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  1. I want to say the same thing, I want to say that I checked to see if they had it onboard and they did, and I compared prices onboard to what I found in each port.
  2. I can not help you in the search for the Hennessy White, but I can tell you that it is plentiful, we too had to buy some for a coworker that worked for the wife on her holiday. We had to give it up when we got back on the ship and had to pick it up prior to leaving the ship. I can assure you that you won't have any issue finding someplace that sells alcohol somewhere near the port, on the particular cruise we went on we searched and easily discovered the trend. Almost every port will have a store that sells alcohol very nearby, as it is a big money maker for them!
  3. Agree with what has been said! I only drink what is free, and I too have lost a substantial amount of weight, 110 in total and do not drink soda. Trust us, you will not have any issue whatsoever finding water to drink. I carry a 64 oz YETI bottle and fill it with ice and water several times a day and don't have an issue. Just know that if you are using any of the water stands such as in the Windjammer that you can not fill it directly from the tap, you must use a cup to fill it with ice and water. If you are at a Coke Freestyle machine then you are fine in just putting the bottle in the machine and filling it up.
  4. I can assure you that out of 9 cruises so far the only time that I have worn closed toed shoes are on two occasions, formal night, as well as when we went to Alaska! All other nights as well as cruises we both wear flip flops! Even if that is the suggested wear I highly doubt that you will find anyone onboard willing to enforce it! One evening on formal night I saw a woman dressed in what appeared to be pajamas in the MDR, so if she can get away with that then sandals should not be a problem!😁
  5. Ok, I just looked over the deck plans of the ship and from what the news is saying, as well as from the deck plans they were somewhere close to the Solarium on the ship which is not near a children's play area. The pool is a bit of a distance from where they state that they were at. From what I am seeing they were in the area in between the pool and the Solarium, I am not throwing stones, there are just a few things that just are not making sense here whatsoever. And what is even worse is that the child had to loose her life over a lack of God given common sense. Even if I would have placed my child up there and there was a closed window I would have had my arm wrapped around her the entire time just in case she slipped or something. I honestly would not have put her up there but if I did my arms would not have left her the entire time she was there. Such a sad tragedy that was ENTIRELY preventable!!!
  6. I currently work for public safety, at my years of service we get 6 weeks, plus several extra days to accommodate for holidays, and personal days, and admin leave, depending on the year it can be as much as 7 extra days or more. I can not complain whatsoever when it comes to vacation hours, and every shift is definitely earned and appreciated for all of the sleepless nights we have per year.
  7. Look on the left side of the screen, I found out on Anthem that not all of them have the water icon, but you can not miss it, I can not remember its exact location on that left side but I do remember it was there. I want to say that it was the upper half of the screen.
  8. I have used it several times and that is one of the expenses that I plan on, just like @F1guynz I go to the gym several times during the cruise and know that if I left my stuff sitting there fermenting for a full week or so that it would end up getting thrown in the trash due to the strong odors coming from wherever it is being stored. And as others have stated it is amazing how much stuff you are able to get inside of that bag. They frown on jeans and stuff like that but other stuff is fair game, I stuff t-shirts, skivvies, swimwear, gym shorts, and shorts in there. Like others say I would not put anything that is delicate whatsoever, if its not a synthetic fiber or a cotton blend like in a t-shirt it doesn't go in the bag. I know that using the service helps me to pack less, since I am able to wash certain items.
  9. I agree, I hate even holding my phone over the rail, I can see a breeze coming along or the ship rolling unexpectedly and my phone flying into the deep. Couldn't imagine the poor horror of the child!
  10. I am not forgetting that a toddler has lost her life, and it is EXTREMELY tragic and is something that could have ABSOLUTELY been avoided if the grandfather would have exercised a little bit of God given common sense. I work as a Paramedic/Firefighter as well as in the ER of a local Level 2 trauma center, so I see people that make life altering bad decisions just about every day that I go to work. The mother that had no idea about her son being in a gang and his life is ended at 16, the 86 year old woman that smokes while wearing oxygen and has a burn area above 30%, all from her chest up and has soot in her airway. The mother that was speeding and drinking and ran off the road and hit a tree at highway speeds with her 4 year old that was unrestrained in the back seat. I see not only physical trauma but emotional trauma on a regular basis. And seeing it so closely and so regularly I also am able to see it from the other side, and have some sympathy for the family, as well as the grandfather. I am not saying that what grandpa did was right, what I am saying is that life as they know it has changed forever for every last single person in that family, and my heart goes out to every last single person in that family.
