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  1. Mine, too. When are you going ? We will be on August 25
  2. I probably wouldn't try that but if you eat VERY early and carry your own luggage off as soon as they permit self-assist luggage departures you will probably be ok.
  3. I thought it is clubroyaleoffers.com but I just tried that address and got nothing. I must be doing something wrong.
  4. I looked on our 3 night NAV cruise for Nassau and found this: This excursion did not appear on the following cruise (4 night NAV. Doing B2B) even though that one goes to Nassau too. Seems a bit pricey to me but at least there is one !
  5. FINALLY the prices on my August 25 Liberty sailing have come down. I saved about $25 PP on the UBP and $14 PP on the UDP. That dining package had not changed price since the time we booked the cruise (up OR down). It was finally down a bit today so I cancelled and rebooked both packages. Prices are also down (for the first time) on our December Oasis cruise but we are Star Class on that one so we won't need them. I just monitor those prices for the heck of it. All of my other packages are the same. Nothing went up.
  6. Probably not. I know that you are still allowed to go to MTD even if you have the UDP but I doubt very seriously that any upgraded MDR options would be covered. Just my guess...
  7. My guess - and it is noting more than that - is that RCCL simply pays a licensing fee for the opportunity of using the name and recipes. I am almost certain that employees in any RCCL restaurant are employees of the cruise line.
  8. It's been a while since I purchased a can of soda but I believe it is in the stratosphere, somewhere close to $5 now. It's totally outrageous.
  9. I completely agree with you, Razerbkfan. Quite truthfully, I never make out financially with a drink plan (Dan normally does, but not me) but I continue to purchase it for both of us b/c #1, agree with John - we are able to pay off this expense before cruising and #2, just want to be able to get whatever I want whenever I want it without having to stop and think about the cost. As I have said many times before, I blame Star Class for this attitude. Just another reason to NEVER sail Star Class unless you want to be ruined for the rest of your [cruise] life.
  10. Absolutely agree. Not only does the novelty wear off, but on most of the ships on which I have sailed that have a BB, the thing is either down for repairs or demands constant human supervision. On Anthem in Feb a poor girl was there 100% of the time to clean up after its messes and ensure that people were getting their drinks. COMPLETELY defeats the purpose (and allure) of a BOT.
  11. Silly me but I am still holding out hopes that they WILL replace Cats but just aren't ready to announce it yet. That show was unpopular from the very beginning and it continues to show poor audience satisfaction (people continue to leave at intermission and not return) so if they do NOT replace that show I will be very surprised. If it stays I will blame the crane wreck even if it's not the reason !
  12. Grand Marnier soufflé My absolute favorite dessert on the whole ship. Sorry, Sweety. Even better than red velvet cake !
  13. OOOHHHHHH. Tell her Dan and Raye Say "hello" ! I'm glad to hear that she is back from vacation. We were her last cruise before she left (15 Feb) . Even though we had to change rooms on our B2B we kept her as our Genie on both cruises, which was nice. She seems a little "formal" at first but once she gets to know you, she is a lot of fun. She is VERY literal. If you ask her for something, you will get EXACTLY what you asked for. There is nothing extra, nothing less. She is also fearless. You will know what I mean once you see her forge through a couple of crowds. She is a great, great Genie. I'm very envious. Tell her that you want to keep your luggage with you all the way through Security and she will do EXACTLY that. That way, when you get to your suite, there will be someone there to take your luggage UPstairs. Which suite are you in ?
  14. Who is your Genie ? Forgive me if I’ve already asked this question !
  15. I understand about the military officer issue. I’ve had 2 Marine husbands, a Marine father, 2 Marine fathers-in-law and a Marine son ! Luckily, Dan is as unconcerned as I am with wrinkles. I also love the lightweight dresses. They are so low maintenance !
  16. Actually, I think the old Portofinos was the best of them all but those have been gone for years. Too bad really
  17. I guess I’m the only one who just doesn’t care ! I let my wrinkles fly ! Who cares ? You’re never gonna see these people again ! If they don’t like my wrinkles they can avert their eyes and look elsewhere !
  18. North Star is handicapped-accessible. On one of our trips in Feb we had a lovely lady in a wheelchair with us. They have a lift to take the chairs up to the entrance. Don’t miss it ! It’s a wonderful experience. I thought I would be afraid but the movement is so smooth you hardly even notice it. I just wish they allowed the North Star to go up in New York harbor. They do not.
  19. I don’t try and figure it out. We always tip the same (unless the service is bad....which is very, very rare). We leave $5 for breakfast, even in the MDR or WJ, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner. Always the same.
  20. Rats. Not a good sign for any other new venues going forward...
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