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  1. JS has also a bath/shower combo on some of the ships Waiting for the upgrade is a gamble. For my5 nights on Odyssey Of the seas which was booked on a JS (and canceled) I got an offer of minimal 1900 $ PP to upgrade to 2 bedroom GS ... So it seems comparing to the TA offer it's not such a good gamble ...
  2. So many questions: What kind of vacation they got , as we know JJ is less effective. Will any port change now the protocols for visitors ? Will anyway track the people on the ship after returning home (like testing them a week after cruise) so we know the protocols really working ? The people who were tested positive attended a catamaran ride with food and snorkeling. I hope the crew is being tested also. The blogger who is on the ship (https://cruise.blog/taxonomy/term/4) was at this excursion and had to be at her room until her test results came back negative.
  3. The best indicator how this incident will impact the cruise industry is the stock price. Currently it looks fine , (even better then the indexes) . For me its a good sign.
  4. I would hope for false positive but since they are from the same cabin reduce the chance for that. Now it's all about the protocol and more important hopefully it was not spreading to other people.
  5. I think they just do not want to take the risk . The requirements in the US is for a test no later than 3 days (not 72 hours) so it dose not matter what time you took the test it matter that its in the 3 days period , so a test taken on Thursday should be good as long as you leave on Sunday Here is the quote from the CDC site "Why does the Order specify 3 days rather than 72 hours? What is considered 3 days? The 3-day period is the 3 days before the flight’s departure. The Order uses a 3-day timeframe instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By u
  6. Thinking about it if we can get some how a PCR test on the ship , otherwise it will require us to have few days stop over in the US just for the testing (most place not testing on Sundays)
  7. I think there might be simple solution. RCL are not a Florida business therefore as I read it like that : "We can not ask you for vaccine proff at port but we can ask you during the online check in to send if you want a prof of being vaccinated. Whoever not providing us with this prof during the online check in must bring to the port a PCR testing on his on cost no matter if he is vaccinated or not as you can not show your vaccinated card in port... "
  8. Thanks, Oh well , thought about quick YOLO moment but since for re entry to our county we need a PCR test it will not work (or we will need to add few days for getting PCR in the US before flying back).
  9. Sorry if it was already been asked , anyone know what kind of testing Royal going to do on the ship ? Is it PCR ?
  10. I do not think they will wait for August , anyway they should not.
  11. I think RCL will cancel only when they have the new sailing dates so people can switch quickly.
  12. The basic rule is that everyone above 21 at the same stateroom should get the same drinking package. RCL will allow one to get the deluxe package and other to get the non alcoholic package (refreshments package) if proving it's due to health restrictions. At breakfast you get some canned not fresh OJ https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/royal-caribbean-drink-package
  13. That's what I thought , but after summing all the lines and all the money I got back I found out three lines which if I deduct the 125% are the exact amount (to the dollar) of money of the FCC I used ... (lets say I put a 1000 FCC on this cruise I got 800 back) . When I summed all up it was the cruise planner + the money I paid for the cruise + the FCC (-the 0.25 extra) I used for the cruise. Not sure if its a new policy , an old policy which I was not aware of or some glitch , not that I complaining.
  14. Agree, but what usually I do is to compare it to the CP purchases and the money we paid for the cruise itself , what I did not knew is that they will pay us back the FCC also which complicate the calculation , I thought if you are using FCC from a pervious cancelled cruise they are creating a new FCC for the same amount .
  15. This week we were supposed to take the first cruise after a long period of time . My spouse and I are all the time envy with people living near a cruise which allow them to take a cruise without need to fly, we always said we are waiting that it will be the same for us and what do you know, the time arrived (due to the C19 unfortunately ). As the Haifa cruise was just opened for booking I jumped on it and booked the first cruise using some FCC plus extra money for a 5 day cruise in a JS. Later we added another cruise (earlier one , a 3 nights weekend cruise). Everything was ready, shore e
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