  11. After reading the story my heart goes out to the family, and as unpopular as it is, I also really feel for the grandfather and his daughter. We all know that there is a serious strain on that relationship. Not to mention that he has to feel absolutely HORRIBLE, they all are definitely in my prayers! Such an absolutely sad situation for all of them! 😢
  12. Hello @CDunninTX! I would gladly be your cabin steward for a week if you would bring me a wonderful Texas style brisket or two! Forget the money, some good BBQ would be payment enough!! 😂
  13. Hello! First of all please let me say that you need to relax! The first day and last day are nothing to fear and it is not half as bad as what it may seem like on this board. The worst part is the waiting in line depending on where you are boarding. Since you have The Key, any of the light stress that you may feel will dissipate! This experience is completely relaxing and please do not let the pre planning get you worked up! 1. I have brought them but have yet to use them, but they are handy for hanging up bathing suits on the wall and such, leaving notes for your stateroom attendant and a bunch of other things. The use of the hooks is only limited by your imagination! 2. I honestly can not answer that one as I have not gone to one trivia event yet! 3. Another one that I can not answer as I have not used it, and honestly don't know enough about it to answer. 4. There are PLENTY of quiet places that you will be able to find, they do a great job of having events all over the ship and in different places so it does not feel crowded depending on the time. Of course times during dinner, and sales on the promenade obviously will be busier than normal times. If you pay attention to what is going on and where you will have no problem avoiding the crowds, especially if you stay away from the promenade during those busy times. I have found that the solarium at night is not packed at all! I can assure you that you will be surprised at how few people are there during the evening. I have been there in the evenings on every sailing and there are few people around at that time. If you would like to make him happy and are self conscious those are the times to go, this year we were on Anthem and went to the hot tub several times and both times were in the evening around 8 or 9 and we had no issues being crowded whatsoever. There was a max of maybe 15-20 people in the Solarium at the most. There are tons of areas on each ship that you will be able to find that are quiet, but it all depends on when you desire to go. I have found that the quietest times are usually early mornings or in the evenings in the open air areas. I am a early riser and get up around 6-7 every day, so I get up and work out, eat a light breakfast and wait for the wife to get up which is usually between 10. I explore the ship and read and find the quiet areas, such as the library, or any other quiet area, in the evening they are all over the place because either people are eating, or watching a show so the upper decks are not busy at all unless there is something special going on. 5. Yes, we do it frequently, if there is a port that we do not desire to go to, then we will stay onboard and enjoy the quiet of the ship! Great thinking and you will enjoy your time! I actually have come to enjoy those days because the boat goes from capacity down to less than half in a matter of a few hours! I apologize but I did not catch what ship you were on but I can assure you that what I told you about quiet places is true no matter what ship! I have gone from the smallest (Majesty) to the one of the largest (Oasis) and it still was the same. There will always be nice quiet spots! Enjoy your cruise and please destress, this is a vacation and there is no need for it! Sit back and relax! 😁
  14. How I WISH! Living up here in Virginia, it is quite a drive down to Florida, and since we have family that lives down the coast it turns a simple 12-14 hour drive into a three-four day drive since we have to stop and see everyone on the way down. Not a bad day to spend pre cruise but living in Florida would be absolutely AMAZING! They would have a hard time keeping me away from the cruise terminal!!😁
  15. Ok, we were on Anthem this year and I actually have to say that although it was not the best pizza that I have ever had it was FAR from being the worst. I also have to say that it was FAR better than several of the other cruises that we have taken. I actually had several slices of it per day! I would honestly say that I would pay to have one, not saying that I would pay the same price of a "normal" place like at Papa Johns or Pizza hut but I would gladly buy one. Sprinkle some oregano and some extra parmesan cheese on it and I was in heaven! In other words I have to agree with you! While it is not a NY pie or Chicago pie it was still tasty and far more enjoyable than I remember!
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