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  1. That's should not have impact on 2021 Fjords cruise different ports
  2. I guess it's all depends on how fast and how many vaccine portion will be available. If there will be many of them available soon than I guess given vaccine to all is the easiest way. We might get here enough portion to give for 25 precent of the population we will see how it will go.
  3. The 180 days rule will be gone once the vaccine program will start. Masks and social distancing will stay with us for a while until the time that finding someone that is positive after a cruise will not consider as the end of the world and a full stop for the industry again.
  4. For July - Aug you also have the Scandinavian and Russia cruise - ST Pittsburg is a very nice city we enjoyed our visit there and I want to visit it again, , but remember if you are not getting an organized excursion you will need a Visa to enter by yourself (for US passport not sure about Canadian) .The nice thing it is with the VOTC and not a small ship as it used to be. The second thing is the Greek Island from Rome with Odyssey OTS , but than make sure to have or the key , or suite or even better to get any tour from the ship were you are tendering as I guess queues will be quite
  5. I think the one that has the Geiringer fjords as this consider to be one of the most picturesque fjords which ships getting into .
  6. Interesting - Anthem of the seas going for a the Fjords again but that time its going to include Geiringer which until now only small ships were going into. Well if this year RCB cruise will be candled for some reason I think its a good option
  7. That's making sense , we just need to be careful that it will not start any conspiracy theory regarding the vaccine that is offered for the developed countries comparing to other countries ... Anyway , we can also expedite the vaccine process by first do serologic test for people since someone that already have antidotes can wait with the vaccine for few month.
  8. Huge step forward - UK just authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine . This is excellent news and I hope more approval will come soon from the FDA and other regulators. Maybe there is still hope for the RCB cruise to the fjords https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-authorises-pfizer-biontech-covid-19-vaccine “The vaccine will be made available across the UK from next week"
  9. There is also a good chance that in Europe ships will sail before in the US ... I am not sure RCL will like to put all the eggs in the same baskets
  10. I have done V class twice at this area and it was good , although I must say I do like the option of the O class even in the Med since even if I was full day touring the port area I still like to see a Broadway show , Enjoy the Aqua show and choose a restaurant , so yes , I do not need the big pools but I do enjoy walking in the central park during the evenings ... Regarding the R , yes they should have even from Rome , in April we were suppose to be on a 11 night cruise from Rome to W Med on Jewel OTS.
  11. Some more good news , Moderna are going to apply the request for emergency FDA approval . The compile all the extended data and they for the 30000 people test the vaccine has successful rate of 94.1% to protect from C19 94.1 % and 100% from getting severe hilliness . On other words only 11 people out of 15000 who got the real vaccine got ill , noon of them developed any severe hilliness comparing to 185 from the placebo group who got the C19 and 30 of them became severely ill . https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/30/health/moderna-vaccine-fda-eua-application/index.html
  12. Maybe they will still have V class or even one of the Q class to do the East Med
  13. Another things to take into consideration is if you are doing real back2back on the same ship on the same day you will save around 200-250 Euro just to go to Rome and back to the ship (unless you want to take the train). No reason to stay near the port there , nothing really interesting (comparing to Rome) , one other option will be to rent a car after the first port and to travel around , but than again , if you have few days I would go to Rome , its almost a full day if you want to do the Vatican + the Vatican Museum, Another day to go to the important places and one more day just to e
  14. Sorry , typed too fast , its Capri ... I have done this route around 4-5 times , I can tell you that every time we find something else to do over there. The main question is what your family wants to see ,
  15. Good questions , Its all depends what you want to do and what you want to see. Yes , for the first cruise the ports can be very intensive but its just a matter of planning. Western Med cruise is different from the Greek island once , Here some points. Rome WM will disembark at Wednesday while Greek Island one will start at Friday or Saturday so you will have at least three days to be in Rome , and you want to go to Rome and not stay at the port ... Greek Island cruise can also be around 9 days from Rome so check it out. Ports : Barcelona - very near the
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