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  1. I saw today that it did appear on my planner. It wasn’t there yesterday. Not bad as I mailed it in on 2/24 and it was posted in 8 days.
  2. Thank you. I called Chase and they assured me it is there and will show up. Good to know not to expect the first day. I will await the OBC for shareholders and follow up in a week or two.
  3. I did submit the forms by mail but it was only a week ago. Will keep checking in a few days as we leave 3/27. But I do not see any OBC and I was supposed to be getting one from Chase as I booked through them. I will follow up with them. It was on there papers. Thank you.
  4. Looking to watch for shareholder OBC but not sure where to look for it.
  5. If we have the Deluxe Beverage Package, can we use the Coke Machine? I am thinking that the bars will not have as many diet soda choices as the machine.
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