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  1. Just so it in my cruise planner for Jewel Of the Seas for 42 $ : Taste of Royal is a showcase of fleet favorites from our specialty restaurants during one exclusive, four-course meal you won’t want to miss. Plus add on an optional, expertly curated wine flight once onboard at an additional price. This lunch begins with Wonderland’s Citrus Seas Tuna Tartare. Next up is a fresh take on Tuscan cuisine from Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen, featuring mascarpone risotto with crabmeat. Then Chops Grille anchors the savory selections with a classic surf and turf of filet mignon and jumbo shrimp. Make sure you save room for dessert — indulgent fried cheesecake from 150 Central Park. You’ll receive a letter in your stateroom the day before your reservation confirming the time and location of your lunch. Space is limited, so book before you sail to secure your spot for this unforgettable experience. Taste of Royal is not included in any dining packages.*
  2. When you will get out from the port gate you will be approach with tons of Taxi drivers and tour operators , they will offer you what ever you want but you should be careful and agree on a plan and a fare. going to pompeii is easy using a taxi or a tour buss , almafi its more complicate .
  3. I brought two battery packs backups during all my previous cruises . was not an issue at all. Please mind its better to put it in the carry on .
  4. Any Oasis class because of all the options. Liberty as it was our first ship and I still remember the wow effect boarding to the promenade.
  5. Did not had the key while taking this cruise , did not had any issue , the only port which can be problematic is Sentorini , for that port we took a shore excursion which was much cheaper than the key. So if you consider the Keys for tendering , its not worse it , if you are going anyway also to buy internet package it might make sense.
  6. The main differences between bars/Restaurants (who believed they allow smoking in Restaurants few years ago , amazing) is that the ban was done in all places at once , here each cruise line will be afraid to be the first one that will announce the ban and the competitors will get the 15% (and I guess much more in casino money). So to ban indoor in cruise line they will need to be coordinated. Think if only 70% of the bars would accept the ban , most of the smokers would go directly to the one that did not accept it ...
  7. Smoking is Ban from the UK ports as far as I know , from Venice and Barcelona they were still allowing it (at least two month ago) the Casino was quite smoky on Rhapsody
  8. Do not give up , there was the ultimate drinking package few month ago that at the end they houner . Maybe you will not get back your original price but some discount and on board credited , after all it's was their glitch
  9. In the Casino business its all about statistics and math. From the time you step into the casino you are being tracked , they know exactly which machines/games you like , if you are smoking/no smoking , average time of playing and much more. Therefore you can be sure that if the data will show that making the casino no smoking will bring more money they will do it in seconds. Just to give some numbers , to get to prime status you need to gain 2500 points which is around 12500 $ if the machines are given back around 90% it means 1250 lost and much more , for Signature you need to have 25000 points which means 125000 $ or statistic lost of 12500 $ (minimum). So if they have many smoking signature/prime they will need to replace each one that will not cruise with RC at least 50 non smoking that spends 100$ to 300$ per cruise ... . And yes for sure there are many non smoking signature or prime. So people that saying they will come to gamble if the casino will become a non smoking casino , are they talking about 2500 $ per cruise or 50$-200$ ? I Guess RC think they know the answer for now. By the way , I tend to think that on a cruise , mainly the short ones the % of smokers are much bigger than the 15% as many are still social smokers and tend to smoke in vacation or with Alcohol . So how you can make the casino non smoking (which I think can be a good thing) and still not loose any business ? very simple . same as it was done in the bars and restaurants, making all the main cruise lines ban Smoking in the Casino ... Do you think non smoking in bars and restaurants would work if some would go non smoking and some will stay like that ?
  10. Usually : Special shows and special guest. Some gifts. Many Many Pineapples and D+ so usually Diamond lounge is accessible for P and sometime D+ only, might be different this time as its in the Med and not US
  11. Curious , for your next job as Casino host , is it just on the job training or there is some land base cruise you need to take or some online training ?
  12. For sure it will be a good weather , I have a connection from EWR so it must be a good weather 🙂 Have a wonderful cruise,
  13. Same for me , I got 3.5 years Visa my spouse got 1.5 years , but as I understood its many time pending on your expiration date of your passport.
  14. Correct : In China the issue is more complicate as they have transit Visa for 24 hours (which I can use) 72 and 144 hours to the European and US countries but it is not working the same from all ports. Also you need to consider this is is a transit Visa , so telling you are planning to visit China with this visa might create some issues as it is for transit ... Another issue is people that write on the landing card the exist point as there flight back from the cruise , this is a huge mistake as they should write the ship as their exit point, The huge advantage using a Visa or applying for online visa is that the checks are being done before you start your travel and not in the airport, it also force you to collect the right information before. You should also take into consideration that temp visas might be effected by the number of Visas/entries you country gave to people from the country you try to enter.
  15. That is correct , but I found it that 99.99% of the times when you have Visa and know what to say, fill correctly the landing form you will be OK , when traveling to such places I always take with me a copy of the flight back so I can show it if asked.
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