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  1. Well, unsurprisingly, it appears that lowly gold members are not getting invites for the test cruise. Man, I would have gone in a second. Bot - have a great time! Matt - enjoy your fourth cruise already!!
  2. Missed it by that >< much. We were scheduled for Allure on Aug 1, and they cancelled until Aug 8. Now we're 129 days away until Harmony (the first of 3 straight on HotS). Once we board, it will have been 3 YEARS since our last cruise.
  3. We leave on Sunday after Thanksgiving. I don't reckon we'd be able to enjoy any BF deals for that sailing, eh? Maybe Labor Day.
  4. Ummm....y'all did smell what I was cookin', right? Am I right?? I got two "sad" reactions, so I'm not sure. Nothing at all against the bot - I love the bot and can't wait to meet him.
  5. That would be epic! But I don't think your wife would appreciate you using that thing as a slingshot!!!
  6. A lot of people who live here call Hyman's a huge "tourist trap", but I've always enjoyed it. So they hit up every pair of shoes that walk by; that's just good, smart, marketing. I've lived here since '71 (save for military time) and really, really miss the old downtown. There are so many new buildings, that Charleston looks more like Charlotte. Still a great place to visit, though.
  7. Looking like only a few of us! I guess we have a lot of drinks to consume!! #allin
  8. I would never sign up for the "Friends of Twangster" club.
  9. I can't wait to get back to St. Thomas and Sint Martin!!! I'm running low on awesome USVI rums!
  10. I kinda knew, and would have attempted to get onboard that one, but no way can we miss Thanksgiving. My wife's mac n cheese is always the hit of the day!!!
  11. After 4 cancellations, the latest being Allure 01 Aug 21, I'm excited to say that our awesome MEI travel agent, Beth Dickerson, found us a great replacement cruise! I'm hoping to meet some of you, especially @Neesa, since we both got cancelled for Allure. I'm going to have to go on a cruise so I can lose that Thanksgiving weight!!!
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