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  1. Yep, you’re right. I had forgotten about that.
  2. So glad to hear that things are progressing normally
  3. I agree with you. Suites breakfast is probably the #1 reason that we sail primarily in suites.
  4. From reading the "other" thread, the biggest thing coming out of this change is that fact that you will no longer be able to price compare items that you have purchased in the Cruise Planner. It will just show that you have already purchased this item and there will be no current price available. According to "authorities" on the other site, even CSR will not be able to look up current prices for you as they [apparently] can only see the same thing that you can see. This totally sucks !
  5. You will get the taxes and port fees back for any missed port of call. They will most likely give you this money back as OBC on the cruise.
  6. This article mentions conducting a "technical stop". I thought the technical stop did not satisfy the requirements of PVSA or Jones Act or whatever it is that makes them need to stop at a foreign port.
  7. It's been my experience, over the years, that there is some kind of food - somewhat meager, at times - almost all the time in the Lounge. Yes, the hours are specific - morning continental breakfast and snacks sometimes during the day, but there's usually something there. The self-service coffee machines are maintained during the day fairly well so you can usually go in and get a cup of your favorite poison. I will say, that on my last Oasis cruise (Dec 2019), the bartender in the SL was very scarce. There is supposed to be someone there 11-11 to serve beer, wine, water, sodas but for s
  8. We had booked 2 such suites and unfortunately both have been cancelled due to COVID. They seem to be a pretty good value as they have all of the suites amenities. One day I still hope to cruise in one of these suites.
  9. That’s interesting. I thought that children who had attained status retained that status once they reached 18 but could not achieve the next level until they “made up” all of the points that they had “inherited” to reach that status. I didn’t think they actually “reverted” back to their own points level.
  10. Exactly what @Lovetocruise2002and @twangstersaid. The suites themselves and lounges are waaay better on O class. But the amenities relating to entertainment (if not the actual entertainment) are better on Q class. Given a choice, I would choose O class every time UNLESS I was going to take children along and then I might be tempted to do Q class. Overall I am a huge fan of O Class. The lounges are better and better located (as are the suites themselves) and the casinos are bigger and nicer on O class. Having a Genie on Q class comes in very handy if you want to go to the front of the
  11. You bring up a question that I had not considered before. If OUR children obtain a level (let's just say Diamond) as a result of our level, and then they have children, do THOSE children also get Diamond level ?
  12. YIPPEE !! So glad to hear that you are healing and feeling better. I know the feeling of getting of the pain meds. Good for you !
  13. That’s a great point about asking to have it prepared for lunch. That never even occurred to me.
  14. Wow, if this is true and they hold to it, it’s great news for us !
  15. My advice is to find out when the CK is serving their filet and make sure you go. It’s very, very good. You should be able to make it to Chops a different night or for lunch during a sea day. I definitely don’t think you want to do CK twice in one day since you have so many other specialties to try !
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