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  1. I like deck 7 aft.. have easy access to the boardwalk.. and central park, it's in the middle of everything.
  2. We were scheduled to sail on the Oasis on Feb 2nd, but RCCL emailed us to say Oasis got chartered for the Super Bowl.. I believe by Chick -fi-La.. so that is why there is a short cruise listed.
  3. Jiffy Jeff Transportation or SAS Transportation
  4. It was perfect.. we used SAS transportation.. no issues at all.. it was around $15 per person.. and it takes about 45 minutes depending on the traffic to get to POM.
  5. We did the same thing once in May .. flew into FLL .. and took a shuttle to port of Miami.. we were on the ship after 1pm.. and our ship didn't depart until 430pm.. so we had plenty of time.. enjoy your cruise 🙂
  6. Hello.. and welcome.. 1st of all what time of year are you planning this cruise.. ? If it is in a winter month.. fly in a day early.. otherwise if it is spring/summer month .. you should be fine.
  7. It all depends what you want to see before your cruise.. South Beach has the nightlife.. , but I love fort lauderdale beaches.. it's really your preference.. both places are nice.
  8. I pre-purchased the drink package and used my RCCL points to pay for it.. , you don't need to wait to use the points.. it's your earned money..
  9. Congrats.. you are going to love it and be hooked!!
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