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  1. Looks great! For your sake I do hope that people manage to look but not touch! Looks like quite a bit of love and thought went into making them!
  2. Looks like Cozumel! And to be perfectly honest I do not care where it is, your view beats mine any day of the week!! Its in the 40's here with high winds, and I have to make my own bed, clean my own room, and cook my own food!!
  3. Absolutely correct, only thing I can add to what @AshleyDillo has already said, is that what is offered at Cafe Promenade changes as the day goes on as well as from day to day. Just expect finger food all day long and some type of cookie, or parfait at Cafe Promenade. Sorrentos pretty much stays the same although the types of pizza offered may change but expect the usual cheese, veggie, and pepperoni to be offered. Park Cafe will be the same as Cafe Promenade, there may be a few things that will stay the same and offered all day but they will be changing things throughout the day.
  4. I know that others will chime in with their opinion and here is mine, if you are not happy with the sailing on Oasis then do not book it! Even though it is cheaper, its my opinion that you also need to be happy about where you are going as well! Me personally I would book the Empress and spring for the larger room. I have been to Belize, Costa Maya, and Cozumel and had an absolute AMAZING TIME. And to be honest with you having done both of the cruises that you speak of (with the exception that we also had Honduras in ours) I would rather do that cruise vs the other on Oasis. Just please do yourself a favor (once again IMHO) and book something else on Oasis to see the beauty and fun that a Oasis class ship has to offer!
  5. I have not sailed on Rhapsody but I have sailed on several of her sister ships, and my suggestion would be to bring your adapters. To be honest there has only been one ship that I have been on that actually had the USB option and I wish that it would become more popular across the fleet. Although I do know that as more ships get AMPED it will become the new standard, and I can not wait until that day happens!
  6. I have never been, but am looking forward to the possibility! At first I was not a fan of what was happening at Coco Cay......then we went and had an absolute AMAZING time and can not wait to go back. That being said, if they open up a second island, I can assure you that I will be there. I can not wait to see what they are planning and what they will have!
  7. ABSOLUTELY!!! As long as it does not damage anything you won't have any problem! We don't put anything on our doors but we have seen quite a few decorations, or people that have put dry erase boards on their doors.
  8. Same here, there is some in the shower but I can tell you that as a male I won't even touch the stuff. I will gladly just bring my own stuff, I am not extremely picky when it comes to body wash, but I just do not care for what is supplied, and since I am bald I DEFINITELY do not have to worry about conditioner. I know that we were in a JS on Anthem and they stuff that they provided was pretty good. The stuff that was in a normal balcony room I really wasn't happy with.
  9. It doesn't matter if you have not cruised before, all that matters is that you finally have seen the light and are joining us! I know that you guys will have an absolute AMAZING time, and please do me a favor and enjoy some of that wonderful vitamin sea for me!!!😃
  10. Gotta agree with this one, never seen any sort of service of ANY type being held onboard, that even goes for a wedding!
  11. Once you drop it off with the porter then that starts the process of them checking/screening everything and it is officially in "their" hands and they handle everything from there. As long as you are back at the terminal and onboard prior to your departure time, nobody will be the wiser about you leaving your luggage there. You will drop your luggage curbside before you even enter the inside of the terminal. So if you desired to drop it off and then proceed to catch a Uber, Lyft, or Taxi then there won't be anyone that will know.
  12. Both @AshleyDillo and @ChessE4 are correct and both bring up very valid points! I have and USED to do the carry on thing for shorter cruises, but found that it is such a pain lugging the stuff around even in a smaller suitcase that has wheels that it really is not worth the few dollars to just check it in curbside. When we sail we carry small backpacks with the valuables, and other necessary items and check the rest curbside. You have NO idea how much of a pain it is lugging even a rolling piece of luggage up and down and all over the ship while you are trying to explore. After doing it once I swore I would NEVER do it again, please bring a small backpack and pack what you think that you would need that first few hours say up until maybe 8 pm or so. Your luggage may take longer to get delivered or shorter but you will be prepared and have a much better first day than trying to lug it all over the ship with you until 1pm. (That is unless you plan on boarding the ship after 1pm then please ignore EVERYTHING that I just said!😃)
  13. I honestly would not see a problem with this one, as long as you have given your luggage to a porter and are coming back for the cruise (and as long as you are back in PLENTY of time to ensure that you and your luggage manage to reunite the same day) then I really do not see a issue with it. Once your luggage is checked it really should not be an issue, its in their care and is on its way to being scanned/searched and heading to your room.
  14. I know it wasn't Rhapsody but we were on two of the smaller ships (Majesty and Vision) and we had a great time on both. I will have to agree with what @berkeleykel said, it was the same on both of the other smaller ships we sailed on but the staff more than make up for it. The staff was absolutely AMAZING on both and left us both speechless, I honestly would gladly sail on both of them again. That being said I would not try them for anything longer than 3-5 days because they seem a wee bit too small for our taste for a cruise for much longer than that. I think that you guys will have a great time and enjoy it! Have a great cruise!
  15. I would purchase either one of them, other than what @CrznTxn has stated that is the only thing that I see. I would gladly purchase either set, I have the set of 8 we do not need that many so I gave a few to my sister since we cruise with her rather often. They are not a necessity but I do find that they make it easy and its nicer than having to tape them on my luggage or staple them on. Once we are leaving the hotel, or wherever we are staying its easy to take them out of my bag and throw them on.
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