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  1. The entertainment and some food venues are different. The solarium is a little different. Otherwise nearly identical.
  2. Both are great choices. I have a slight preference for Navigator. Cabins were touched during the Navigator AMP. The resort style pool deck is nicer. Mariner does have Hibachi though.
  3. Sometimes I've seen an extra "free" day if you purchase the full voyage package on boarding day. Varies by ship. Kind of debunks my buying Voom on day two strategy :) This is from Ovation 10 night sailing. Note the "High Speed + 1 day FREE". However in your case it specifically says Prepaid. Ships are doing away with codes. One less thing to distribute. When you sign in it knows you pre-purchased it.
  4. This cruise ends in Vancouver. It was a repositioning cruise of sorts. Tomorrow she leaves for Hawaii.
  5. People say to roll your clothes. I tried it once. My suitcase has wheels on the bottom and I rolled it all the way. Clothes were still wrinkled. Perhaps the airline didn’t roll my suitcase.
  6. Royal seems to be testing higher Voom prices like they did with other items like drink packages.
  7. Lesson learned. Repricing usually requires losing certain perks or benefits to take advantage of current promos. . Particularly in your case if they have to cancel a booking and create a new one that is clue #1 you will have any cruise planner purchases cancelled. Next time you know the questions to ask.
  8. Possibly related? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/08/28/spotted-2-day-thrill-waterpark-pass
  9. 2 years ago a loyalty ambassador forecast big changes in the coming months. BIG! 2 years later nothing. The Crown & Anchor Society is a very successful program. Change is always possible but I stopped listening to rumors and prognosticators a long time ago. Enjoy D+. Great accomplishment. Not a huge bump over D but that’s why it doesn’t have its own name. It D plus a few things.
  10. No. At this time there are no suite areas or benefits at CocoCay.
  11. That's why they can't raise prices to cover the $18 DX mistake. When they raise prices many people stop buying the package. You can see that trend in many different posts on the topic. If they could have raised prices and had minimal impact to sales they would have raised prices long ago. In the end the market (us) indirectly dictate prices. When they raise them if sales remain the same that is the new normal price. If they raise prices and people stop buying it, they have lowered revenue, not increased revenue. When they raise prices and sales fall the natural reaction will be price reductions. Until the recent price increases the DX price was largely unchanged from 2016 when the DX was first introduced. Yet cost of alcohol, beer and wine have increased for all of us over the last 3 years. Prices of individual drinks have increased on board. A price hike was due simply because of the cost of inflation and cost of goods compared to years past.
  12. As @JLMoran mentioned I was there last year. Saint Johns is very walkable with a nice walk along the waterfront to the reversing falls. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/9521-adventure-ots-13-night-snowbird-migration-quebec-to-ft-lauderdale-oct-8-2018/&do=findComment&comment=87555 I used my phone GPS that took me through town and residential neighborhoods on the way there only to find the nice riverwalk on the way back. Very walkable city.
  13. All signs indicate Melody but until it's officially announced it is subject to change.
  14. At the moment Royal IQ is the app for Ovation. It features an $8 per person, per cruise chat feature.
  15. When I saw his post I was SMH. Must be a slow case week for him. Clearly it's the cruise line's fault for placing itself in the jets path.
  16. I live near a base and certain military jets are ear splitting even at normal altitudes for approach and landing. I've also seen military jets perform low passes near ships. Not the altitude described above but even 1000' off the surface these planes can sound like they are coming into your cabin.
  17. Voyager class (Mariner) is a favorite of mine. Perfect size. AMPED ships are even better. I've done Carnival 3 night from California and it was a party crowd. People passing out before muster. Mariner and/or Navigator when I did them this past year were nothing like that. The weekend 3 night cruises definitely have an energy to them and more of a festive culture but not a drunk college cruise although it was pretty lively late in the evenings on some nights.
  18. I bring my mask, snorkel and fins. When I cruise with my dive buddy, between the two of us that is a good part of a 3rd suitcase. When I dive and cruise alone I scale back my formal wear to contain everything including my mask, fins and snorkel in one suitcase. That doesn't include BC, regulator or anything else. I'm okay renting BC and regulator. Mask is personal in terms of fit. Find a good one and bring it. Same with fins IMO, I've seen meh fins when renting. I've thought about stepping up and buying more gear. I did so when I was young and diving in my teens. Life and kids sidelined my sport for a while and when I got back into it all my gear was so out of date it wasn't worth trying to use it in modern times. In that sense I wasted money on a BC although in the early days of BC's mine was a good one and a lot better than rentals 30 years ago. Now in modern times lately, I've enjoyed better BC's in rental then I might buy and travel with. Not always and it varies from island to island but generally speaking... My advice - bring mask, fins and snorkel. Great for snorkeling if some days allow it. Go with rental BC and regulator for now. If you really embrace it and dive often, buy your own gear. If not, live with rental BC and regulator. Sometimes excursions are offered with gear and without. You would have to book 6 or more dives per year to cover the cost of "with gear" versus "without gear" excursions for at least 3 or 4 years to break even.
  19. You going to lay it on the kids all at once or surprise them with Disney at the end of the cruise? "Okay kids get in the rental car, we have a very long drive home". "I think I'm lost, we ended up at.... DISNEY WORLD!!!!!". LOL
  20. Why not just use wifi calling? No fees, no roaming. No teaching someone at home about a new app and how to use it. I could never train my elderly parents on an app like that, I just call them and their phone rings with my caller id. Easy peazy.
  21. Royal Platinum cruises will be provided Captain Club "Select" benefits when sailing Celebrity. https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits
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