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  1. Yes sir. The terminal in Charleston is at the foot of Market Street, which unloads all of those passengers into the touristy part of the city. The complaint (not only from residents, but also from store owners) is that they come in droves, mill about and add to the already congested peninsula, and don't spend any money. Well, that's the same with pretty much any port of call. Of course, Carnival hasn't done the industry any favors with these new findings. No city will want them.
  2. The blue-bloods living in downtown Charleston are dancing a jig inside about this. They hate the cruise ships docking at their terminal.
  3. Semi-related question - why do they "offer" a discount based upon which state you live? Are they more desirous of inland states' passengers, or do they want to sway folks who live in a state with an active cruise ship port? I never have quite understood that.
  4. It's all PR smoke and mirrors. Never got the military discount, either. I mean, if you're going to have it as an option, then use it; otherwise, don't even have it in the registration process. It really is a bit of a slap in the face. Oh, and Flossy, I'm pretty sure "diddlysquat" is universal! ;-)
  5. Happened to me when we debarked Oasis in Nov. They just took my garment bag and apparently never looked at the tag (idgits). Took me 3 days to get it back.
  6. Now we're talkin'! The Solarium is my main reason for booking my cabins at the front of the ship (that, and the elevators are much more manageable than at the stern). It will make for a longer walk in the morning to Starbucks as opposed to Lady O, though. Hopefully the hangovers won't be too bad...
  7. Sitting here reading your awesome posts, wondering if Aracelli will deliver pizza to us down in the boiler room next April....
  8. Grits are not Cream of Wheat Butter and salt, with pepper optional. No sugar, no berries! I'm gonna hafta take my wife to the Canada and feed y'all some proper, creamy grits!!! 😜
  9. Where the hell is the grits? A breakfast simply isn't proper without some hot, buttery, creamy grits!
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