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  1. Most likely, yeah. My guess would be that to get off you have to have an excursion ticket (through them or a verified one) and if you venture away from your excursion group then you're not allowed back on board. MSC did exactly that. Best thing to remember though is these are the guidelines they're proposing, not a solid plan for what's going to happen. I would guess (and I do mean guess) that they have more detailed plans internally that will be shared once the CDC approves sailing and things get closer to actually happening. There's a ton of leeway in these which is a good thing w
  2. I like it quite a bit, still a lot to read through on the details, and of course it depends on the CDC/etc, but very promising. One interesting note so far, while they're recommending shorter sailings they're saying 10 days or less and not the 3/4 day ones. I'd guess that most sailings fall into that category and could see some 7 night oasis class sailings with a couple cococay stops and one or two other ports.
  3. Yup, I started to fill it out and just realized the answer is "yes, oh dear god why are you even bothering to check". I just need to get a cocktail version of this for easy mask wearing and drinking and I'll be set.
  4. To me there's not really much to discuss about it. I'd imagine that as part of any lead up to sailing resuming that they'll announce what will happen if you're denied boarding, similar to how they did in the last couple of sailings before everything shut down. Likely a FCC or refund for the cruise fare. It'll be up to people traveling to make the choice, do they want to accept the risk that they could get denied and have to make their way home and lose the costs associated with travel, or if they want to take advantage of one of the CWC options. I fully agree that we'll likely see some
  5. Haha, not much of an actual chance of that! I like to book out of Port Canaveral so I can come in a couple days early for some quality time at KSC
  6. Having later checkins like that makes me somewhat more willing to catch an early flight the morning of now knowing there's a bit more leeway in the day.
  7. The more lines I see releasing their protocols/guidelines the more optimistic I get that cruising will return sooner rather than later. One thing that did stand out for me was that they're asking you to only eat with people in the same booking, which makes sense. Since I mostly travel solo sometimes I find it fun to request a larger table to see who I meet, looks like those days are gone for awhile QR codes and reduced occupancy I'm looking forward to though.
  8. It gives me some measure of hope that I'll actually be on Harmony in December, I'll take it Worst case...I'm just paying off some of next years early.
  9. it's a (much) smaller line and right now operating strictly in Norway, but Seadream's been having some fantastic success with it's sailings so far. They had a webinar yesterday where they went into some details about the precautions they're taking and how excursions/etc are working for them.
  10. Of those I'd go with the T6i, it's just a little more versatile than the T7 and gives a bit more room to grow while they figure out what they really enjoy. LCD, microphone input, better SD card capabilities, and higher iso capability pushes above the T7 for me. Reality is, don't overthink it too much though, pretty much anything from the last decade is going to be sufficient and allow for a _lot_ of growth to someone just starting out and as they figure out what they like doing a lens/reflector/flash etc will offer a much larger improvement than a new feature in a camera body. (some excepti
  11. Yeah, to me that's the main indicator that they have confidence in sailings resuming shortly in some capacity. I just have no clue what it takes to get a ship/etc ready that's been without passengers and a large portion of the staff/crew for several months, if there are other indications that a ship is being prepared for passengers again.
  12. Spent some time this morning deciding how I wanted to handle upcoming final payments, current FCC's, etc and started to wonder, what would the initial signs be that Royal (or any major cruise line in the US) be that they're confident in restarting sailings and what would a timeframe from those signs be? A few things that I figure we'll see first, and I'm going to use the assumption that they are confident in their ability to protect themselves, their crew, and passengers. Detailed plans announced for mitigation (reduced capacity, reserved seats at shows, how dining/bar services will
  13. To be expected, I figure anything that I have booked between now and spring will be canceled. Worst case...I'm right and my vacation fund for next year just keeps getting bigger (maybe I'll finally get to Antartica?). Best case I'm wrong and "yay cruise day!".
  14. How many cartwheels would it take an average height adult to get across (bow to stern) deck 15 on an oasis class ship? Bonus points if the degree of inebriation is taken into account.
  15. Yup, no idea if I was "victim" of a beneficial mix up or not, but I got everything back as cash except 25% of the fare. Really surprised me since I expected to just get it back as a FCC.
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