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  1. We'll agree to disagree there. That's great in abstract, and I agree to a point, but it's losing sight of the larger picture, especially when there's a significant difference between commanding a fighter squadron and running a multi billion dollar company that has to put a priority on customer experience and branding. That's not an attempt to downplay your opinion and experience, just pointing out that they're two vastly different arenas. Today's situation is unprecedented and involves countless people, companies, and governments. RCL has been somewhat open about what's going on i
  2. I get it, I wish we had more information too and the uncertainty is annoying to deal with. The problem is releasing information or even giving a deadline for when they're going to release more information is setting a baseline for expectations. If they miss the deadline because we're in a situation that's extremely fluid there will be backlash, if they release expected guidelines and people consider them excessive, backlash. If they release guidelines and then have to change them, backlash. If they release expected timelines/itineraries for ships to restart and they have to change, more bac
  3. I'm like your mum, it's bad enough that just watching some videos can trigger my motion sickness and being on a ship definitely triggers it (less so on the largest ships). I'm perfectly fine though with just taking bonine once a day and keeping some of the gin-gin double strength hard candies around.
  4. It's like the movie "Idle Hands" only it spent too much time in the Live Blog section and went "YOLO"
  5. Right with you. Had the same one booked since they were released, ended up booking the Oasis as a backup, and when the new Grandeur sailings released booked it as the backup to the backup. Ended up canceling Anthem/Oasis but starting to debate booking a new backup again
  6. I beg to differ.... I Dream of Genie Come to think of it though...I should add a couple others onto the reservation since I think this will be one of my rare non solo cruises...
  7. Well, somehow I booked a Star Class suite on the Allure for March 2023.... Can't say I'm upset about it.
  8. About the same. I'm almost equal driving distance between Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Buffalo and so far the A2S flight they booked on AA is the cheapest and shortest duration on both legs. Everything else is either a fairly large price increase, a 14 hour flight usually with overnight layovers, or both. I just keep reminding myself it'll be worth it as soon as I touch down.
  9. For one data point, I'm flying into Barbados a day early via A2S (leaving the Sunday we get back) and it is refundable. Still debating on changing to self booked since I'm really not a fan of AA, just haven't found anything better yet.
  10. I took a look at mine, there’s not a ton loaded into it yet so can’t say anything definitive. For what is loaded in the only mention that could be construed as non refundable was the PADI open water diving course. Same wording (roughly) was in another sailing with the current planner though. I’ll be interested enough to keep checking as it fills in more.
  11. I have absolutely no recollection of this! Except looking back through and realizing I averaged 18 a day that week.
  12. Tempting...that's a fantastic itinerary and does fit in my schedule... You're evil.
  13. Yup, I started booking some shorter ones on Navigator and Mariner for later this summer and fall. Those studio interiors on Mariner are just dirt cheap right now, hard to pass up even with the cost of a flight. More optimistic than I’ve been in a year.
  14. I'm not sure the world is ready for me in a cat woman suit, but if that's the price..... Formal night could be interesting.
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