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  1. I upgraded for our Harmony cruise last month and was extremely disappointed that I paid so much more for so little. IMHO, the difference isn't worth the cost.
  2. CVS screwed us, too. We had the appointment for a few weeks, and even got a confirmation the night before (Friday after Thanksgiving) we were due to test, and then Friday morning we received an e-mail telling us they cancelled. I spent $200 and a had a lot of stress because of them. I paid the money, as I was determined that we were cruising, but I was (and still am) one PO'd hombre.
  3. Regardless of all this mess, I sure hope you have a great sailing!
  4. I would post a pic of myself from 2 weeks ago but don't want to feel the wrath of Matt's Mighty Banhammer! That, and I don't want to make any of y'all puke.
  5. Not always as hot as I wanted, but plenty enough that I often felt that I had to sit up on the edge for a bit. I guess you need to go around and feel. For me, once I was in, I was in!
  6. No enforcement two weeks ago on Harmony, but there were not a lot of folks on board. I was in the Solarium hot tubs every day and never had an issue, nor was there an attendant hanging around to enforce anything. Great times!
  7. I'm looking all over the official site and can't find anything for Wonder for 2023.
  8. Dude. Your live blog was a total bust!! Hahahaha I think you were too busy organizing events for the FB group (thanks, BTW). What a great cruise it was, though. Nice meeting you and the gang.
  9. Well, you can tell I haven't been on a cruise in a while. We we de-boarded yesterday, we got a porter very quickly and just walked right out. There weren't even any agents at the booths; you walk right through. It was so simple and stress-less.
  10. You're always helpful, Twangster; that helped me. Follow up question - we get off Harmony tomorrow - do we still have to have all bottles in our carry-on bags? I use the porters and they tend to breeze through.
  11. Yeah, I'm such a dolt. I did it on the cruise planner page, and it honestly could not have been easier.
  12. I'm changing (if it will let me) from Chops +1 to the 3 Night Dining package. How do I cancel the one I have currently? Sorry, but the brain just ain't working today.
  13. Bernard's does go to the French side - Marigot, Orient Beach, at least. I hate that there are issues but when we were there 3 years ago, it was evident that the French government wasn't helping their citizens, and probably still haven't done much. Hard to blame the residents.
  14. Covid test aside, it says that everyone must be of legal drinking age.
  15. We've stayed at the Radisson at the Port for all four of our cruises, and never had any issues with the shuttle, but they are booked the Sat before our 11/28 sailing). It's simple and convenient, and we never have had to wait for "the next bus". However, I do like the idea of parking at the garage, and keeping my car out of the sun. I still think we'll stick with our plan of parking at the hotel - Country Inn & Suites. I'm more concerned about this whole rapid test requirement!
  16. The French government pretty much left them to rot after the big hurricane, while the Dutch sent a lot of relief to help re-build. We were in Marigot in '18, after the storm, and there was a house fire downtown. The hoses and fire equipment was abysmal.
  17. What the heck? Where is everybody? WE'RE 16 DAYS AWAY!!! If you haven't, and have the FB, come join the official sailing web page. Lots of events planned.
  18. I just want to see the Potters back in the EPL!!!!
  19. But the major news outlets will be saying that she damn near sunk, with millions of passengers onboard. No one should be cruising - EVER!
  20. So what happens if you actually test positive and are concerned of it's validity? Can you get another test somewhere? We are planning to test on Friday and drive down on Saturday, but if either of us show as positive, I would want another chance to test.
  21. Oh man, what awful, rotten luck. It's just ridiculous how things have changed in the last 2 years. I hope y'all feel better and can book something soon.
  22. Hey y'all We should be at Maya Chan on 11/30 and I'm wondering if they are having to deal with the sea weed that hits that area on occasion. Regardless, I cannot wait to step onboard Harmony. Thanks
  23. I'm sure Sharla is fantastic, but most of the MEI agents are superstars. Imagine all they've had to go through over the last 20 months. Sorry you and/or your family are feeling a little slighted; I've felt the same way with previous MEI TAs, but my current agent, Beth, has been great.
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