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  1. That explains it...thanks for letting us know which ships those were. As for Encore, it really was a beautiful ship! Even though we had been on one of her sister ships (Escape), three days was not enough to explore everything.
  2. We were fortunate to have been selected to sail on one of the inaugural sailings of Norwegian Encore, and we had a stop at Great Stirrup Cay. Since we were tendered about a mile away from Coco Cay, we were able to get a few neat shots. Some sites showed Grandeur and Anthem scheduled to be at Coco Cay on the 19th, but I can't place she ship at sunset...while I haven't yet sailed on a Quantum Class, I think it looks like there might be a Sky Pad aft (and I don't see the North Star). Mariner or Indy, possibly?
  3. March 24th Allure has been pegged at $44 for several weeks now. I wonder if they're struggling to get people to pre-purchase it for that cruise. Considering that it's a spring break cruise for a LOT of the country, I wouldn't be surprised. My fingers are crossed that they'll have the drink cards out early for the cruise.
  4. We’re doing our first Royal Caribbean cruise on Allure March 24-31, 2019...too long of a wait!
  5. Greetings all! Chris here...everyone calls me "Mush" (thanks to a crazy last name..."Mushrush"). Been lurking for a while, but, since we officially have our first cruise with Royal Caribbean booked, I'm coming out of lurker status and going active (be afraid...be very afraid). We'll be doing Allure in March of '19 (eastern itinerary with St. Maarten, San Juan, and Labadee as our ports), which seems entirely too far away right now. Previous cruises on DCL (Dream) and NCL (Escape). Being an extreme planner, I'm already starting to fill out spreadsheets. Our crew consists of me (45 - didn't start cruising until 2015), Sheri (not saying the age...I still value my life), and our two sons (ages 15 and 13). I've been listening to the podcast since episode 1 and love what Matt does on there; I feel like I already know some of you from appearances on episodes. I'm looking forward to get to know all of you!
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