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  1. I have seen people allowed in the dining room on formal night in a t shirt and shorts so I really do not believe that you will have a problem!😁
  2. I can honestly tell you that I have sailed on one of the smallest (Majesty) to the Oasis and usually when everything is at capacity during spring break or over Christmas break and really have not had any issues outside of the first day. And honestly the only issues with lines on that first day are when we try to go to the Windjammer! Outside of the first day the only real things that we wait for are admission to bingo or shows, and that is only because they have something else going on prior to our admission and we have to wait until the venue clears before the let us in. RCCL does a magnificent job of managing the crowds so even if the ship is sailing at capacity you will rarely get the impression of how many folks are really on the ship. Of course depending on the time the pool deck can get crowded, as well as when its time to get off when you are in a port. We choose to use the pool during hours where its not as popular, and get off the ship later so we avoid the mad rush once we get in port. But of course that depends on what time we have to meet for our shore excursion. Trust me even though you are on a smaller ship you will be impressed at what you will see once you get onboard.
  3. Been out of Tampa during spring break but on Vision of the Seas, and it was not an issue whatsoever! We mainly sail at least during spring break and have yet to have any serious issues. Only real issue I can say that we have had was on one (and only one) cruise there was a group of kids that loved running up and down the halls. You will have a great time!
  4. Hello! I have not sailed on NOS, but I have sailed on quite a few others, I can tell you that we have only had an issue on one cruise on Vision of the Seas. The beds were so hard that we were taking Benadryl to fall asleep (wish I knew about this board and tips that I have since learned). But outside of that one particular cruise we have had NO issues with the beds, we are both side sleepers and prefer a medium bed.
  5. Love the proposed itinerary, but would love to see more about the ship! Been on Anthem and would love to sail on her or a sister ship again!
  6. My friend if you thought that was huge please do yourself a favor and PLEASE book one on an Oasis class ship!
  7. Great pic thank you for sharing! And I am extra glad that you had a great time, just know that I am officially jealous since I am at work! And as we all know, even the worst day at sea is better than the best day at work!!!😁
  8. Only real time that I remember standing in line was for the first night when the MDR opens, but once they open the doors the line thins out quickly, been all over the Oasis class ships and as stated they do a great job of dispersing the crowds. I have had to stand in line at Sorrento's but it was not a long line, and the line that they had moved as if you were in a Chick-fil-a drive through if not faster! About the only times we have had to wait in long lines had to do with getting onboard, getting on and off the ship in port, and since the wife loves BINGO, we wait in line to purchase our cards or machine and that is about it!
  9. I agree with this one, look at the benefits and look at the price. I can tell you that on the several cruises that we have done as of late in a JS, the price that they were saying would be a "good offer" put the GS in a range that would have been more expensive if we just would have booked the cruise in a GS. Just please remember that the offer that you give them is per person and not per room.
  10. Great choice! Wish I was there rather than being at work today!!!😀
  11. OK @twangster just have to say that the knowledge that you possess about all things RCCL as well as sailing is absolutely AMAZING! I am sure that sitting at the dinner table (wether in the MDR, Windjammer, or CK) would be an absolutely amazing and informative meal!😁
  12. I have not seen anyone searched but I have seen dogs in several ports. If they are indeed properly trained dogs they can easily smell through a ziplock. As others have stated foods that have been processed and in a bag are acceptable but fresh fruit and freshly prepared food are not allowed.
  13. Wow! Great job on the quick reaction of the staff there, and especially them recognizing that there was a problem! Some people do not realize how important it is for the AED and CPR to come into play early in cardiac arrest! Wonderful job done by all!!!
  14. God help them! I have seen a few twitter videos on Abaco and its not even over yet and the damage and tidal surge is absolutely crazy! My heart and prayers definitely go out to those families impacted, and I hope that nobody looses their life in this storm.
  15. Last major thing that rolled through our area was Katrina and by the time it hit here it was officially listed as a tropical storm. Due to the heavy amount of rain that had happened leading up to the storm hitting us there was a astronomical amount of downed trees that in return caused downed power lines. It was absolutely crazy here for about two weeks until they got most of the power grid back up. That being said that was just a tropical storm, God forbid we have a Cat 5 storm hit us, I would hate to imagine the impact, which in turn makes my heart go out to all those people in the Bahamas that have to put up with this thing as it stalls over the area for 24-36 hours. I know that it is going to be absolutely UNBELIEVABLE the damage that it is going to cause that area.
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