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  1. Yeah, I like this itinerary better, just a personal preference for a sea day as the last day.
  2. Evidently Josh's think alike because I've got the same opinion as @Josh C, really don't generally care about the cabin but FC is pretty much a must for me. Priority lines, more comfortable seats, alcohol (well, used to be at least), free checked bags and never needing to worry about overhead space. It's just the right way for me to start and end any trip. Now that I'm thinking about it...I hope that the suites I have booked upcoming don't make it hard to go back to my usual cabins....
  3. No, but last year, sure. To largely echo JeffB, with what we know now plus the level of vaccine rollout I'm not willing to deal with the restrictions that I would have even 4 months ago.
  4. Mine's done that randomly the last few days. Come back a few min later and they're all there like normal.
  5. I wouldn't. Shortly after they added the ability to upload vaccination proof they instituted a two week window for applications, likely due to a deluge of people trying to get theirs in early. I'd wait till your window opens to actually apply for it to avoid any issues.
  6. What any executive or politician says publicly is also largely used as PR or to sway public opinion and often has no basis in reality. I wouldn't make any assumptions based off of that.
  7. I'm not disputing that, as I said, I find masks on a fully vaccinated cruise fairly absurd anyways. My point is there's been no definition of "extended meal service" given so jumping to it meaning masking between bites or courses in the MDR is pointless. I'd rather focus on the actual issues with it, not one that people made up based on their interpretation. *shrugs* you do you though, long as I can get on the ship and they still stock gin for me to drink I'll tolerate the absurdity for awhile.
  8. There's nothing (in the actual guidance not the editorialized version above) that says between bites you have to remask except for people taking "extended meal service" to absurd extremes. The guidance is outdated / ridiculous enough already, especially with a fully vaccinated ship, without that.
  9. Dunno, I've heard disturbing rumors that there will be alcohol, gambling, and other assorted debauchery... I'm sure the rest of you will have fun too.
  10. Interesting, email this morning says that we still need a negative test in addition to a vaccine. Hopefully that changes by the time they send out the actual details. Glad I canceled everything except Adventure and Grandeur sailings this year. On one hand it sucks because I was trying to rush to the 340 points for reduced solo supplement...on the other hand it's a relief to not play the "will it / won't it" game every time I saw them in the planner.
  11. Just checked an assortment of old/new cruise planner sailings and see internet options for all of them. Some are missing the DX+Voom option though, next April on the Symphony for example.
  12. Same! I managed to catch a nice price drop and switch to United a few weeks ago though so I'm pretty happy.
  13. Booked this one as soon as they were released back when it seemed like this was the best hope for sailing this year. Alas it'll be a half working vacation for me, but the views are better and I don't have to make my own bed or drinks.
  14. With the states/ports assisting in vaccination I don't think it's going to be an issue, they've got it down to a science. The pod where I got mine was aiming for 1k/day and it's one of three in my small town. University where I take some classes is partnered with the Walmart pharmacy there to offer weekend clinics to anyone in the community, initially they were maxing out appointments, now they're walk in. I know in other parts of the world it's different, but here it feels like we're about half a step away from having people dressed as test tubes and syringes spinning arrows to get peopl
  15. I'm going to let some of my optimism return and say July 31st we could see a ship or two sailing. Assuming a 5 week vaccination cycle and a few weeks post vaccination to get the ship/crew in shape, (re)trained, and ready for guests, that gives them a month to get the crew assembled/here for vaccination. I wouldn't expect more than a couple sailing at first, but with ports already saying they're going to help with vaccinating the crew I think once the first couple ships sail the startup is going to be a lot faster than we'd expect.
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