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  1. I know that at times interactions with the RC service team can come with an element of frustration so I thought I would share an example of where the RC rep showed initiative and flexibility to resolve my query... I booked one of the UK only sailings on the day they became available; however upon browsing the RC web site the very next day (as I am in the habit of doing whilst I await the green light for operations!) I noticed that the sailing was available at the same price but this time with OBC as an added extra. I called RC and explained the situation, asking whether I needed to c
  2. Thanks very much to you both for some very sound advice. I will report back on whether we are successful!
  3. I am sure this has been discussed elsewhere on the boards but I have not been able to find it, so I am sorry. My question is how long does it typically take for an advancement in C&A levels to be reflected on your account? The reason I ask is, all things going to plan, we will reach Diamond during the first leg of a B2B and are wondering whether our C&A accounts will be updated in time for us to enjoy the associated perks during the second leg? If not do you think it is worth speaking to Guest Services or the Loyalty rep on board?
  4. In one of Chris's earlier updates in this series he was talking about travelling to the US to meet the ship; however whilst it seems Chris won't be on board, I am also hoping that Royal will be announcing UK cruises too!
  5. Thanks! I figured as much but thanks for validating.
  6. Hypothetical question... Say I booked a cruise as a solo traveller, completed the payment within the prescribed period, checked in online, but then fail to make it to the ship on embarcation day. I presume I would forfeit and not be entitled to any kind of refund. However if that is indeed the case would I still be awarded C&A points for the sailing at the of the cruise?
  7. We have been members of the @michelle fan club ever since we first entrusted our cruise planning to her not long before all this COVID silliness started... great timing and a great decision even if we do say so ourselves!
  8. Here is a free to view article from the BBC, with a bonus guest appearance by Quantum (albeit in reference to the false positive out of Singapore some weeks back). https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56336787
  9. I for one hope they do change their mind. My wife has had both of her jabs and I am booked in for mine (first one on Saturday) so if a RCL UK cruise did become available we would book it in a heartbeat
  10. I have applied cruise fare and cruise planner FCCs from the same cancelled sailing to two different sailings, so the condition to which you refer has been relaxed. (Well, I say it was me... truth be told @michelle worked her magic on my behalf as she so often does ).
  11. My bookings are still in the old format but I can open two tabs - one showing the current cruise planner and the other showing my order history - and then toggle between the two. Not ideal I know but hopefully the same will be possible with the new one to show you what you need to see.
  12. No doubt it's only a matter of time before they point out that had I done my homework I could have booked Grandeur out of Barbados instead!
  13. I thought the same; however as this does not apply to the ship itself whilst docked it got me wondering. Many thanks... not what they will want to hear of course, but certainly makes sense.
  14. Sorry, but I am full of questions today... We are looking at booking a RCL shore excursion during our December 2021 sailing and two of the group will be in their late teens (18 and 19). One of the excursion notes states that guests must be of legal drinking age in order to consume alcohol. This in itself is of course no surprise; however is this the legal drinking age in Antigua (16) or, given that the excursion is arranged through RCL, does the US legal drinking age apply as it does on board? Given that they can legally consume alcohol here in the UK and know they will need to
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