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Sick Passenger - last minute need to cancel

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All set to sail on Anthem tomorrow, 4 of us in a suite and my Mother In Law set to stay in an exterior cabin, on a linked booking. 

She has come down with Pneumonia and has been advised not to travel. Unfortunately for her, with no travel insurance that would cover it. 

Given we are within 48 hrs we cannot cancel the Dining package and internet online any longer. 

I’m aware that the fees paid to Royal for her cruise are forfeited, but is it worth me calling them to see if we can get any taxes and port fees back, or is it not worth it? Would that need to be done on the phone today?

for the packages we booked - am I able to get those as OBC to my account even though it was her reservation linked to mine? Or are they lost too?

thanks for all the help - still very much looking forward to our first cruise, and first Star class experience!!

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15 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Is there any chance that your MIL would test positive for C-19 ?  If so, she may be able to negotiate an FCC.

But then potentially becomes a close contact and a reason to deny or delay boarding to a linked reservation.

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