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  1. It works. Never sailed RC but applied online for C&A number and added to reservation for our Sept cruise. Emailed C&A and had them issue numbers for kids and also added them to reservation. Somehow missed adding number for DH. Got double points for me and kids. Knew enough not to call about DH’s points.
  2. Yes, the percentage off is just a gimmick and it’s best to go by the bottom line number. But, to be fair, I did notice that some of my prices did come down last night while the % off banners didn’t update until this morning.
  3. Just another data point: Ordered from Emed on Saturday, January 8th. Received them today. Never got any sort of shipping confirmation. Expiration 11/21/22. Packaging is slightly different from the ones purchased last year. Barcode to scan for testing is now on the outside of the shipping box and not on each test. May be an issue if you are not using all tests in 1 location.
  4. In September they moved us straight through security and onto the boat so I’m not sure about inside seating. There were several tables and benches outside the terminal if the weather is nice (usually is in May).
  5. Jill - can you pass me the link as well? Looking at one of the 2023 Holy Land cruises.
  6. Europe now week of Jan 3 https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Deployment/2023_2024/21076950_Deployment_Opening_Schedule_2023_2024.pdf
  7. We cruised Oasis with our 13 and 15 year old boys in September. Check in time means the time you are supposed to arrive at the port. If you are in a suite, you generally can arrive 1 hour earlier. There are conflicting reports of others who arrived early and were let in. Others were made to wait. When you get to port, there will be porters who will take your luggage and deliver it to outside your stateroom door. It might be quite a bit later, so pack any valuables and anything you might need in a carry on. If your suitcases aren’t too big or bulky, you may want to carry them on with you. At the port, you will go through a line similar to TSA at an airport. Along the way, you will be asked to see your boarding pass, passport or license, Covid vaccine certificate and negative test. Possibly multiple times. At the end of the line, you will meet with a final person who will “check you in”. After that you walk through and up the boarding tunnel and onto the boat. Once on the boat, you will want to make any reservations through your cruise planner for specialty meals or shows. Ice show and aqua show are great. Cats, in my opinion, was missable. On the first night, there is a teen meet and greet - usually at 7. My kids didn’t go as we were at dinner and still managed to make friends and have fun. Note - they did not go together and probably pretended not to know each other). It would be awkward for you to go in with your teen. I did walk the 13 year old to the door first day in case I had to sign something, but it wasn’t needed. I also watched the teen flowrider as it was outside. There is an adult “compass” that you will usually have left in your room. Make sure to also get the teen version. Our room steward left it for us, but YMMV. Teens had a mix of planned activities (teen climb, teen flowrider, etc) as well as open time in Social 298 where they hung out and played pool. your OBC should be available when you check in. It can be used for drinks, snacks, etc by anyone in your stateroom with charging privileges. Usually the teens went to get sorrentos (free) but bottles of water, ice cream at Sugar Beach, and the arcade all cost money.
  8. For older ships, do you bring your own hole punch? Or is there somewhere on the ship to get it punched?
  9. The A1 for your sailing is $4983 per person plus port fees and taxes for a total of $10223 for 2. That’s assuming a resident discount.
  10. Most of the things a genie does can be arranged even on the day of embarkation. So even if you find out at the last minute, it’s not a problem. Dining reservations could be a problem if you only find out on boarding day, but even 2 days out, there should be plenty of availability.
  11. I think you’d be surprised how many on this forum are spending > $3k on their cruises. I had an A2 on Oasis in September, and have a GS Independence in February, another A2 on Wonder in March, a JS on Adventure in May, and an A1 on Allure this upcoming September. Quite frankly - you booked the A2 at $10,000 and they are still offering you the A2 at $10,000. While it would have been a nice surprise to pay only $1300 for a star class room, it’s completely unrealistic regardless of your betting history. Royal caught their mistake. Pay up or downgrade.
  12. We were on Oasis end of September. Teen club was allowing 12 and up. parents would say they wanted their kids with other vaccinated and there was no problem. I think the parent had to sign a waiver. (Source: teen boy who was there and has a penchant for listening in)
  13. When I’ve transferred bookings to my travel agent (5 times now), I send her reservation booking number, date, and who is sailing. She takes care of the rest. I usually see a email from Royal confirming the change in about 2 business days. I don’t even know what the TA transfer form looks like.
  14. We had the same 2 attendants all day at the beach club cabanas
  15. Hey everyone. I purchased 6 of the EMed tests for our September cruise, thinking we could use the extras for our February cruise. Unfortunately they expire Jan 5, 2022. Does anyone locally need them? Pick up Bedford or Nashua.
  16. We have a local for profit testing facility that opened that performs rapid 2 hour PCR. $235-$250 per person. No insurance accepted and a credit card processing fee applies if you use a cc. They also charge $100 for a rapid antigen. Amazingly, they’re doing a brisk business.
  17. 7 night Mama Mia out of Limassol in June 2023 on Rhapsody
  18. For anyone watching, there’s a 12 night med Greek isles now up for serenade August 2023
  19. I had a 1 device for myself on our last cruise. I sometimes wanted to use it on my phone, sometimes on my iPad. It was no problem to sign off, sign on depending on which device I wanted to use it on.
  20. Current Back Friday deals on internet are the best I’ve seen in at least 6 months. As the mom of 2 teenage boys, you need at least the Voom 2-device Surf and stream. Nothing worse than hearing bickering over whose turn it is to use it on vacation. Depending on how often you or your husband want to check email, you may want to consider getting the 3 device package.
  21. I had a similar problem once with one of my credit cards. Tried a different credit card and still had the same problem. Turns out that it didn’t like that I was adding a beach club cabana in my name when I already had a water park ticket in my name. I changed the cabana into my husband’s and it went through with no issues. I hope you’re able to resolve it whatever is causing it.
  22. It could be worse. It could go out of Dover like Disney.
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