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  1. I've sailed on Enchantment from Baltimore twice so far this year. 1. Currently Bermuda is requiring a BTA (Bermuda Travel Authorization) that costs $40 per person. You must provide basically the same information that Royal requires (proof of vaccine, passport info, negative test before arriving) 2. No outbreaks on Enchantment that I've heard about or seen 3. You will test up to 2 days before embarkation. You should know if you are negative or positive before arriving at the port of Baltimore. No other testing is required for vaccinated guests unless you have symptoms or close contact with someone who has symptoms or tests positive 4. There have been many reports of various venues and entertainment being shut down across the fleet because they can't be staffed because of Covid quarantine by crew. It didn't seem to affect much on my March and May cruises on Enchantment 5. There is not a lot of action on Enchantment late in the evening. You should check the "cruise compasses" from itineraries that are similar to yours. (available on this site) 6. Like everything on land, nothing is working quite as well since pre-Covid, even on the ships. But, I enjoyed the cruises and adjusted my expectations accordingly. 7. Parking is $15/day. They only charge you for each night on the ship, not partial days. (e.g. 9 night cruise was $135, 12 night cruise was $180)
  2. I just got off Enchantment on Saturday (5/14). 1. Masks: A few of the passengers are wearing masks. Not many 2. The Covid Climate in Bermuda is pretty lax. No masks that I saw. The ferry from Dockyard to Hamilton was packed solid with people.
  3. I am on the Enchantment, May 5, 2022 sailing to Bermuda and the Bahamas as well. My DW and I just received our Bermuda Travel Authorizations today (May 4). Here's how the process and timing worked for us. 1. About 30 days out, we applied for our BTA and entered Passport info and picture of Vaccine card. 2. Two days out from the cruise, we both did the proctored eMed tests and got negative results at 7:30 a.m. (required by Royal) 3. At 7:30 a.m. two days before the cruise we finished our BTA applications by uploading a "pdf" of our negative tests. 4. DW got her approval the next day (one day before the cruise) in the morning. I got mine the day before in the late afternoon. We had to electronically sign and initial the form before it was completed. YMMV
  4. For me it usually lasts a couple of days. I actually like it. It makes me feel like I'm still on the ship!
  5. I always carry my luggage off. I've found that if I leave during the end of the self-assist time, the halls are empty. On our last cruise in March 2022, self-assist started at 7:30 a.m. We left our room at 7:50 and walked all the way to immigration with no one ahead of us. Immigration agents were talking and just waved us through.
  6. It gets a little more complicated if Bermuda isn't your first stop...
  7. The Bermuda Travel Authorization has to be completed or you will not be allowed to board the ship. If your ship is sailing to Bermuda, you must show your approved Bermuda Travel Authorization on embarkation day before you are allowed to board. You can start your application up to 30 days out from your cruise. You must pay the $40 when you first apply (non-refundable) to the government of Bermuda. Your application includes Passport info, Vaccine card image, and negative test. You can enter all of this information 30 days out... except for the negative test results. I plan to complete my application by uploading my negative test results before I get on the ship (on May 5). I will use the same test results that Royal requires me to bring with me on embarkation day. You will not need Voom, since you can't board the ship without having completed your application.
  8. Can anyone who has sailed from Baltimore since the restart share about the embarkation process? Are they enforcing arrival times? How long are the lines? I'll be sailing soon. Thanks!
  9. I have sailed on Grandeur in a forward cabin many times, usually on decks 2 or 3. Sailing from Baltimore, the seas can be rough. We often experienced "banging" of the ship into the waves. Sometimes the drawers would move in and out or the "ajar" bathroom door would open and close some. This didn't bother us. We love sleeping to the moving of the ship. However, it did make things challenging when trying to shower, dress, or whatever else we did in the room. Once in the Caribbean, the movement was much less. YMMV
  10. I was able to get my set sail pass to print without being broken up on 2 different pages by changing the print settings to "landscape"
  11. The deposit vary depending on the length of sailings. Most of my deposits are $450 each ($900 for a couple) because I book cruises that are mainly 9-12 days.
  12. I have made 3 final payments for cruises that have been cancelled shortly after due to the pandemic. I was confident they would be cancelled when I made the final payments. I have requested refunds for each of them when Royal cancelled. (I've received everything back from the first 2. The third cancelation just happened.) I just figure it's part of the game. I'm using the refunds to pay off the next cruises. (Next final payment is in February.) I understand why Royal is doing it this way. They are coming up on a year with no cruises.
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