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  1. That was me on my 1st cruise.. I was seated in the MDR getting ready to eat my steak when the ship began to rock.. and man did I have to run to the bathroom..lol.. and then I got back looking pale white just in time for the photo.. 😂.. and I have that photo.. lol
  2. lol.. my cruise is in Feb 2020.. and I need to lose 15lbs... but we know we can do it 🙂
  3. We have used Cocoa Beach shuttle.. loved them.
  4. Miami Vice... aka Lava Flow, always my 1st drink of the cruise..
  5. We actually just got back from Vegas.. and had 2 different buffet's.. and the WJ is comparable to Paris.. , the imperial palace is long gone.. , honestly the WJ is just as good as any of the Vegas buffet's.. except for the Wynn, or Aria.. imho.
  6. We love the buffet's in Vegas and the windjammer.. typical buffet food.. we usually eat more in the windjammer than the Main Dining room.. , but that's us..lol
  7. We used Cocoa Beach Shuttle.. no complaints.. great transportation... picked us up at MCO , brought us to our hotel in Cocoa Beach, then picked us up the next morning and brought us to the ship, and same thing on the way back to the MCO.
  8. The past two cruises we have only used the main dining room twice during the entire cruise. Everyone is different :)
  9. Never had an issues on any of the cruises I have been on...
  10. I was actually thinking about this excursion also.. thanks for the info.
  11. Cocoa Beach Shuttle.. we used them last time.. no issues. They were great.
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