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  1. Oh, hellfire. I didn't even consider spring break. Thanks for stopping me before I got too involved. Harmony it is, then!! Thanks, Tony. Now, the conference needs y'all to get off the schnide and win a game!
  2. I have a 3/27 Harmony cruise booked out of PC, but have been toying with changing it to either Wonder or a sweet 8-nighter on Allure, both out of FLL at about the same time. I've never been there, and am not super excited about adding 2.5 hours to my drive down, but am willing to reconsider. I can't fly, as my wife brings enough luggage to last 6 months. I am looking for a good, nice, hotel that is close but won't kill my wallet (I know, I want everything) that has long term parking and shuttle service. Surely some of y'all drive down. Thanks for any help.
  3. Thinking about driving down in April. Are there any good hotels that have cruise parking?
  4. I got this.... Ohhhhh, I thought you said sweet expert
  5. So we might have a conundrum with our cruise and getting tested. Hopefully we'll all be able to get tested NLT Friday afternoon/evening. But considering it's Thanksgiving weekend, we all need to be vigilant so we can get them. It would be nice if the cruise lines had an agreement with some Port Canaveral pharmacies so we could get them down there. ETA: I guess I should have read Matt's updates first. But we still need to all formulate a plan so we don't miss out. Also, since we can't get tested until we're within the 48 hours, if any of us test positive, we may not get to cancel without losing our money.
  6. A journey of a thousand miles starts with but a wee tool....
  7. I wasn't going to offer, but what the hell, YOLO Question - How much of an upgrade is a Grand Suite from an OVB cabin?
  8. CHECK-IN IS OPEN! Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike the pose, there's nothing to it!
  9. Am I the only one not really paying attention to all of the protocols currently out there? I figure I'll get serious around the end of Oct.
  10. I'm in! Luckily, I already had this one booked and got in at a group rate (thank you, Miss Beth!!). This will make 3 Harmony cruises in a row; I would love to have had a different ship for at least one of them (Allure, Odyssey), as I love the Solarium pool. Looking forward to meeting all, okay most of y'all!!! ?
  11. On our first cruise in 2015, we just took a taxi to Orient Beach. Other than the disappointment that The Greeter wasn't there, it was absolutely phenomenal. Of course, the weather in April was gorgeous and we had a blast. The taxi doesn't take too long. Our two subsequent visits, we took Bernard's tours and they were awesome! The rum punch is tasty, and they stop at some interesting and cool places. Maho Beach is a must, and hopefully a big'un will land while you're there.
  12. God bless those poor people. Per the BBC (link here) - 227 dead so far. I'm sure it will rise. Oh, and hurricanes/TDs.
  13. Well, unsurprisingly, it appears that lowly gold members are not getting invites for the test cruise. Man, I would have gone in a second. Bot - have a great time! Matt - enjoy your fourth cruise already!!
  14. Missed it by that >< much. We were scheduled for Allure on Aug 1, and they cancelled until Aug 8. ? Now we're 129 days away until Harmony (the first of 3 straight on HotS). Once we board, it will have been 3 YEARS since our last cruise.
  15. We leave on Sunday after Thanksgiving. I don't reckon we'd be able to enjoy any BF deals for that sailing, eh? Maybe Labor Day.
  16. Ummm....y'all did smell what I was cookin', right? Am I right?? I got two "sad" reactions, so I'm not sure. Nothing at all against the bot - I love the bot and can't wait to meet him.
  17. That would be epic! But I don't think your wife would appreciate you using that thing as a slingshot!!! ?
  18. A lot of people who live here call Hyman's a huge "tourist trap", but I've always enjoyed it. So they hit up every pair of shoes that walk by; that's just good, smart, marketing. I've lived here since '71 (save for military time) and really, really miss the old downtown. There are so many new buildings, that Charleston looks more like Charlotte. Still a great place to visit, though.
  19. Looking like only a few of us! I guess we have a lot of drinks to consume!! #allin
  20. I would never sign up for the "Friends of Twangster" club.
  21. I can't wait to get back to St. Thomas and Sint Martin!!! I'm running low on awesome USVI rums!
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