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  1. I’ve helped my teens and my husband has helped his parents. No problem at all.
  2. There’s a Facebook page called Royal Caribbean flowrider society. They will have the answer.
  3. There is nothing wrong with choosing a ship based on flowrider. Some people choose based on restaurants or rooms available, some based on amenities. I would never book Wonder again bc it only has 1 flowrider causing long lines and my teens to be unhappy. Everyone has their own priorities.
  4. Huge waiting times at the end of Adventure boarding at Cape Liberty on May 26th. Rumor is port computer system went down for an hour or so so everything came to a standstill. No problem boarding at 11 but ship ended up leaving a couple hours late.
  5. I think this has changed in the new version. Originally, unvaccinated children had to be on a RC tour to get off the ship in port, then it changed. If I’m reading this correctly, looks like unvaccinated must be on a RC tour again.
  6. I’m on this sailing. Nothing from RC by email yet, but it’s now (hidden) as a requirement in the app. When you open the app, there’s a blue banner that says “welcome aboard!” Click on that and it says that all guests must complete the mandatory travel information prior to your entry into Canada via the arrivecan website regardless of whether or not they choose to go ashore.
  7. It’s located in the “V” where the 2 white buildings come together right in front of the terminal doors. It’s either the last or one of the last stops. You can’t miss it
  8. They had me show my ID. No ID’s needed for my 14 and 15 year olds.
  9. Best way to price it is to go through as if you’re making a new booking and see what the total comes to
  10. We prop the phone up against the island counter backsplash. Island Counter is perfect height with a light over it.
  11. Adventure 5/26 sailing opened 45 days out at about 12:03AM
  12. I see refreshment package at $23 per day per person all the time on my sailings. I, personally, think it’s high but I though Deluxe beverage package was high at $68 and it’s gone higher.
  13. Your cruise is almost 3 weeks away. How sick is the other couple? If they have minor sneezing and coughing and aren’t showing serious symptoms, then I think you’re worrying over nothing. By the time of your cruise, they will be beyond their quarantine period and an antigen test should be negative (my son tested negative 7 days after his positive). Alternately, they can do a PCR test now and use a certificate of recovery to sail. The real key is going to be if they get “sick” and need medical care.
  14. Oasis June 10th ports of call are Port Canaveral, Nassau, and Perfect Day. If there was ever a itinerary where I would feel comfortable with just a birth certificate, that would be it. My husband, kids, and I have passports, but my mother in law did this itinerary on Oasis in September 2021 and Anthem in March 2022 both out of NJ with just her birth certificate and license and had no problem.
  15. Our family will be on board (me, DH, and 14 and 15 year old teen boys). My in-laws have also booked this sailing.
  16. What do you really expect for supervision for high school kids old enough to babysit? My teens (14 and 15) have done many cruises on both Royal and Disney where they have been in the teen clubs. Other than Disney crew members saying “Mickey language please” vs Royal crew members telling to “watch your language please”, there is no difference in the amount of supervision in the teen clubs. Heck, on Disney, 1 kid took a swing at another IN the club, and they didn’t even ban him from coming back (My kid was not involved but was present when it happened and freaked out). On Royal, my teens have seen none of that and I have never witnessed any teen on our sailings acting unruly.
  17. Mushroom soup on Wonder last week
  18. We’ve used their private shuttle service and were very happy. Don't know about their shared service.
  19. After 7 cruises Disney and 3 on RCL - The biggest extra cost is the soda package at about $10.60 per person per day. Not necessary if you only drink water. RC also has beverage packages that include alcohol, which Disney does not. Standard Balcony rooms are also slightly smaller on RC, but for the price difference, we’ve moved to suites on RC. On RC, standard dining is in the Main Dining room, no rotation. RC does have more choices for specialty dining (up charge) than DCL.
  20. In-laws scheduled for CVS rapid antigen Friday in southern NH. Received email on Wednesday from CVS cancelling test. They were still able to schedule and get a NAAT at Walgreens.
  21. I completely agree. We had an aft starboard room last week and started using the port side elevators.
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