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  1. I was wondering if it's ship specific...what ship are you sailing at the end of Jan?
  2. My wife and daughter just went on a three-day sail on Navigator in December and had the expedited boarding. My wife and I are sailing on Oasis in a couple weeks and we don't have it. My wife and I are Diamond level. Is there any rhyme or reason to this? Thanks for any insight!
  3. My wife and I went on a seven-day cruise on RC for our anniversary two years ago. It was the first week of March and it was a total spring break crowd, and I mean CROWDS of college kids whooping it up for Spring Break. That being said it ended up just fine. Expect some longer lines at the outdoor bars, busier hot tubs and an overall rowdier vibe, but for the most part it wasn't an issue and in some cases (the outdoor pool contests, dance parties, etc.) it made it more fun.
  4. Hi folks. I'm getting ready to sail on the Oasis in January. There does not seem to be many videos on YouTube showing the "reimagined" ship. Has anyone on this forum sailed Oasis since it relaunched in November? How does it look? Thanks!
  5. I've sailed a lot on Royal Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. I have a sailing coming up out of Puerto Rico and I'm a little intimidated because I have never sailed out of that port before. How is the cab ride to the terminal, the terminal itself and the embarkation process? Thanks for any insight!
  6. Thanks. Will our friends staying in the Junior suite also be able to attend the sail away party?
  7. Honestly, I would gladly swap with someone who's in a Grand Suite that has more than two people. I'm going to call Royal and ask them about it. Swap rooms, that is
  8. I'm sailing on Freedom on 3/3 and was just notified today that I "won" the upgrade. I wanted a Grand Suite, and got a two-bedroom grand suite. For two people. Seems silly.
  9. I'll be sailing in March on Freedom of the Seas and staying in a two-bedroom Grand Suite. We have traveling companions who are staying in a Junior Suite. I know we have access to the Concierge Club, with they also be able to use it? Also, what's the best perk of being in a suite? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  10. New York Pizza is street food, especially when you can walk up to a window and they throw you a foldable slice. I wouldn't try walking and eating a slice of Lou Malnati's deep dish in Chicago though, that's not street food by any stretch. Sorrento's has always been known as a base level, I was simply wondering if they did something different now since RCCL has publicly stated they were going to make it better.
  11. Thank you! I sailed on Allure this past February and back on it again in a couple days. I'll be able to try it and see for myself as well.
  12. I'm sailing on Allure in a couple days and saw the blog had listed "improved Pizza" as one of the top 10 stories this year. Has it really improved noticeably? I'm not a Sorrento's hater (eat a lot of the stuff when I'm sailing) but would be pleased if they upped the quality a bit. Thanks!
  13. Can anyone share their recent experience navigating through the new RC terminal at the port of Miami? I'm on Allure on 12/29 and I'll be bringing a group through there. Appreciate any tips or advice on how to get through it easier. Thanks!!
  14. We like Sabor for the Margaritas and the fresh Guacamole. The Guac was good and it's always a go-to for my wife and I. Have not been there for a full dinner.
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