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  1. I don't have a problem with wearing the mask. My concern is will i be able find a seat to enjoy the Schooner Bar and other night clubs.
  2. We had room 6668 on Harmony before the covid shutdown. I was concerned about the noises to, but we never heard a thing from the elevator lobby.
  3. I've got an 8 night in March and a 9 night in September booked was going to change the 8 night to a 12 night but was hoping it's easier to modify and 8 night to 7 than a 12 night to 7. I've been pretty positive for cruises to start back up again so I can take the 3 that i have booked for next year, but with the latest from the CDC I'm not as optimistic as I have been. Starting to look at a land based all-inclusive resort.
  4. RANT ON: This is just another example of entrenched bureaucrats that have lost touch with reality. They know nothing beyond the little bubble they live in. Here is another news flash for them. Pedestrians who cross streets are more likely to be struck by cars, than pedestrians that never cross the street. Live is a series of calculated risks, let individuals weigh the risks and let them make their own decision. Its easy for these government employees to advocate for businesses to shut down, they still are getting paid. RANT OFF
  5. We live on the boarder of WV/VA. Our doctors are in VA and my mother, myself and my wife have had the nasal swabs for COVID testing done in VA prior to a scheduled medical procedure and the results have been back in 48 hours. In WV they have rotated testing on demand around the various counties, I do not know how long it has taken to get those results. Will be seeing my GP doctor next month and I will try to ask her about scheduling a test prior to a cruise and see what she says.
  6. Labadee, Haiti and Falmouth, Jamaica were two of our first cruise ports also. As has been said, Labadee is Royal's private resort, we went hog wild and booked the Dragons Breath Zip line and a parasailing excursion. I highly recommend both it was a great experience. One word of caution, there is an artesian village market that has various types of souvenirs, the vendors are pretty aggressive and if you’re not used to high pressure and intimidating salesmen it can be a very unpleasant experience. At the time of our visit, Jamaica was experiencing a lot of crime involving rival gangs and
  7. twangster: I see what you mean, sailing west does sound like a better deal. I had't realized that the time would change every day, but it makes sense. I wanted to take a baltic cruise in 2022 and taking a eastbound TA before it sounded good, but now I gotta look about the the TA after a baltic cruise. Thanks for you wealth of knowledge and experience.
  8. What do you mean by a different vibe? or is just the time change?
  9. For years, I resisted the wife's suggestion that we should take a cruise. I thought it was to expensive; that I'd be bored trapped on a boat, then a coworker told me how much fun they had (this is a person who loves work and has to be made to vacation) I decided to give it a try. Our first ship was Oasis in April 2018, and we fell in love with cruising. Love that we could be as busy or relaxing as we wanted, explore ports we had never been, pampered by the crew, more food than one person can eat and sitting on the balcony with a nite cap listening to the ship cut a path thru the ocean, Sin
  10. Check out the Duval Street Loop Bus, it's free and easy to get on. Some good sites are Mallory Square, Truman Whitehouse, Hemingway House, The Butteryfly and Nature Conservancy. Stop in Sloppy Joe's for a drink, the Southern most point had a long line when we were there last year and wasn't worth the wait to us.
  11. DandA


    They have umbrellas all over, it was like 1 umbrella for every two chairs when I was there in February 2020. We were at chill island and oasis lagoon both had plenty of chairs and umbrellas.
  12. 03/26/21 Grandeur of the Seas 09/09/21 Enchantment of the Seas
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