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  1. I liked the pizza.. lol.. but hubby didn't .. so I told him that when we are on the Allure that he can't have any for a late night snack.. 🙂
  2. We always get to the port around 10:30.. and usually are on board before noon.. enjoy !
  3. My hubby hated the Sorrento's pizza on the Oasis.. does anyone know if the Allure's pizza is the same.. or hopefully better?
  4. I usually have a pull string backpack.. and put my seapass and any money in a little wallet and put in at the very bottom.. and put my towels and other personal items on top.. so if anyone wanted anything.. they would have to dig to the bottom.. and that would take some time.
  5. Hubby and I got off the ship in Port Canaveral.. got a rental car.. drove back to Orlando.. and went to Sea World for the day.. then off to the airport.. luggage was in the car the entire day.. so we got to enjoy ourselves and take our time..
  6. has anyone ever done this excursion?.. looks like fun..
  7. We have stayed on the ship in a couple ports and loved it.. felt like I had the ship to myself.. no problem getting a chair by the pool.. no line for food.. it was great 🙂
  8. I would call again.. they had mine showing int CP in a couple hours.. and I got a new confirmation that showed the OBC in an email..
  9. hmm.. I can't roll my dresses., they would def get wrinkled... but they might work for smaller things.. like t-shirts.. still on the fence about them.. 😞
  10. SAS transportation, or GO transportation.
  11. Check Resortpass.com hang out at a hotel for the day.. use the pool ..etc.
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