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  1. For me it all depends, and it will depend on where the cruise leaves from, and the distance that it is from our home in VA, if the cruise leaves from Baltimore then we are definitely driving, if the cruise is leaving from Miami or Fort Lauderdale then we are DEFINITELY flying. I just flew from VA to WA to assist my niece in moving to CO, so getting on a plane does not worry me as much. I do not fear COVID 19 but I do respect it, and take all the necessary precautions in order to keep those that I love the most as well as those around me safe. I actually must say that I was surprised with ho
  2. Hopefully since the ball has started rolling we can start cruising again soon! I know that I am beyond ready for a cruise vacation!!!!
  3. All I am going to say is that you had me at cruise! At this point I would go anywhere, as long as it was with a reputable brand! I do believe that I would enjoy the leisurely pace as well as being able to see parts of the country that I have never seen before, I know that it is a small inconvenience but I believe that it would be nice to be able to take a cruise like that and not have to worry about a passport or going through immigration on the way back into the country (unless it did go out of the USA). I do enjoy going out of the country and seeing other places but I do believe that it is
  4. I personally would be extremely comfortable with this number, as I have stated in another thread I would gladly sail the first day that they allow the ships to sail. I am perfectly happy just not having to worry about what to cook, or cleaning my room! I would be happy relaxing, ordering room service, and sitting on the balcony watching the waves roll by! I know that RCCL does a better job of cleaning than my local grocery store, or department store both of which I have had to frequent since this has started.
  5. Watching this video was just a little heartbreaking! I honestly never had the pleasure of sailing on her but watching it go like this was just a little depressing! Knowing the care that it received as well as the entertainment that it gave all who sailed on her, as @WAAAYTOOO has said its a rather undignified process, I understand that it is necessary. Its almost like watching a friend of yours slowly disappear.
  6. You are 100 percent correct and have to agree with both of you!!! While I may not be a mother, I usually am the one that is the chef, I also take care of the yard, home repairs, and vehicle repairs. I work 240 hours a month at my full time job (24 hour shifts) and then work about 64 hours a month part time. I can tell you that for me cruising is peace of mind, it is comfort, and mental stability. Being home just isn't cutting it either, with the twin 14 year olds that constantly argue, and are in need of time away from each other due to them being isolated since mid March a cruise is EXACT
  7. All I am going to say is that I am so ready for a cruise that I do not care what the requirements are as long as they are within reason. I would be perfectly happy spending time on the balcony watching the waves roll by, spending time with the wife, going to the gym, and just spending the time relaxing. Meeting others would be nice but it is not a deal breaker for me, just being able to get away from home and go on a much deserved vacation is what I desire the most!
  8. We have done one over Christmas, we were not on Anthem but on a MUCH smaller ship and I can tell you that even though the ship was at capacity and much smaller there wasn't a big crowd feel whatsoever. To be honest I was actually impressed, I got onboard with the expectation that it was going to be absolutely insane and did not expect much at all, and by the time we were done we all agreed that the service that we received and the whole experience was one of the best cruises we have ever had. The ship we were on was Majesty of the Seas, and like I stated earlier I came onboard expecting the
  9. My GOD yes!!! Skeeters were HUGE! We are in an area that has more than enough water around us, and thus have a major issue with skeeters, that being said I have not seen ones as BIG as they have up in AK! Get a couple of them on you and your are going to have to get a blood infusion!!
  10. I am with you @S0nny, there is a cruise out of Baltimore that I am heavily considering getting, 8 days, as long as I have a balcony I would be happy ordering room service and sitting out there and watching the waves roll by. Just give me access to the gym, and maybe a few shows during that 8 days and I am happy! The mask is not a deal breaker and would be more than happy to wear it at certain times when it is appropriate, at this point of time even though I am essential personnel and am able to get out, I still need to get away for awhile and recharge my batteries for a bit!
  11. I am not a big fan of the Windjammer, PLEASE do not get me wrong, I do enjoy eating there but I am not a fan of how absolutely disgusting some people are that go in there. I mainly eat breakfast in there as well as stop in to get a plateful of their delectable oatmeal raisin cookies to munch on throughout the day. I would gladly go without the WJ for awhile in order to keep everyone safe, I must say that I will miss getting onboard and having lunch and and debarkation breakfast but I am sure that they will have something else set up. I also wonder what they will do to feed people on places l
  12. I have to agree, for me wearing a cloth mask and being able to walk around in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and relax is absolutely NOTHING like wearing this all shift and being uncomfortable . I would not wear it the entire time but mainly when I was in public places, which is why having a balcony would be important since I would be able to order breakfast or another meal through room service and sit out there and enjoy it and watch the waves roll by.
  13. I know that I may be a bit "touched" but as crazy as things are out here I would love to be on a ship with people that you know do not have the disease, have a lighter work schedule and have the run of the ship. I know that the routine would get old but it is also getting old here in Virginia only being able to go to places that have been deemed necessary. At least on the ship I would not have to head out and look high and low searching for hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and disinfectant!! I will say that I understand that they can be a bit angry at the moment but they also need to look
  14. There is a cruise leaving Baltimore Dec 10th unfortunately none of the family would be able to go and I would have to go solo, given the price point that they are offering it is making it hard for me to resist. I honestly would isolate myself and wash my hands more regularly and be very conscious of what I touch but I would gladly sail before there is a vaccine. I am not downplaying the seriousness of the illness but I have seen patients that have some serious comorbidities such as being diabetic, having hypertension and weighing over 500 pounds and the only symptom that they had of being CO
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