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  1. All depends how much money you win/lost overall….. I’m pretty even, and still receiving offers at least 2/3 times a month… Can not complain and want to continue my gambling sessions in Royal
  2. We are going too, no matter what.. I agree with all members who said that the cruise ship is the safeties place having almost 100% vaccinated and tested… If you don’t believe it should’ve stay home and cry….
  3. It’s their own decision ( each port) based on condition report from the ship
  4. Guys, please don’t go politics, better to play nice poker on the ship and enjoy the warm weather
  5. Everybody who’s sailing on 01/08/22 on Symphony OTS let’s unite in the Club of Positive/Optimistic Cruisers Only, and let’s enjoy our deserved vacation !!!
  6. The real numbers even less, but ppl still panic
  7. Can you please update the current situation on board? we are going on Symphony at 01/08/22
  8. If you really don’t wanna be surprised, better to cancel we are in the same edge right now , waiting for 01/08/22 and trucking all possible info
  9. Worry about Symphony of the Seas current status for continuing service and port entries after Covid situation on last cruise Share any info you know about it, please..)))
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