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  1. Also, my money is on Port Canaveral. Until Royal announces it, anything is possible.
  2. End of July or early August depending on the shipyard. At some point the shipyard will go firm on a handover date and then Royal will bake that into the schedule. That may have happened already (shipyard commitment) or may be about to happen soon. Only Royal and the shipyard know at this point.
  3. I emailed a crew position today for a different ship and immediately got an out of office reply. They will be "gone" for 5 days starting yesterday. They will return on day 3 of the next cruise. It's not a 3 day cruise. This is on a different ship but I suspect there are some crew needing to be by themselves not in a crew corridor for a few days. Five days to be specific. I'm thinking maybe a group of guest cabins at the end of hallway were allocated for this purpose.
  4. Heck even luggage tags can be written on the spot by the baggage handlers at the terminal. There is nothing enhanced or special about luggage tags, they simply are used to guide your luggage to the right hallway location. They quite dumb. If you wrote cabin 1234 on one that is exactly where you luggage would go. The ones written on the spot at luggage drop off are no better or worse than ones printed at home in color.
  5. Also possible they guessed at the number of cancellations wrong. In previous times there was more folks making last minute changes. Now that fare are higher, I think fewer guests are cancelling in the last 30 days since they have more skin in the game. Or... they needed cast and crew cabins for something. When a new entertainment cast comes on board there is overlap with the existing entertainment cast. If they time it wrong and the new cast can't take over (sickness, injury) they need those guest cabins longer than expected. Or if a 3rd party maintenance team needs to be brought on board and stays longer than expected. Could also be increased CV cases for crew requiring isolation cabins being consumed.
  6. Wonder if a cabin got trashed by a guest and was taken out of service. That actually happens. Stateroom attendant told me one time some drunk guests took everything in cabin that wasn't fixed to a wall and threw it all overboard in the night. Bed, tables, chair, pillows, literally everything went overboard. Another possibility is a group of cabins flooding from a broken pipe like a pool drain. It's localized but impacts several cabins. Those guests are moved and consume the GTY cabin allotments. GTY guests get screwed. Cabins get new carpet and are restored but it takes a few days. Not everything that happens on board makes the news or social media. Anyone who has worked in the hotel industry has a bunch of interesting and weird stories that never make the news. Agree though it is pretty weak compensation for boarding day. Imagine if you travelled to reach the port, spent a night in a hotel, etc.
  7. By policy the verbiage states nights 1 and 2. In practice it varies by ship. Some ships enforce the night one and two thing, some ships do not.
  8. The saga continues... https://news.yahoo.com/desantis-faces-critical-decision-cruise-151949428.html DeSantis Faces Critical Decision on Cruise Ships in Key West
  9. Check out the cruise compass section on this site: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass You can see what day your ship changed time in the past. With several Alaskan cruises completed I can't remember one where they didn't change time.
  10. It's been a while. It was there in 2016 & 2017 for sure. It was one of a few things that set the BFB buffet apart from the general buffet.
  11. In the app there is a check in button at the bottom. You may need to slide the row of buttons to the left to reach the check in button.
  12. Lost me at "left my dog at home alone". Dogs are not cats. They can't be left alone with someone stopping by daily. Maybe that works for a cat, not a dog, not for any length of cruise. "Smoking area on deck 5 and 9" What ship has a smoking area on deck 9? "Advanced internet" What is Advanced internet? There is only one package. But seriously, I can't get over leaving a dog at home alone.
  13. I'm confused. Did I suggest there is no other crime in the world? So theft should not be a crime in your opinion? Where do you draw the line? $5 theft? $20 theft? $100 theft? You good with someone stealing a holiday decoration of your lawn? Or just if Grandma steals it, so her grandkids can have a happy holiday? Or was it because it was a sweet old grandma? Old ladies can steal but a 23 year old man can't?
  14. Stealing a magnet for the grandkids? What a terrible excuse for a human. I stopped bringing magnets because of magnet thieves. Still bothers me that people think they can just take other people's hard earned things, even something as small a magnet on a door on a cruise ship. To think she was going to present it to her grandkids so they would look up to her and think what a wonderful person she was for thinking of them while in reality she was nothing but a common thief. Hopefully she is banned from Royal. No room for criminals on board.
  15. Ummm. The Royal CEO makes a lot of statements that never come to fruition. How's that free Voom working out on Enchantment that he promised back in the day? A Royal CEO once stated publicly that D+ will never been banned from the Concierge Lounge. Oh wait... That's not to say an Icon class ship won't come to Galveston, but it won't be because Bayley slipped it out. In fact I think sometimes Bayley likes to "slip" on purpose and then the rumor mills go into overdrive.
  16. I don't cruise very much anymore, just five or six per year, but when I was a frequent cruiser every cruise I booked had a TA involved with it.
  17. Single cabins designed for one person have the name "Studio" in them. In current times they don't have a single supplement component because they are by default a single person cabin. You do not pay a single supplement for a studio cabin. Therefore they don't qualify for an extra point per night for solo cruisers. Cabins that are designed to hold two or more guests when booked by a solo cruiser will have a single supplement component to the pricing. It is this single supplement component in the cruise fare that triggers the extra point per night for a solo cruiser. When two guests book a cabin there is no single supplement fare component. If one guest does a no-show there is no extra point in this no-show scenario because the original booking never had a single supplement component. This is how they track who is "booked" as a solo cruiser and who ended up a solo cruiser from a booking that was originally for two or more guests. When a solo cruiser books a cabin that can hold two or more guests the original booking invoice does have a single supplement component to the fare and that will qualify the cabin for the extra point per night for a solo cruiser. A recent interpretation expressed by a Royal agent stated if a cruise was originally booked for two guests but then one guest was removed from the booking and the booking became a solo booking, as long as that change was made > 30 days from sail date then the booking will qualify for an extra point per night. If the guest is removed < 30 days before sail date then the remaining solo cruiser would not qualify for an extra point per night. This is one agent making a statement and not a documented policy that can be found in writing anywhere.
  18. It can happen, I got a GS once on a suite GTY but it's usually JS and sometimes an accessible JS which I don't prefer myself.
  19. Star will start at the end of July in Port Canaveral and stays through at least Easter in 2026. I think those rumors you heard were people expressing their hopes and desires.
  20. Vision class ships have few balconies relatively speaking. It's not unusual for the small number of balconies to fetch premium rates. Interior cabins on the other hand are plentiful on Vision class. How do interior rates compare?
  21. You need to manually set the time on the phone and the Apple Watch connected to it will follow. Settings, General, Date & Time, disable "Set Automatically" then manually pick the departure port time zone and the time.
  22. The onboard offer letter now resembles the CAS member benefits grid online. No more separate letters for each level, it's all summed up on a single page. Radiance 2023
  23. Crew favorite stop. Walk to Walmart? Perfect for them.
  24. I don't know if Lady Baltimore has or will return. During the restart and the pandemic they didn't move her into her summer residence and since the raptor center in Juneau has dissolved. Lady Baltimore is now in Sitka it seems. https://www.juneauempire.com/news/fate-of-lady-baltimores-shelter-atop-mount-roberts-in-limbo/
  25. There is a small risk when you cancel your hold that someone could find that cabin and secure it before your TA is able to select it on the open booking. Making the changes at an off time during the evening or very early morning helps your cause. Sometimes the system takes up to 15 minutes to free up a cabin so there can be some nervous wait time when attempting a move of this nature.
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