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  1. In that case you might have a case πŸ™‚ , but still it will take you around 1.5 to two hours just to get to the city. I sometime takes a car and go to some last minutes shooing and eating in NJ , you can also take a shuttle to Elizabeth outlet indoor mall (10 $ return trip from P4) , they have some restaurants around , although not the best but its just 10 minutes from the airport.
  2. This is what you need to take into consideration : 1. you will land most likely in terminal B with 12 more fight from Europe. 2. Most of the flight are with people with the Visa waver program which mean the temp visa being done on the spot , for some flights it takes time , you might have lines between 30 to sometimes 2 hours (depends which flight landed before you). just for immigration 3. As it is your first gate to the US you will need to take you suitcase in EWR and pass custom, for some reason in EWR it takes a while until they bring the suitcases - 15 - 30 minutes 4. You have the custom lines , again , depends on how many flight and if they are looking for something it can be between 5 to 30 minutes. 5. after you drop your suitcase again you will need to take the shuttle to rail station - the train comes every 8 to 15 minutes , the ride takes 10 minutes. 6, you will take the train to PEN station - around 20 -25 minutes 15 $ each way. 7. 15 - 20 minutes using the subway to go were you want to go (or just to walk). 8. 30 minutes back or more depends how long you will wait for the train. 9 15 minutes to terminal C. 10. 30 minutes security. Now that you will do with your carry on , is it worse it , well you will do the calculation.
  3. Passport should be left at the hotel safe , I take cache and credit card , when I travel , I take at least two credit cards , one with me one with the hotel safe , if a credit card being stolen its very easy to block it and I will still have a credit card I can use. You do not even need a passport copy , I do carry driving license , sometime shops will ask a way of identification if you using your credit card , foreign driving license with a picture works perfect. I always carry my wallet in the front pocket , its much harder to take it. Never leave a bags on the floor near you. be careful from the petition scam , where people try to convince you to sign a petition and and ask for money, just ignore or pretend you only speak some rear language (they usually know English , Spanish , Russian, french, German ) . After saying that , which is by the way true for all Europe and many other places, I do not think its that common , I have been to Barcelona many times and traveling almost every second week to Europe , if you keep the basic awareness to you surrounding (same as I guess you do in your home town) you should be OK.
  4. The wine is quite simple , the main thing is not to allow glass touch glass or any hard things in the suitcase . What I do is to wrap each bottle with nylon bag and make sure they are divided (the park west brochures are very good wrap materials). I will put one layer of dirty cloths bag on the bottom of the suitcase , put the bottles with some divider like shoes between them and put another layer of cloth above them , making sure they will not move. Another option is to use a shoe box (you are going to visit Italy , do not tell me you will not buy at least one per πŸ™‚) , here its even simpler , wrap each bottle, put some park west material between each bottle until they can not move and put the shoe box inside the suitcase. if for some reason your bottle has a screw cap make sure you secure it with some tape , the only accident I had until now is leakage from such bottles. from our last cruise we brought 6 bottles of wine , 3 in each suitcase +1 Limonochelo and two vinegar bottles , they all survived.
  5. I use the google photo to backup my pictures from the phone , but you will need WIFI for that. regarding the canon , there is a memory card that comes with internal WIFI if your camera dose not support it already.
  6. As I tend also to over pack I set some rules to myself: 1. Always have a folded duffel bag inside my suitcase so if I want to send extra bag at least I do not need to buy it. 2. Use a travel scale , so at least I know were I am from weight perspective (well at least for the suitcase , my weight just ignore until the end of the cruise).| 3. I always make sure that what I pack minus things I will leave/consume during the travel will be the weight allowance minus at least two bottle of wines which I would like to carry back with me. 4. After I pack I always take out few items. 5. I always use the wash bag at the middle of the cruise. 6. I always pack more underwear than I need , its easier to buy other stuff if needed, I feel much comfortable to wear new shirt which I just bought than new per of underwear ... 7. I try to bring a few white cotton shirts (the simple ones that are being sold in 5-6 shirts per package) , I can wear them under the dress shirt and it will allow me to wear the dress shirt again if needed. 8. Always take allot of extra big garbage bags , use them for : pack things in them ,dirty cloths, wet swimsuit, put them over the shelf and the drawers if they are not looking too clean, wrap bottles of wine before packing them inside the suitcase and many other things. 9. Always take extra zippers bags for small things , I even pack shampoo inside them (always use two just to be on the safe side) , by that I am saving allot of weight . 10. pack a small bag pack for sΧ™ore excursions + folded back pack if I want to buy something.
  7. I also use this one , It allow to resize batch of pictures also and very easy to use.
  8. I experienced the same when we cruised from HK but then HK is not really China , but if you say the same was Ok from Shanghai I am very happy and sad . on one hand I will be able to connect and work on the other hand I will be able to connect and work during my vacation πŸ™‚
  9. Might be although I believe RCL will try to be very careful around such things. I just hope my work VPN will work well there.
  10. Well , we will check in 105 days from now πŸ™‚ will use one of the diamond free internet day to try the high speed for 60 minutes beside the regular internet I will have for the full week.
  11. I must say that I did start to look on the way people dress for during official nights but that only so I will be able to answer questions in this blog on how people dress during official nights in European/far east cruises πŸ™‚
  12. For the research I will take the regular Stream one and will buy one hour of the high speed to check the differences
  13. I can see in Spectrum of the seas , Best of Japan cruise out of China .
  14. I was just looking on My cruise planner for Spectrum of the Seas and I found three levels of internet : 1. Voom Surf Voyage - 12.79 $ PD 2. Voom Surf + Stream - 15.99 $ PD 3. Voom High Speed - 18 $ PD Now I wonder if the high speed is one level up and real faster than the regular surf + stream we all know or it is just a marketing thing and they created another level by limiting the surf + stream. Interesting
  15. I used to take sport jacket with me but gave it up as it takes too much space and whatever I can save in weight is going out (now days with the extra payment for suitcase if flying). I will take with me dress pants and few dress shirts for official night. Just came back from a cruise in Europe , short pants were very common .
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