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  1. did you like Adventure? Was there plenty to do?
  2. ok no worries, i would be driving down from Long Island, not staying in the hotel.
  3. The hotel didn't care that you parked there? is it open to the public?
  4. So thinking of checking out some Baltimore cruises for 2022. The website shows that parking is $15/day (cheaper than Bayonne). Anyone have experience parking here? Any issues with safety or navigating the terminal? Port of Baltimore- Cruise link
  5. There was no added cost for the Welcome Lunch, correct? I am doing the Key on my Freedom cruise as well, but i'm not Diamond yet. So the added extras seem great for me, especially the access for the shows as i heard the Ice skating show can get crowded. How do they know you are Key holders, is that added to your Sea Pass card?
  6. I was quite surprised that they did have some sugar-free desserts in windjammer. but i don't think the dining has evolved enough to be keto friendly across the board. Diet when off the ship, have fun when on the ship.
  7. I searched on youtube videos to see which one i'd like better before booking. I think I'm going to do Pearl Island.
  8. In my opinion on Jewel, if you are getting a good deal then you might as well try it out. But I was not overly impressed with any of the specialty restaurants and the food. So for me after trying it out, I will stick to MDR and windjammer.
  9. I think you could do a taxi to the train- PATH/Amtrak that can get to Penn. but i don't know if that's the most convenient or easy way to do it. Uber may be more direct. http://www.cruiseliberty.com/directions_parking.html#transportation it's too bad there isn't a ferry from Bayonne to Manhattan
  10. Mine has been this way for a few weeks already.
  11. So my February cruise had switched the port days for CocoCay and Nassau. they swapped. However in the cruise planner, excursions for Nassau are under CocoCay and vice versa. I assume that if i book something for Cococay, even though it is showing up on the wrong day, i won't have an issue once onboard. (It's also showing up wrong on my calendar.)
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