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  1. When a plane flies to or from Puerto Rico to the mainland U.S. it doesn't stop anywhere. It flies direct. When a cruise ship sails from Puerto Rico it almost always stops in another country. Big difference. Everyone is responsible for understanding the documentation required for boarding a cruise ship. If in doubt don't ask the internet, ask the cruise line.
  2. I understand venting. I do it too. What do you want? Let's meet tomorrow on our sea day and talk it over.
  3. They might have something but it is not the normal. It's not unusual for a cruise to involve several dozen source countries and they can't offer everything that caters to all religious groups on board. My advice... don't count on it and plan to honor your religion in the best way you can on your own. If they do offer something for your religion it will be posted in the cruise compass delivered to your cabin.
  4. What does your account show? More importantly, what would you like to do? If you need some help reaching the end goal, glad to assist if I can.
  5. I’m not a big seafood fan but I will eat Conch Fritters. Yumm.
  6. At check in tell them you want to use a different card. Takes 15 seconds. They'll swipe it which overrides anything in the system even the same card number.
  7. Allure was the first beta, then Harmony. It's a matter of getting notifications to work. A chat app that doesn't tell you when you receive a chat is pretty useless - who wants to sit there with the app open waiting to see if you get a text? To make notifications work they have to open up the firewall for Apple's notification platform to function but they can't be selective. All notification start working and iMessage happens to use the same ports and protocols so iMessage works too. With iMessage working to anyone around the world some people wouldn't buy Voom. They can't have that so... they are desperately trying to figure out how to make iPhones do what they can't do. The Apple ios sandboxes applications so when they aren't active they can't notify without using Apple's notifications platform. This is why the loophole existed on RoyalIQ enabled ships that allowed iMessage to work. That's why they have one non-RoyalIQ ship and one RoyalIQ ship in the chat beta just to be able to try both versions and prove (or disprove) that various attempts to beat Apple work or not. Honestly it's futile and they may never open chat fleet wide in the app unless Apple changes their ways in some future version.
  8. It's all outsourced. Royal IT has nothing to do with the day to day operations of Voom. That's all part of the service Speedcast/O3b offers. On board Voom specialists can do certain admin functions like create or delete user accounts, reset passwords, refunds when appropriate and check user utilization but when it comes to anything truly technical they open a ticket with Speedcast.
  9. One less drink package to buy. Savor it while you can. Once they turn 21 guess who is buying drinks for one more thirsty mouth on vacation? I used this to my advantage on my last cruise with her months before she turned 21. I only had to buy one drink package. Cruising with her now just got more expensive now that she is > 21.
  10. Nice. Must be targeted, no such offer for me.
  11. Suggest you review a cruise compass collected from previous guests to see if they offer anything for that age range. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass If they do it won't be a formal program like Adventure Ocean for her age. At this age each 20 year old is different. Mine at that age was cool with hanging with me and going to the shows with me. Yours may be different. However she is an adult and the expectation is she would gravitate towards adult oriented activities onboard absent of drinking at bars. There isn't anything to be aware of specifically other than the common sense all adult women have to use in public. A guy could offer her an alcoholic drink even thought that isn't allowed by policy. At 20 some kids do drink underage at college or where ever. While a cruise is not a dangerous place for young women there is always the possibility of a creep being on board. Common sense rules just like it does in her hometown.
  12. Assuming you are open to booking any line, waiting to see all itineraries is the smart play. The exception may be if you are dead set on an aft corner cabin and only will accept the few that exist. I'd hate to book Carnival only to find out Royal has something better.
  13. They seemed eager to sell additional Chops dinners on board. You might inquire on board if they would permit a second Chops dinner in place of the galley brunch or sushi class.
  14. Drat. There goes my disguise. Maybe it's time to color my hair or something.
  15. Follow up on the transfer to the Port of Miami. Royal offered this for free. I left my cabin around 7:30am to let my cabin attendant prep it for the next guest and hung out in the Schooner Bar. Voom worked until 9am when they cycled it for the next cruise. Around 9:45am I got off and made my way through CBP. No facial recognition in terminal 18 yet. Outside I went to the right where buses for airport transfers purchased from Royal meet. They put me on the Miami airport bus and around 10.40am we left terminal 18 in Port Everglades. We stopped twice at Miami airport at two different terminals where the bulk of folks got off. We then proceeded to the port. First stop terminal A and Navigator where two guests got off. Next stop terminal G for Empress where 6 guests got off. It was pretty close to noon when we reached Empress. Painless check in and onto the ship. Beverage in hand at 12:23pm. Lyft was $36 and Uber was $39 so with tip that was roughly a $40 savings. I really appreciated this extra effort from Royal. Loyalty pays.
