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  1. Hi , Here you can see 3 live blogs on the same routes , feel free to ask any questions , in Capri there the top of the mountain location were you take a cable car , they have a nice coffee shops and wonderful view , it is most of the time more quire from the other places in Capri .: The first one you can find a tour to Rome using the bus and coming back with a train Here you can find travel to Capri , I do suggest to take the tour from the ship , you can do it cheaper by yourself but the lines will kill you
  2. I never got any notification , just checking my CC statement online ...
  3. I think this is the most impressing thing ... on Symphony to upgrade inside to JS for this cost its amazing
  4. I think the issue might be very simple : If you ask CDC as an health organization they will tell you that the best way to fight the C19 (or any other virus) is to close everything , everyone will stay at home and the army will bring the food and water. few weeks/month like that and everything will be OK. On the other hand you have the local business and others organization that are pushing to open everything so the economy can recover. Theme parks = lots of local jobs and taxes at the parks/hotels/restaurants/laundries and many other business. They have someone to shout and push on their behalf. The cruise industry dose not have this , they do not pay taxes in the US and the number of local jobs they provide are limited. That is why the CDC allowing other things to be open while keep the cruise shut, Its not because they hate cruising they just could not keep all the other things close ...
  5. From technical perspective only its depends on the ship. Ships that still use the code system I guess no issue but other ships which use the user system might be an issue. You create a user and password which is per the stateroom than you when you login it will reduce 1 device from the 4 , next one will reduce another one until you get to 0. Once you are using all the devices the next person that will log in without doing logout first will kick the first one that entered.
  6. No need to put in Jail You can just deny access from them to some places same as you can cutoff someone from drinking PKG. I do hope they will find better ways to handle the C19 on Ships , but I think it better to cruise with some restrictions than not to cruise at all.
  7. 11 am flight might be a challenge and a gamble , the security lines and even more problematic the immigration in Rom airport
  8. Actually there are some companies that showed very good results creating a breathalyzer test for C19 with very quick results , some are currently in the second testing phase already.
  9. Some news : Started with not so good - it seems that heat is not effecting the C19 , after opening the restaurants and shopping centers here we can see some increase in number of cases (not yet dramatically ) . Good news : New Zealand announce they are C19 fully cleaned , they did not found any new cases in the last weeks , they lift any restrictions but the border to satay closed for now. And for the best news , WHO expert claiming the asymptomatic C19 patients are not likely to infect others - https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/06/08/asymptomatic-coronavirus-patients-arent-spreading-new-infections-who-says.html This is very important , if it will proven to be true , it will be much easier to make sure major outbreak will not happen during cruises.
  10. I am considering the UDP for the next cruise , it says that lunch included on sea days , as far as I know embarkation day considered as port day so UDP still get to eat lunch at a special restaurant on this day ?
  11. I got mine on the 45 days mark , been told it's 45 days from the original sail date not the cancellation date.
  12. I even tested it. I checked my temp at work then I had to be outside for few hours and did some physical activity came back and check the temp again (on the same device) there was a change but a minor one , not something that could trigger any alarm.
  13. Unless the cruise company will do the tests a day before and send it to be tested from the halipad ...
  14. I was on a cruise two years ago that had a Noro virsus Outbreak , the Quest did happened but while practicing social distancing , it was quite boring ...
  15. Here are some update on countries that are going to be open for tourist including some in the Caribbean : Mexico - Cancun , Riviera Maya and Tulum - going to be open for tourist at Jun 10 Cyprus - 15 June for "green countries" the interesting thing is that they will pay your health cost encase you will catch C19 during your vacation. Iceland - 15 June but every tourist will need to do a C19 test while in the airport and to wait for the results. Aruba - until 15 June. US virgin Islands - Suppose to be opened today. Saint Lucia - 4 June. Antigua and Barbuda - 4 June Italy - June . Spain - Until Mid July.
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