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  1. I sent a twitter message to RCL because it's just weird that my next 3 cruises don't have the DBP & Voom combo option.
  2. Yes!! the 20th is technically my day, but i'll be celebrating it on this cruise! let's all meet for a drink!
  3. I sailed on Jewel in November 2021 and loved her. She was beautiful. I like the smaller ships.
  4. @KevinKIm going to go to a local walk-in health center. we have to do it no more than 2 days before the cruise.
  5. Because of the concussion, I would consult with a doctor to see if there was something safe and prescribed to take.
  6. What are recommendations for DR excursions at Puerto Plata and La Romana? Any must see and dos? Which beaches are the best and why? There's a river cruise that seems cool.
  7. they updated the Bermuda travel auth page: of course our trip is before this date. All travelers arriving October 25 2022 onwards will no longer require a pre-travel test, arrival test nor a day 4 test. Unvaccinated non-resident travelers will still be required to upload valid proof of travel health insurance to enter Bermuda.
  8. here's a video of 6304 which is a couple doors down and may be a similar view for you. https://youtu.be/Jc94KVVupLs
  9. found this on cruisedeckplans.com the obstruction is because of the lifeboats https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/deckbydeck.php?ship=Anthem-of-the-Seas&deck=6 you may have a similar view to 6306 here:
  10. you should also research herbal supplements or alternatives to Xanax. here's one article from Mayo Clinic. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/generalized-anxiety-disorder/expert-answers/herbal-treatment-for-anxiety/faq-20057945
  11. I am claustrophobic too. This phobia gets worse as you get older I hear. With me it's true. Things I never cared about, all of a sudden is an issue. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is effective, but in the short term medication may be the only thing that prevents a panic attack if that is what you fear may happen. Flying doesn't bother me as much but the irrational fear can pop up anywhere and that's what we need to quell. So if i focus on that fear, it will get worse. Distraction and breathing exercises is what you need to practice when the fear enters your thoughts.
  12. still down. I wonder what glitches and/or mistakes we'll see after it's back up?
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