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  1. I'm not sure what I'll do if she cancels. I have a standing "friends and family" discount from NCL that I'm interested in, and they have a good-looking December cruise, but I want to stay LtR and not go on another line, especially since I don't know anything about their ships, policies, etc. So - LET'S CRUISE IN AUGUST!
  2. I hope that happens for you....perhaps one with relaxed moral standards....with a thing for bots. I'm talking about RC filling the reservations from way back, but now only being able to cruise at half-capacity, or thereabouts. I booked late, payed last week, am crap for C&A, and have a face like an old retread tire, so my concern is noteworthy. If I was handsome as @rjac, I'd be golden!
  3. Here's my nightmare scenario: I keep on worrying and fretting about whether or not the cruise lines will be able to sail by sometime in (hopefully early) July, since our cruise is August 1. But what happens if the CDC says "Okay, fine, y'all win. Go have fun on your FPDs, just don't blame us when you get a cold". What if RCG has booked more for Allure than they plan on taking? Do they go by date of reservation, C&A points, paid-in-full date, or something random like how pretty you are? If she cruises, and I'm left at home, somebody can
  4. Mid July would be wonderful. Wonderfuller would be walking the plank onto Allure at about 11:00 Sunday morning on Aug 1.
  5. Carlos and Alexa did a movie called Love at Sea, which was primarily filmed on Harmony of the Seas. It's Hallmark, so it's kinda campy, but I totally enjoyed watching it and checking out that beautiful ship! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/blog/carlos-and-alexa-penavega-talk-about-their-new-film-love-at-sea/ They stayed in that panoramic cabin, so you can definitely see what it's like.
  6. The wife and I will be sailing, God willing. I have a feeling that she will be cleared to go, but am a little concerned that she may be over-booked and we will be left behind. I'm dying to get on a ship.
  7. Just joined tonight. I have no idea what took me so long. This site is so invaluable to me, and I check it frequently hoping for some positive news. Matt and the admins do such a great job, and this place is always so positive.
  8. 3 see below It feels like forever since I've been on a ship. Three have been canx so far....
  9. It stands to reason, actually. They have to quarantine, then get back on the ships. The lines are still required to do test cruises with crew only, and then the test cruises with passengers. I'm slated for 8/1, so I'm excited!!! Thanks, Tony.....from a Tar Heel fan.
  10. I'm frustrated that Royal isn't honoring my $18/day deluxe bev package on my next cruise!!!! But seriously, as others have mentioned - the difficulty in pricing out a cruise. Finding cabins is a real chore. And the crazy fluctuations in costs. I checked the DBP one day and it was $50/day, and the next it was $67. I'm still holding out for better pricing.
  11. I just wrote and sent an e-mail to our senator, Tim Scott, asking him for his vocal support for the cruise industry. Getting ready to send one to Lindsey Graham. This crap has gotten way out of hand, and I'm sick of it. These politicians like Murray, are absolutely ignorant to this subject. It's obvious when they continue to refer to the Diamond Princess and data that is a year old. Sensationalist media again raises it's ugly head.
  12. Senator Murray: "Seattle is burning? I thought that was cruise ship smoke."
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