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  1. Don't know if this is fleet wide but this is on Freedom today. Using Royal math it works out to $67/day.
  2. I'm sure this has been asked before but can't find an answer. Can we use OBC in the casino? Can we totally cash out any leftover OBC?
  3. Independence of the Seas Jun 17 — Jun 20, 2022 Grandeur of the Seas Nov 18 — Nov 27, 2022 Grandeur of the Seas Apr 21 — Apr 30, 2023
  4. Wondering this ourselves. Excursions are available without Health Visas being mentioned. You would think RC would state something if it was needed when purchasing them.
  5. 37 days until Freedom. Able to check in Saturday but no SetSail Passes available until last night. And then it's only 1, even though it says "view" for both. The app shows both ready to check in, just need to do Health & Safety questions the day before boarding. Still only 1 SetSail Pass showing.
  6. Just notified by our TA today that our Navigator 23 July was cancelled and replaced by Freedom. From RC: Dear Guest, We've been diligently working to prepare for our Royal Comeback. It's taken months of planning and coordinating to get up and running - from activating new homeports and communicating with local governments and authorities, to ensuring our new protocols maintain your wellbeing with our Healthy Sail Panel. As we continue to review and analyze our itinerary plans, we've decided to reposition some of our ships in anticipation of our return to cruising. Our original plan for Navigator of the Seas was to begin offering sailings departing from Miami beginning July 2021. However, Freedom of the Seas will now take its place. Unfortunately, this means your sailing will be cancelled. However, the good news is, Freedom of the Seas will offer similar itineraries, so we'll automatically move you to the corresponding Freedom of the Seas sailing beginning June 6th, 2021 to help make the transition easier. This way, you'll still have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful destinations you were looking forward to! Same options as before, accept ship change with comparable cabin or 100% refund. Wife gave me no choice, we're cruising!! Hope everyone else is hearing good news too !
  7. 23 July 2021, Navigator. Hopefully.
  8. You can always say it's results of a shark bite from your last cruise. Really though, you have some realistic goals and it will be the end of all you troubles. Good luck and we're still praying for you.
  9. Exactly what I had one breakfast on our very first cruise. Because I could.
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