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  1. I’m looking to book same room on the Anthem. What are the advantages for your move from 8th floor to 10th floor?
  2. Shoot, you are actually considered to be a “late” starter of your blog now. People start them now over a year before sail date, which is good for me because I enjoyed reading everyone’s excitement about their upcoming cruise. One of the first live blogs I read was yours Lovetocruise2002. You did a wonderful job!
  3. Let Siri type for you - great idea! I could sit at a machine at the Casino and speak to Siri. I wonder if she would pick up the background noise. Lol. Can we switch our internet back and forth from the phone to I-pad?
  4. Do the smaller ships have a suite lounge or diamond lounge?
  5. Looking forward to your blog. I’m thinking about blogging on our February cruise but so afraid I’ll just blog until I’m on the cruise. Will you use a computer or just your phone for blogging?
  6. Excited to follow your blog. Thinking about a suite on a smaller ship but so afraid I’ll wonder why I got a suite on a smaller ship. Looking forward to your thoughts!
  7. Thanks! I’m guessing things will not change by February. I wonder if I could ask for a few meat trays and extra soda and unofficially host one in my room? On my last cruise in October I hosted a slot pull and had 60 people show up. Wonder what’s the difference regarding to crowds?
  8. I know that before covid Star Class was allowed to host a party in their room with food and drinks. Does that still hold true…or, are they not allowing due to the whole covid thing? Has anyone done one lately. Thanks!
  9. Oh my gosh, I’m sad that your blog has ended. You really did a great job! I plan on blogging a bit on my star cruise in February. Notice I said, a bit. The casino gets really jealous if I show my attention too much elsewhere. It’s called an addiction…..but, that’s a story for another time. Once again, you totally “rocked it.”
  10. Your star experience has truly been amazing. I’m hoping my genie on allure in February reads this blog!
  11. Awesome….just awesome. One of the better written blogs. I love how you all shared your macaroons too!! Keep writing!!
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