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  1. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that !
  2. 8330 on Harmony was our very first SC suite ! Reyno was our Genie on that one. Have a great time !
  3. Wow….that’s a surprise. I know for sure that we had a Royal shuttle that picked us up at the airport and took us to the port. Can’t remember what we did going back the other way but I feel sure we did a R/T. They must have stopped offering it. That was in Feb 2019.
  4. This information is not made public. You will not be able to get it anywhere.
  5. As you know, we were booked on this sailing as well. Just wanted to let you know that I just cancelled. We knew it was coming, of course...but it's finally done. Sorry we won't be going. Would love to have met you and I know you will have a wonderful cruise ! Enjoy
  6. Unfortunately, I do not remember. I checked my booking confirmations in hopes that this information was on one of them (we did a B2B) but it's not there. I'm sorry I can't provide you with a cost.
  7. To be fair, these kinds of logistics issues (lack of staffing/supply chain failures) are lagging affectors and add to that, a COVID uptick (whether real or contrived) and you have a mess. It is extremely difficult (impossible ?) for Royal to make a timely adjustment to a ship that has already been pretty much sold out. Their only option would be to cancel existing reservations and NOBODY wants to be caught up in that ! Did Royal ramp up passenger density too quickly ? Probably. But it will take time to "fix" that and by then, who knows what the situation might be. Kind of a catch-22.
  8. Honestly, we have always found that the most convenient thing is to take the Royal [bus] shuttle. I know a lot of people pooh-pooh the shuttle b/c you have to wait around for it to "fill up" but it is by far the least stressful way to get from the airport to the port and vice versa. ...and you're able to book it as part of your rez so it's just more convenient, IMO. It seems like the few times we have tried Uber from EWR/Port Liberty we have had complications (the driver couldn't find us, etc.). I'm all about "easy" even if it might cost a little more.
  9. I have stayed in the 2 BR ATS but never stayed in a CLS (I have been in one, but never booked one). Pros of the 2 BR ATS: Star Class amenities (including the Genie). Incredible aft views. Cons of the 2 BR ATS: LONG walk all the way aft. Pros of the CLS: Dramatic views with the 2 level, full glass windows/doors. Very short walk to the Coastal Kitchen/Suites Lounge. Sky class amenities. Cons of the CLS: Long, steep stairs. Narrow room/balcony. No real second bedroom. The 2 BR ATS was our first (and second, and third) SC suites. I really enjoyed the suite(s) but I soon tired of the very long walk and once I discovered the convenience of being up on Deck 17, we switched exclusively to Deck 17 and have never gone back. I'm really glad we did the ATS. There's nothing to compare to it. Besides the Royal Loft Suite (and the Villa Suite), the ATS are the only SC suites that truly have a separate bedroom. If it were me, I would definitely put a minimum RU bid in for the 2 BR ATS. It would be well worth the SC amenities alone to get there via RU. Good luck !
  10. No. Not without repricing the entire reservation, which would [more than] negate any savings that you would realize from a RoyalUp upgrade.
  11. …but you guys didn’t have to wait in line, right ?
  12. It’s a “security thing”. I suppose many folks don’t want others to know exactly which room they are in.
  13. Hmmm...not sure which suite you are referencing. Never heard of a Key Loft Suite. The Crown Loft Suites are Sky class. No complimentary specialty dining (or beverage package) The Star Loft Suites are Star Class and include both complimentary specialty dining and beverage packages. Both Sky and Star Class have complimentary Voom Surf and Stream internet. Ahh...re-read the thread header. You are asking about the Sky Loft Suites, so no dining or beverage packages for those. UGH. Now I'm confusing myself ! No Sky Loft Suites on Harmony (those are on the Quantum class ships). I think you are asking about the Crown Loft Suites though....
  14. WHAAAAT ??? You mean Royal actually turned down a source of revenue ? Unbelievable !
  15. Agree with @HeWhoWaits. There will inevitably be some few who choose gowns and tuxes (Dan still loves to wear his tux !) but most will just "dress up" to a lesser degree.
  16. SOOOO agree with you on this one. This is the primary reason why we no longer book ATS.
  17. The last time I asked this question (granted....it's been years ago), the answer was "no", the MDR could not make specialty dining reservations. Different database, I think.
  18. I agree with you that this does not seem like an upgrade to me. I don't think you could possibly have had a view of the water or the AT from a Promenade view room. Did you mean Boardwalk rather than Promenade ? I really do not care for rooms at the front of the ship so I wouldn't want that at all...but that's just me. I guess you would at least have some kind of view of the ocean with an OV room but it looks like (from your stats above) that the room is actually smaller than your original one. This is why I always advise to be very careful with RoyalUp. Sometimes people win a RU and then end up with much less than they thought they would. So are you considering paying for a regular upgrade ?
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