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  1. I didn’t realized Odyssey lacked the indoor spaces that Anthem has. We enjoy sailing out of Bayonne in the winter for longer sailings because it saves airfare… this is disappointing news
  2. One of the Next cruise agents told me this was happening when I was on Harmony in Dec
  3. Hi, I came here to learn when Cape Liberty itineraries will be released for Nov. 2024 - Spring 2025, based on the comments looks like it could be within the next few weeks.
  4. Someone at the Next Cruise desk told me Odyssey is replacing Anthem ( I know that’s not summer).
  5. How is the food at Sabor? I’m planning to eat there on the Harmony?
  6. How was the brunch? Is it similar to taste of royal?
  7. This is the appointment my friend made at Walgreens and she wasn’t sure because the staff there told her it wouldn’t be accepted for travel.
  8. Thanks for sharing that. I came to the group to post this and ask if it was acceptable.
  9. GM, Yes, we are all checked in for am 11am arrival. I hope the weather is nice and the checkin process moves quickly.
  10. Thanks everyone for responding! I already purchased the teens a Voom and refreshment pkg. They are 15 and 16 so my hubby and I can enjoy the suite lounge (and maybe CK) without them. We always tip our stateroom attendants a lil extra for great service (which we usually get), but I didn’t think about them missing out on standard gratuities when more ppl are added. Is there anything else I should be mindful of? I really just liked the idea of us all being in one room. However, the costs for all 2BD suites were too expensive when we booked.
  11. Hello, I have two cabins booked a Jr Suite (adults) and CP Balcony (2 teens). If my Jr Suite bid wins a Royal Up for a 2 bd grand suite. Can my entire family spend our sailing in the 2 BD suite? Will anyone notice that “extra people “ are in the room? Also, what will happen to my CP Balcony? I know we can’t cancel it, but is it ok if we leave it empty? Thanks
  12. @Lexster can you share information about the bus line from the port to Cocoa Beach
  13. I hope so, I have not gotten my FCCs and I need to use them on my July cruise for my niece and nephew.
  14. Hi, Have any of you used the Pullman bed in the Jr suite on oasis? If so, do you have pictures of the set up? I’ll have 2 teens of opposite sex, and they’ll each need their own bed. Also, do you have pictures of what the sofa bed looks like when it is made up for sleeping? TIA
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