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  1. The fact that Royal has secured credit to get through 2021 without cruising revenue should tell you all you need to know. It's going to be a while.
  2. The Cuban government contracted a 3rd party to expand the port capabilities before the travel ban imposed by the US. Global Ports Holding had plans to increase the Havana port to six berths by 2024. https://www.globalportsholding.com/ports/17/la-habana-cruise-port Global Ports Holding has also contracted with the Bahamas to upgrade the Nassau port facilities. They are also involved with Antigua's port expansion. Given Cuba's history with both foreign and domestic land owners it wouldn't make sense for anyone to build their using their own money.
  3. The market seemed to like it, stock is up nearly 10% based on the call. Given the "bad news" the market took it very well indeed.
  4. I think this varies greatly amongst cruisers. The cruiser who can take several long cruises every year are not the majority. I'm thinking the average US cruiser might take one or two cruises every year or two. Often when you look at the numbers revealed at the top tier events you appreciate how many on board are new to Royal (often the majority of the ship). I tried a number of cruise lines before finding Royal and staying here. I think it's natural for people to try different lines. The side effect is diluting progress in any one loyalty program. I think it's perfectly normal for Diamond to be achieved over many years, often ten or more. Diamond Plus is more than double that commitment but for some people as they retire or have more time as empty nesters they can cruise more so some people achieve D+ quicker than how long it took them to achieve D. Bottom line - it all depends. There is no normal time to reach any level. With enough time and money you can move up the ladder quickly but that isn't the norm.
  5. They say they have enough credit potential to last through most of 2021 with no revenue.
  6. Back on the ship a brave (and cold) soul was thinking about the Flowrider.
  7. It's always nice to sample a local beverage. Might as well get it right at the source.
  8. Full of history my stomach suggested it was time to track down a local favorite food. Time for a walk through the streets of Halifax. This will do.
  9. Time for another Citadel. This one protected the city and harbor of Halifax. Why is it that Canadians always have their cannons pointed at a cruise ship?
  10. Day Seven Morning finds us slipping into port under the cover of darkness.
  11. Getting late. Almost time for... ...a hot tub before bed. There's nothing like a relaxing sea day before a port call the next day.
  12. Later in the Promenade was the two for $20 sale... Oops. Wrong slide. It's 70's night in the Promenade!
  13. How about some mini-golf? You don't see too many two level mini-golf courses at sea.
  14. Day Six I've landed back on Adventure of the Seas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in between ports. I need a sea day to slow down and relax so this is perfect. Let's take a look around the ship while we wait for our next port.
  15. I don't have pics of the 2 bedroom GS unfortunately. I do have some Mariner pictures around the ship in this thread: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/9391-recap-mariner-4-night-bahamas-sept-21-2018/
  16. The Healthy Sail Panel will have some initial thoughts near the end of August. I'd suggest waiting to see what of those are made public rather than wild and unsubstantiated speculation by those like me who have no idea.
  17. Here are some GS pictures from Navigator. Mariner will be very close.
  18. Using Navigator as an example (in 2019): JS Card GS Card
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