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  1. We are still waiting for our refund & notice of credit. Has anyone received either of these from the Jan 8 Symphony cancellation? Any updates?
  2. Oh no- I’m sorry for you. The rug was pulled out from under our 1/8 Symphony voyage as well. So I know how you feel.
  3. I’m still reeling from this cancellation. Totally bummed and depressed after a year of planning. Flew home and decided to work on my vacation week to save the time off. Right now I’m not sure I even want to use the credit and try for another voyage.
  4. So we made it back home. Had a nice evening in Miami last night. Air2Sea was awesome in getting us on an early flight this morning. The worst part is that Royal keeps sending us updates via the app like “Welcome aboard ~ Be sure to complete your safety instructions”. Nothing like a little salt in the wound
  5. Our Symphony Jan 8 sailing was just cancelled. We just landed & got the email while waiting for our bag in MIA
  6. We just landed in MIA for our Symphony Jan 8 sailing and received the cancellation email while waiting for our bags. On the phone with Air2Sea now trying to find a way back home. Fun times.
  7. ^^ This People need to realize that the objective of the media is not to tell you the news.
  8. That would be great! Hoping you are right. This makes me think otherwise, though: https://www.cruisehive.com/msc-cruise-ship-denied-entry-to-its-own-private-island-in-the-bahamas/62897
  9. Wow. This is spiraling quickly. This decision will definitely determine if we cancel our January 8 Symphony cruise. If Coco Cay is eliminated we will cancel - it’s the stop my wife is looking forward to the most.
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