can claim as your own; just be nice, patient, and toss 'em a little cash and you'll be surprised. 320 days until we go on Harmony and I'm dying having to wait.
  4. Two other places to apply sunscreen - just below your adams apple, where the opening to a collard shirt would be...easy to forget. And experience has definitely taught me to put it just below the backs of your knees, on the upper calves. You'd be surprised how badly they can burn if your doing a lot of walking in the sun. Oh yeah - never forget your feet (just the tops, though).
  5. That video is stunning and scary. I know that particular ship isn't a behemoth, but still, she's huge when you're on the dock and she's coming right at you. If I were the king of MSC, I'd fork out some ducets and hire away a couple of RC Captains. And some RC mechanics, while I'm at it.
  6. If I may - how old are you? I think it's fantastic that you're already D+ Your writing style is excellent - nothing I'd expect from a young person (no offence!). It's a very easy, readable, and enjoyable pattern. We will be sailing Harmony for the first time in April, so I'll definitely be following along closely. After managing to go on Lady O twice last year (my 3rd and 4th total), she has a lot to live up to. It won't be long now!! LOL I'm such an idiot. I forgot that RCBlog levels are similar to Crown & Anchor tiers. Never mind that part....
  7. Coco Cay is going to be a a huge cash cow for RC, so don't be surprised if it's soon incorporated into every itinerary. Heading to Anchorage tomorrow, then Coco Cay, and then to Glacier Bay - what a great vacation!
  8. I would venture to say that everything RCCL does is calculated down to the Nth degree.
  9. This is the answer. By pushing everything to Coco Cay, that is a butt ton of money they don't have to pay someone else. It's perfect - we will pay ourselves! I don't begrudge the company (well, too much) for trying to make absolute top dollar, but I hate the thought of that little island being slammed full of people. And I hate that they appear to be dissing the folks in England. But as badly as ManU have been this season, I'd want to leave country, as well!!
  10. I'm not sure that phrase has ever been uttered before in the history of mankind... 😉 I juss keeding
  11. 10,000 according to Matt's Earnings article
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