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  1. The few extra perks are nice but what we enjoyed the most was the extra space. Being able to move around the cabin without having to move out of the way or stay on the bed. Also having both a couch and chair and a little bigger balcony was nice.
  2. That's the way I've dressed for CK, MDR and specialty restaurants. Never had a problem. And you'll look as good if not better than others in jeans and t-shirt.
  3. And they're not too big either.
  4. We found this one. Re-hid it.
  5. Beer mixed drink? Or a stand alone Coco Cay beer?
  6. We got our email from our travel agent this morning. Doesn't bother us. Still on a cruise!
  7. Entrance on deck 11 with an indoor staircase up to deck 12. Floor to ceiling windows deck 11 and 12. View overlooking Boardwalk and out the back of the ship.
  8. My wife is the same way. She carries a manila envelope in her backpack with everything pertaining to the cruise; SetSail Passes, payment receipt from our travel agent and shipboard activities/excursions, our activities calendar...... But I trust in knowing she's got it just in case that one time we need them.
  9. We're that way also. Tux and formal gown for those nights. I'm in dress shorts, button up polos, Sperrys on other nights in MDR or specialty restaurants. Have never had a problem with dining room staff. Can't answer to how others may have felt, never had anyone directly address us.
  10. Seen it 2 cruises ago. Didn't look that bad. He had on nice dark denim jeans and nice shoes.
  11. Our travel agent sent us info on this. It's on 1 of there ships now and coming out on another soon. I'm sure your post has got a lot of people further looking into this. Looks pretty cool in what they've done in making these cabins unique.
  12. We only get one survey post cruise. How do we go about getting one for each of us? 2 separate email accounts?
  13. Used to live in El Paso. Did I-10 from there to Florida twice a year. Usually made a pitstop outside Houston. They're one of the best, cleanest big places for gas, food and bathrooms.
  14. We have BofA debit card. Never had a problem. Next Cruise deposit charge cleared the next day and extra ship charges cleared 2 days after getting off ship.
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