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  1. I've been so optimistic for so long....we're scheduled for 8/1 on Allure and I may just literally die if it gets cancelled. One thing that I'm concerned about is whether we will be able to go into port on our own. I'm doubtful, but hoping that at least in the closed-off area we'll be able to.
  2. I figured either you or @JLMoran would be in the market; looks like I picked the right dude....errr, I mean bot!
  3. Holding my masked breath that we'll be on Allure on Aug 1. I'm so tired of yelling at animals...I need this as bad as Twangster needs a new camera lens!
  4. Wait - do "we" have to pay to enter a suite? Can I charge it to my SeaPass?
  5. So, in other words, no different than a cruise ship. It's so frustrating that these places are allowed to remain open but we aren't allowed to sail.
  6. Welcome back! I always enjoy your posts. One big thing you've missed - I've become a total SUITE SNOB!!! Okay, that's a lie. I'm one notch above cruising with an oar in my hand!! Hoping we get to sail in August!
  7. I wish I hadn't clicked on this thread. Y'all are killin' my gin buzz. I think it would be prudent if I gave these message boards a break for a while.
  8. Thanks for the heads up; recorded and just watched it an hour ago. Tell me - why in the hell do I do this to myself? IF we get to sail on Allure in Aug, it will be nearly 3 years since my last cruise, and watching these shows just drive that stake through my soul. I'm dying to walk that plank, have a drink in my hand within 7 minutes, and then up to the hot tub!
  9. I love Labadee. It's so relaxing, and the drinks are never far away.
  10. The tugboats are the only line that debark from Charleston. Occasionally, we'll get a visit stop from other lines, but usually all we see is that dumb fantail. Oh man, if RC left from Charleston, I'd be a pauper.
  11. The Gem has been at a shipyard here in Charleston for a couple months...I would climb on in a second if I could.
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