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  1. They are on the wall near where the night stands normally rest. Both sides had one IIRC. The makeup area also has an outlet presumably for a hair dryer but could be used for charging devices too.
  2. Every situation is unique depending how the projected path of the storm aligns with the itinerary of the cruise that week. There is not a one sized answer that addresses any flip from western caribbean to eastern caribbean or vice versa. Like a game of musical chairs every cruise line will be trying to find a port for impacted ships when the primary port is projected to be unavailable. If you play this game one hundred times the outcome will be slightly different one hundred times.
  3. Royal doesn't put on these themed cruises. It must be a partial charter where an outside group is organizing the event. I would try searching the interwebs to see if the external group is attempting to market this event.
  4. The latest Cruise Compass from a returning guest is from May. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass?ship=1167 It shows the Solarium Bistro was available for breakfast and lunch but there were no hours listed for dinner.
  5. The answer depends on the ship, or class of ships. On Oasis and Quantum class a JS will typically receive better toiletries compared to an older ship where a JS is more likely to come with something a little better than a standard cabin but not quite on par with what full suites receive.
  6. Balconies in general start on deck 6 on this class. Deck 6 has more obstructed compared to the deck 7 obstructed cabins. The obstructed cabins on deck 6 & 7 are the same price so compared to deck 6, deck 7 is much better. Keep in mind both are advertised as "obstructed" so take them for what they are - a way to get a balcony cabin ar a lower price with the trade off of accepting some obstruction. These are not sold to unsuspecting cruisers, anyone booking an obstructing cabin should expect... an obstruction. There are a few spots on deck 6 & 7 that are not obstructed by the vast majority of deck 6 & 7 balcony cabins are obstructed. Once your look at deck 8 only then are there no obstructed balconies on this class. Here are some pics from a deck 7 obstructed balcony on a sister ship. The reason to book deck 6 or 7 is save money knowing there will be obstruction. If this sort of obstruction exceeds your desires then look to balcony cabins on deck 8 or above that typically book at a slightly higher cost compared to deck 6 & 7.
  7. After you enter your details which includes cabin number it knows your CAS level and offers the discount as you purchase a plan. Very rarely it won't have my CAS discount so once in 20 or 30 cruises I have to visit the Voom specialist to get them to apply it to my account.
  8. Wait. Is this an @mpoole3 sighting on the message boards!?!?!
  9. Which ship? Not all ships have a Solarium Bistro.
  10. Not definitely but probably. However it is possible they will say its full and no ability to accommodate your MTD request on board. When it's full it's full, they won't overload it to the point you can't get in on a reasonable basis.
  11. I looked for some on another ship and only saw a Florida version that wasn't enough of a draw to get me to bite. I figure I can get a FL Starbucks mug at a Starbucks in FL rather than hauling one home in luggage coming off a ship.
  12. Royal is not out of the woods yet. $44bn in yet will lead to more cost cutting measures. The stock price is tanking, again. While regretful, the Eugene call center has had a target on it for a long time now. I'm presuming other domestic departments will face a similar fate. Hope the best for you and/or your family impacted.
  13. I sometimes wear my pin knowing it absolutely gets under some people's skin. I think it's absolutely hilarious that it bothers some people so much these threads exist. I also very much enjoy those moments when I'm not wearing it and some blabbermouth D+ is sitting at a bar like they are king of the cruise world telling everyone within earshot how much they know, most of which is wrong, then I throw down my Pinnacle sea pass card on the bar to order a drink. Go on... dig that hole a little deeper. You were saying?
  14. Next Cruise OBC is protected during a reprice. Promotional OBC is not. I've booked cruises on board during a promotion when all guests received some OBC like $75. If I had booked this cruise on land I would have received $75 because that was the promotion running that week. I received Next Cruise OBC like $100 and I received promotional OBC like $75 for a total of $175 in OBC. During a reprice later on the Next Cruise OBC was protected - the $100. The promotional OBC is lost during a reprice unless there is some other promotional OBC offered while repricing.
  15. The best parts of wearing the Pinnacle pin are not the published benefits. Crew deal with an ever changing guest population one cruise to the next. On a typical cruise roughly half of the guest population has never cruised Royal before. Crew are constantly dealing with newbies who don't know how anything works on board. When crew see a Pinnacle pin they instantly know that guest has been around... a lot. They know they don't have to explain things like to a newbie. It's not the kiss ass relationship some people assume. Crew instantly let their guard down and it's like greeting an old friend or fellow crew member. It's an ice breaker. It is said that the Pinnacle pin opens doors. That's not literal, as in crew holding a door open, but a metaphor. It does make onboard life easier in subtle ways. It starts walking to the terminal doors where the terminal contractors see a Pinnacle pin and instantly know that you know the routine. If there is a suite and Pinnacle queue they are already welcoming you without having to show a set sail pass. When I didn't wear my Pinnacle pin boarding and I've had to show my Set Sail pass to enter the right queue I've had terminal contractors suggest that I wear the pin next time. It's easier on them too since they know instantly you are in the right place. Having boarded many cruises I have learned it makes life easier in the boarding process so why wouldn't someone wear it? Why make it harder than it has to be? When it's time to start boarding and they call Suites and Pinnacle the terminal folks that are gatekeepers looking for eligible guests for that moment in time can instantly see you are Pinnacle. No need to examine your papers, keep the line moving. It's just easier. Why make it harder?
