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  1. Sorry to see you go Chris but safe travels and thank you for all of the great videos and insight! Your videos have been great and I look forward to seeing the rest of your content once you get home safely and back to your family!!!
  2. Thank you for what you do! You are the voice on the radio that keeps us safe!! And as far as I am concerned you may not be on the front lines but you are VERY involved!! šŸ‘
  3. First off let me answer the OP's question! They only had them one night on our cruise, and to be honest they were HUGE and they really did look better than they tasted. @whoa you did an excellent job in your description! They were not very memorable at all, it may be worth a try if they are there but I can assure you that they were not Krispy Kreme or anything that was even close.
  4. If I remember correctly I do believe that @SpeedNoodles you work in healthcare so I know you understand (if I am wrong I apologize!!). The reason that Italy has so many deaths is due to their healthcare system being completely overwhelmed, and they do not have enough equipment so they are having to make HARD decisions on who they can save. If this virus hits us the same way that it hit Italy then the same decisions are going to have to be made here. That is something that I hope and pray does not happen, several other boards that I am a member of speak of the horrors that the EMS systems and hospitals are having to deal with there and it is almost unfathomable. I know that these poor folks are going to have to go through some serious therapy after this is all over. šŸ„ŗ
  5. I have not watched todays video but you just broke my heart! I have rather enjoyed watching his updates, but understand RCCL's decision. It is going to be interesting seeing how things are going to continue and how fast things are going to get back up and running once this has calmed down and they start running again.
  6. My GOD I can not believe how cheap it is now šŸ˜³šŸ¤Æ........after watching it for a few days I am going to have to do the same! You KNOW that it is going to start to go through the roof after this whole mess is over!
  7. Paramedic Firefighter here and I also work part time in the ER as a ED Tech, no change here other than washing my hands and using hand sanitizer as usual. People are going nuts over this thing and do not realize that yes it is deadly but mainly to those that are old/young in age and have secondary conditions such as diabetes or congestive heart failure. For the average person that is young or middle aged then it is almost like a case of the flu. The coronavirus is not as lethal as some media outlets are making it seem, that being said I know that it is spreading rapidly but its just not as lethal as some are fearing that it is.
  8. Just left today, got some TP from BJ's due to the fact that I live in a house with four women and there are only two rolls of TP left! Needless to say they have restrictions and you are only able to purchase 2 packs per person and I was grateful just to get one. Costco was sold completely out of TP, wipes, disinfectant, water, and paper towels! I was there not long after they opened and got in and out without any issues, I had a friend that went several hours after I did and he stated that they actually had a line going halfway around BJ's in order to pick up TP! This whole thing is absolutely crazy! We have a few cases of the virus here in VA but it is not that serious as of yet (knock on wood).
  9. I have several favorite places, hate to say it but first and foremost, is just being on the ship, after that it would be Cafe 270, and my balcony just watching time go by and enjoying the sights!
  10. A 16 day cruise in a balcony for less than $1400pp?? Unheard of here in the USA!!! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/itinerary/16-night-suez-canal-from-dubai-on-jewel/JW16DXB-3170259218?sail-date=2020-03-23&currency=USD&country=USA&ecid=sl_mdt_shrdln__4645
  11. I forgot to exclude them recently on a search and was absolutely amazed at how cheap they were!!! If the prices here were that cheap I could be pinnacle in NO time!!!šŸ˜‚
  12. I have to agree with what has been said here, I have been on quite a few "warm weather" cruises and while I have not had a bad one yet I have to say that Alaska was the absolute best one that I have had yet. Canada is definitely on my to do list within the next few years but I know that it will not be as amazing as Alaska was. That being said, if your pockets can not afford an Alaska cruise at the moment then do what you can afford. I can tell you that our trip from the point that we left here to the point that we got back home was about $10k we did not do anything that was super expensive, and we also stayed in Seattle for a few days prior to the cruise. I did splurge for a Junior Suite since it was only $700 more than a balcony at the time of our booking, and that was the only major splurge that we did for the entire trip. Shore excursions are going to be FAR more expensive than what you are used to!!
  13. I was on Radiance two years ago, and we had a great time! No its is not an Oasis or Quantum class ship but I can tell you that as long as you know this when getting onboard that you will still have a great time. I believe that your cruise will be what you make it, I have been on some of the smallest ships in the fleet as well as the largest in the fleet, and I can tell you that while it did take some adjusting on our first small ship sailing we still had an amazing time. Go in with your eyes open and expecting a great time, you will not be disappointed! I also have to add, that Radiance was WAY larger than I expected and I would have no issues sailing on her again! The itinerary that you guys are doing is one that is on my bucket list, and I would GLADLY take your place if you decide that it was not in your best interest at the last minute!!!!!šŸ˜ƒ
  14. ā˜ļø 100% correct! Absolutely nothing to add other than a vote of confidence for the above statement! šŸ˜ƒ
  15. I am not a stay at home mom but I am one of the few cooks on my shift at the fire department, and I also end up cooking when I get home as well due to me being the first one home when I work at my part time job. I completely feel your pain, I enjoy cooking but sometimes it is nice to sit and let someone else cater to your needs and allow you to sit back and relax! Enjoy your cruise I am sure that you deserve it!!
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