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  1. I ordered my 6 pack on Jan 5th, just received them yesterday, no tracking info was ever given. They expire 11/21/2022
  2. I ordered the 6 pack from emed, with shipping cost me around $180.00
  3. I am supposed to sail on the Symphony at the end of Feb, and l am just going to sit and wait.. it is way to early to tell what is going to happen, I plan on waiting a couple more weeks before my final payment is due to decide.
  4. I wouldn't go with the 10:30am flight, give yourself more time just incase there is a hiccup or two.
  5. That price is a good deal compared to what I am paying for it next year. $336.00
  6. and that's your opinion, which you have a right to, but not everyone can just get an appt to get tested 3 days before a sailing.. not so easy.
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