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  1. You may just receive a refund on your credit card for the shore excursions and the drink package, I just received my refund for the cruise that they canceled.
  2. I believe no cruising at least to the fall also.. at the earliest.
  3. I have the credit card and used it towards the booze package. I pick and choose which purchases I make with the card. It took me a few years to get enough points to cover the cost of the package.
  4. I stayed there back in 2008, it was an unreal deal and when we arrived we knew why..lol
  5. I am getting a refund through RCCL for the cruise, but I need to get my nationwide cruise insurance refunded..
  6. I had a cruise booked on the majesty and it got canceled, and I also purchased insurance with National Wide, I contacted the broker and they said to give them all the info including if you are getting a refund, and they will forwarded it to the carrier, but don't know if I will be able to get the money back..
  7. Get together we the couples that are going on the cruise with us for a night of discussing the excursions we want to take,, and listen to some party music to get us in the mood.
  8. My 2022 cruise if offering $43.00 per day for the booze package.
  9. Well.. it's always 5 o'clock somewhere.. so.. morning it's either a mimosa, or what ever drink of the day is.. afternoon.. continue with drink of the day or mojito, lava flo.. night.. beer..
  10. I watch the local news and the national news every night .. and they are still talking about covid.. it hasn't gone away after the election.
  11. Just checked my Majesty cruise for 2022, and the prices went up big time..
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