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  1. Ah yes, the Bag, Duffle, OD-Green. Got my first one 1980; wife got hers 1990. Amazing how much stuff you can put in it, especially when given a list and you're TOLD it will all fit. The free name stenciling on the side was a nice touch too. 😂
  2. Whatever you choose, we're hard-sided people, make sure you do something to easily identify them when you go to the luggage area.
  3. We've used it every time and then had it transferred to our travel agent. Never had a problem. It seems the only advantage(?) is a reduced deposit, usually nonrefundable, and it seems they might be able to see more available cabins.
  4. Added: Brilliance of the Seas, 8 May 2021.
  5. We're on Symphony 21 November cruise. Hopefully.
  6. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/clia-crafting-curb-curb-framework-safe-cruising-covid-19-era Saw this article.
  7. More than that. Can we watch it when we online check-in and get credit for it then?
  8. Agree. Spring break happened, beaches remained open due to local and state governments. No telling how many people may have caught it here but took it to somewhere else. We're definitely behind on testing because testing isn't available to everyone, but catching up. Hospitalizations due to Covid starting to decline in our area, thankfully. Hopefully things done have helped to minimize what happens next.
  9. Sorry to say this, but that's to ensure a proper swabbing. It needs to get way up in there to obtain a good sample.😖 Hoping for happy results for you, your wife and coworker. 🙏
  10. Looking like early Elvis or late Vegas Elvis?🤔
  11. Somewhat agree. Symphony Nov. 21, 2020, some things reduced, Deluxe Beverage Package, $49, unseen price before all this. Thrill Waterpark $69, nice; but any cabana is still outrageous. Looks like everything else hasn't changed much.
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