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  1. Wait....you don't get your own personal Solarium? Egads 😇
  2. I got to go to Crete playing basketball when I was stationed at Boerfink Bunker! How cool was that?
  3. I would like to take a moment to thank each poster who were concerned about the theme of this thread. You guys never let me down!!!!
  4. The F-4 was an awesome platform! We had 'em at Ramstein there at my first duty station. Although I probably complained nearly every day, I loved the AF and kick myself daily for getting out before retirement. Dumbest move of my life. Thank you all for your service, and also to your spouses; Lord knows it's harder on them than us.
  5. When all else fails, I tend to follow the WWTD axiom. What Would Twangsterbot Do?
  6. Just got my notification from MEI that Stephanie is no longer with them. My new TA is Beth Dickerson. I'm not familiar with her name, but look forward to our future dealings.
  7. Please - no need to apologize. This mess is affecting you guys a LOT more than us. Thank you for everything you've done for so many cruisers over these years. I just hate that y'all are having to change your entire livelihood due to this damn virus.
  8. I haven't heard from Stephanie in a while, as well. I had just put it down as she was super busy, so I'm very sad to hear it. Of course, I would have preferred to not find out about it via this medium, but it is what it is. I think we all were worried that this freaking virus was going to impact the entire TA industry, we just didn't know exactly how and we didn't want to say it out loud. I hope for the very best, not just for the MEI folks, but all of the travel industry.
  9. Okay, I'm head-spacing or something. Where do you put those qualifiers in? I've been trying to book a room and add in my military (watch it, rjac, the AF is real military) but I can't find the place where you put all of that stuff in. I know I've done it before. Do I have to go past putting in our names and info before I get to that page? I have two scheduled sailings (Nov and Feb) but they are quite high compared to when I booked them. Just trying to find a better deal, especially for the Feb cruise - it's really high.
  10. We were one of the "lucky" ones to have gotten the $18 glitch price for our April 26 Harmony cruise. I get it - "we were good enough to own up to our mistake, so y'all can keep it" - but we never got to, right? How magnanimous would it be of RC if they compromised and said - okay, how about we give you a nice little discount (but not the crazy $18) and go with $36/day? It sure would take the sting out of losing that carrot. Just drink for thought.
  11. Just looked and am getting the same notice for my Nov and Feb cruises on Harmony.
  12. Steph didn't save me $980 today, but she can feel free to any time she wants!! 😉
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