  16. I'm guessing Royal won't modify the excursion to return guests to the ship as these post-cruise excursions tend to end at the airport. The good news is that the Ft. Lauderdale airport is close to the port and a simple taxi or ride-share ride back. You just need to be back no later 90 minutes before sail away. I guess you could email shore excursions and ask them or try to find a local tour operator that can pick up and drop off at the port.
  17. Doesn't personally bother me but I can see how some guests could feel. Blocking off the Viking Crown Lounge every night, every day of the year for 4 hours to host the Diamond happy hour falls into that category too. When they recorded "Like Father" on Harmony something similar happened at times around the ship. IIRC they closed the Suite Lounge on boarding day for a spell.
  18. Happy Birthday! Do you drink sparkling wine? I have a couple bottles I don't need.
  19. Was wondering if that was you! How was your dinner?
  20. So pretty much the same as what occurs here in the U.S. Got it.
  21. They buy every local tender boat - literally all of them, for the day. Cabo isn't set up for big ships so when one is in port it consumes all available resources.
  22. On Empress, app works including folio (account) integration.
  23. Cruise Summary This was another bucket list cruise that lives up to that reputation. It introduced me to several new destinations that each warrant a return visit. Puntarenas and Cartagena stand out as top ports while the transit of the Panama Canal completely lived up to all my expectations. Simply wow. This is my second time on Vision of the Seas and she fulfilled everything I needed for this cruise. An issue with my cabin temperature was fixed within two hours on day one and I had no issues for the remainder of the cruise. The crew were fantastic in all respects. The only thing I can think to complain about was the lack of enough tenders in Cabo San Lucas. Using the four dual purpose lifeboat/tenders from the ship simply wasn't enough and it impacted out useable time in port. The ship offered a lot of excuses for this but at the end of the day if they can't figure out how to execute tendering in Cabo they should drop the port. Fortunately I've been there before and it wasn't the reason I booked this cruise. Seeing the operation of the Panama Canal locks firsthand and up close was amazing and I'm glad I experienced the original Panama Canal. It's not an experience I'll soon forget. When I return I'll spend more time down low watching all the action from lock level. My decision to save money by booking an ocean view cabin worked out fine. Looking back I don't think I missed out by not having a balcony or suite. Even if I had a balcony I wouldn't stay out there for the canal transit as there is too much to see on both sides of the ship. Balconies were more than twice the price of my cabin so not only did my savings cover my stay on the Queen Mary, excursions and airfare but also left enough to pay for my next two cruises. I have a few other bucket list type cruises in the future but I'll be looking out for another Panama Canal cruise after those. I hope you enjoyed following along and I thank you for viewing.
  24. A word about Voom. Vision uses the older satellite technology but having said I was able to make long phone calls and stream content using Surf and Stream. While it isn't as snappy as the new technology used on newer ship, it worked fine for me with the understanding this is satellite based internet and not the internet I have at home. Voom results for the cruise: Date Download Upload Latency 10/30/19 21:45 2.074 2.779 557 10/31/19 8:58 3.726 4.233 584 11/1/19 10:11 3.474 3.447 587 11/3/19 10:33 2.752 2.566 552 11/4/19 9:04 3.576 2.243 578 11/5/19 8:42 2.645 2.998 671 11/6/19 8:05 2.631 2.573 675 11/7/19 15:25 3.316 2.303 709 11/8/19 14:58 2.192 2.496 674 11/9/19 11:37 2.22 2.095 676 11/10/19 7:08 2.523 3.065 664 11/12/19 9:00 1.641 2.676 663 11/13/19 7:44 1.13 2.016 669 11/13/19 9:07 2.504 2.676 670 11/14/19 8:40 2.557 2.799 666
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