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  1. I would definitely say that you are correct! Absolutely CRAZY!!!
  2. I saw them on a walkthrough of Celebrity Edge and feel in love with the concept immediately, I really hope that they come through with that feature on the Icon! I just can not wait to see what happens as details slowly start to leak out. One thing for sure is that I can see myself being on one not long after one gets stationed in the USA.
  3. VS the normal cup ABSOLUTELY! Now if you put a YETI up against one of the other vacuum sealed stainless steel cups then no. Its just nice to be able to put some ice and a cold beverage in there and have said beverage still cold hours later. I have a bottle that I carry around since I can fill it and do not have to worry about spilling anything. Its something that is a personal preference vs carrying on the water for those of us that do not buy a drink package.
  4. Should not be an issue whatsoever, I used to bring a case of water now all we bring are YETI’s and fill them up as needed. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. We go the week after you get back on the 30th, I really hope that they are either able to dock or tender in by then! Nassau is ok, but we really want to go to CocoCay, and while my worst day on a cruise is better than my best day at work we will take it because we have no choice. But We already dock in Port Canaveral one day and go to Nassau, and CocoCay double days in Florida would almost be a waste. We shall see!!!
  6. As most have already said there will be crowds here and there but once onboard you will be amazed at how few lines there are. The main times for lines that we have experienced across the board are the first night for the MDR, trying to get off the ship when we are in port, and trying to wait for an elevator during the formal nights especially for the first seating. We have also noticed a line when waiting for popular shows to start and that is generally just to gain admission, once they let people into the venue the lines disappear. Other than that it is pretty clear for the most part! We stay onboard during certain ports because we have been there several times. When a ship pulls into port most of the people disappear, and the ship is almost empty, its not that there are that many crowds, it is just that the ship is almost empty when it is docked. There is almost more staff onboard at that point than guests and makes for a rather easy, enjoyable day.
  7. I cut out SOME excess sugar, and walk as well as use the gym very frequently. As others have also stated I also use the stairs quite a bit as well, our last cruise to AK had me going from the bottom deck to the top using the stairs. Once I got to the top I would go to the other side of the ship and go down the stairs and come back up the other side I would do 3-4 laps per day, during the cruise and managed to actually loose a couple of pounds rather than gain.
  8. I absolutely have to agree! I have never been to Key West, and we absolutely LOVE CocoCay if they did that itinerary and did it at a reasonable price I would do it in a HEARTBEAT, especially if they did it on a 4 or 5 day cruise!
  9. Have to agree with 👆@melski94 that will be all they need, our kids have spent HOURS there (twin teenage girls) and they did not need anything other than what has been stated.
  10. If you plan on getting wet and carrying the cash and passport, as well as your smart phone then I would HIGHLY recommend a small travel safe that you can secure to something as well. That way you both can get in the water and play and not have to worry about your valuables walking away while you are in the water. Check Amazon for the various types, they are not sturdy enough to deter a criminal that comes very prepared but are enough to deter most petty theft. In order to open them or get them free it will draw far too much attention, we secure ours to a tree or chair and cover it up so it is not noticeable. https://smile.amazon.com/Master-Lock-5900D-Personal-Gunmetal/dp/B005K6JQXQ/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=travel+safe&qid=1551917808&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  11. Twenty five more days until I get to see it for myself, I can not WAIT!!!! 🤸‍♂️
  12. Couple of years ago we did a 4 day cruise out of Tampa that went to Cozumel and back, I have to say that if they did have that option available more often we would definitely go there more often. It was perfect, we all enjoyed Cozumel much more than the Bahamas we really enjoyed the all inclusive resort that we went to as well. We do not have a problem with the Bahamas we just wish that there were a few more destinations for the shorter cruises.
  13. Add one more vote for this one, I could not agree more. I will be honest and I really do not want to carry more onboard than a simple book bag. We get there as early as possible and enjoy the ship on that first day. That means that we are all over the ship an toting bags around hampers your experience far more than you think at the moment. I took a carry on for two cruises and that was enough for me to never do it again unless I have to. Trying to get in and out of eating establishments, on and off the elevators, through the crowds, just please do yourself a favor and check them in with the porters curbside.
  14. That right there is a bad day, lets just say that I think that I would need several stiff drinks after that ordeal to calm my nerves! From what I read the ship was struck by around a 115 mph wind! That is scary!
  15. How I wish, but lets just say that very well might be a new "bucket list" item! 😁
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