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  1. Yup got the cancelation email for the December ones, perfect timing since I canceled the flight and hotel this morning
  2. If you don't mind them holding the money for a few months if/when it doesn't sail, and you're not going to get too upset if you book on a ship that ends up not sailing, I don't see why not. Think it'll be a long shot that they'll be sailing and you'll pick a ship/sailing that happens, but with the current policies there's not really any downside, and some potential upside to it. I've got a couple booked for before/during Christmas that I expect will be canceled, I'm holding onto them for the FCC/cruise planner credit boost (even when it cancels it'll be a win!). Thought about booking a
  3. Given the "ambivalence" shown towards other methods of mitigation I think it's more accurate to say that they've shown that testing as the near sole means of mitigation isn't effective. There's ample evidence towards its effectiveness as a step when included with other measures recommended and enacted by other countries / sailing cruises. That said, I do agree the your last statement. Despite my delusional hopes I don't really expect to see cruises back until Spring, for a multitude of reasons.
  4. My guess is the first sailings we'll see will be Symphony/Harmony doing modified itineraries, likely two private island stops and maybe Cozumel starting early/mid November and then joined by Oasis/Allure early/mid December with the same. That's not really based on anything other than my desire to keep my b2b on Harmony this year and prices jumped 30-50% on those sailings for non suites while bookings are still pretty light. So, basically the delusional hope of a moderately insane person.
  5. Yup, I'm mostly looking at Cape Liberty since that's only about a 6 hour drive for me. I've given some consideration to Amtrak in a sleeper roomette to get to FL. Since I work remote now anyways the extra time spent traveling doesn't really bother me and might be fun to try. Just not sure it's actually much better than flying. Had a pipe dream of just getting a dirigible and moving into that instead of a house, maybe one day.....
  6. Yes and no. I pretty much constantly have the sniffles this time of the year due to allergies (even on medication for it). Fever's a bit different, I rarely get one of those unless I'm sick...and I know I'm sick. A common cold is a virus, so yeah, you could expect a fever with that. Until details around the secondary screening they've mentioned are announced it's hard to say what's involved, but we can look back to March of this year when they announced secondary screenings and what they'd entail: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/03/05/royal-caribbean-adding-mandatory-temperatur
  7. I think it's a good start and I like most of the recommendations. They laid out the measures that they recommend be taken, which ones should be adjusted as time goes on and which ones would be here for good. They also went into substantial detail on what each one could look like and their rational for them. I'm ok with being in a holding pattern right now, there's too many unknowns and too much at stake to make a quick decision right now. The CWC program has given people that want more certainty the ability to get a FCC for later or lift and shift their cruise to next year, so in theory
  8. I would actually be completely on board and looking forward to a 7 day private island / sea day cruise.
  9. Most likely, yeah. My guess would be that to get off you have to have an excursion ticket (through them or a verified one) and if you venture away from your excursion group then you're not allowed back on board. MSC did exactly that. Best thing to remember though is these are the guidelines they're proposing, not a solid plan for what's going to happen. I would guess (and I do mean guess) that they have more detailed plans internally that will be shared once the CDC approves sailing and things get closer to actually happening. There's a ton of leeway in these which is a good thing w
  10. I like it quite a bit, still a lot to read through on the details, and of course it depends on the CDC/etc, but very promising. One interesting note so far, while they're recommending shorter sailings they're saying 10 days or less and not the 3/4 day ones. I'd guess that most sailings fall into that category and could see some 7 night oasis class sailings with a couple cococay stops and one or two other ports.
  11. Yup, I started to fill it out and just realized the answer is "yes, oh dear god why are you even bothering to check". I just need to get a cocktail version of this for easy mask wearing and drinking and I'll be set.
  12. To me there's not really much to discuss about it. I'd imagine that as part of any lead up to sailing resuming that they'll announce what will happen if you're denied boarding, similar to how they did in the last couple of sailings before everything shut down. Likely a FCC or refund for the cruise fare. It'll be up to people traveling to make the choice, do they want to accept the risk that they could get denied and have to make their way home and lose the costs associated with travel, or if they want to take advantage of one of the CWC options. I fully agree that we'll likely see some
  13. Haha, not much of an actual chance of that! I like to book out of Port Canaveral so I can come in a couple days early for some quality time at KSC
  14. Having later checkins like that makes me somewhat more willing to catch an early flight the morning of now knowing there's a bit more leeway in the day.
  15. The more lines I see releasing their protocols/guidelines the more optimistic I get that cruising will return sooner rather than later. One thing that did stand out for me was that they're asking you to only eat with people in the same booking, which makes sense. Since I mostly travel solo sometimes I find it fun to request a larger table to see who I meet, looks like those days are gone for awhile QR codes and reduced occupancy I'm looking forward to though.
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