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  1. Very first experience as well as my very first cruise was on Oasis, absolutely fell in love with that ship! I have to say that I was extremely happy with the ship prior to the changes and am extremely happy over the changes that they have made! I can not wait to see the changes in person! Looks great to me!!!
  2. Had the same issue, except it was more than a glance. Once they saw me using the cups provided to dump ice as well as the water in my Yeti all was forgiven.
  3. Darned good concern! We had four people in a 120 sq ft room! It was right and cramped but we still had an amazing time and I would do it again! ( Just not more than a 3-4 day cruise!!🤣)
  4. Have to agree, I have had a few dishes in the MDR that are individual to a ship (although it has been somewhat rare) but for the most part the menu changes each night and they are the same on most ships. I know things have changed a bit but at one point I knew for dessert on the first night that they were going to have the blueberry peach crumble (which I started to anticipate and enjoy).
  5. Been on Enchantment twice, and I would gladly sail on her again! I would have to say that Oasis is our favorite class but we still had an amazing time! I always say that the cruise depends on your attitude. If you get onboard expecting a good time and don't expect EVERYTHING to be absolutely perfect then you will have an amazing time! If you search other cruise websites then you will easily find out what I am referring to. I am amazed at how some people whine and complain over the smallest things, life is way too short and I prefer to look on the bright side of things! You will have an amazing time and eat some good food! Enjoy your cruise!
  6. I would have to agree with this statement! I doubt that they will but it definitely would be nice, Labadee is nice but it is honestly a port that I would almost rather stay on the ship. Last time we were there about 7 years ago it was ok, but not our favorite port.
  7. Thanks for sharing! It is wild seeing the difference between now and then! When we were on her two years ago I honestly did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did! We love the larger ships but were surprised at how much of a great time we had on Majesty!
  8. We used to have them here in Virginia, Carnival would have a two day cruise to nowhere that left out of Norfolk but they were forced to stop a few years ago. They cited the same law that @StayFrosty is talking about when they cancelled them, when they did that they broke hearts all over this area.
  9. This is going to be interesting to follow! You now have me wondering where its going to be, and if it will be the same as CocoCay or better!
  10. Bath robes all depend on the level that they are in the Crown and Anchor, if they are not at least Platinum or above then they will not have them in the room. The type of room does not matter, if you order them and have a inside stateroom then they can still get them, the main factor is their C&A status.
  11. You will have NO issues finding water, I have found that certain Coke Freestyle machines will dispense water (yes even if you don't have a drink package) if you look at the screen some will have a small blue water button on the main screen, so you will be able to tell immediately when you walk up to it. Second I also carry a YETI (or similar) cup or drink bottle and use it heavily. You can also get water at Cafe Promenade, they usually have a water station there, to be honest unless you are on a very small ship such as Majesty of the Seas there will be places that you can get water in far more spots that you think. It seriously is not an issue whatsoever! We do not get the drink package and are about to go on our 10th and have not had an issue finding water yet!
  12. Welcome to the boards, we are going to need just a little more information before we are going to be able to help you out. Which port are you leaving from?
  13. Ummm....all I want to know is where do I send my money? 🤣🤣
  14. Ok you are going to have to add me to the above comments! After my first experience with CK I fell in love, and honestly see myself looking at a JS or above for our next cruise, and I am also only desiring ships that have a CK on them! Please do not take my word for it, @mom2mybugs as well as @Lovetocruise2002 will sing praises for CK as well! I like trying a few of the other restaurants and the service that we got there was wonderful and the meals were great, I just think that CK is on par with the specialty dining and with the small intimate setting and the crew being extremely attentive to your needs it brings it up a few notches for me.
  15. We loved it, we both agree that we enjoy the Oasis class more but we did like it! I do believe that Two70 was one of my favorite areas on the ship, it was wonderful sitting there people watching as well as watching the aft portion of the ship. Wife and I actually fell asleep in the chairs just prior to Next Cruise which is close to Two70, we had an amazing time! Jamies was wonderful and the garlic bread there is to die for!!! Don't even get me started in on the cheesecake........
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