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  1. Good morning , on our way to the port , 200 MPH from Milan to Venice
  2. As usual , cruise early morning and I woke up up much too early. So here some more pictures from yesterday : Now, I am sure such a child labor would not be approved today 🙂 Inside the cathedral: It's hard to understand the size from the picture but it is a huge church , 40000 people can be inside and to think they started to build it 700 years ago (and complete it 60 years ago , talking about delays , almost like RCL IT upgrade projects). Here are the remains of the old church under the cathedral And I can't visit Italy without drinking espresso or two
  3. Day -1 Milan. We arrived Milan around 11 PM , quick walk from the bus stop and we arrived the hotel , check in was slow as only one person answered the phone in parallel trying to check us in . Finally we got in the room and just went to sleep as we both were very tired. On the way to the hotel we also lost one of the suitcase wheel , lucky for us it was quite near to the hotel so we managed it. At morning we struggled to catch breakfast around 9:45 (breakfast was only until 10 am) , breakfast was good ,it even included vegetables (you see RCL its possible to server vegetables at breakfast). We bought daily ticket for the subway (7 $ for the full day) and did our way to the Duomo, the subway station brings you just outside from the Duomo , if there is one thing you must see in Milan its this Cathedral, its very impressive , all cover with marble. There is quite a big line to get into the Cathedral but there is a way to bypass it . All you need to do is to buy combo tickets to get onto the rooftop of the cathedral which is a must and from there you can get down directly into the cathedral. That is exactly what we have done , we bought the tickets, went on the rooftop (very pretty) and went down to the cathedral, there we also went under it to see the old church remains (from around 450 AC) . Post the cathedral we went to eat our second breakfast of frozen pistachio ice cream and went to the Aperol terrace to drink our first travel drink , and no the drinking package is not working there. The next station was castle Seforza , we took our lunch near by . I stopped in a sport shop to buy some roller blades wheel so I can fix the suitcase (I had to replace at least two wheel as they were not the same size but it did the trick for now , I guess its time to replace this suitcase which my spouse using for the last 14 years. It was time for dinner , real this time , Pizza and a salad near the cathedral Near the cathedral there is the oldest mall in Europe , in one place were a new tradition started , on the floor there are some mosaics of animals , now it consider a good luck if you go over the bull mosaic private part and turn three time using you shoe heel , do not know who came with it but its sure funny to watch. . Tomorrow we have early train to catch so time to catch some sleep , its cruise day soon.
  4. Our home for the next two days : In preparation for the cruise : Nice all you need charging box with all kinds of cables, good if you forgotten yours at home One big king bad Huge TV And another important feature All in all its not the biggest room I saw but everything is new so it's nice
  5. We are back to Italy , othof us got three seat for themselves which was a bless as we got take few hours of required nap . Few minutes of confuse imigration person who did not know what to do with my 20 hours gap of exit and entery but it's Italy so she found a way. Now on the bus to the city . Our hotel is near the main train station were we will take on Saturday morning the train to Venice.
  6. Yes 😂 let me fix it , it's not post St Patrick's day
  7. Ok , we boarded , now I needed to decide if to see again the avengers end game or to try and catch some sleep
  8. The middle one is the one I like most , it's a pumpkin dumpling that come with green pea foam with cream , very good , the second last one is the dessert which is very interesting , that's just for preparation for our October Spectrum cruise 🙂
  9. So I am back to the airport this time with my spouse which is now enjoying a massage at the lounge spa (it's free as long as you register enough time ahead). Was quit hectic day , I got 3 hours sleep as I had some meeting at the morning , yet gain another crises somewhere. I did you d time to pick my shirts (folded and ready for cruise) and even a quick lunch deal in one of our favorite restaurants (while still in a conference call) Soon we will board , Milan here we come (again)
  10. Although not par of a cruise (but in the list) I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit this part of the world two weeks ago. Sure got me thinking how to expedite a cruise from there
  11. First par of the journey ended successfully ,landed , 14 more hours until going back , consider to ask them if I can leave my laptop on board and pick it on the next flight 🙂 Anyway talking about different places, here is were I was 10 days ago , hint it's not Paris And no, I was not in Nevada eather
  12. Ok , so I boarded the aircraft , I should mark it to check if it's going to be the same one I will board tommorow doing my way back to Milan 🙂 actually going to seat in the same exact seat. So why I am doing this crazy Milan home Milan in less than 24 houre ? Well few months ago when we booked the cruise we booked also flight for the cruise in a very cheap fare , so cheap that canceling it would mean to lose the full fare. Last week I was request to come to Milan for a business trip which was not planned (I just returned from another trip) I tried to see what I can do but staying in Milan would mean my spouse will need to travel alone , add money for the suitcase (I can take two without fee) , not able to use the lounge and need to navigate alone in Milan airport which is not that frendly. It would also mean I would need to take the cruise suitcase with me , mixing my cruise outfits with my business one. So here I am going back home for 12 hours , hey at least I will have time to print my sell pasess. For now enjoy a Greek sunset
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