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  1. A couple drinks we like from the Schooner Bar Sandy Collins (it's made with Scotch) and the DW likes the Brandy Alexander
  2. Agree that cancelling and repurchasing on line is the easiest way. Don't forget to print out your receipt.
  3. I'd like to see videos of the various bars/clubs, entertainment and dancing spots.
  4. Check out the free Duval Bus Loop bus, it actually drives up and down the streets on either side of Duval Street. While you don't get a narrated tour its a good way to get from attraction to attraction. https://www.carfreekeywest.com/duval-loop-bus
  5. My Harmony cruise was booked on my very first cruise on the Oasis in April 2018, they were offering up to $600 obc but that was for suites if I recall that correctly. Did not see as good as a deal on my other two cruises, so it may have been something special.
  6. When I booked my second Grandeur cruise at next cruise on Majesty, i got mid-ship cabins for the same price I was able to get fwd/aft cabins before the cruise (about $50 pp savings). And the next cruise agent had more cabins available than i saw before the cruise. Not sure why this was but that was our experience, was going to book it anyway for the $100 pp deposit as we booked two cabins and a deposit of $400 was way better than $1,000. In regards to the transfer to your agent, we did reprice one cruise that was booked at next cruise, lost some obc but the overall cost was lower. My primary reason was the reduced deposit, that way I don't give them the money till final payment if I wish.
  7. Have only been on three cruises, the first one we got $325 obc and $100 deposits on the Harmony. the second one we booked the Majesty and got same deal as we could have gotten before but again $100 deposit and $125 obc, on the third one we booked the Grandeur, rooms were $50 pp cheaper and we got $50 obc and $100 deposits. So on the second one we got a $125 deal and on the third one we a $150 deal. Told my TA that I wasn't planning to book another cruise on our February HOS cruise; she smiled and said yeah right. Now I've got to research 2021 cruises before February. To see if you are getting a good deal, check prices on the cruises you'd like to take before leaving for the cruise; and then see what next cruise has to offer.
  8. Cloisters on Paradise Island is another good place.
  9. I guess we are in the minority, who enjoy dressing for formal night. I wear a dark suit and the wife wears a gown or cocktail dress on formal nights, now on other nights I wear trousers and collared dress shirt or maybe a Hawaiian style shirt and the wife wears a dress or slacks. After diner we enjoys the shows and bars so staying dressed is not a problem for us as we treat it as a date night. Daytime is for shirts and t-shirts. One part of me wishes the cruise lines would enforce the dress code in the MDR; the other part of me could care less what other people are wearing. On our last cruise one of our table mates was upset that we dressed for formal night (I wore a suit and the other two gentlemen wore ties). He wore a short sleeved collared shirt and said we made him look bad by dressing up for dinner.
  10. Only have three cruises under our belt, but we prefer early traditional seating in the MDR. We only eat a light lunch, that way 5:30 isn't to early for us to eat dinner. The first cruise we had late seating 8pm; the DW didn't like finishing dinner until 9-9:30pm; not enough time for dinner to digest before heading to bed. The next two cruises we did early seating 5:30pm; that worked well for us, we were able to finish dinner and had a good 4-5 hours to enjoy the evening activities on the ship. There were several times that we didn't make it back to the ship in time to clean up and make it to the early seating. So on those nights we ate at the Windjammer.
  11. Never been to Chichen Itza but we did do the San Gervasio and chocolate tour. The ruins are not towering temples, but I still found them interesting and the chocolate tour was educational too. Our tour guide was Jesus and he was very good (funny, entertaining and informative). We also chose this one because of the long travel time. We have done two other ruins in Costa Maya, they were more intact and larger than San Gervasio.
  12. Our first cruise was Oasis of the Seas, the next two were Grandeur and Majesty. We were told we were doing backwards, that we would be disappointed with the smaller ships. This was absolutely not the case. We loved the Grandeur and even the Majesty; these two ships can't be beat for relaxing and enjoying the ship. On the smaller ships you feel more connected to the seas and feel more like you are cruising. The Oasis was great and had lots to do; the smaller ships more laid back. You can't go wrong with either.
  13. Thanks for the information, we are wanting to try Wonderland for the unique experience, but at $49-$55pp I would probably go with the 3 night package at $99 to get the better deal. The only thing holding me back is that we have enjoyed the traditional MDR experience. But who knows once we try specialty dining that maybe our new favorite way to dine.
  14. I agree with mworkman that if you wear jeans in the summer in Florida the ship will not be a problem. CP can be hot during the day and warm at night; but I didn't find the temperature uncomfortable on the ship, except on the pool deck in the sun.
  15. Thanks for the info, do you mean that Wonderland is offered as an option on your Cruise Planner? We've done Oasis once but this is our first time on Harmony. I'm still 6 mo out and it is not showing as an option yet, I am showing a Chops +1. I don't normally get beef out as my son and I split a black angus cow every year; so i get plenty of red meat at home and it's hard to beat the quality that we get.
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