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  1. As a star guest, your genie can get you off the ship as soon as the ship is cleared. That being said, there’s no way I’d do a 10:30 flight. Even with a private shuttle, it’s 45 minutes to the airport. Then you have to check bags and make it through security, which I’ve heard at FCO can take 2-3 hours. Boarding usually starts 30 minutes before flight. To make it work, everything would have to go right.
  2. My kids have had a refreshment package on several RC cruises. They do not give a cash tip if they get a bottle of water at the bar. They are teens so we’ve taught them to add a dollar or 2 to signed receipts such as milkshakes at Johnny Rockets.
  3. Per person, per day for 1 hour shared with up to 7 other people.
  4. Allure was offering lessons last week - both private and group. For best choice of times, book day 1. They have a great sports staff who can teach anyone to stand up surf - including me last week
  5. Lines - how long the lines will be depends on ship and time. Lines on Wonder are horrendous. Lines on Adventure to Canada in late May were extremely short. For shortest waits, carry on your bathing suit and be there when it opens day 1. Lessons - check with the sports desk day 1 when you sign the waivers. Definitely don’t need a lesson for boogie boarding. If you want to stand up surf, I suggest you do a lesson as you are only given 1 or 2 attempts. 1 hour private on Allure last week was $552, semiprivate for up to 8 people was $69? Lessons were held before it opened and after it closed. They did not show up in the cruise planner. No lessons were offered on Adventure in May. sessions - on big ships, 1 flow rider is usually for stand up and 1 for boogie boarding. Wonder only has 1. They usually open 9 or 10 in the AM and go to 6pm ish on sea days. On port days, they usually close from 11 to 3. On small ships, Boogie boarding is generally sandwiched between stand up with same hours. Times will be in the cruise planner. Each turn usually lasts about 2 minutes. priority - there is no priority for sky class. Star class used to have priority but that was recently replaced with 1 hour per cruise star class time. On Allure last week, lines were shorter on stand up side than star class so star time was pretty useless.
  6. Thank you very much for everyone’s well wishes. Despite the excellent care my mother in law received on Oasis and in the hospital ICU in Norfolk, she passed away this past Tuesday. She was 79. Edited to add a photo of MIL at Beach Club September 2021. @Mattcould you please close this thread.
  7. We just visited Costa Maya this week on Allure and did the best private tour to Chacchoben. Our tour guide Carolina was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun, and our driver Saul also accompanied us to the ruins and was extremely helpful. We usually do private tours and his had to be one of our best ever. https://www.costamayaadventours.com/tour/chacchoben/
  8. They were much cheaper a couple months ago. About 2-3 weeks ago, they jumped up dramatically.
  9. Having done star class a couple of times: - We have requested specific cabanas (1st choice and backups), and gotten them both times - hard liquor is not allowed to be left in the room. I think they can deliver individual drinks but we have never asked - anything that costs money from sugar beach (candy, popcorn) is not included. I have had no problem getting a selection of desserts from Chops delivered, though.
  10. I assume they did but I wasn’t onboard. We could only hear what was happening over the phone.
  11. The patient was my mother in law. My husband was on the phone with his dad and medical crew. It took 3 announcements by the Captain to clear decks 15 and 16. I stand by my statement that people are selfish - too concerned about getting a picture than following directions.
  12. If this was Oasis on Saturday 8/27 - maybe if people weren’t such selfish asshats taking pictures instead of clearing the pool deck the first 2 times the captain asked them to, the helicopter wouldn’t have had to hover for over 30 minutes.
  13. My In-laws are at the beginning of a claim with RC’s insurance. RC directly submitted the $25k of shipboard charges to insurance rather than requiring payment before disembarking. Not sure how it would work with a private/separate policy.
  14. For $29, RC’s plan covers $25k shipboard, and $50k evacuation. If your goal is to just cover medical costs, it should be sufficient.
  15. I guessed September 5th or 6th but I was wrong that it would be announced last Thursday. Looking forward to my chicken sandwich from PDCC (Allure 9/11 sailing) now that we don’t have to test!
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