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  1. IMHO the worst thing is when ppl need to do a rapid test at the terminal. Have a lot of friends who were tested positive with rapidtest then negative later with PCRtest. In Denmark they talk about 40% of positive with rapid tests are false positive but once at the terminal there are no time to do a PCRtest if rapidtest is positive. Imagine to have your whole family denied boarding and then discover it was a false positive later
  2. Ok, that expensive . We fly Austrian from Copenhagen €250/Pers.
  3. https://knews.kathimerini.com.cy/en/news/jewel-readies-trial-cruise-from-cyprus
  4. Don't think so because on Symphony, Allure and Odyssey in 2022 gratuity is first included in the cart .. I did try
  5. Ok. That sucks. Well, I just bought the DBP for $59 paying $826 for 2 for the 7 days.
  6. August 14 Jewel from Limassol DBP = $58 but its the old cruise planner so gratuity is already included.
  7. My Jewel sailing in august 21 says $59. Odyssey july 22 is at $107 Maybe we drank too much last time
  8. Currently 3. Jewel aug 21 (Casino comp) Allure apr 22 (Transatlantic) Odyssey jul 22 that the 2021 summercruises will go on with without any problems.
  9. Well we had the exact oppocite experience with RCCL. First we reserved a week from Rome on Explorer last year in feb. when we were on vision. Later Explorer was changed to Odyssey same itinerary (No complaint here) then when it was cancelled august 20 we made a L&S to august 21 it took maybe 10 days. Now when Odyssey was moved to Haifa we made another L&S to july 22. We choose a 8 night from Rome with Odyssey with a visit in Kusadasi(Turkey) otherwise the same as original. The price on RCCL website is now more than double/person compared to our price after two times L&S and here
  10. Yes thats true . 30 mins ago we received the email. Our august 8 cruise from Rome on Odyssey is cancelled.
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