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  1. How did you receive the onboard credit for your cruise planner purchases as ours were refunded as well? A perk from your TA or Royal just gave you OBC just to make up the difference?
  2. We were one of the Lucky ones that had our reservation lifted from Indy for the same dates and moved to Odyssey. Unbelievable luck and they kept us in a Jr. Suite for the price that we already had which was already a deal for Indy we thought. This will definitely be the only time we ever cruise this new of a ship for such a deal.
  3. Anyone going on this cruise, wish it was 7 nights and not 6 but still excited regardless. Will be me and my wife’s 1 year anniversary but also our honeymoon if it sails. Would love to meet up with a few folks!
  4. I feel like they are going to be higher just in general for a time once we get back to cruising because the absence of cruising has pushed up a demand not to mention how many people have probably rescheduled further limiting the supply. I think it will be 22 and prices will settle down. Just my opinion but it seems that a lot of the offerings are higher than what I remember pre COVID.
  5. I play the black Jack and the Slots game I didn’t realize there were 5 what are the others?
  6. Oh yes, it is more miss than hit, I think maybe one 1 out of 5 of our last cruises it was actually "cold".
  7. Thanks Landry_TX that is what I thought I just wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience. Good looking out!
  8. So as I was watching ship tours the other day and someone was showing off the mini-fridge it got me to thinking. Our fridge has always been empty when we board and we will occasionally use it for waters, perfect for next day recovery. My question is, can you ask for it to be stocked by your room attendant? Obviously there would be a charge associated but if you wanted soft drinks or beer put in there is that something that you can request? Is this that something that is available in higher level rooms? I appreciate any feedback!
  9. So I have recently started playing this after hearing Matt talk about it on an old podcast. So I already have enough points after like a month for a $100 onboard credit but it says that it is for new sailings and there are a bunch of other stipulations. Have you or anyone reading this actually done the onboard credit and know how it works? I have a cruise that has obviously been scheduled for awhile in September and I am wondering if I can redeem the points to add $100 onboard credit to my account or do I need to do it when I book my next cruise? I would love to know anyone's experience.
  10. Currently just have one on Independence of the Seas on September 5th. With todays news that the CDC is going to play ball and announce the path to restart cruises I am more hopeful that we could actually go on that cruise. That being said once cruising resumes I will be adding several to the calendar. Hopefully the next one we book will be a RCB group cruise in 2022!
  11. That is correct, 28 points in a suite on a 7 night cruise. Including the not so suite Jr. Suite.
  12. The sad part is that My, Wife and I have discussed if it is more financially sound for us to just book a cruise that potentially we cant go on if we could get the points to move up.
  13. @wordell1 I feel it. I am currently at 40 points even. and I was looking to make a solid jump up to Diamond with the double points and strategic bookings.. but i guess that will just be the nature of the beast!
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