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  1. Depending on the ship there is a coffee shop called Cafe Promenade or Cafe-Latitudes, they have americanos, expressos, lattes, etc (very similar to Starbucks). they serve either Starbucks coffee or Seattle's Best. INMO the coffee served in the dining room and buffet is mediocre to poor at best. Like has been said if the Ship has a stand alone Starbucks that is not included.
  2. I was on the Adventure in August and we got off in Cozumel; took a taxi downtown did some shopping and had a drink and caught a taxi back to the ship. We are vaccinated and no different from pro-Covid with the exception of mask requirements. Unvaccinated could only get off with a RCL excursion.
  3. Okay got a question for those that have had conch fritters. I had them at the British Colonial Hilton in August, they were mostly breading with a small piece of chewy/rubbery conch in them. Are they all like that?
  4. Everyone will be off the ship by 9:30 am, you can request a specific departure time and they will normally accommodate you. I would factor in 20-30 minutes from ship to baggage to customs to out on the curb.
  5. @RaDar You can grab cookies (or any food) from the Windjammer or Cafe Promenade to take back to your room. You should also be able to get small bags of chips at Cafe Promenade to take back to you room. They also sell snacks in the shop at inflated prices, so if Cheeze-its is your go to bring them aboard in unopened boxes/bags. If you have the Deluxe Beverage Package no need to bring on any drinks, I usually get a cocktail to take back to my room at night to enjoy on the balcony; if no balcony find a quiet chair on the upper deck or Promenade.
  6. It was an option on the cruise planner before the cruise, and it was scheduled for lunch on one sea day.
  7. I did the Sushi & Saki lunch on the Adventure last month, and I would highly recommend that one. Other wise you can order ala carte
  8. Yeah I think i may have created a suite snob too. Just came back from the Adventure of the Seas in a JS for the first time, DW loved the tub and extra room. I have to admit I did enjoy the larger room, now she keeps asking me about a JS for our cruise next September.
  9. The few times i purchased the 3 night dining package you are asked to choose either the first or second night and your time and they always assigned me to Chops. Best thing to do is go to one of the specialty restaurants or one of the crew selling dining packages when you get on board and make your reservations for all 3 nights.
  10. I can't say for certain but other venues including the Chefs Table makes allowances for allergies/preferences so I don't see why they wouldn't.
  11. I agree with doing the ruins in Costa Maya, the trip to Tulum from Cozumel is a lot of traveling by ferry and bus for a short time at the ruins.
  12. @Snotarni and @joshgates thanks for the input, we went ahead and booked it for our upcoming Adventure sailing as we both like sushi. I saw a Youtube video of the experience and it looked like a great meal.
  13. Questions for anyone that has tried this. (1) Did you enjoy it? (2) Seems like a lot of food, is it smaller servings? (hate to feel like I am wasting food).
  14. Hi sorry that this happened and hopefully Royal will do something for you. Two questions: Did your hubby ever test positive and which vaccine did he receive? And was the other person vaccinated and if so what vaccine? I wish the CDC would provide us with honest numbers of those who tested positive after being vaccinated and how many vaccinated were capable of transmitting the virus. I doubt we'll ever see that kind of honesty from them.
  15. I do check a bag for a suit, couple pair dress slacks, 3-4 shirts plus the wife's dresses make up/creams/women stuff (stuff that don't pass muster with TSA liquid regs). I use dry cleaner bags to seperate items. This is similar to the case I use
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