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  1. I am sorry if this has been asked before. Are you required to upload vaccine proof before your cruise? How far ahead? Can you do it for everyone in your reservation? Also, where in the app?
  2. I could see masking being dropped but not testing. Wouldn't Royal want to keep someone who already has covid off ships?
  3. Royal absolutely does 1 way cruises between Vancouver and Seward on the Radiance. They didn't do it this past year due to covid. However, the Radiance is scheduled to resume those itineraries. The itineraries are offered in both directions. If you do the northbound itinerary, you would board in Vancouver and you could get off the ship in Juneau without violating any cabbotage laws. The problem is that Juneau would be the first stop. So, you would only be on the ship 2 nights before getting off. It might be better to fly to Juneau first for a couple days, then fly to Anchorage take the southbound itinerary from Seward to Vancouver on the Radiance.
  4. If seeing the Northern lights is important, then fly to Alaska and see more of the land before or after boarding the Radiance.
  5. Try a 4 day cruise on the Liberty of the Seas out of Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is a very convenient port to cruise and fly out of
  6. Hypothetical question- If there are 3 people on a reservation and the 1st person can't make it, is the whole reservation cancelled?
  7. Visited Maine Summer 2018. It's so beautiful there.
  8. Going to the Berkshires in MA. Going to visit family and relax. Hubby and son are going to golf.
  9. Our son just graduated high school and is planning to go away in the Fall. We booked a Med cruise for this Fall for the two of us but cancelled and switched to Alaska for all 3 of us in June. We will try for an empty nester cruise in 2022
  10. Baked Alaska, do you think it means anything re cancellations that it says Summer 2021 rather than Spring 2021? Our sailing on the Radiance is June 11 which is late spring and normally don't they start sailings in May which is definitely spring.
  11. Not good signs. Still holding out hope they will resume sailing 1st quarter 2021 even if it's only 3 day sailings.
  12. Well, you may not be a fortune teller but sounds like intelligent predictions.
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