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  1. How cool would that be !!! We booked these 2 b/c we got casino comps. No way was I flying to Florida for a 3 or 4 night cruise, but since Dan and I both got a freebie, we each booked one of these for a 7 night-er. The drinks packages cost more than the cruises did !! We upgraded to a JS so that we would at least get double points.
  2. The B2B has now turned into a B3B, but we will still be getting off on Jan 30. I'm a terrible live blogger but I will have more time to relax this time, seeing as it's a threefer. You are going to love the A1. Very impressive and for a newbie to get to experience that. Just WOW !
  3. I sure wish they would move a Radiance class ship to Baltimore. I have absolutely no interest in Enchantment.
  4. I fear the same, Kristi. That’s why I opted for B2B Symphony Cruises in Feb 2021 rather than the super military discount deal that I found on a 12 night Grandeur cruise. I just don’t think Grandeur is coming back to Royal.
  5. I have never been in 10724 but I would expect it to be approximately the same size as 8724. I believe @CGTLH has stayed in 10724. I can acknowledge that the noise from 270 can be very loud during shows on deck 8. It was much quieter on deck 10 but we were in 10720, not 10724.
  6. I was on Brilliance fairly recently and I was very surprised at the rather pathetic kids' water play area. It is way back on the aft of the ship and has nothing else around it. I would never want to have to go there with my kids. I thought it was awful. Since you have experienced basically the whole gambit (Enchantment to Harmony) then you know the differences already. My opinion - Oasis. Every time.
  7. This is absolutely doable and is a very wise plan. When you book 1 adult in each room, you will not both be required to purchase the DBP, if that is your wish. That is a great way to work it when 1 adult wants the package but the other one does not. You will be able to get extra keys made at Guest Services so that both adults can access both rooms. If 1 credit card is paying the seapass bill on both rooms anyway, then you will have no problem with charges. In most cases you can have the OBC distributed between 2 rooms but not sure that's even an issue if 1 person is paying the overall bill in the end.
  8. Nobody knows yet, of course....but it is probably a 99% chance that nothing was done to relocate the DL. They were pretty clear that only engineering repairs/upgrades were being completed.
  9. No, it's not a problem. You will see them there until Royal officially cancels them. Not to worry
  10. Sadly, this is no longer socially acceptable. For some reason, it’s considered abusive. These days, we can only go for “I’ll slap you into next week”. Too bad. Longing for the good ol days
  11. First of all, if you are unhappy with the service you got on the original booking, I recommend that you change Agencies for the rebooking. The FCC is in your name, not the Agency’s, so if you want to change you can. I certainly would ! You should have gotten an email from Royal with the certificate names, amounts, and numbers from the cancelled booking. That’s all you need to get started on the rebooking. If you didn’t get that information, call Royal and request it. Just leave the bad Agency in the dust.
  12. Have you tried appealing this "rule" ? I think some have been successful in having it overturned.
  13. Just ask your Concierge for help when he/she contacts you prior to the cruise. They should be able to take care of that for you
  14. I have still not received cruise planner refunds from our cancelled May Majesty booking. Neither have we received our refunds for taxes, port fees or gratuities. We did receive the FCC for the cruise fare and interestingly, they were each $13 more than they should have been. BIG WHOOP !!
  15. Yes, as far as I know you can still have Starbucks delivered to your suite.
  16. I wanted to touch base once again with more good news regarding this moved casino comp booking. When I made the move from August 2020 to Feb 2021 with this casino comp, I completely forgot about the $150 Free Play that was part of the original comp deal. I figured...there is no way they are going to add that back in, since it was not part of the original switch....but I figured it was worth a call. To my great surprise and glee, the Casino Rep said, "No problem. I see that you had $150 each in Free play on the original booking. I will add it back". So, with that....in less than 2 minutes, I had restored the $150 each in Free Play to our booking !!! With so many BAD things happening with cancellations, rebookings and S.L.O.W refunds, I wanted to provide a GOOD report. Not everything is going wrong. I think that Royal is really doing the right thing with this latest announcement about Odyssey and Jewel/Liberty. They are now allowing affected pax to book ANY same-itinerary cruise with price protection on a cruise within 1 week on either side of the cancelled cruise. This is the way they should have done it all along....and they are learning. With each successive round of cancellations, they are adding more and more options to try and keep those booking. Price protecting to a different ship is a great thing for everyone.
  17. I don't think it took much of a push from the sound of it !! Symphony is going to be awesome.
  18. I think the most important thing to consider is whether your new cruise will be covered by Cruise With Confidence. There is a finite amount of time that this program is in effect. If your new cruise falls within the timeline for CWC, then I think you are correct - the premium for refundable deposit is probably not worth it. IF your new booking falls beyond the deadline for CWC, then you might still want to consider paying the refundable deposit premium.
  19. I think everyone is getting weird refund amounts. I cannot say for sure WHAT they are doing, but they are SUPPOSED to refund the taxes, port fees and gratuities as CC refunds. They should not be part of the FCC in any way, if they are doing what they said they would do.
  20. There have always just been the 2 of us...but we have stayed in 2 different GLS on Anthem. Is it possible ? Yes. Would it be comfortable ? Maybe. There is 1 double sofabed that would probably accommodate your friend and that would mean the kids would have rollaways. If they are ok with that, it should work. If you are in 8724 or 8324, I think you would have plenty of room. If you are in one of the corner GLS I'm not sure.
  21. I'm sure you know more about this than me. I hope you're right !
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