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  1. We've had the same problem traveling from Denmark. I think RC wants to see dates on all jabs and the issuer on the same page. We got the EU vacination pass in one app but when we upload it you can't see all the data so we use another danish app wich RC seems to like better because all is visible in the same page.
  2. Symphony january 29th 2918 pax
  3. Yes, we are onboard symphony. We had the 11.30-12.00 slot for boarding and everything went acc to plan. I think we were in our cabin 20min after entering the terminal and we don't have the"key".
  4. If CDC has a lockdown of the cruiseindusty in mind again I hope they will recommend a boostershot first for all passengers onboard before they lock it down to see if that would get the numbers down. One could argue at this point in time that if your second shot happend more than 4 months ago its a false feeling of protections against omicron... If RC really wan't the numbers to go down they should ask for all adults to get a boostershot before sailing. There will always be breakthough infections no matter how many jabs they give us. Also the crew should get the booster ASAP IMHO.
  5. Have been checking cruiseplanner daily for the last 3 weeks and finally this morning the UDP was released, at least for us in Europe. After reading about the limited numbers of available UDP on some ships this fall Im so happy to have bought it. ❤ For sure we need to go on a diet before we leave for 14 days on wonder
  6. Maybe the reason why its sold out is that now you get to bring home the UDP after the cruise Now we get UDP 9 days when going on a 7 nights cruise
  7. Was finally able to pick up the UPD on Symphony 6/11 this morning after it has been gone for the last 4 weeks
  8. In Denmark the vast majority gets pfizer some got J&J. In april 100.000 frontpersonel got 1. with ASTRA and 2. with Pfizer those ppl are at the moment considered unvaxed by CDC. Hopefully we can all travel as we please soon ❤
  9. In Denmark we are 5 millions. The last 2 weeks we have had aprox. 350 positives a day. We have no more restrictions. Still I probably have to cancel symphony in november because I can't get into the US IMHO it should be possible if one is vacinated and can show a negative test. I really hope some kind of agreement will be made soon otherwise I have to cancel 2 trips on Symphony and a TA on Wonder and there will be no cruises before may 2022
  10. Can anyone confirm if the dates for Wonders TA to Barcelona will be 20/4 - 4/5 2022 changed from 24/4 - 8/5 2022 when it was Allure.
  11. We were booked on Allure from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona 14 days on 24/4 its now cancelled in cruiseplanner. Can we expect RC to move us as well to Wonder ???
  12. Everybody needs a test to reenter Cyprus after a week on Jewel so we got tested yesterday later they send an email with the result and delivered a printed version to our stateroom. All info about testing you will find in the cruise compass how and where to book time onboard. It was very easy IMO ?
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