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  1. Following a recent cancellation I received a 125% credit for my cruise planner purchases and the reinstatement of a cruise planner credit from an earlier booking that I had reassigned to the newly cancelled cruise; however I had to say goodbye to the USD 100 promotional OBC that came with it. I questioned this with RCL reps on 2 separate occasions and received the same reply, namely that the promotional OBC goes down with the booking
  2. Talking of UK terminology around "jabs" my wife is a NHS phlebotomist and the standard line to a patient when inserting the needle used to be along the lines of "You might feel a little prick..." however that is no longer considered PC and she instead has to say "You might feel a sharp scratch".
  3. I agree regarding the second shot and only time will tell (I understand that currently under 1m people have received the first dose and I have no idea how many of them have subsequently become infected). Given the sharp increase in cases and associated hospital admissions here there is a real concern that the health service could soon become overwhelmed and I believe the idea is to give as many vulnerable people as possible the chance to build up some protection, thereby allowing health professionals to focus their attention on those who unfortunately have not had that chance.
  4. 100 million doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine ordered by the UK Government; of which "several million" are reported to already be available with vaccination due to start on Jan 4th. There has been a change to the protocol here though... it seems latest analysis shows that whilst two doses remains the gold standard, enough protection is still seen in people who have so far only had the first dose (which is currently most of them - the first person to receive her second dose did so yesterday) that none who have gone on to become infected have required hospital treatment. This is encou
  5. I am usually with you on this, but to @Allen2's point, Christmas is special in our household too so I am happy to break my own rule... but only for this one time of the year mind!
  6. We are planning on taking our first December cruise in the lead up to Christmas 2021. Whilst we will not be on board on Christmas Day itself we are flying across the pond to take a 12-night out of Bayonne, returning on Christmas Eve and then spending Christmas Day in New York (ever since Home Alone 2 was released my wife has been really keen to spend Christmas in a NY hotel ). Our boys will be 19 and 24 and are both in seemingly serious relationships so we suspect it may be the last time we holiday together as a family.
  7. We are Team Magnet, and that extends to each port of call too. Our one proviso is that the magnet includes the place name.
  8. We are in a similar situation. On our Dec 2021 sailing our son and his friend will both be 19. They are sharing a cabin and can do so as long as it is next to someone in the same party who is over 21. The cabins do not need to be connecting either, just together.
  9. Definitely Feb 2022 (sorry, I realise now how I should have been clearer - in the UK we typically refer to dates as day/month/year). Thanks for looking out though.
  10. Unless you are in the pool, largely yes.
  11. I'm on the fence... masks are required pretty much everywhere except in the cabin and whilst eating/drinking or in the pool. Now I eat as much - OK, likely more! - as the next person whilst cruising, but I am not a really a water baby and with so much to do on board we are rarely in the cabin. This is leaves a lot of time wearing a mask and I wonder whether it will end up feeling too oppressive. I should say that I am lucky enough to be able to work from my home office (and have been since March) so have not had to wear a mask for a prolonged period of time - as to whether I want to sta
  12. One frustration I do have with FCCs is the apparent lack of consistency regarding the ability to transfer currencies. We used to book direct with RCL in GBP before we saw the light and switched to MEI for our bookings and we had two GBP FCCs as a result of 2020 cancellations. RCL would not allow us to use a GBP FCC on a USD booked sailing (Michelle at MEI even tried for us too) and so we have had to cash in the FCCs for refunds instead. This came as no real surprise to us as it has been discussed on these boards before; however this week a RCL customer service representative told me
  13. As per my original post - Feb 22 on Oasis. First leg Eastern Caribbean; second leg Western Caribbean and CocoCay (we are gonna make the most of the trip across the pond once we are are allowed to travel again!) I fully appreciate that COVID could still be a factor and nothing is guaranteed. If this is the case then we will just need to flex accordingly, but being in the glass half full camp I am hoping that by then the news on the vast majority of the current COVID procedures will be yesterday's chip paper as we say here.
  14. Many thanks, that's super helpful. Just in case the situation on Deck 9 is similar to the one you have described on Deck 8, we have decided to stick with deck 10 and take the cabin next door for the second sailing... hopefully with the help of our cabin attendant we may be able to avoid hauling the luggage off and back on again on turnaround day.
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