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  1. It's a hard choice to make and depends on what's more important to you; the chance to take the cruise or the peace of mind that comes from a certainty. For me, I had to make the choice on my July 12th trip a little while ago. Flights, hotel, excursions, drink package, etc were already done and the final payment was all that was left and I opted to cancel. The stress of not knowing if we'd be sailing or not (95% not) didn't let me enjoy the lead up and planning for a trip like I usually do. If I kept researching and planning on sailing then I'd just be extra disappointed if (when) the sailing was actually canceled, instead I decided to just focus on further out plans and making new ones. It didn't hurt that I'd already had a few land based trips canceled as far out as September already. Knowing that this cruise wasn't going to happen for sure let me destress a bit and I'm spending time thinking about December and February trips and figuring out what I can do in 2021. Still does leave a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth though since it was planned for my 40th birthday, alas I guess pandemics take priority.
  2. On my way to dinner a stop at the Wonderland bar for a Rolling Stone, although looking forward to trying the urban garden martini at CP150. After dinner an espresso martini or another stop up to Wonderland to ease into the evening before switching to Titos and soda with a slice of orange (occasional splash of cranberry too).
  3. This portion of the post is just saying what was originally intended to be completed prior to the capital expenditure reductions or deferrals, while the linked article and translation list what's currently slated to be done.
  4. Royal math. Something to do with how many they plan on selling, what the current sales numbers are, and likely a ton of other factors. I've got pricing for DBP on Harmony for $49 one week and $57 the next, then two months later on Odyssey it's $84. If you're going to be getting internet too a lot of times the DBP+Voom package is a better deal too, on the Harmony ones above it's only $8 extra for voom instead of the $11.50 for getting it separate. As far as I know though the current promotions they're running are only for sailings from September -> December. Buy when it hits a price you like or can deal with and if it drops later you can cancel and rebuy 🙂. I use it as an excuse to check back several times a week and daydream a little while waiting...
  5. @WAAAYTOOO and @AshleyDillo Thanks! That's part of my worry is that I'll get sick of them, at home I eat pretty cleanly and after a few days of heavy/rich food I'm just craving a salad or something very vegetable heavy yet I'd feel "obligated" to eat at a specialty. Most lunches wouldn't be of interest to me either, maybe one each week. I think the 3 night dining package each week would be the perfect way to do it, realistically I'd want to do Wonderland, Izumi Hibachi, Chops, and Jamie's once each and CP 150 twice, then augment with Izumi ala carte whenever I'm in the mood for that. Much obliged! Sometimes I just can't decide until I get an outside view 🙂
  6. I know that procrastination feeling all too well! let me know if this works to attach it, I just took out the confirmation numbers/etc and left everything else. Trip Overview - HoS - December 13-27 2020 - clear.numbers
  7. Hmm, I have mine in "Numbers" instead of excel, but can likely export and send you in whatever format if you want it. It's a little different than yours though, I have a spreadsheet for each trip with tabs for: Itinerary - Each day where we are, what time we get there / leave, number of ships in port with us, general idea of what I have planned or an considering for morning/afternoon/evening and notes for if I purchased anything (beverage package/etc) Confirmations - listing of confirmation/reservation numbers for everything from cruise, flight, parking, hotel, shuttle, etc. Possible excursions - anything that I'm considering doing or that looks interesting, the current price, links to reviews of it, etc Packing list - broken out into carry on (mostly electronics), checked bag, and the toiletries bag in the checked bag Shopping list - any consumables, etc that got used up on my last trip, or if I'm just in the mood for something different Todo - the before I leave list, making sure I have a mail hold done, someone to watch the cat, updated kindle with fresh books, things like that then it's kept in a dropbox folder with copies of confirmations/receipts/etc.
  8. Rather than mourning for my lost vacations this year I’m turning towards research and planning for my annual holiday escape a few months early. I can only imagine what my research spreadsheet's going to look like by the time December rolls around... I’ve been trying to decide what to do with dining, breakfast for me is usually just coffee, lunch is light (salad or a wrap usually), but dinner I enjoy sitting down, enjoying a meal and resetting myself for the evening. Not a fan of buffets, especially now. So...couple questions that Is it worth getting the UDP for a B2B sailing on Harmony? I’m a bit of a foodie, but it’s not a life changing thing for me. I’ve tried Chops and Wonderland, really enjoyed them both and after looking at the menus for the other venues I think there’s enough variety there to keep me happy with dinner for two weeks. On NCL, having the dining package every (or most every) night is pretty much mandatory for me since I’m not a huge fan of their MDR, but I don't have enough experience with Royal to make a judgement yet. I will say on my last cruise on Harmony I found the food in the MDR "meh" but the service was amazing, so with that in mind I'm leaning towards getting it for both weeks. What impact does “Holiday Celebration Dinners are not included with this package.*” have? Is it just a special meal in some venues for Christmas night or are you not able to use it that day/evening at all? Any opinions, thoughts, or random penguin pictures are appreciated.
  9. Long as it's at least 7 days I'm totally down with that, I love the private islands and sea days.
  10. Where to even start? Embarkation day mani pedi before muster to get the trip started off right. Mornings, love getting up early and catching the sunrise over the ocean, enjoying what feels like a nearly empty ship for awhile, then grabbing some starbucks and sitting down to read. Randomly meeting people and making friends, some of the friendliest and my most favorite people I’ve ever met were on cruises. Deluxe beverage package. It does not go to waste and that’s all I’ll say on that one. Looking forward to / planning my next vacation, with having two already canceled and July’s I’m not confident about (to put it mildly), I haven’t been doing my usual obsessive research about places to figure out what I want to do. Until thing settle it’s like I don’t want to get my hopes up on a trip only to have it cancelled.
  11. Went with two, the first one seeing all the other ships just waiting to take people off onto fun adventures for the holidays, and the second my first time on RCL and seeing Central Park.
  12. Oh this so much! There and Jamaica I couldn't go 5 feet without someone yelling that they wanted to braid my beard. Or sell me brownies. Felt perfectly safe though.
  13. Can also look at this as an opportunity to do an inexpensive upgrade of your cabin. Last December I was in a similar situation where they’d slashed prices top an absurd level in the last couple weeks before we left. Called in to see if I would be able to upgrade my cabin, for just over $20 I moved from an inside to a balcony. Worst case you get a vacation at a price you were happy with in September, best case you get a better vacation than you were expecting 🙂
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