  16. There are passengers at all levels who do things that are improper or obnoxious. When they wear a Pinnacle badge it's not the Pinnacle badge that made them that way. That is just the way they are at the grocery store back home or on a ship. Honestly now looking back there are more obnoxious and whiny Diamond Plus members. It's not Diamond Plus that makes them that way. On a typical cruise there are hundreds of Diamond Plus while there may be ten or twenty Pinnacle. By shear numbers there are more obnoxious and whiny Diamond Plus because there are ten or twenty times the numbers of Diamond Plus compared to Pinnacle. A cross section of every level from Gold to Pinnacle will have obnoxious members. By shear numbers there will be more of them in every level compared to Pinnacle. Yet Pinnacle are known because of the Pinnacle pin. If every level wore a label only then would it be revealed who are the worst offenders. The lore of bad Pinnacle behavior becomes told like stories because like a bad driver in a company car it sticks out in people's minds. The same bad behavior from any other guest gets written off and forgotten.
  17. I wore my early pins as tie clips or lapel decorations. A D+ pin remains on my backpack. If someone behind me anywhere on the planet sees it they likely don't know the cruise connection while anyone who is D+ or above would likely understand what it is. Once I earned the Pinnacle badge I wasn't wearing it very often. More than one loyalty ambassador encouraged me to wear it more. One even stated they wanted more people to see there are nice Pinnacle too. When I don't wear it no one knows that I am Pinnacle. Standing in line like everyone else I blend into the crowd. No one comments on Pinnacle who know and follow the rules because the majority of Pinnacle who do follow the rules blend in. No one knows we are amongst them. That is the vast majority of Pinnacle. When I wear the Pinnacle badge and stand in the same line only then does anyone know I am Pinnacle. What has changed? I am still standing in line to enter the theater like everyone else. Then the crew start to open the doors and ask if there are any suite guests or Pinnacle and we are allowed in first. Now people get out of sorts. Now we are labelled as rude or line jumping. Royal owns the ship. Their ship, their rules. If someone is wearing the Pinnacle badge they are now identified. Like driving a company car with a large logo you stand out from all the other cars. At this point people wait and watch for any perceived transgression even if it isn't. They didn't use their blinker long enough!!! What is it that drives some people bonkers over the Pinnacle badge? Royal took a lot of effort to create them and distribute them. Royal decided to make it a name badge. Is it jealousy? Is it fear of missing out? It's just a piece of jewelry. Do these same people get upset when someone wears earrings or a necklace? Look at that person wearing massive diamond earrings?!!! To the theater no less!!! Do these same people sit in coach class on a plane and silently brood knowing that more loyal guests in the airline's loyalty club received a free upgrade to first class? When boarding a plane and walking past first class do they silently guess who paid for a first class seat and who received a complimentary upgrade? When boarding a Southwest flight do these same people hate on people who get to board before them because those passengers earn that by flying more?
  18. Royal provides all levels of CAS badges. If they are not to be worn then what is their purpose? To be placed in a box or a nightstand never to see daylight? It's more curious to me why it gets under the skin of some people. That is more telling than anything else.
  19. The ship guest services doesn't typically take calls from the outside. The ship call service was discontinued in 2018-2019 but there are still web pages on their site as if it works. If it's a post cruise issue there is a contact on land for that which is the same as the emergency travel team - (800) 256-6649. If it's a pre-cruise question you would call the normal booking number. Since Ovation is in Vancouver today if it is related to the current cruise you could try Intercruises, the Vancouver port agent for Royal in Vancouver at (206)-441-3300. This was their number in 2019 for their Seattle office so it might have changed since.
  20. Boarding in Orlando would violate the PVSA (federal law). That would amount to Royal transporting them from one US city to another, Orlando (Port Canaveral) to Bayonne. There is a federal law involved because Royal operates foreign flagged ships. In the past you might have been able to request boarding in a non-US port on the cruise but Royal has officially ended the practice of "downlining" so that is not an option either right now. Basically the answer is no.
  21. MIA, FLL and PBI airports are all open and operational. The FAA isn't restricting traffic to those airports. Hurricane Ian didn't really impact South Florida so it's not really risky. Oct. 1 is 3 days away at this point. Highly unlikely cruise operations will be impacted in MIA or FLL this coming weekend. Even Port Canaveral will possibly be fully operational this weekend. If driving the road on the east coast of Florida will likely be fully operational on Friday. I-75 most west may be questionable soon after the storm but I-95 shouldn't be impacted nearly as much as I-75 potentially has been. Depending on your state of residence the Royal Caribbean travel insurance might have 75% CFAR (Can For Any Reason) coverage. You are best to contact Royal about their insurance coverage for your state. However it's not likely that travel to South Florida would be considered risky so you'll need to find a covered reason to cancel and receive an insurance payout if the Royal CFAR isn't enough or your desired approach.
  22. Until the port re-opens and the airport hasn't yet or airlines have not fully ramped up their operations yet. PCN may be open on Friday while not all airlines may not fully back to 100% of flights on Friday. Mariner has pushed turn around from Thursday to Friday. Back in 2016 I lucked out and my flight to FLL was one of the first to land after a hurricane. I had planned to land around 10pm the night before the cruise which ended up saving my cruise. As it turned out my flight was the first to land at FLL. Everyone else who had planned to fly in before me during the day became backed up and bumped onto flights over the next few days. Those flights after the airport reopened were already mostly sold so it took days to find seats for all the displaced fliers from the airport closure. Oasis delayed their departure to around 7pm in hopes that some delayed fliers would make the ship but we ended up sailing with at least 25% of guests not on board. So airport closures absolutely impact the ability to make a cruise. Not an issue if you drive to the port but for fly in guests an airport closure can wreak havoc on your plans for days after a hurricane has passed.
  23. That would be pretty cool. In reality the Cruise Compass is created on board by the cruise director staff and they are literally making it up the day before and sometimes the day it's printed. For food venues and dining times those don't change much cruise to cruise but for show times they can make minor tweaks going with the flow of what's happening each sailing.
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