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  1. Way off topic, but there’s a lot of knowledge here. Has anyone had Monica as their Genie, if so, would you tell me a bit about her. Thanks!
  2. I’ll never understand the swinger lifestyle. On my nights out, Old White Woman here, certainly wouldn’t want to spend it having sex. Seriously, give me a good meal and a good machine. I get enough at home, but maybe it’s being with a new person which is the excitement…too much work. I would scare the man when my bra came off, and my boobs drooped sideways. just saying.
  3. Come on, we gotta be friends. Everyone would be saying: “Here comes the old white woman with her colorful friend.”
  4. Their spaghetti is my favorite. I’m going to order it on our cruise in February…..multiple times, even though we will be star class. The chair does look a bit funny where it is located, but I would use it to stack my dirty clothes. Who wants to sit that close to two walls? Now, get out there and tell me who is messing around on whom.
  5. On Allure Star a few weeks ago, the genie met us at our room with a porter/cart. There were five of us. When we got on the elevator, our genie used a special card to make the elevator that was going up to go down. He stopped others that wanted to go up from entering the elevator. Our genie then handed us over to a special worker and the porter handed over our stuff to another porter. We were escorted thru customs then the porter packed us into a cab to go to the airport.
  6. Bring it on! One day of pictures should capture “a whole day” from when you rise out of bed in the morning until you turn your lights off that evening. By your pictures we should be able to experience, without words, a day in the life of twangster
  7. Our Genie figured out fast that we were not looking to be his “friend.” Actually, he seemed a bit relieved. Every night he met us at dinner where we gave him our snack and breakfast orders then he went on his way. There’s always one room that wants the Genie’s attention constantly. One Genie told me that he received a seven page letter with all their requests. Seven pages. I told our Genie before we cruised that we wanted to eat at 6pm every night and snacks in the room in the evening. Preordered two birthday cakes and asked for early shows. Told him we had one excursion but would leave ship each day at port to walk. Bang, we were done! When we eat in the dining room hubby and I are a bit more chatty but immediately request a “faster” served dinner. I’m done with my salad here comes the next course!
  8. You sound just like me! Small talk is hard for me, even though people would say I’m outgoing. Chef’s table was a failure for all eleven at the table. Ours lasted for four hours. I’m just not that interested in hearing all about the dish I’m getting ready to eat. But I can see a foodie and wine person totally enjoying the whole production.
  9. After your experience I’m definitely going to pack more in my carry-on! How man outfits are you all having to work with? Did you run and buy some stuff before you boarded the ship?
  10. What a wonderful daughter you are for taking them to experience Star Class. You surely gonna get extra “Heaven” points!
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