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  1. I guess part of it is due to the up program , they might calculate they can get more revenue like that. I guess if the Casino will start to to see decline in casino revenues they might re calculate.
  2. For Europe its actually different from country to country , In Italy restaurants you might see something like "ervizio incluso" service include which mean no extra tip is expected , but if not you might be expected to give the 10-15 % . In Spain this is much different , you are not expected to tip but its common to leave the change. regarding tour operators and drivers . for the driver few Euros (bus driver) for the guide I saw people when they give 5- 10 Euros. also its changed from country to county and from city to city. It also very important how the first person that go down from the bus behave 🙂 people feel more obliged to give tips if they see the person in front of them give them.
  3. Thanks for the link , it is full with useful information and helps me prepare for our Spectrum of the Seas , same route at October. Hope just the internet package price will drop from 19 per day so I can do some live blogging.
  4. We usually bring two bottles (or we carry it in our suitcase while flying or we are buying some local wines in one of the supermarkets) Most of the time we consume it in the MDR , most of the time we are not being asked for corkage fee.
  5. That should not be an issue , as long as the room they find you can have a third person , not sure how they will price it but it always good to ask.
  6. My offer already delete as I already used it , but in the offer it will said the type of cabin this offer is for , so if it says inside its prime , balcony its signature and if it says grand suite you are very lucky 🙂
  7. Hi , Well did not got an email but on the offer site I saw today that the annual offer became available @Sweety you should also checked. So I called and I have some bad news and good news , The good news , the 90 roles dose not exist I guess as I could book June 2019 cruise , the bad news that the upgrade discount might have changed. I have a free balcony and I tried to get a Junior suite or ocean view , for Junior suite it was + 2000 $ and for ocean view + 1000 $ which mean if I deduct the cabin cost almost 0 discount , if I am not deducting its around 60% discount which is nice. Maybe they change it now that they reduce from the upgrade room only the stated value, which is 750 $ for inside and 1000$ for balcony. Decided to upgrade only to a boardwalk balcony from the Park view I had (+30 $ to get Johnny rocket meal and two Soda package 🙂 ) now at least I secured it and I have to decide if I want to upgrade to the JS or not
  8. We vist the Notre Dame few times , its a very impressive , the news are very sad , we actually planned to re visit it in two weeks from now (we found a very very cheap flight for the long weekend) I guess now we will just go to see how bad it is.
  9. I guess, in the worse case scenario they will have two and a half week to make the area look fine and even if they will not have the aqua show they will use it for some other types of show until they will go to the planned dry dock.
  10. I tried to do use the ODBC also and been told I can not get it if I booked using Casino rate.
  11. I believe/hope that as always with RCL and even more with the Casino program its a matter of getting the right representative, the information they have is very limited/inconstant . Well if I will fail I will try try again.
  12. In that case I will not be able to use it for June 😞 I hope they have some expectation , same for me its about vacation times. I will try anyway
  13. It is a good option if I did not tried to book a cruise for June 2019 which mean I will need to pay everything now 🙂, If it will not be available I might just do it to a cruise that I already booked as you suggested
  14. I hope it will be there , not sure if the last free annual was in my offers (or anyway it was not called annual)
  15. Lets hope they will update their system soon before it will not be relevant
  16. Most of the times I saw that the numbers are just crowd control , all the luggage are ready (in Miami for example) but they do not want everyone wait on endless lines for the customs
  17. My spouse decided yesterday that she do not want to wait for our next cruise at August and we should check if we can book another cruise before. Since its April and I contribute enough to RCL revenues last year I suppose to have a free cruise from club Royal (the annual club royal period is between April 2019 to April 2020). I Called club royal , they checked and said that yes , I should have this annual free cruise but its not in the system yet, they said they got a notice that everyone should be in the system by April 8 (I called on April 11) and I should call again in few days after I will get an email. Now we all know that I have better chance to win the 1 M $ lottery than getting offer email from club royal , so I guess I will just try again in few days, hoping that the cruise I am aiming for (Oasis at June) Anyone got any email regarding the annual "free" cruise (you should get if you qualified for at least prime in the casino program) ?
  18. In that case , you should be OK , I was on the Allure on Dec cruise , we had two formal night and on the second formal night they served Lobster tails in the MDR.
  19. If you have only one official night it means that the cruise is less than 7 days , most of the time you will not have lobster in such cruise. also if the cruise is from Europe lobster is not guarantee
  20. Should yes , but remember that part of the countries , English is not the official language used on the certificates
  21. We used the coffee card and it was nice (well depend on the ship) you can get different kind of coffees , some ships will charge you per espresso shoot , some have another system. The nice thing about the card is that you allow to share it with other (as they punch it for each drink) and as far as I remember if you did not used all of it you can bring it to your next cruise.
  22. Wow bands are good if you are planning to go allot to the pool and do not want to take you sea pass with you. You can use it to open you door , pay for drinks and other stuff (please mind there are bars you would need to remove the band from your harm so they can use it), use in the Casino on the machines for tracking and some other things. You can not use it to get out from the boat or get on the boat. As far as I remember it cost around 5 $ I think its a good price for what you get.
  23. Be careful ,when you come back to cruise with RCL they might force you to walk the promenade with one of the officers shouting "Shame , Shame , Shame" 🙂 Enjoy the cruise.
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