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  1. Congrats.. you are going to love it and be hooked!!
  2. oh ok.. just don't remember having to reserve my seats when I was on the Oasis.
  3. I thought Aqua theater was 1st come 1st serve?
  4. Cocoa Beach shuttle.. they were great.
  5. That was me on my 1st cruise.. I was seated in the MDR getting ready to eat my steak when the ship began to rock.. and man did I have to run to the bathroom..lol.. and then I got back looking pale white just in time for the photo.. 😂.. and I have that photo.. lol
  6. lol.. my cruise is in Feb 2020.. and I need to lose 15lbs... but we know we can do it 🙂
  7. We have used Cocoa Beach shuttle.. loved them.
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