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  1. Thanks, last time we got a cab to Mega Plex and walked to Pancho's Backyard, so if they leave us off at the Mega Plex I can grab a cab to Panchos and then start walking/shopping back and grab a cab when were ready.
  2. Yes it is, you can find them on facebook or the web.
  3. Thanks for the great information. I understand that they pick you up at the port and take you to their shop. Where is their shop in relation to the downtown area? I want to look around downtown after the tour before heading back to the ship.
  4. Has anyone done this excursion while in Cozumel? If so, did you enjoy it and did you have ample time to take photos? I've seen them on facebook and it appears that sometimes there is only 1 trike on the tour.
  5. Great tour Chris. Oasis was my first ship and I had the same reaction as you when I first boarded. It was WOW, look at that, this is awesome!
  6. There was food available at San Gervasio to purchase.
  7. Guess I've done it dozen of times and survived. I think most of the "disappearances" could be chalked up to weather and mechanical issues. I guess you could tell him your going and hope you don't get abducted by aliens.
  8. I use a local agent, I also prefer a face to face encounter but i do use email/phone to contact her mostly for an appointment. I research cruises, airfare, hotels and rental cars and really know what I want before I talk to her (she says I'm easy to book a cruise for, as I already know what I want). She will take what I want and check prices and availability at several sites and I pick the one I want. Before I cruise, I meet with her to pick up all my travel documents, yes I can print them out myself but she puts everything in envelopes and organized. That face to face also gives me the assurance that if I have a problem she will take care of it for me. She told us the first time we used her that if anything didn't go as planned call her (she can help with cancel flights, etc.) Some of the big box stores may offer more OBC but I don't have a lot of confidence in talking on the phone to someone I've never met. Anyway that's just my 2 cents.
  9. Have a Caribbean cruise in February and and Alaska cruise for June and I have been making packing list needed for months, not actually selecting clothing but style/type. After a land trip to Florida next month I'll most likely pack shorts, swimsuits and summer wear in packing cubes for the February trip since there will be no need for those things in the Mid-Atlantic till summer.
  10. I agree the included coffee is hit or miss mostly miss. It is tolerable if you add sugar and cream or bring your own flavored creamers. I usually get the beverage package and go out each morning to watch the sunrise from the top decks and enjoy my coffee.
  11. Thanks for the conformation, we are planning on Chops, Wonderland and 150 Central Park for the Harmony. I saw one post that said someone made their reservations in the terminal prior to boarding. Is that something that's usually available or do we have to wait till we get on board? Also is it best to go to one of the restaurants or speak to one of the crew members hawking specialty dining?
  12. The terminal is a bit chaotic in the early morning, this was our first cruise and really wasn't watching the clock closely. We dropped the luggage to the porters sometime between 8:30-9:00 and many were still getting off the ship. I made two passes thru only because I missed seeing the porters the first time. After dropping the rental off, we arrived back at the terminal and there were maybe 50-100 people in line waiting for them to open the terminal doors. Once they opened things went quickly and we had to wait for boarding to begin around 11:00. I understand there can be some congestion/confusion early but it doesn't make any sense to run empty shuttles back to the port. I'm doing Port Canaveral again in February and planning on dropping luggage off first and returning the rental at 9:30 and getting to the port shortly after.
  13. Oasis was our first cruise; and is so big that you can't do it all in 7 days. We got back and were looking over the cruise compasses and said wow we missed that show or this activity. We did get to see all of the reserved shows but did miss some of the standard ship shows. Jazz4 is such a small venue that we were never able to get a seat; you will have to get there early to get in. Going on Harmony in February, so maybe we have a do over. Watch ship videos, pictures and study deck plans so you will know how to get around the ship as it will save you from getting lost and wandering end to end.
  14. I third the holders with the steel cable; also since we arrive the day before I don't put them on till we are in the hotel that night or first thing in the morning.
  15. The one we did was the jaguar cave tubing and jungle trek. I believe it was supposed to be about 1/2 thru the jungle, you have to carry your own tube. The path is mostly hard pack sand/gravel and the trek was relatively flat. Hardest part was you will have to cross a creek/river water is 2-2 1/2 feet deep and walk down then up a flight of wooden steps. The steps had the potential of being slippery and I think it was a bit rocky after the steps going up. The float down the river is slow and easy. The walk out was short. Depending on when you get there they may feed you before or after, we ate before. Chicken, rice plate. They have a DJ playing music and you can purchase drinks there; they also have a souvenir place. We are middle 60"s and pretty active and didn't have any problems with it.
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