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  1. This is the model that we have, we keep it in our cruise suitcase and has gone on the past 6 cruises with us. We do not leave it plugged in and running when we are out of the room (something that I have read is highly frowned upon). But it comes out every night due to us loving the white noise, as well as the cooling that it provides! It is pretty powerful as well as sturdy and moves quite a bit of air! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Comfort-Zone-9-HV-3-Speed-All-Metal-Cradle-Fan/21784130
  2. Been to Labadee once, and we had no issues with the vendors closer to the ship, once we went exploring and discovered that there were more vendors further away and "up the hill." We found that they were much different and more harassing that the other vendors. I can tell you that I would not hesitate to go back to Labadee, however it was not my favorite stop, and I can assure you that we won't go anywhere near the other vendors on our possible return trip (depending on the itinerary). As far as the dog goes, if it happened in front of me then it would definitely have been better for security to get him vs me getting my hands on him. If someone is daft enough to abuse an innocent animal what will they do to another person? Absolutely NO excuse for that kind of behavior!
  3. You got it, the electronic are a bit more expensive, but are well worth the money (IMHO) of not having to search all of your cards, although to some that is part of the fun.
  4. This information accompanied with the video, and the photo from @F1guynz reminds me of how much room is there! I never doubted that RCCL was not at fault especially when you are able to see the tinting to the windows, and decipher which windows are open or closed even from being on land. As has already been mentioned it is not hard to tell which ones are open or closed when you are onboard due to the noise level as well as the wind. Both which the grandfather should have heard, and felt prior to him even sticking his head out of the window as the video shows. At this point there is NO justification for what he has done and he and his family need to come to the realization that none of this is going to bring their precious daughter back. They need to spend as much time healing from this horrible tragedy as they are putting into trying to defame/blame RCCL!!!
  5. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe that you should be able to get coffee at Cafe Promenade. It won't be anything like Starbucks and will be complementary but I believe that it is open 24 hour a day. I know that I have gone there plenty of times and gotten water or tea but not coffee ( just not a big coffee drinker).
  6. Have to agree with @JLMoran we were there in between 1030-1100 and while there was a small traffic jam it was not half bad, we had to wait about 15-20 minutes and then from the point the porter pointed us to a spot to park and take our luggage out of the car until we were on the ship it was less than 15 minutes. We could not believe how efficient they were, it was the fastest that we have done that process and gotten onboard!
  7. I COMPLETELY understand what you are going through, been a Paramedic/Firefighter for 19 years and the constant sleepless nights have done a job on my sleep cycle. Even taking Ambien CR 12.5mg I STILL wake up between 2-4. At one point of time I would lay there and try to go back to sleep, anymore I use this time to get up and enjoy the peace and quiet and start jogging with the dog. I have never been on that particular ship but I can tell you that one of the things that I do is get up and walk the ship, sit on one of the decks near the window and just watch the crew work or watch the sunrise with the waves going by. Everything is quiet and I consider it my special time on the ship!
  8. One other thing to consider is that the port is at least a hour drive away from the park, so that cuts at least two hours off of the time that you will get to spend in the park, just getting there and back.
  9. Have not done it but I did look into it last year for our cruise, and after looking at the times I decided that it was not worth it whatsoever! I can not remember what time you have to meet your transport to go to the park, but what I do remember is that you have far less than 6 hours to be in the park. That to me is not worth the cost of the ticket and transportation, if we had the chance to have at least 8-10 hours there I would have done it but it just was not worth the short time. We cruise out of Port Canaveral often enough that one of these times we will just get there a few days early and spend the time there prior to getting on the ship that way we won't feel rushed.
  10. Have to agree, on a few points! The shopping there is MUCH better and you have far more choices, I am open to improvements but I do not want it to be anything like a theme park atmosphere. I think that there are a few other things that they can do to make it nicer and a better experience, but I personally would be happy with Coco Cay being the only experience. I really wouldn't see them trying to replicate it there as I believe that it would be far too close.
  11. We cruise ALL the time during spring break, have not had a single issue! As a matter of fact we have only had one problem and that was a cruise close to Christmas, there was a group of older people that were HIGHLY intoxicated and loud. So loud that you could not hear the movie playing on the screen by the pool and we were across the pool and at the opposite end of the pool from them. Quite a few people ended up complaining and a senior officer went over to them and they got their stuff and left. That has been the only issue we have had out of 9 cruises, most of them being when the ship is at capacity over spring break or Christmas break.
  12. I am not going to make assumptions, but I will have to say that Labadee was not one of our favorite stops. We did have a good time there but I honestly would appreciate any improvements that they could make there. For me I really would not want another CocoCay experience but a little something else would be nice and greatly appreciated!
  13. Just an FYI we had reservations for the NorthStar but that first day when we boarded they were letting people on, we had maybe a 10 minute wait at the most and got right on. So PLEASE check to see if they will let you get on when you get onboard. We got on and had lunch and then started exploring, when we saw that they were letting people ride NorthStar without reservations we got in line and were on in no time!
  14. I have to agree with @emsff02 we have gone snorkeling and enjoyed it, we have been there many times and each time it was one of our favorite spots that we stopped due to the great weather and just being able to relax rather than worry about crime, or being somewhere at a particular time. The new additions are great, and the last time we went we REALLY enjoyed the pool, but we just enjoy relaxing and watching the day roll by. I am sure the new additions are great fun, but I am perfectly fine enjoying what they have for free (or what comes with a cabana rental, which is something else that is amazing.)
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