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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome & advice guys its greatly appreciated we only have a week to decide what to do so were really feeling pressured. Was feeling really content with the Brilliance as there seemed to be a good entertainment/food/activities variety. Is there enough entertainment/activities to keep you going on the smaller ship, ive read a few old cruise compass's for the ship and they seem a little sparce? Are the offered RC shore excursions on a smaller ship the same as on a larger vessel? Or does the Odyssey have a larger choice with there been 3 times as many guests? Etc Were a very active couple so im worried well get a little bored if there isnt much to do or try on the Enchantment. Once again thanks all for all your help. It is really helping disprese some stress many thanks
  2. Hi all Were in need of some advice if anyone can point us in the right direction ... were 1st time cruisers (aniversary cruise for us) so not quite sure what to do at the moment. Like others weve been affected by the recent ship movements. We were originally booked in a grand suite (my other 1/2 is particular on bathrooms so had to be a suite ) on the Brilliance sailing round the greek isles in early Aug 23 (start Rome, end Athens) Which we were super excited about! We were looking forward to everything, the ports being perfect, trying all the speciality restraunts, playing a round of mini golf on sea days, the perks that the suite gave us on the ship etc But now its changed to the Enchantment were struggling to find that same feeling. The ports havent changed and were still in a grand suite but it doesnt really seem worth it for the same cost as the Brilliance. Only 1 speciality restaraunt, a lot less to do on ship, a lot less food choices, less entertainment, doesnt seem to be any perks for the suite etc Were just wondering are we better off cutting our losses and switching to the Odyssey in a Junior Suite? (cant afford the grand on that ship) both basically have the same port stops (minus Athens) and it would be £1100 cheaper than what were currently paying for the Enchantment. Basically is the Enchantment and the perks that come with a grand suite on it worth it? Any help would be amazing were feeling pretty lost atm & appologies for the length. Many thanks Ash
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