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  1. Agreed. 10-5 was too short, especially after skipping San Juan altogether
  2. We had such a great time! Too many highlights to list, but my favorite was probably Coco Cay. Floating cabana + water park = perfect day! Hope everyone else had a great time, too!
  3. If you’re into satire, it’s a modern take on an old trope, and definitely worth a watch. Big stars put in the effort, considering it’s a Netflix original. But I thought Timothy Chalamet’s character (in spite of his late entry, and my daughter’s huge crush ) was my favorite character. Don’t tell her I said that.
  4. We’re Feb 5 too, so exciting! Wonder what the passenger count is for the current sailing?
  5. US allows you to re-enter the country with a positive Covid test as long as you have a doctor’s note confirming that you are fully recovered and free of symptoms and fever. I know Royal is still voluntarily participating in CDCs conditional sail mandate, but that could be a reasonable compromise since there are so many people testing positive right now. I’m 6 days from embarkation, and more nervous than ever that a positive result will wreck our trip even though none of us are sick. We should probably self quarantine all week!
  6. Hey Symphony sailmates! The staterooms for next week’s trip are at an all time low. Time to call customer service or your travel agent and reprice your booking. I have connecting ocean view balcony rooms, and I’ve got a $1864 refund coming back to my Chase Sapphire. Gotta love RC!
  7. Thanks for the update. Wishing you and all on board a fantastic trip!
  8. Thank you for that! Its such a comfort. Now I can start praying for negative Covid tests!
  9. Can someone confirm if Symphony is boarding today for its return to sailing? We’re sailing Feb 5 and I want to make sure they’re not canceling
  10. Is the per person price listed on Royal Up then charged per day? Or is it just that flat rate? Also, my kids (18 &13) are currently in an adjoining balcony room (Deck 9, Symphony). So would I be a terrible parent if I upgraded to a suite and then requested one as near to their room as possible? Seems more risky than it’s worth, but still tempting
  11. Sounds dreadful. Hope you stay warm and have no trouble getting to the ship. We’re so close!
  12. Woke up to see a cancellation email for my St. Thomas excursion (symphony 2/5-2/12). It was through RC, but I’m assuming the partner company canceled for Covid-related reasons, and I’m refusing to read anymore into it. No problem though, we’ll just get a taxi to Magen’s Bay!
  13. I’ll be present with the wife and kids, celebrating my daughter’s birthday. Our second cruise, first time with RC. Was really looking forward to walking around Old San Juan, but I won’t complain about an extra day to explore the ship. Watching for more updates, and hoping for none!
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