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  1. Not Matt....but maybe I can help. A number of months ago Royal completely changed their website. Prior to this, I had a "username", but after the website change if I did not use my email address to sign in, I would have to redo my password every time. So....my recommendation to you is....if you are not already, sign in using your email address and hopefully that password (and yes, you will have to create 1 more new password) will be the last new one you will need. If you are already signing in using your email address to sign in then it is an entirely different issue.
  2. YIPPEE !!! Congratulations ! I wish we could go... 😥
  3. When I read this thread title, I thought someone was husband-hunting. LOL
  4. HOU is good news. At least they won't have to deal with IAH. I completely understand about wanting to stay with your mother. I would do the same
  5. I hadn't heard this news ! Very exciting.
  6. There will be no room for a separate cot or bed even if they would bring you one. I agree with you...that is going to be a very, very tight squeeze. I would seriously consider either upgrading to a larger room category or booking a separate inside room for the boys.
  7. No, you will not regret it. Even a bad cruise (I've heard there are such things...I've never personally experienced one) is better than no cruise. I know you will have a great time. I really enjoy sailing out of Tampa. We are sailing on Brilliance in November. Off topic but....I have family in Rock Hill. LOVE it there.
  8. Congratulations on the GREAT prize ! Yikes, I would be very nervous about this itin as well. Even if they are flying into HOU (vs IAH) that is going to be a very tight schedule with NO room for any type of error or delay. From where are they (the rest of the group) flying ? Is it a 1 leg itin ? I will definitely send my good thoughts your way. I'm sure it will be fine...but nerve-wracking. Here's the real question....if they are all stuck somewhere and miss the ship can you board and sail without them ?
  9. This is one reason why we almost never take a shuttle to the port. Rental car shuttles is an obvious exception, but no matter what kind of shuttle it is, they never want to take me as early as I want to go. This is why I believe the robo bar to be an incredible waste of prime real estate. It's a one and done kind of thing.
  10. I think the OP was asking whether or not her sister (inside cabin) would be permitted to board with she and her daughter (GS). The answer is, almost certainly. While you are technically required to be booked in a full suite in order to board with the suites, it is doubtful that anyone will be checking your sister's Set Sail pass and then turn her away when the rest of the party (you and your daughter) are ready to board. Technically this COULD happen but it is highly unlikely to happen. Just have your sister tucked in behind you and your daughter and I think you will all just move on, together.
  11. Good choice and welcome to the Blog ! I know you will become addicted like the rest of us. 😏
  12. Excellent location ! Very fortunate for a GTY. Enjoy Liberty. Great ship.
  13. Not sure if you are flying or not but it's a very good idea to double check your flight reservations WITH the airline. There are SO many changes lately with flights that it is just a good practice to make sure that nothing has changed. I learned this lesson the hard way. A number of years ago we did a TransAtlantic cruise which left Florida and went to Harwich, England. I had made my airline reservations very early through the old Royal Caribbean travel agent (it's called Air2Sea now but I can't remember what it was called then). We spent a few days in London following the cruise and then flew out of London to come home. When we got to the airport we found out that there had been a "change of equipment" at some point since I had made the reservations and they had moved us from our premium PAID seats (we had paid extra $$ for certain seats) to somewhere I had no interest in sitting. I was so mad, as you can imagine. They had not bothered to let us know that they had changed aircraft and instead of giving us the same equivalent seats on the NEW aircraft, they just dumped us somewhere that they had open seats. We had a recent experience with the same thing not 3 months ago. We were booked in row 2 (First Class) and when they changed aircrafts, the new aircraft did not have a row 2. The first row was row 3. They basically cut us out of First class completely, but this time, at least they refunded our money. The moral to these stories is, DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT YOU HAVE THE SEATS YOU RESERVED ! The airlines are constantly changing times, itineraries and equipment. Quite honestly, they really don't care if they inconvenience you at all. Make sure that YOU are not the ones that they "cut out" of the new configuration. Check directly with the airline on the airline website.
  14. You didn't mention where you are flying from so it's a big difficult to judge whether $914 PP is a reasonable or unreasonable fare during spring break. I'm going to go against the majority here and say that you should book your airfare as soon as possible. Personally, I have never found that the airfare drops much - certainly not enough to justify waiting and maybe finding it hard to book at the "last minute" (and to me, 90 days prior to a cruise is last minute). I love Jet Blue. If I weren't a status customer of American Airlines I would choose Jet Blue every time. Spring break is a very pricey time to both cruise and fly...so you're going to pay top price for both. The holidays are the same situation. Good luck with finding an airfare and itinerary that you are comfortable with and as others have already said, Welcome to the Blog !!
  15. I know. I wish we could but too many booked right now. No more time ! With the October New England GC, December 2020 Oasis and March 2020 unofficial GC I’m all booked up !
  16. I’m so happy to see them creating different itins. The 7 night east/west big ship itins are incredibly boring. This coming from someone who could care less about a ship’s itinerary !
  17. I really don’t have a clue but for my Dec 1 cruise on Oasis, the ocean view rooms have been sold out since before I booked my room. I realize that ocean view on an Oasis Class ship is the smallest number of rooms in any category but it was still very unusual.
  18. Congratulations on Diamond. That’s where it starts to really make a difference. I sure hope we do get to meet soon. We have met a lots of super people on RCCL Blog group cruises. I can’t wait for our next one !
  19. I have experienced some very hard mattresses in the past but it seems that lately they’ve been better. Maybe I’m just getting used to them. I used to write and ask for a mattress topper but all they do is add one of those thin, quilted mattress pads so it was a waste of time. I no longer do that. I do, however, ask my cabin attendant to place 2 folded duvets beneath the sheet and it helps some. It’s just easier to deal directly with the cabin attendant.
  20. Honesty, I really do not know whether daily gratuities cover CK staff or not. Many MANY suite guests do not tip extra when dining in the CK. It is not required. We do, but many do not. We tip at each meal b/c you may or may not get the same waiters from meal-to-meal. We tip $5 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner regardless of where we eat - even if we eat in the Windjammer If you do not prepay your grats, you will be charged daily. We always prepay ours. Yes, if there is a dish being served in the MDR that you want when dining in the CK, you can ask to have it brought to you in the CK. For instance, if you choose to eat in CK (or any specialty restaurant, for that matter) on the second formal night and they are serving lobster tails in the MDR, you can ask your waiter to bring you a lobster tail. Please note that when doing this, they are going out of their way to accommodate you, so please “appreciate” their effort. If you anticipate that you will do this, it is generally appreciated to give the restaurant a “heads up” the night before and let them know that tomorrow night you’re going to ask for a lobster tail. That way they can be prepared. On LIB last month when having our breakfast in Chops the morning of lobster night, our waiter asked us if we would like to have “surf & turf” for dinner that night (he knew that we were coming to Chops for dinner that night). We told him, “yes, thank you” and we get our lobster without even asking. We often make similar requests/arrangements on nights when they serve lamb shank, as that is Dans favorite but we never visit the MDR anymore.
  21. With this being a new ship and the fact that it APPEARS that they have reduced the number of SC suites on Odyssey, I would recommend booking as soon as possible. IMO waiting will only produce higher prices that would likely cancel out any OBC that you might reap from NextCruise.
  22. Yes. I believe (but don’t quote me) that the earliest flight you can book if you are traveling from Port of Miami but flying out of FLL is 2PM. Luggage Valet is awesome. Best $25 you can spend.
  23. Yes, as long as final payment hasn’t passed
  24. WOW ! That is incredible ! Congratulations !!! 🙂
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