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  1. Also pay attention to ship time versus local time. They are not always the same. Today Aruba is an hour ahead of ship time.
  2. We were cleared for Aruba right at 8am this morning but a lot depends on the local officials who clear the ship. Also if there is a medical event along the way and they need to divert for an evacuation it can delay an arrival in any port. Both are out of Royal's hands.
  3. There are quite a few partial ship charters that hold meetings in them. There are also special interest groups like quilters who all get together and quilt, or sew, or knit, etc. Group cruises come in all sorts and sizes or interests. They make for great COVID testing lab rooms right now too.
  4. You still get two 50% off beer/wine coupons, each. That's four for a couple. That's effectively the same as the old BOGO but better. You don't have to buy both at the same time now. Under the old BOGO you technically had to buy one and get one right then and there and in some cases they made you get the same drink for the BOGO. Now with two 50% coupons each you can use them whenever, one for beer, one later for wine.
  5. Normally I'd say 30 days but check the app, however in this case Wonder is still not in my app, although it is for some apparently.
  6. Crown and Anchor onboard offer letters for all levels - Odyssey of the Seas, January 2022 Gold: Platinum: Emerald: Diamond: Diamond Plus: Pinnacle:
  7. Aruba and Curacao have not closed their countries to all ships, they reacted to select ships early on when Omicron was first impacting cruise ships in a significant way. Now that cruise ships have adapted I suspect we'll see fewer ships being turned away. As Omicron continues to fall off that will also improve the results.
  8. The Canadian Federal government has created a really confusing website where it's clear as a foggy day what the rules are. Then as a citizen you show up to get back into your own country and the Province declares you failed to meet Federal policy so they slap a $5,700 fine against you. I'm not even sure it's legal. Somebody needs to sue someone, but the feds didn't fine you and the province didn't create the rules they are fining you for breaking, so who do you sue?
  9. On Odyssey they are doing both a B2B test for me on this cruise and also said next cruise they'll do another test so I can board Celebrity Edge the day after.
  10. Yes, by default you need a credit card. There is a slider that you use to apply any OBC you have. Without that action you need to pay with a credit card.
  11. The last minute whimsical rules of international governments is a big reason why I deferred my European cruises until a hopefully better time in the future. I chose to sail close to home and avoid flights for now. I know that doesn't help Canadians very much right now and I can absolutely see why some would do the same thing I'm doing with European cruises. Canada really seemed to lose its mind with Omicron and tried very hard to make it unattractive for Canadians to leave Canada. Mission Accomplished.
  12. I feel your pain. I flew to every cruise to make Pinnacle. Then I moved. I think I got my timing wrong.
  13. There is a beach club in the works for Nassau. Not exactly another Perfect Day CocoCay but a beach club. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/04/14/report-royal-caribbean-targeting-january-2023-opening-of-royal-beach-club-nassau-bahamas Perfect Day Lelepa in the South Pacific was delayed but still in process. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/lelepa-cruises Antiqua was supposed to also get a beach club but that postponed indefinitely, for now. Royal's acquisition of a resort on Freeport has also been postponed since the sale fell through. In that case the government didn't like the bidding process so they are trying for more money. Royal is presumed to participate again once the Bahamas opens it up. Rumors of a Labadee update haven't been confirmed by Royal but anticipated.
  14. CDC guidelines should not have been a factor for in transit guests on their way to Canada. Health Canada is another matter. The wife clearly would have been an issue at the border but a simple $5,700 fine and she could have returned to Canada. That fine is courtesy the Province of Ontario. So maybe staying in the US was the cheaper approach for her. Many Provinces have been charging the fine even for Canadians who mistakenly show up with an antigen test. Seems like negative PCR test or $5,700 fine in many Provinces. Kids with a negative PCR test in hand should have been allowed to fly on to Canada. The airlines would have accepted that, CBSA would have accepted that. Who placed them under CDC guidelines?
  15. There is also Captain Jill's Galleon near the end of the pier in the arrival's plaza. No charge.
  16. Suites don't often get the close in deals because they tend to be in high demand and often sold out or close to selling out. Plus Royal can make more with Royal Up bids.
  17. Close in deals and CAS specific deals vary. Sometimes only interior or OV cabins get them, sometimes balcony and suites do as well. It varies by ship and by sail date. I've seen a great rate on a cruise but the B2B rate on the next cruise wasn't attractive but the one after that was. Deals are out there but sometimes you have to hunt and peck for them. If you are okay with interior cabins you'll find many more close in deals.
  18. I think we've all been there but in the end, years from now, the wait will be forgotten. Knowing we all go through this, literally every one of us, regardless if it's one point or seven, we've all earned it fairly.
  19. "Up to" are key words. It will be applied automatically when using your CAS number during a close in booking. It often isn't combinable with all other discounts like age or state of residence or NextCruise OBC if you are on board booking a close in sailing at NextCruise. Over the years I've stopped paying attention to the various marketing names of promotions and just look at the price. I plug in my details, age, name, CAS #, state, etc. and if I see a nice price for a close in sailing I book it. In the past the close in sailing promo was called "Going, Going, Gone" but I haven't seen that used lately. I called this the GGG rate. So yeah, close in deals are real but you can't assume all discounts stack on top of each other. Sometimes GGG was better than CAS so I didn't get hung up on the stacking and just enjoyed a good deal when I got one.
  20. Reports of 1,634 on board and it feels lightly loaded. No lines at bumper cars so we stayed on for two sessions although they did let a new driver join us mid-session (yes they made us all stop first ). Later I, along with three teenage girls, defeated the Kraken in Zone Zero: Swashbucklers (virtual reality experience). Apparently they enjoyed it so much they almost peed their pants. TMI.
  21. Under the terms of the official CWC program - no. Call your travel agent or Royal if booked direct and ask. Sometimes they will do things that aren't part of an official program. It never hurts to ask.
  22. Day two of an Odyssey eight night cruise. Just pulling out of Nassau. As far as I know we are visiting Aruba and Curacao as planned. Great cruise so far. Went to NextCruise and made it a B2B.
  23. For D+ with $51.98 off the onboard rate on short sailings it's often better to buy it on board. For best savings wait until day 2 to buy it on board. The concept is you are in the homeport until 4-5pm on day 1 and then within cellular range until 6 or 7pm as you sail away. Then you have dinner and a night 1 show. Do you really need to buy Voom for day 1? By waiting to buy a Voom plan the on board until you wake up on the morning of day 2 the has dropped significantly and with the $51.98 discount you can save money . For a 3 night Freedom Voom is basically free for a D+ on board when "bought" on board using your CAS discount on day 2. For a 4 to 6 night cruise Voom can be cheaper on board using the day 2 method. At $15.99 in the cruise planner you can save ~$15 on day 2 of a 4 night sailing. A lot depends on the daily rate in the cruise planner. When I was on an Empress itinerary that left Miami and stopped in Key West first I'd wait until the morning after we left Key West and I'd buy Voom on day 3 for even more savings. If you can live without internet for a few days waiting until day 3 or 4 on longer cruises you can save quite a bit. If your cell plan includes Mexico as many do now and that is a stop on day 3 you can save by waiting until you leave Mexico and then buying Voom later in the cruise or getting by with the two free days of Surf at zero cost. Start a free Surf pass at 12 noon and you'll have it for half of that day and half of the next day until noon. By splitting days you sort of get two days coverage using a single day pass. If traveling as a D+ couple you have four Surf day passes between you. Share them (and buy at noon) and you can often get by without spending a dime for Voom. If Surf is good enough for you.
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