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  1. I looked yesterday at the sales for our 11/29 Harmony cruise and saw nothing interesting. Drink pkg at $49, but it's been that for months, mostly. What I am concerned about is the "you must take any excursions through RCCL" rule. I have never taken a ship-sponsored excursion, as they are always so much more overpriced that I want to spend, plus I would so much rather get out and about within the port. Matt mentioned that it is possible that prices will go down, but how much? RC needs to make it worth my while. I would really love to be able to go into port and s
  2. This will probably sound pedestrian compared to the cool adventures already posted, but the first thing that popped into my head was, on our last cruise on Lady O in 11/18, after dinner my wife and I would just go straight into Central Park, enjoy a beverage, and listen to the fantastic piano/violin duo play classical music. Now, I like classical, but am nowhere near an aficionado, but it was so serene and relaxing with the warm breeze blowing and very few people walking around. Hoping to have repeat performances when we sail on Harmony in Nov.
  3. Twangster will be along with pictures of the exact spot you're talking about in 3...2...1...
  4. I would suggest that if you have a spot that you expect to hang out in more than others (for me, the Solarium) - then I would tip nicely on the first day and let them know that they'll be seeing a lot of you. Cash is best, but however you do it, just do it. Also, if you're lounging around or in the hot tubs, and a waiter comes and services you, he should get a good tip, as well. In this case, he's doing all the work. For me (and I'm not a guy with much disposable income), if we get to go into ports and not be on an excursion, I intend to be a tipping fool. After all, they're
  5. I can get to the terminal in about 12 minutes. But there is no way RC will ever have any kind of presence here - the blue bloods already hate that Carnival is based here. The city and cruise line want a nicer terminal, but it would have to be moved up the river, away from the big money folks (aka Twangsterites). I so wish RC would port here so I could cruise more, but I'm not unhappy with the 6 hour drive to Port Canaveral.
  6. ...and here I was about to welcome you to South Carolina....
  7. I'm a craft beer enthusiast. But when I sail with the beverage package, it's all liquor, all the time. The craft selection onboard is awful, so it's a no-brainer to me. However, I am looking forward to trying the Funky Buddha collab when we get to Coco Cay on 11/30!
  8. Ahhhhhhhh...... My favourite spot on the ship, and in 79 days I'll be checking into my room on Harmony - in cabin 14144, which is about 10 steps to that door that leads out to the Solarium (and the glass observation deck). I'm so freaking excited. I assume you'll have the same layout. Check out this guy's video and you'll see what I mean:
  9. Speaking of health issues - someone get pasty runner dude a samitch!
  10. Getting aboard before 11 was one of the greatest things ever!! I just want to get on the ship as soon as possible so I can officially be on vacation.
  11. Steve - we're cruising on Nov 29. Mark it down, brother. And we're cruising on Feb 28. So you guys are definitely good to go! Don't listen to the negative nit-wits, man! I wouldn't (intentionally) lie to a fellow South Carolinian! Plus, we got football starting next weekend!!!! Go Heels!!
  12. This big, burly dude will definitely be a little teary-eyed in Nov, but it'll be because of some dust in the air! I wonder if I can distantly hug every crew member within a week.
  13. OHMYGOSH that was a freaking great blog!!! How much does that room cost? I would be a superhero to my wife if I could swing that. Get two extra jobs and I'm good!
  14. I was sitting here asking myself why am I watching, but I am sooooo jonesin' for a cruise. She is such a beautiful ship. God willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll be on her in 97 days. If that falls through, then, well, we have 188 days until we sail. But it will have been 2 years if we get to go in November, so that is my goal!
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