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  1. It depends what kind of insurance you want., so I used to use a TA for everything.. and he would always book my insurance within 14days of the initial cruise deposit...for me I want cancel for any reason insurance.. , so I learned the hard way last year ( when I booked the cruise by myself..and I didn't book my insurance right away, but it worked out.).. that there were only 2 options /Insurance companies that offered it after the 14days.. so if you want more insurance plan choices, purchase the insurance within 14days of deposit..
  2. I just purchased insurance for my next cruise yesterday.. now my trip isn't until 2022, all I did was pay for the cruise part now.. and I just need to call back and add on the flight/ hotel, extras.. the insurance agent just told me to call back and you can add to your insurance plan anytime..
  3. you have to reserve the same time for both reservations..
  4. Hello.. I have redeemed my points over a year ahead of time before my cruise.. and called and told them that I wanted to use the credit on my cruise planner.. and it should up within a hour after I called.. .. I would call again...
  5. Just being on a cruise is my happy place..
  6. I love American Tourister.. can't go wrong with that brand.
  7. It really is a personal choice.. my hubby and I never do the dining package.. the food in the MDR is great.. and we tend not to book excursions at every port.. it's to much.. and the point of your vacation is to relax..
  8. yeah.. it takes me a few years to get some cruise points.. but I am not going to complain.. I saved enough to have both my husband and mine's booze package paid for and even had credit leftover at the end of the cruise which they just put back on my cc.
  9. I love deck seven aft balcony.. that way you can get to the boardwalk faster cause there is an additional door at the end of the hallway that leads to it.. it is so convenient.
  10. You need to call and tell them that you want your points transferred right away so you can purchase things on the cruise planner.. I had them put my points on the cruise planner about a year in advance..
  11. I like deck 7 aft.. have easy access to the boardwalk.. and central park, it's in the middle of everything.
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