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  1. 20 days to go. Looks like we will stop in Labadee... Haven't been there in 10 years so I'm looking forward to it. Do Jr suite guests have access to Barefoot Beach?
  2. Hi @BrianB, How are things on Anthem? I'll be on that ship in 20days. I sailed on Anthem at the end of November and had a GREAT experience.
  3. Quick story. I was in the app looking over the check-in prompts and noticed for a quick 10 seconds I could not see my stateroom or muster station. It was blank. I got soooo excited thinking my royal up was accepted.... Then my original stateroom appeared.... My heart sank . I'm 25 days out so it's not to late. LOL
  4. What happens on a test cruise? I'm scheduled to visit Labadee on 2/14.
  5. Thanks KLA this is very helpful.
  6. Do you know the price range of the water taxi? We planned to book through RC. Thanks so much for your help
  7. Do you all have a preference of the two: Maho Beach vs Great Bay Beach? I'm looking for a low cost beach excursion that included a complimentary beach chair and access to purchase local foods Thanks
  8. I just put in a bid for the OS on Anthem for a Feb sailing. Send me your mojo
  9. I'm on a Feb sailing and I'm just wondering. For about 2weeks my Feb 11 sailing on Anthem was missing from the website, but now it's back. There seems to be A LOT of available rooms, especially suites. Just curious if RC would cancel if passenger counts are too low.
  10. Sharing is caring I just spoke to a rep from RC and they said this sailing is sold out, which is why it isn't showing on the website. Hopefully, it's sold out due to limited capacity, but the rep wouldn't confirm. The good news is, I was able to get a $170 price reduction and take advantage of the $50 OBC promotion. I'm a bit nervous, but we are still planning to be on this cruise.
  11. Hi @wmtyner Unfortunately, I will not be on this sailing. We decided to switch to the Anthem departing on Feb 11 to avoid air travel. I wish you and your family a safe and great trip.
  12. If you win a Star Class suite through Royal Up do you get all the benefits associated with it?
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