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  1. They will certainly throw in the phrase, "...to enhance your experience..."
  2. This is my understanding, too. Still unlimited access on the O class ships in the SL
  3. Not a huge fan of Jamie's, but as @AshleyDillosaid, it's nice to have another option when you have the UDP. We usually do a lunch there. Their tiramisu is better than Giovanni's. That's the only thing they do better, IMO.
  4. I prefer the western Caribbean itins and I love Costa Maya so this one will be perfect. I love Oasis since the Amplification. So much fun. It will be great to sail with you !
  5. We are on this one !! This was supposed to be the last cruise in a B3B Star Class trio but the [then] middle on (1-16-22) got chartered...so now we are on 1-9-22, go home for a week, come back for 1-23 and 1-30. Chances are very good that we will cancel 1-9-22 and 1-30-22 and just go on this one. That charter in the middle of our plan really ruined the mojo...but we will almost certainly keep this one. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the prices might come down but I certainly wouldn't hold my breath. The prices have done nothing but go up, up, up on all 3 of these cruises
  6. Yep. I see it now. I had missed that paragraph in my first reading. Willful ignorance, I guess. Oh well....money back in my pocket !
  7. Yep. We just lost B2B 7-17 and 7-25. At first glance it seems that their options to move this cruise are very generous. It seems to me (without indepth evaluation) that you can shift any 2021 or 2022 sailing. I assume it would have to be on OY. This is particularly awesome for us as these are both upgraded casino comps which ordinarily cannot be moved at all. I'm secretly a bit relieved as I was dreading what the boarding and onboard protocols would be for us (unvaxxed). This will give us a little more time to see how things go. I AM beginning to think that OY is cursed, howeve
  8. Mariner does not have a Coastal Kitchen but you will have a private breakfast in one of the specialty restaurants (probably Chops). There is no private lunch, per se. On port days you will, most likely, have access to Giovanni's but it will be an empty, unstaffed restaurant where you can bring your food from the Windjammer if you want to do that. On sea days the specialty restaurants are open for operation so that option will not be available. Meals in specialty restaurants are not part of the suites benefits so aside from the daily breakfast. You will have access to the Suites Lounge
  9. A Travel Agent can execute a hold on a cruise without deposit. The length of the hold varies but usually it is for around 48 hours. It does freeze the price.
  10. YIPPEE !!! Have you gotten your new room assignment yet ? We have not. The website still shows us on 7-17 (and 7-25 since we are doing a B2B) Indy. UGH. Not sure what we're going to do yet for transportation. We may just Uber down and back so that we don't have to deal with parking (14 days). Since they have not yet released any protocols (including "special" protocols for the unvaxxed) we are not 100% sure that we are going. Since they are offering a cash refund we may end up cancelling. Still waiting to see how things go.
  11. We have never stayed in a Central Park Balcony but we have one reserved for a B2B in Feb/Mar 2023 in one of the rooms with the extra-large balcony. I had heard that those rooms can get very hot in the summer due to minimal air circulation but hopefully it won't be too bad in Feb and early March.
  12. We are only 34 and 42 days away from our Indy→Odyssey cruises and not only are we not able to check in, but our rooms have not yet even been moved over to OY !! We are 69 days out from our SY cruise and that check-in isn't open yet either. I think things are definitely in flux !!
  13. Our very first (and second) rooms on the Oasis class were in a Boardwalk balcony. We loved those rooms. Some are concerned about privacy since you can see straight across to your Boardwalk neighbors but that never concerned us. We were always looking either down or out the aft (something just doesn't sound right about that last part...LOL). The balconies on those rooms are very small but they're adequate for people watching and getting some fresh air. We always tried to stay as far aft as we could so that we had the best chance of having some ocean views. Unfortunately, since you are
  14. Ahhhh.... I doubt they would wake your steward for something like that. If they are able to provide what you need, most likely someone from Guest Services would bring it.
  15. No one really knows what the lounge rules are going to be when US cruises resume, but based on information from other recently resumed cruises and recent history before cruising paused, the Concierge and Suites Lounges were off limits for D+. With COVID restrictions in place I would be very surprised if D+ could access the CL on OY. The GOOD news is, it sounds like there will be some beverage vouchers provided that will probably provide you better coffee than you could get in the CL ! Again, no one knows for sure quite yet but that's been the scuttlebutt.
  16. To my knowledge, the only room service available is regular room service (food). I'm not sure you actually could order a glass of wine at 11:00 unless you are Star Class...but I could be wrong. Food ? Absolutely. For that, they use dining room personnel so they would not bother your room steward.
  17. I only went up to the Suite deck once when we were on our B2B on Anthem....the weather was horrible. There did not appear to be any card access OR attendant. You just went up there ! Frankly, it is a huge disappointment compared to the nice suite sun decks on the O class with a separate bar, lounge and restrooms. I think (but cannot remember for sure) that one of the O class ships even has a hot tub up on their suite sun deck.
  18. 1. I agree with @12thman. I would NOT depend on RoyalUp if you really want a full suite. Those chances are extremely remote. 2. GS - I am a huge fan of Grand Suites on all of the Royal Caribbean ship classes EXCEPT for the Quantum class (of which, Anthem is one). Since you mentioned your mom uses a scooter, I would scratch this one off your list immediately. The half wall where the TV is mounted in the Q class GS makes that suite VERY cramped and I would think that she would have a big problem with a scooter. Frankly, I think you would have more room in your JS than you would in a
  19. The last time I stayed at the Marriott Biscayne Bay (Miami) (I've never stayed at the Grand Marquis that I can recall) the lounge was open but it was very disappointing. Let's just say that the service and food options are far superior in any given Diamond Lounge than they were at that hotel lounge. I would certainly NOT expect it to be open on a Christmas night. Even if you call you could well get an incorrect answer. I have really just given up on Marriott properties with Concierge Lounges. It is my personal opinion that they are trying to phase out that amenity completely. They don't
  20. I can guess (what happened to the Q&A)...
  21. Oh, the joys of being first ! Best of luck.
  22. We will not get the nasal swab. If they won't let us do a cheek swab or a saliva test, we will not be going. I'm slightly worried about what kind of test they will administer on the ship. Same criteria as above so if they insist on doing the nasal swab, we are out. Congratulations on resisting the death jab ! LOL Glad you'll be one of "us".
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