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  1. I do check a bag for a suit, couple pair dress slacks, 3-4 shirts plus the wife's dresses make up/creams/women stuff (stuff that don't pass muster with TSA liquid regs). I use dry cleaner bags to seperate items. This is similar to the case I use
  2. There is also a facebook page for this sailing as well as a roll call on the cruise critic forum. Some have recommended Junkanoo Beach for reasonable eats and drinks.
  3. Welcome, B2B - I'm envious . We are arriving one day early an staying at the British Colonial Hilton, this will be our first time on AOS too.
  4. I've done the San Gervasio and chocolate tour thru RC and booked my own tour with Trikes Cozumel; both were good. I've also taken a cab downtown and explored on my own.
  5. The main dining room is not open for lunch on port days; however it is open for breakfast. If you need lunch on port days, your choices are Windjammer, Cafe Promenade and other small shops that vary per ship.
  6. Yes always pick up a few t-shirts at these sales, wonder how they will handle these post pandemic free for alls?
  7. Freeport cruise port is in an industrial area so not a lot close to port; however they do have a small area with a Senior Frogs, and little huts where you can purchase Souvenirs.
  8. Glad to see another Governor is ready to drop the mask mandate. Looks like soon the CDC will be the only ones left holding the mask.
  9. There has been a lot of good advice given, My #1 advice is don't be late getting back to the ship! I like to study the deck plans so I know where everything is especially my favorite places (i.e. Schooner Bar, Cafe Latitudes). I also recommend watching some you tube videos of the ship tours, I'm the kind of person that likes to walk out of my cabin and know that I need to walk aft and go up 3 decks to get to point A. I saw a video once of a couple on embarkation day who had no clue where anything was and spent several hours wondering the ship first up then down the fwd then aft. They began to get frustrated before they found what they were looking for.
  10. I'm hoping that by the time I cruise in August, masks are but a distant memory or at least masks won't be required outside. I'm fully vaccinated and according to the vaccine mfgs, i only have a 5% chance of catching Covid and a 0% chance of being hospitalized from it so I don't see the need for a mask unless I'm in close quarters with unvaccinated people. Here in WV the governor is lifting the mask mandate effective Jun 20th. In the stores I'm seeing an increasing number of unmasked shoppers; I say that it's risen to a 2-1 ratio. The people are tiring from the mask requirement and starting to revolt, in our area there is no shortage of vaccines and they have become available at local pharmacy's or at a twice weekly mass vaccination clinic.
  11. Just booked this one last night, can't wait to get back on a ship. Doug and Anna here and this will be our first time on Adventure looking forward to that first Lava Flow as soon as we board. Anyone else on here coming along?
  12. I don't have a problem with wearing the mask. My concern is will i be able find a seat to enjoy the Schooner Bar and other night clubs.
  13. We had room 6668 on Harmony before the covid shutdown. I was concerned about the noises to, but we never heard a thing from the elevator lobby.
  14. I've got an 8 night in March and a 9 night in September booked was going to change the 8 night to a 12 night but was hoping it's easier to modify and 8 night to 7 than a 12 night to 7. I've been pretty positive for cruises to start back up again so I can take the 3 that i have booked for next year, but with the latest from the CDC I'm not as optimistic as I have been. Starting to look at a land based all-inclusive resort.
  15. RANT ON: This is just another example of entrenched bureaucrats that have lost touch with reality. They know nothing beyond the little bubble they live in. Here is another news flash for them. Pedestrians who cross streets are more likely to be struck by cars, than pedestrians that never cross the street. Live is a series of calculated risks, let individuals weigh the risks and let them make their own decision. Its easy for these government employees to advocate for businesses to shut down, they still are getting paid. RANT OFF
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